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One sentence to sum up each player at this time, hope I did not miss anyone.

Bill Guerin-Visible, but has to produce more, whether it be fair or not and must stay out of the box, he should stay becauase he still has his scoring hands.

Mike Comrie-His skills makes a difference and with more speed around him will do more, Isles need to resign him.

Andy Hilbert-Last call or showcase time on the top line with a year left on his contract and a second year of disappointing production, despite strong defensive play.

Josef Vasicek-Playing better but not producing like a second line player on a team that needs more speed and skill, move him at the deadline.

Trent Hunter-Better defense than Vasicek but same in production department, all depends on what's offered for him but if he wants huge money, time to say goodbye because he's not scoring and this team is too slow.

Ruslan Fedotenko-Getting chances and finally seems healthy but is not producing like a player with a three million dollar contract, should be moved if possible at the deadline.

Miroslav Satan-A lot of heart to come back and play on a bad knee, but his inconsistent production all season and for the better part of two years should mean it's time to go at the trade deadline.

Mike Sillinger-I know he's hurt but his age and lack of production this year overall makes me think it's time to move him, despite his defense and faceoff ability because this team is simply too slow in too many positions.

Richard Park-Is a serviceable third and fourth line player but he simply is not consistent enough to play on a top line for too long. He's staying but may take a job from a prospect who can do more.

Sean Bergenheim-Did not have a great year but it's clear the talent is there and many games was more visible than the veterans, give him a long-term deal before Gandler makes problems because that year out of the league hurt his game.

Blake Comeau-You pick a wing for him and leave him there in a regular spot next season, he's a keeper.

Chris Simon-Will come in handy after the deadline if veterans are moved but
long-term it's time for a new direction because his offensive skills were not visible and he has too much mileage age and baggage despite his leadership.

Jon Sim-Will be back next year with two more years on his contract in a huge stable of left wings, if healthy his speed will help but it usually takes two years to get back speed with that injury.

Shawn Bates-Basically you can write the same thing as Sim, except it's fair to speculate if his career is over because of his health and one year left on his contract.

Jeff Tambellini-How he plays from here will determine next year as he get's a regular shift for better or worse, so far it's been incomplete for how he's been used but his play in Bridgeport since December suggest he's ready.

Brendan Witt-He stays unless a huge offer comes to the Isles with prospects and picks as his game is needed on the backline.

Andy Sutton-You trade him and his two remaining years as quick as the Flyers did with Alexei Zhitnik if a good offer comes.

Radek Martinek-You leave him and his contract extension right where they are next to Brendan Witt next season and hope he stays healthy.

Marc-Andre Bergeron-You take a chance and move his shot at the deadline if a good offer comes but you don't unload him for nothing.

Chris Campoli-You do nothing but hope he's ready for camp.
Bruno Gervais-You get his name on the same three year deal Campoli got.

Freddy Meyer-Isles invested another two years in him which means he has to play.

Bryan Berard-One and done, good offensive signs but defensive struggles and injuries make him too much of a risk.

Aaron Johnson-Seems to me that signing Meyer means Johnson needs another team to play for this summer if he cannot get that chance at the deadline.

Wade Dubielewicz-Earned an extension with some very solid play in games the team gave him any chance.

Rick DiPietro-Unfair but that soft goal a game has hurt and he's not facing forty shots a game recently, he makes five good or great saves to hold them in but he's been great until recently and a steal for what he makes.


  1. Interesting analysis. I'm not sure I agree on Sutton and definitely not on Sillinger.

    I think Sutton's size is important and he's not that bad, given the rotating cast of characters he's played with.

    I think Sillinger's leadership is still important to this team in turning around its culture.

    I'd also look to keep Hunter if they can get him for a decent price.

    I agree Park shouldn't be on the top line, but he's great on the PK and plays the way the game should be played.

    Not sure about Comrie. I'm tired of watching him skate in with only one defender in front of him only to curl at the half boards and try to do something fancy instead of just blasting away and going to the net. He over complicates things for what's basically a lunchpail team. I don't believe he's a #1 centre.

    Should be interesting to see how it goes at the deadline...

  2. I think we have seen the best of Andy Sutton this year. Those big screen's for goals against and penalties is what he does best.

    We have been lucky not to see the inconsistent play we saw in Atlanta to where Bob Hartley did not want to use him.

    With so many defenders under contract I would rather Sutton go for a descent return and his money used to add a top two defender with offensive skill to replace Bergeron.

    Isles also have Witt, Martinek, Meyer, Campoli and eventually Gervais locked up.

    Sillinger is a tough call but his offense has been missing most of the season and he's not a second line center. I don't see how they can carry this many players who are slow and not scoring and that line with Hunter just did not produce like they did a year ago.

    Isles have Nielsen, Park, Colliton who can play center.

    I agree Comrie's not a number one center but he's a top six forward which is what they need to build around. I think they need him back badly.

    A few weeks and we'll get out answers. The fact Hunter is not signed reminds me of Parrish and Blake which seems like a matter of when before he's moved.

    Could be wrong but they have had a year to get this done and Hunter's had a poor offensive year.


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