My Plan for Defense at the deadline

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/09/2009 12:00:00 PM |
Frankly speaking folks, I think all bets are off regarding this defense beyond Mark Streit entering the trade deadline. This is why you have draft picks and develop players to make the jump to the next level.

It's why Dustin Kohn got a three year contract long ago and why you sign a Jack Hillen or groom an Andy MacDonald.

The expression you get what you pay for comes to mind, the track record of almost all of these defenders indicate they will miss significant portions of seasons with injury, it was obvious going in.

Sure it can happen to anyone, this group has it happen every season.

Meyer, Witt, Sutton, Martinek fair or not keep getting injured as does Campoli or Gervais. We will likely not see one game with the top six healthy.

Everyone is signed for at least the next year.

It's time for some changes if they cannot stay collectively healthy for even one game.

If I'm gm it's Sutton (one year left on contract) or Brendan Witt, another team will not want an injured Sutton for a playoff drive and with Witt's new contract Garth Snow may decide to keep a veteran. For me it depends on the return but it's something I'm absolutely looking at.

Of course in my plan Weight and Guerin could stay so by that you have to keep Witt.

For me it's Campoli or Gervais, not both. I think Campoli has the most value because of his offensive game but both have at least a year left on their contracts.

All I do know is I'm listening to offers if I'm general manager.

Freddy Meyer's defense was spotty at times under Scott Gordon's system but we all saw the best version of his game last year, if he is not the right fit for this coach the question has to be asked does he have the value he did to only Garth Snow a few years ago?

Other teams will absolutely want Radek Martinek, this is where I take a timeout and listen to offers but they better improve my club bigtime or no dice. Because of Newsday Radek Martinek is one of the NHL's best kept secrets on defense.

On the trade market for me he has the same value as Kenny Jonsson.

Not much of a plan but I do see changes and I would be looking to change the mix.

Putting myself on the spot I would move Gervais for sure with a big return for Witt and only to the Western Conference.

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  1. 1) At this point any player on the roster who is over 25 should be available for the right price!
    2) You can't gut the entire roster, but if a team is offering Snow the moon, he should listen!
    3) Guerin and Weight should minimally get him a couple more 2nd rounders which might be able ti b eused to get another 1st round pick in June.

  2. Faux,

    I agree most of the players over twenty five should be available for the right price but I would not hand over Weight, Guerin, Witt or Comrie for lower round picks.

    You have to keep a few veterans, especially when Weight is going to give your team 50 points and Guerin is likely going to lead them in scoring.

    From what I'm reading this summer's draft is like last year with first rounders having the kind of value you do not move.

    Two years ago when Smyth, Guerin and others moved for first rounders the draft was considered the kind you can give up a first rounder because it was considered more of a hit or miss draft.

    Thank You.


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