Some folks only see the final score

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/24/2008 06:34:00 PM |
You read some of the stuff in the professional media and it's kind of comical that some think the Islanders played that poorly against Dallas last night.

I'm not going to write and tell everyone the Islanders played great but it was not bad as Greg Logan and a few others made it out to be.

The Buffalo game the Islanders were horrible in every area, against Dallas it was a different story. Scott Gordon had it correct when he noted the forecheck, the chances the defense created.

I watched the play closely, if you did also I think you saw some of the same things Gordon was talking about.

As for the scoreboard for those who want to write the score was closer than the play again did not tell the entire story.

Richard Park scores on his breakaway it's a two goal swing because Dallas does not go down and finish a play for the 2-0 goal where Pock lost his man. They score on those goal post during the five on three or Turco does not make an incredible save on Weight or Sim's wrap-around chance goes in it's a completely different game.

As I wrote last night, Dallas also made some very good plays knocking a clearing attempt out of mid-air by Gervais and going in to score. Dallas was due to break out after the Devils game where they had chances and did not finish. The Isles pk was a disappointment because not clearing the puck all the way down on the first goal did not allow the penalty killers to change.

The media wants no part in mentioning the loss of Martink here which is a huge factor, they only notice him when it's time to write about how under-rated he is.

Of course the DiPietro contract/personality club will not think twice to blame the goaltender for the loss, despite him having no chance on any of the five goals. At least Dan Martin got that correct when he noted no goaltender would have had a chance.

I just hope some folks watched the game and got beyond the final score.

In the long run all folks will remember is the final score and that is all that counts but if we are breaking down a game there is more too it than that.

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  1. The bigger mistake is the team counting on Martinek in the first place. The guy is always hurt. Has missed big cchunks of time almost every year since his rookie year. I realize that I am not the end all and be all when it comes to opinions, but add to that the fact that I do not think he is more than a third or fourth defenseman at best, when healthy, and I can not understand why he is depended on so much. Especially considering his injury history.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Sorry but we disagree on him being a third or fourth defender at best. When he is on his game he is among the best in the league at moving the puck and staying with a player.

    What he did against Ovechkin and Malkin last was unreal as he went stride for stride with them and finally dished out hits that sent both of them to the ice.

    Incredible one on one battles that no one wrote about.

    You get a chance to watch those games it's worth looking at again because he was that good and proved to me he is in the elite category right there.

    Nothing that can done about his injuries, he has to protect himself better but a few times things happened like a knee on knee or a rut on the ice that could happen to anyone.

    Thanks again

  3. We can disagree on where Martinek falls on the depth chart, in terms of actual ability. However what can not be denied is the clubs mistake to constantly count on a player than not stay healthy. When they create their roster, they need to do it as if he is not there, and then enjoy "the bonus" of him actually being there. Martinek is the Moises Alou of the Isles, and should NEVER be counted on because of it.


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