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Islanders website : Has a feature on Jyri Niemi, the Islanders third-round draft pick in 2008 with his comments as he features a ninety seven mile an hour shot.

Islanders TV have several video blogs from the players in prospect camp and did a great job putting it together, too many names to list.

Sound Tigers website : Had an article on day two of mini-camp.

Telegraph Journal: Nathan White has comments from Ted Nolan who would not be opposed to coaching this season in the major junior league but for now he plans to return home to the Garden River First Nations reserve and contemplate his future. He had no regrets about taking the job, talked about having no offers for almost ten years, was thankful for the opportunity he wad given and that he judged his coaching on how hard the players competed and worked but felt with what he had the players gave what they had to give.

Christian Gaudet, who was captain for Moncton 2006 and played last season for Utah
felt Nolan leaving was unfair and that he is a great guy, person and coach and talked about his ability to communicate and motivate with his speech-making abilities.

Chris Morehouse, a member of the 2005-06 team who wore the captain's "C" for the Wildcats this season, said he was shocked, did not not think it was a smart move by the Islanders and that Ted Nolan is a really good coach and knows how to get players to play and he discussed the Memorial Cup run and brought that team together with his ability to relate to players, communicate combined with how he cares more about the person than the player.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Seems Ted Nolan had to take a lot shot at the end his players did the best they could given their talent or lack thereof, was that really called for but it is those papers in the smaller towns he seems to be most comfortable with speaking.

Espn: EJ Hradek reports Los Angeles may be interested in former Washington/Philadelphia coach Terry Murray and felt Ted Nolan's comments should have led to his dismissal but like many questioned the timing.

He also reported the NHL schedule will be released on Thursday and that the press conference on the outdoor game in Chicago will be announced next week.

Globe & Mail: Tim Wharnsby reports the Kings are in the process of finalizing a contract with Murray.

Ottawa Citizen: Ken Warren speculated Bob Hartley could be on Garth Snow's short list to be named head coach and was a finalist for the job in Ottawa.

Newsday: Kevin Allen blogged on the Islanders situtation regarding Ted Nolan and felt this was inevitable going back to the season but waited because this was Charles Wang's hire.

THN: Ryan Kennedy felt Garth Snow and Ted Nolan should have just admitted it was a firing and kept it real in his words if Greg Logan's reports were correct and also questioned the timing.


  1. Hey, this is Brian Bohl. I know you've featured my freelance work about the Islanders from the Daily News on this blog. Just wanted to let you know that I am still working for New York Sports Day and WRHU-FM and covering the Islanders, including the opening of prospect camp on Monday.

    Along with my radio reports for RHU, here is the link to the Isles story about why the Islanders front office is a joke among NHL franchises. Thanks.

  2. Mr Bohl

    I added your comments and appreciate your efforts however a lot of teams fire coaches after two years.

    It's not like Peter Laviolette at all and not half as bad as what went on in Tampa who just had a gm sit out a draft and free agent period while a new ownership threatened Dan Boyle out of town.

    Isles did a lot of denials and waited far too long that is where the primary criticism should be with this.

    Is it any worse than a team that spend 90m on two centers not to play with star right winger who admitted he loafed all season and when it was over decided he would rather be in Russia than return while the gm basicaly told his coach they will stop playing so much defense even though they allowed the least shots per game last year.

    I could go up and down the list between Toronto, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and and lot of clubs who sooner or later have problems.

    Lou Lamoriello fires coaches in first place in March.

    Seems Isles take hits for a lot of unfair reasons, not the right ones.

  3. Mr Bohl,

    I read your article and it was incorrect on a lot of levels.

    Mr Botta, Mr Logan everyone who covered the club or was on the inside acknowledged Ted Nolan had major problems with his veterans and talked in a way that coaches who want out do calling the club they on several occasions and acted like a man who marches to his own beat and no one elses.

    Mr Botta knows what the right thing for coaches to say is, he worked with them forever and Nolan was a one man team who wanted no part in the failure and distanced himself from it.

    The building is the third oldest facility in the division behind Msg and Mellon Arena, that is badly overblow based on one comment by the gm a year ago.

    Sorry, I respectfully think you got this article wrong in too many areas with most of it old wallpaper and background but not nearly enough curent inside information.

    Thanks again.


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