What will the Islander veterans tell us?

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/15/2008 07:17:00 AM |
We got the deep throat game from Mr Logan and the quoted veterans who he did not name but attached their comments to, he also reported Rick DiPietro was not one of them.

Now it gets interesting. What veterans will step up, give their names and put the blame on Nolan and say they did not like the direction vs those who supported and back Ted Nolan and feel the problem rest with the players management brought in?

Will any of them say they want out and publicly demand a trade if Ted Nolan is no longer head coach or privately request they would like to move on?

What will captain Bill Guerin, Mike Comrie, Brendan Witt, Mike Sillinger, Trent Hunter, Andy Sutton, Richard Park and the rest of the older players have to say here if anything at all?

Is it fair on my part to speculate Doug Weight only spoke through Bill Guerin because he had an idea this was coming and that we will not hear anything from Weight until a new coach is hired and things settle down? I guess Mark Streit was a safe distance away in another country.

This could lead to a few more openings for prospects as Garth Snow could look to move a few players who maybe Ted Nolan wanted here.

Quick Hits:

What did get lost yesterday in the mix is what does this mean for Sean Bergenheim and those players who had to accept qualifying offers by yesterday's deadline?

I asked Mr Fornabaio in his blog, maybe he can find out for us today.

My outside/outside/outside picks for new coach:
Dave Lewis
Kevin Constantine-Houston Aeros AHL
Greg Cronin
Jeff Jackson (anyone see him in the NCAA tournament go to the finals?
Don Lucia (kidding) but at least him and Snow would be fighting to get college players to the NHL together.

Interesting in our poll it seems we have the same difference of opinion of where Jeff Tambellini should play with the vote almost split over all four lines.

Almost feel bad for this kid who seems to have been caught up in this, he may or may not make it but he deserves better and seems like a very classy person by his comments and interviews.

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  1. Dave Lewis did a terrible job at Bruins. The problem, according to him, was that he was used to a set of players (in Detroit) that all had a more thorough grounding in certain aspects of the game. Therefore he overlooked these aspects in Boston, the players struggled and couldn't execute, and Lewis ended up in a refuse heap. He also couldn't come up with a properly functioning defensive system. When you look at what Claude Julien did last year with similar tools and how he brought on young players (Lucic, Nokelainen, Sobotka, Stuart, Krejci, and in the end even Kessel, maybe Hunwick), you'll quickly scratch Lewis's name off the list.

    As for Constantine, there's a coach who is very defense oriented. His teams just don't score much. He also likes to revamp his players' habits and thinking, introducing new habits and new thinking. When you look at the Aeros, he certainly did improve the team in his authoritarian ways. He also improved some of their fringe talents, but he also allocated key minutes to AHL vets and his own favourites while leaving top Wild prospects like Petr Kalus and Benoit Pouliot in lesser roles learning new habits and new thinking. This obviously had a direct effect on their production. Kalus went from an almost NHLer, he was in fact the last player to be cut from the Wild team last year, to a player who was struggling in the AHL. To me, Constantine is a very good coach and an interesting candidate for an NHL job, but at the same time I don't believe he is compatible with what Snow is looking to do both now and in the longer term. Constantine is someone who would probably shadow the Hilberts and Parks approach of Ted Nolan in the big league with a robust defensive game and the younger players on the outside looking in. I think you'd hire the guy in the NHL if you wanted to win as many games as possible playing suffocation hockey and getting the best out of limited talent.


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