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Times & Transcript: Eddie St. Pierre has Bobby Orr's comments from the Bernie Boudreau Memorial Golf Tournament that Ted Nolan will get another NHL head coaching job because he's too good not to be hired by someone. The paper incorrectly adds Ted Nolan was fired but will be paid $650,000 for not coaching and reports for now the former Isles coach plans on doing some U.S. television work and looks at being hired as an NHL head coach by another club.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nothing directly from the former coach but perhaps he was part of this event and kept a low profile or was not quoted.

It's going to be a p.r disaster for the club when they go to Moncton for camp without Nolan as coach and I expect some very negative coverage from the local paper given what he accomplished for Moncton combined with how he left New York.

Hopefully Ted Nolan does get hired by another NHL club, Los Angeles settled on Terry Murray so for now he will be sitting out unless a club makes a change or he wants to be an assistant.

It has to be noted Bobby Orr filed a grievance with the NHLPA over Rick DiPietro's fifteen year contract because he was fired before the deal was closed but still wants his agents fee here so it's possible he has some lingering issue with the Isles.

Quick Hit:
Funny how even in August Steve Zipay is blogging daily for his club, number crunching stats, comparing rosters, selling Sundin for his team and trying to fit him under the cap for his readers while even getting prospect quotes from Russia with a bunch of other things while Greg Logan sits in silence and gives us nothing hockey related on the Isles besides bringing up Rangers-Isles a week ago for a preseason schedule blog that had nothing to do with 2008-09.

But of course when it's something negative Greg Logan is all over it begging the question why can't Mr Logan do some blogs and give us information along the same lines?

I would like to know from our beatwriter how the changes in players effect the numbers, how Mr Petrov in Russia is doing with a few words and who the club could be targeting but Mr Logan does not do that for our fans.

Seems like our writer only comes out when the job requires it while the other blog gets the page views and information.

I know adding this in my blog upsets a few folks in the Greg Logan fan club but someone has to write it because it needs to be written until he works as hard as his counterpart at Newsday.

Our fans deserve better.


  1. Hey...I dont think there will be a problem in moncton depending on who ends up being coach. And Greg is on Vacation. Vacation that he had planned and has to take due to the buyout of Newsday. It's really not as if he is shirking his responsibility. He's an employee who deserves his time away from the job. Especially considering I'm sure he won't get any sleep from late September till April.
    Interesting tidbit about Orr. I'll have to go read that! Thanks

  2. Given one paper blasted the Isles, I guess we will see reaction when the club goes there. Nolan won the memorial cup there so I expect some backlash.

    That all sounds well and good about Mr Logan but it does not prevent Mr Zipay from keeping his readers informaed and his page views higher than the only paper with an Isles blog.

    Orr seems too classy to hold DiPietro's contract situtation against the Isles in general but we could be talking a lot of money due for a very big contract but you never know. I would guess Ted Nolan was there unless the writer asked Orr out of nowhere about Nolan which would be kind of strange given they have never worked together in terms of the NHL.

  3. The good thing is that Garth and Orr are friends. So hopefully, this won't turn into a media circus.
    Zippy the wonder journalist probably doesn't have as much vaca time banked as Logan, or maybe less of a life.
    We've also got to remember that there is a new mandate at the Islanders about how much information is released and when. Unless we find that "leak" I've heard about.

  4. Hi Dee,

    For me it's not about Mr Zipay. I provide enough coverage from enough papers with hockey writers all over the country doing decidated year round blogs for their fans and it should be no differnt for the New York Islanders regardless who covers them. The Boston Globe does not miss a beat, the Tampa writers blogging put in all the extra time for their fans.

    It should be no different here.

    I'm not into the speculation/rumor game for leaks. I like to deal only with things supported by quotes from team officials.


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