Sean Hill claims Isles sold him down river

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Duluth News Tribune : Kevin Pates has a full interview with former Islander Sean Hill who makes his debut with the Minnesota Wild. Hill claims he passed a drug test and a lie detector test. He also said the the Islanders did not stand by him despite a promise they would.

“I probably won’t ever know how it happened that I tested positive. I know there’s nothing I could’ve done differently,’’ Hill said Tuesday. “I took the [independent] tests just to make sure that there was nothing in my system, and to let other teams know what kind of person I am. If they were wondering about me, about my character, they could see that I passed both of those tests.

“I assume the Islanders were shying away from the public perception of what had happened to me and they washed their hands of it. They told me the whole time that they’d stick by me, and they didn’t. They sold me down the river,’’ Hill said.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Only Sean Hill and the Islanders know what happened behind the scenes or what was promised. It's too bad he did not file suit against the folks who did the test and made a formal complaint with the NHLPA, that's where his frustration should be directed.

All the public knows is he failed a test and was given a chance to appeal and the suspension was upheld and it all became public hours before a playoff game, he promised to discuss it and never returned the Newsday call on the subject.

I tend to believe his story and that he did take something he did not know about or was given incorrect information about the substance he took but did he honestly expect the club to give a player who was suspended for twenty games a contract?

Hill did a very good job for the Islanders a year ago, no doubt about that and he's a player who's been solid for a lot of teams for well over a decade and well respected. He likely would have gotten an increase to stay if this did not happen so he has a right to be angry because this did cost him his job and it did cost him in terms of salary.


  1. It was a tough break for Sean if he didn't intentionally take something. You do sort of wish the team had showed some more support but at the same time, with everything else that's gone on the last 15 years, it's not surprising that they walked away from him and the negative publicity. With all the vitriol towards Barry Bonds, it's probably best they stay away from the issue.

    I always liked Hill's presence and nastiness.

  2. Hi Jkp, Happy Thanksgiving.

    It really never got much publicity or was seen as the Islanders handling anything wrong.

    This is an individual and has to be accountable for his actions. I believe him in that he did not know but why he was so quiet about things for months is not very smart on his part. He just disappeared like he wanted no part of this and he did prove to be a distraction on the day of a playoff game. Drew Fata was on for two goals that last game.

    If someone accused me of this and it was not true I would be making a lot of noise from the second it was announced and questioning the test and demanding another one and not months later but back in January when he failed. The Islanders knew about this for a long time and so did Hill but his appeal ended for game five.

    I would not tell a newsday writer I will tell my side and then refuse to take any call and disappear for months.

    He can claim the Islanders sold him down the river and maybe they did make promises that were not kept but it was his obligation to handle this better and that did not happen.


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