Greg Logan goes off at Islanders Policy----again

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/26/2008 08:05:00 AM |
Newsday: Apparently Greg Logan decided to finally do some passionate hockey blogging about the Islanders like Steve Zipay does for his team several times a day.

Too bad it was not about the game, how the team played or to profile a player but what amounts to his latest public tantrum about club policy on injuries which began back in June when he found out Guerin-DiPietro had surgery.

His latest is DiPietro may not have been hurt but the team/Gordon/Snow did not want to talk about if he was pulled because the Witt injury was announced in the press box Thursday but not an injury to DiPietro.

Apparently Mr Logan now says he will make his own policy where he says he will insult the Islanders injury reports the way they insult his intelligence and of course played the fan card as if he does this for our benefit?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I think it's time Greg Logan find another team to cover, his act has gotten old.

Mr Logan, the team does not trust you or Newsday's staff for their coverage of our team and I do not blame them. This goes back before the company that decided to regulate television coverage got control of Newsday.

Do not use our fans to act like your doing anything for us when you could not even come close to keeping up with Mr Zipay last year and wanted no part of DiPietro starting the all-star game while Zipay was live-blogging the young-star game for his readers.

If you were here for us we would have seen at least as many blogs and features as the other club in Newsday received last season.

You could not even bother blogging on DiPietro's injury at the skills competition and ignored the goaltender won six games in a row after the ASG.

You're all over DiPietro only when it's bad news and did not dare pull this on Guerin, Comrie, Sillinger, Satan or another veteran who also played hurt and struggled last year so do not mislead our fans claiming you treat everyone the same.

Not so, not even close.

DiPietro lost a member of his family and you turned it into a circus when he did not play, when he returned and struggled you wrote he was hard-headed on 3/20.

You ran to Nolan and made his contract public issue last season over gameday coverage and got everyone talking about it, not the Islanders. Following that you magnified an issue with Dubielewicz out of all proportion where Katie Strang covered a team event the next day and Nolan even said he did know there was a dispute.

You did a fine job stirring the pot on Snow-Nolan not being on the same page to where they finally decided to part company, sometimes all it takes is the media to push a bad relationship over the edge.

Receive any Thank You cards from Ted Nolan lately?

What happened the night in June after the team announced it's injury policy?

You hooked up with Marc Gandler and we saw false headlines the next day about Yashin that had to be retracted by your paper after an earlier mistake where your paper did a headline Nolan threated veterans with trades.

You did not even bother with a Bergenheim update when you had Gandler so please give everyone a break about what you are doing for our fans.

How many articles so far in the first seven games Bailey may not have been the right choice to stir up the public?

The New York Islanders do not trust you, don't ever play the card you are here for us because that is an outright lie.

You forgot to write Freddy Meyer was bone-headed for his turnover.

This is what happens folks when one media person covers a team and there is no one in the media to keep him honest. Mr Logan pulled this on the Jets or Coles this week after the Jet receiver was a lot less eloquent than the Islanders five other writers would have blistered Mr Logan because there is media competition with football.

Sorry to write I suspect folks who work well together will stick together here and justice by avalanche will be the rule. When a club is struggling it's very easy to play the fan card and gain support.

I suspect no team has less trust for it's beatwriter or it's local media than the New York Islanders, given I read these articles and post them I do not blame the club one bit.

If Greg Logan does not like it, feel free to put in for another team beat.

He comes off like the Islanders pull what the Knicks do clearing questions/interviews with security following them and even those writers did not go off this often about team/league policy.

But those writers still love the Knicks and that's the rub, for Greg Logan this is another assignment, nothing more.

Star-Tribune: Michael Russo did not take this kind of unprofessional tantrum when the Wild reported Marian Gaborik was out with his latest injury and listed it as lower body and the general manager did not want to talk. He did not go into a tirade about everyone can figure out where he has been injured.

I think it's time for a new beatwriter.

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  1. First NYI, let me say that I agree with Mr. Logan that this is a stupid policy on describing injuries, it insults everyone's intelligence. That being said, I have been arguing that Mr. Logan wants no part of the Islanders beat for the last six months. Mr. Zipay's agressive work coverng the NHL's evil empire, has been putting Mr. Logan's to shame, and is more than enough proof to show that Logan does not want to cover the team. Granted, Coach Gordon basically challanged the media types when he said it was not his mindset to pull goalies, and has now backed himself into a corner, hopefully he learned that lesson about coaching in the NHL.

    Logan should let Katie Strang or one of the newspaper interns or pull a kid off a high school newspaper cover the team. At least for a while people would know that the person on the beat wants to be there.

    I can't wait for a building decision to be made. Then at least with that issue solved Mr. Wang can figure out if he can then survive with less TV money from the Dolan's and put Isles games on SNY or YES. Then the teams' fates can be out of the hands of Cablevision and Spectacor, operations that give a damn more about the F***ING rag$ & Cryers.

  2. Obviously you don't realize what the job of a reporter is. And that is to REPORT on news.

    As a journalist, you want facts, and not generalizations. If someone is injured, you want to know what the injury is. If someone is taken out of the game, like DiPietro was, you want to know why he was taken out. Was it an injury? or was it due to bad turnovers?

    The Islanders injury policy is a very frustrating policy. What really is a "lower body injury" anyways? An ingrown toenail? A sprained knee?

    Greg Logan has every right speculating what the reason was of DiPietro's pulling. As he correctly reported in his blog, Bill Guerin was "not aware of an injury" when asked about it. He said that in the post-game. I was right next to him when he said it. Scott Gordon talked about an injury policy, and not being able to disclose any injury.

    Hey, even Gordon basically said, "as soon as I'm told otherwise, I can't disclose any injury." To me, that's basically saying, "I want to tell you, but I can't".

    Obviously something is up here, and there is a good story that brews with it. You just don't go skipping off into the press box thinking everything is fine.

  3. Paul,

    Please do not take this the wrong way, I always like and respect what you have to contribute here but from here on no more profanity edited down or otherwise.

    Make any hockey discussion you like but not in that manner.
    As I wrote in my blog this franchise does not trust the media covering it and I gave a lot of documented reasons as to why.

    I cannot speculate on what Mr Logan wants or does not want with his career or his job, I can only give my view of his job performance covering the Islanders.

    Coaches try and protect players and team policies and he is new to this level of reporting.

    It's not up to Mr Logan to let Katie Strang or anyone do anything, that's up to his boss.

    I have no idea what will happen with a renovation/Lighthouse, until we read more there is not much to speculate on.

    The Islanders are locked into this cable contract until 2030, no arena or renovation changes this.

    Thanks again

  4. Mr Liodice,

    The job of a reporter is to work within the guidelines the league and individual clubs set for the media. The Islanders are not setting new standards or making up rules as they go here.

    A lot of professional teams have the same guidelines.

    Professional media journalists adjust which two other papers did when writing their game stories in the News/Post.

    Did you see Peter Botte or Dan Martin do this?

    Michael Russo writing for the Star-Tribune adjusted to the same policy regarding Marian Gaborik and did not rip the club and take another tantrum as Mr Logan did, GM Doug Risbrough was quoted in the article too.

    As I have written several times this team does not trust it's media and they have given the Islanders good reason not to between the constant assaults and misinformation.

    Mr Logan has every right to speculate any way he likes but it's above speculation and more like someone upset because he is not longer receiving specific information.

    There are about sixty plus other professional writers in newspapers for the NHL and countless others for major media sports and a lot of these clubs have the same policy, no one is acting like Mr Logan.

    Scott Gordon has a job to do and that's hold to team policy just like other pro teams with the same policy. You see Coles of the Jets go off at the media this week for the exact same thing because he would be fined if he talked about his injury?

    Obviously not, but I do not see the Jet beat writers taking this kind of tantrum and if one did the others would jump all over him.

    Something is up. The New York Islanders do not trust their media or beat writer and considering that same company that owns Newsday runs another club that cannot even show live internet preseason games or give the club a pregame I agree completely with the policy even if it hurts my flow of information.

  5. NYI1, I appreciate your stance, but I wrote it that way to voice frustration...I never use out and out profanity publically, for the most part, because it is rude, but that is how frustrating this whole Logan/Newsday Isles coverage is. As I worte in his blog myself, that it is a shame that he does not get this passionate about the rest of his responsibilities on his beat. If this policy is a league wide policy, then Mr. Logan needs to take his frustrations out on the league not the team. I also hate that he is using the fake voice of the fans argument. As we both know he could care less about Islanders fans, based on how has approached his coverage, including his blog. I do agree with you that it is time for Cablevision/Newsday/m$g to assign a new writer. I know that the Knicks beat is higher on the scale than the Isles beat is...especially now with the paper being owned by the same folks, but at least we knew Alan Hahn cared about the coverage, and did not look down on covering the team.

  6. Paul,

    I respect and understand everyone's frusttation. Any other way to express frustration here will only make the discussion better.

    You raise a good point on Mr Logan/Newsday going to the league but that means Mr Dolan has to speak with the NHL and right now there is a lawsuit because the Dolan's do not like the leagues website control and (cue drumroll)
    the injury policy which they voted against.

    I guess Cablevision is upset because they wanted Msg to control that also.

    Regarding Alan Hahn his coverage declined so badly his final year even Mr Botta blasted Newsday and his reporting in April of 2006 on the teams website after he went overboard stirring up the public about what Mike Milbury said before a game against Philadelphia.

    Mr Hahn was brutal that season coming out of the lockout and had a lot of issues seemingly with Yashin and even misreported Parrish only took a one year contract because of Alexei Yashin.

    Only problem with reporting that in August 2005 was Parrish never signed until September when Wang law was coming into play.

    To tell you the truth this is nothing new, some writers do not like some players and it shows in the reporting while others fill the quote book and make the job easier.

    I'm disappointed Mr Logan is playing off the fans when this should be kept internal. Our fans are frustrated enough without or misleading Yashin headlines playing us even more.

    It sure is not helping the club.

    Thanks again.

  7. If cablevision assigned a new beatwriter then that persons name would be Associated Press. Too bad the AP gets all thier reporting and opinions from Low-gan...which in turn will be zero media coverage for the Isles. Just my opinion though

  8. Hi TuxTax,

    I suspect if a change was made whoever was assigned (if anyone) would come into the job with a grudge about how things went with Mr Logan. I do not think Cablevision would appreciate their employee being treated this way but of course given how Cablevision treated the Knick beatwriters they set a standard far worse than the Islanders.

    Mr Logan seems to be getting desperate using Peter Botte of the news to sell his viewpoint.

    A lot of clubs have this policy, Islanders apparently are not allowed.

    Thanks again


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