Okposo out, Witt activated, Skinner sent to AHL

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Islanders website: Announced forward Kyle Okposo will be out for a week with an arm injury.

Brendan Witt was activated off injured reserve, Brett Skinner was returned to Bridgeport. Mike Sillinger according to the release agreed to the Bridgeport conditioning assignment. Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog has more on Witt's activation and the other moves today.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Apparently someone will have to be recalled to replace Okposo when the Sound Tigers return from their trip unless Garth Snow makes a trade or Nate Thompson/Mike Comrie are able to play.

Interesting the club gave a specific injury (not upper body) and a time table on Okposo. I noticed Okposo slip on a third period chance but it could have happened at another time.

Note-I included the San Antonio Rampage Radio Link for Tuesday's 8pm game along with Sound Tigers website preview here.

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  1. 1) It appears you caught the apparent change in injury policy? Or is this a slip up by Snow? LOL

  2. Hi Faux,

    Hard to say. Is it a conincidence almost as soon as they did give out more information (not full information) the paper that also owns the television rights finally decided to give them a pre-game show like the other three teams they own?

    Thanks again


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