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New York Islander Fan Central | 10/02/2008 05:53:00 PM | | | Reports former Islander Brad Isbister despite being signed by Ottawa will not report to it's AHL affiliate in Binghampton as something is worked out where he can play in Europe or hook on with another club.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports in his blog some number changes and a few injury updates with when some cuts will be coming from Bridgeport.

A few words on the club's injury policy:
For a few days I kind of felt some of the same frustration as Mr Botta, Mr Logan and some of the folks blogging or writing on this and even felt this is not the playoffs and the club should not make it tough on the folks trying to get out information during the preseason.

After some thinking on this I have changed my mind and agree with the club policy.

I understand some of us are caught up in this and it's a tough go for Mr Botta and a few other folks but why should the New York Islanders do the print media any favors considering how poor our team coverage has been in the print media?

I thought back to when this was announced last summer and Greg Logan basically went off in print about it when Guerin/DiPietro had surgery. Same day he hooked up with Mr Gandler (who did not even get us a Bergenheim contract update) which produced an article about Yashin with an incorrect headline that got the club a ton of negative publicity with only a small retraction that even Cory Witt had a few words about after the damage was done along with the Nolan threatens veterans incorrect headline earlier and what seemed from here Mr Logan going all out to make the coaches contract an issue.

As Joe Giradi learned why say anything about injuries if the end result is more aggravation? He practically got into a verbal fight on television last week over an injury and for trying to give out details over the timeline.

My impression is the Islanders do not trust the media covering the club and given the local and national coverage last season it's hard to blame them so they are not going to go out of their way to make anyone's job easier or give out information when it just creates more problems by doing so.

Updated 8pm:
Newsday: Mr Logan has a blog update with head coach Scott Gordon's comments updating that DiPietro should see his first start in the final exhibition game against Florida, also Sean Bergenheim and Josh Bailey should be ready to play at some point in the new few days.

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  1. I hear your concern and sympathy with the club as far as why they should do the media any favors.

    My concern is that they're doing me as a fan a disservice by not disclosing information about the product they are selling me.

    Also, from a purely strategic standpoint, at a time when print media coverage of the NHL is dropping throughout the U.S., I think it's a mistake to make information harder to acquire for outlets like Newsday that is actually trying to -- whatever their Cablevision/MSG motivations -- increase coverage.

  2. Bryan,

    I think the blogger monster ate your response, sorry about that feel free to repost.


    We have general managers in this league who might as well be in the Witness protection program for all the times they speak or keep the fans informed. Garth Snow is not required to speak at all.

    Somewhere along the line it seems a few of our fans think this gm should have a running dialogue with the public with him required to give us every detail about everything.

    That does not apply with a lot of teams in this league.

    From where I sit they are telling us who is signed/not signed, they are also telling us who is cut or sent down. They do not choose to talk about management contract or player injuries which they do not have to disclose.

    I do not think management trust the media covering the club and it's not a Cablevision issue at this time but just in general.

    When Dan Martin's editor gives him a postage stamp of space in the Post and does not go to camp or the one preseason game why should this team disclose to his paper any injury information?

    Mr Logan went hard after Nolan's contract and not the gm's contract and forced it to become a public issue and we had this talk a while back. If two people are not getting along or communicating well as Mr Botta indicated when he blamed both sides for their part in that all it takes is a media person looking to stir the pot to swing things.

    The positive stories were not persued by this beatwriter like the negative stoties.

    Newsday attacked or virtually ignored every positive thing that happened last year. When our goalie starts the ASG and the beatwriter does not even blog all weekend that's not coverage looking to tell us everything.

    When Mr Herrmann goes negative on every team event and even questions Al Arbour this is not a person telling both sides of the story.

    If I owned this team and the coverage we got was like this I would be defensive too and not want to tell them more.

    It sure did not pay off last season when DiPietro lost a family member and there was no smypathy for him at all, it was turned into something ugly and negative.

    Sorry, but we disagree on this one but thanks as always.


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