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Since we have nothing from Newsday to talk about today like all the major hockey centric markets that do not have Yankees-Mets all over the paper I thought NYI Fan Central would have a little fun and see if other teams writers were reporting no one wanted to sign with those clubs as hard as Newsday/Greg Logan has pushed this viewpoint since Garth Snow last summer talked about the lockeroom area after the first day of free agency?

Of course for those who recall the actual article this was one issue with some free agents after the gm was shutout on day one of free agency despite Garth Snow making up for it quickly signing Bill Guerin, Mike Comrie, Andy Sutton, Ruslan Fedotenko, Josef Vasicek, shortly after those comments and Brendan Witt, Mike Sillinger, Tom Poti ect signing the previous year.

Now we have Kristian Huselius not being able to sign within seven minutes as more proof free agents want to come to New York.

What gets lost in all the negativity and spin is going back through team history in unrestricted free agency it's more than fair to write the last two summers have been the clubs best ever compared to the days Mike Stapleton or one of the Ferraro twins were all Mike Milbury could find using his corporate bicycle.

If no one wants to sign with the New York Islanders as Newsday pushes on the fans as often as possible after four playoffs in six years of course there must be a lot of team beatwriters printing the same thing about those teams being that many of them have not even approached the Isles marginal success on the ice?

I thought I would take a look.....

Lets start with the Buffalo News because here no doubt John Vogl or Bucky Gleason (if he still updates on a regular basis) somewhere will tell us that after the team lost almost all its star UFA players last summer and missed the playoffs this year the Sabres as a signing destination is about as attractive today as the old Buffalo Aud which is now set for demolition to begin in October 2008?


Carolina Hurricanes beatwriter Luke DeCock in the News observer after an epic collapse where they failed to make the playoffs that here would never have been forgotten come July 1st here must be telling his readers it's highly unlikely anyone would be interested in signing with the Canes?

Sorry, not quite.

How about the Los Angeles Kings, a team that made it's management changes the same summer Charles Wang hired two general managers and Ted Nolan, who already fired Marc Crawford and seem no closer to contention? Surely Eric Stephens or Lisa Dillman will report to it's readers no one will want to sign and be part of a club like that here.

Afraid not.

Ok, so no doubt the Atlanta Thrashers who traded Marian Hossa when they could not apparently resign him, had a terrible season from beginning to end with Bob Hartley's firing who just hired the Isles AHL counterpart to Steve Stirling in John Anderson will not be an attractive destination for free agents as Mike Knobler will report here especially especially after Don Waddell took an even bigger gamble than Garth Snow when he traded for Keith Tkachuk and lost Braydon Coburn?

Nope. Mr Kobler even apologized to his readers for only a few days off from blogging while our newspaper blogger................back on topic.

All right, so in Florida there is absolutely no doubt after Olli Jokinen had to be traded to Phoenix and with years of the prospect movement plan not producing a single playoff spot since the Clinton administration with a general manager/coach tandem who has done a terrible job (Jacques Martin) who just hired an inexperience coach (Peter Deboer) that just bought out Jozef Stumpel beatwriter Brian Biggane
here must be telling his readers signs have been posted for future generations warning fans no one will sign with the Panthers at any point much less come July 1st 2008?

Sorry, not here.

In fact, Mr Biggane reported a few days ago in his blog former Leaf Wade Belak was trying to get Mats Sundin to come down and work on his tan year round here and sign with the Panthers.

All right, so Steve Gorten in the Sun-Sentinel broke the bad news to Panther fans here because Mr Biggane did not have the heart to right?


Our friends in Columbus who signed Michael Peca last summer who have never seen a playoff game and even were criticized a little for drafting Nikita Filatov who just had Adam Foote escape from Columbus quicker than Kurt Russell absolutely would have beat reporters Aaron Portzline, Tom Reed, and columnist Michael Arace telling Blue Jacket fans in the paper/blog here here that there is no chance any major free agents will be signing with Columbus on July 1st, right?

Wrong again.

All right, here's one team for sure, the one that just lost one of it's owners who did his John Spano impersonation and has been a club rumored to leave for several years and had to give away some of it's players to Philadelphia a year ago
here absolutely no doubt John Glennon told his readers given the circumstances unrestricted free agents will not be signing to play for the Nashville Predators any time soon?

No dice.

So there we have it folks, lots of clubs, all with some very tough circumstances on and off the ice and not one of those beatwriters have been pushing on the public the view point no one wants to sign there. In fact, I could not find anything this week where anyone came close to making that point.

Only our friends at Newsday.

It just begs the question what's going on at Newsday with their coverage of the New York Islanders?

Wonder if Mr Wang sent in the check for advertising at Newsday early for all the staffs good job keeping people away?

Updated 10:30am
It looks like I found another beatwriter in North America who will say their club is not an easy sell to free agents here as Ed Willes in the Vancouver Province reports.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Of course you can bet Mr Willes does not do articles like this as often as Newsday.


  1. Maybe you should start emailing them directly for opinions instead of guess work and goggling. The Isles brass themselves even admit this off the record. It's really time, Bill, for you to start putting away your halfass opinions and cheerleading pom poms and start to dig for truths which ever way they lead.

    You'll be a better blogger for it.

  2. If you do not like my viewpoint or agree with what I write you are welcome to tell me but insults are not appropriate.

    I have been often crtical of the club but what I will never do here is present a viewpoint (positive or negative) based on rumor/gossip or unnamed sources.

    New York Islander Fan Central is not about that kind of coverage and I feel my readers deserve the highest standard.

    This blog is not being done as someone who wants scoops or inside information, it never will be.

    I'm also not interested in breaking news nor do I want anything from the team or it's media. I also do not play the rumor, gossip, insider or off the record game.

    I blog based on what's reported and in my estimation no paper has been more unfair with it's teams fans than Newsday.

    In this particular blog I took a good look at other clubs who did not paint as dismal a picture as Newsday constantly does.

    I feel it's more than a fair question to present this to my blog readers and ask fair questions.

  3. One other thing.

    Too bad you did not include how many times I have praised Newsday/Mr Logan's work since last summer when the reporting has been fair and informative which I also did during the draft weekend.

    If you going to write to me about my blogging please make sure you include that little fact which you seemed to forget about as you start to dig for truths which ever way they lead.

    Thank You

  4. First of all, I cant believe you claim to be a fair judge of question Logan's tactics. Yes, as you constantly say, you do on occasion, point out Logan's good work. For a sentence or two. However, your smackdown on Logan has turned into a 24/7 thing. Lame. It hurts your blog tremendousely. Didnt it ever occur to you that Logan may be intentionally fueling a propaganda machine, mind you, originally started by Snow himself, as an attempt to put some pressure on the Board members to approve the light house project? Maybe he's trying to help the Isles' cause.

  5. Matt,

    The only thing that would hurt my blog is not being honest with my readers, regardless of where the news takes my viewpoint.

    I can also appreciate Islander fans wanting to like the only person giving them practically any news outside of the teams website and have some loyality for that voice after three years or coverage.

    If you have read my blog from the beginning I had nothing but praise for Mr Logan's work going into last season.

    But this is nothing new and even Alan Hahn was ripped by Mr Botta on the club's website in the past as Newsday coverage was questioned.

    Having written that the work at
    Newsday has not been very good lately therefore I have not been able to be positive about it here.

    I wish I could be, I absolutely promise you and everyone who reads this blog that or I would not waste my time or anyone's writing this in June when I could easily ignore all of it.

    Unfortunately Newsday's viewpoint on this team starting with it's beatwriter has been very questionable on too many levels to count even going back to the season where Mr Logan seemed to start a one man campaign against Rick DiPietro for playing hurt to help the club and even called him hardheaded on 3/20 but did not take the same stance with other veterans who were hurt and struggling.

    That to me is a double-standard in reporting and fair game for me to ask here.


    1. Retractions about Yashin resigning made big headlines after an earlier retraction about Nolan threatening players with trades?

    2. A guest amateur column after the draft that was so unfair against the club Newsday pulled it from it's website?

    2. Incorrect reports of Nolan taking issue with Garth Snow's comments about Wade Dubielewicz early season conditioning where neither agreed with what was reported when Katie Strang interviewed them together.

    3. Mr Logan making public issue of the club's injury policy on a day he interviews Mark Gandler and did not even tell us about Bergenheim's contract status until a fan last week asked him about it in a chat?

    4. Reports of friction between the coach and general manager that amounted to nothing over the infamous raised eyebrow comment about starting Dubielewicz against the Rangers back in March.

    5. Making Ted Nolan's contract such a big issue where it was so important to our beatwriter game day coverage was missed for Nolan to tell us it has not been discussed.

    I could go on and on, I do not want to, other teams do not have this going on with their beat reporting?

    I do not care to smack down anyone as you call it but these are things reported that raise more than fair questions in my view about this papers coverage of our team that I feel obligated to blog about here.

    Here we are the days before free agency and our beatwriter is the only one out of anyone in North America covering hockey reporting players will not sign here?


    Are you really telling me that Newsday and Mr Logan has been writing all this because it's to help them get the Lighthouse project approved or because the gm a year ago mentioned the condition of the Coliseum as one reason a player or two decided not to sign here?

    Do you really think Mr Logan who could not even be bothered to be around and blog when DiPietro started the all-star game (and got hurt) or on Al Arbour night is doing this now so Kate Murray approves the Lighthouse project?

    I'm sorry but I respectfully disagree if you feel that way or that I'm being unfair here but hope you do not hold it against me.

    Thank You.

  6. I agree with every word written in this blog about Newsday and Logan, great read.

    This coverage is going to land the club in another city.


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