Islander News Articles 4/8

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Will add in more articles and fill in blanks Wednesday:

Scheduled blogs:
Stay or go (good timing) 2009-10 New York Islanders.
Announcement on plans for NYIFC, Bridgeport playoffs and WJC with final date ever still 4/17.

Newsday: Greg Logan recaps the Islanders 9-0 loss against Carolina Tuesday night which he reports is the worst in franchise history with a few pregame comments from Doug Weight at this time.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I looked through some 72-73 games with some 9-1 games or 9-2 games, Islanders had a loss in Calgary 11-4 in 1981 when they dominated the NHL. I know Brad Shaw his first week had a 8-1 loss against Vancouver at home and I will never forget the 8-1 loss
at home to Winnipeg in 1988 that ended the Terry Simpson era.

I guess this game is the worst disparity loss in club history.

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog had a very late entry on the loss where he did not feel it was as bad as the 9-2 game and make it a point to bring up injuries all season (including Blake Comeau's) but also correctly pointed out there is no excuse for a team being outplayed, outshot to the degree they were in that game.

Also included (among several other items) are Yann Danis comments on the goals he allowed and a late lottery update with Colorado's shootout loss.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Mr Logan did an excellent job in this update. He absolutely made a great point on the goaltending and was very generous including about this teams overwhelming injuries and their very competitive record in a game they did get back two key players and still were terrible in every area.

I do have to ask once again where have all these kinds of updates been from him in Newsday's blog all season win or lose after games that Mr Zipay does after almost every game for his beat?

I do not think this is asking an unfair question on my part once again.

Newsday: Eden Laikin reports The Long Island Association Tuesday used a full-page ad in Newsday to announce its support for the $3.7-billion Lighthouse Project that would surround a renovated Nassau Coliseum with 150 acres of shops, condos, eateries and offices.

The ad was signed by LIA president Matthew Crosson. A spokeswoman said he was unavailable to comment. The LIA did not pay for the ad, which appeared courtesy of a barter agreement between the Islanders and Newsday, according to a source familiar with the deal. Newsday would not confirm the barter arrangement or say how much such an ad would cost.

Neither Lighthouse nor Islanders officials returned calls.

Also reported LIA's chief economist Pearl Kamer was paid by the Lighthouse Group to study the potential economic impact of the project: revenue, job growth and numbers of school-aged children. Kamer said Tuesday there's no conflict between her role as a Lighthouse consultant and a part-time LIA employee.

Town officials said they stopped the recent Petition mailing when questions were raised about whether the Lighthouse project qualifies for stimulus money or whether the request is too late but one supporter of it is Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford), according to a letter he wrote to Gov. David A. Paterson's office last month.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Wonder if that barter agreement included Newsday ads on the teams website and throught hockey games? Kind of funny Newsday would not confirm something it's own reporter asked them about for a story?

Makes me kind of happy this blog is heading for syndication not doing any more of these kinds of updates. Chip Alexander's article on the Canes dominating is already up.

The News: Adam Richardson in the Pictou local Newspaper selected Islanders goaltender and local product Joey MacDonald for his player of the year award.

The Republican: Gary Brown has comments from former Islander draft pick Ryan O'Marra on his struggles in the AHL as he had a few words on his time with the Islanders.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in the Sound Tigers blog examines the ramifications of losing Blake Comeau for Bridgeport and again reviews the clear-day rules for playoff roster in terms of who can be added and when.

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Carolina 9, New York 0

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/07/2009 09:41:00 PM | Comment Here
Associated Press: Has the recap of New York's 9-0 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes Tuesday night.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What would you have me write folks that you did not see yourselves?

So that's what 30th place teams are supposed to look like at their worst?


I have seen the Islanders lose a lot of hockey games and be outclassed or simply lose 9-2, 9-1, 8-0 over the years and maybe worse. I have not seen many games where they outclassed themselves or pulled this big a collective no-show to this degree in all three zones.

Did they even generate one quality chance at Cam Ward or one sustained forecheck against a club they had a sixty shot game again and a four goal period in that building about two weeks ago? In a sixty minute game to have the calls and play have such a disparity is also very tough to accomplish.

All due respect to Carolina and their recent record, between the brutal defensive plays by the Islanders (you could drive a truck in that 1st period gap on that breakaway Danis actually stopped) with the turnovers and the terrible start by Yann Danis (who for some reason got a third start in a row?) a great deal of this was self-inflicted with every single call going to the other team which is unheard of in a sixty minute game.

It was not even like the Isles went looking for fights to turn the game around until the third period and a few shots were taken at Mark Streit.

Not much else to write, they could not keep the puck or control it in Carolina's end of the ice or set up anything, Bergenheim had a few rushes but took an offensive zone penalty in the third.

Joey MacDonald played well for his part, he had no help at all, why was Radek Martinek on the ice for twenty seven minutes under these circumstances?

Islanders did generate one nine second powerplay for their effort which was evened up.

I know in an eighty two game seasons teams have some terrible games and some big time clunkers, we saw the 9-2 game against Pittsburgh and that was competitive by comparison to this.

That was the kind of effort that gets a general manager and a coach fired with the team bag-skating from Carolina to Pittsburgh and not because of the scoreboard.

Of course what a shock Blake Comeau fractured his wrist, I guess there goes the one
Islander the fans here are most familiar with for Bridgeport's playoffs.

Could Cablevision at least in their constant spamming of Ranger scoreboard during our games at least give us updates on the teams that are relevant to the Islanders lottery chances?

Ok, we'll see what happens in Pittsburgh.

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Doug Weight signed to Contact Extension

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/07/2009 01:41:00 PM | Comment Here
Islanders website & Newsday & Point Blank/Mr Botta: All report the Islanders on Tuesday resigned center Doug Weight to an extension that includes a base salary of $2 million plus a $200,000 bonus if the Islanders make the playoffs and will count $2.2 million against the salary cap with his comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Everyone knows where I stand with this. I think it's a mistake for a team last in NHL scoring to give a spot to a player who cannot produce at even strength with only four goals at five on five nor did he come at a discount.

If the Islanders draft a center and want to play him at this level is Doug Weight going to want to play on the fourth line (Nielsen-Bailey-Tavares should not on a young team) or be relegated to a role he was very clear about he did not want earlier which would basically mean the Islanders wasted a year on Nate Thompson.

Overall at center between Weight-Bailey-Nielsen they have a total (including Weight's powerplay goals) of twenty four total goals down the middle.

Thirteen total goals at even strength, one less at even strength than Travis Zajac of the Devils.

Classy man who has something valuable to provide to a team, I just do not think that's is this team at this time.

Hope I'm wrong.

Newsday: Greg Logan had a full article with Doug Weight's comments about the team, his season and next year.

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New York at Carolina 7pm Msg+2

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/07/2009 11:38:00 AM | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog reports Mark Streit and Sean Bergenheim will return tonight against Carolina and that Jesse Joensuu and enforcers Mitch Fritz and Joel Rechlicz were recalled from Bridgeport.

I will update the injury/roster chart after the game.

Mar 3 at Washington W 5-2
Mar 6 vs Calgary W 6-1
Mar 7 at Tampa Bay W 9-3
Mar 9 vs NY Rangers W 3-0
Mar 11 at Chicago OTL 2-3
Mar 12 at Dallas L 2-3
Mar 14 at Washington OTL 4-5
Mar 18 vs New Jersey W 4-2
Mar 20 vs NY Islanders W 5-4
Mar 21 vs Washington W 4-1
Mar 23 at Florida W 3-2
Mar 25 vs Ottawa W 2-1
Mar 28 at New Jersey W 2-1
Apr 2 vs NY Rangers W 4-2
Apr 4 vs Pittsburgh W 3-2

For those scoring at home that's twenty six out of thirty available points.

04/05/09 Matt Cullen C Foot Questionable for April 7
04/05/09 Patrick Eaves RW Upper Body Questionable for April 7

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Funny thing looking at this incredible run was there a team that lost in regulation who gave Carolina a better game than the Islanders who scored four times in the second period of that game and led in the final ten mintues before the powerplays, bounces and the Chad LaRose show took over who has one more point than Richard Park but nineteen goals?

Not coincidence for Carolina, they had rode Cam Ward on this streak and made some excellent trades at the deadline. Somewhere Peter Laviolette must be wondering how come they did not play like this for him while Paul Maurice is having his best stretch since the 2002 playoff run where that Carolina team had 83 points but got a higher seed than the 96 point Islanders and home ice which was everything for the Islanders that year.

This game is huge for Carolina who can finish anywhere from fourth through eight and are tied with Philadelphia for fourth with the Flyers having a game in hand.

I suspect for Scott Gordon, Joey MacDonald gets back into the net unless he is banged up after Danis back to back games.

Will be interesting to see what all the changes bring to this game. Obviously Scott Gordon is sticking to his recent comments not holding players back with Bergenheim, Streit dressing.

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Islander News Articles 4/7

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/06/2009 08:12:00 PM | | | | | | | | Comment Here
Will fill in blanks tomorrow with more coverage.

Newsday: John Jeansonne covered Monday's practice with comments from Jeff Tambellini, Josh Bailey, Blake Comeau and head coach Scott Gordon about missing out on this year's playoffs but are looking ahead and will be watching while the thirty plus losses by one goal (open net) are touched upon.

Also reported Defenseman Bruno Gervais left practice early after apparently injuring a shoulder, though Gordon didn't believe it was serious. Veteran forwards Doug Weight and Dean McAmmond both missed practice because of illness. Defenseman Mark Streit (groin strain) returned to practice but forward Kyle Okposo (groin strain) did not. Gordon said three forwards would be summoned from Bridgeport for Tuesday night's game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Anytime Scott Gordon wants to invite us all over the watch games on that television system sounds good to me.

Newsday: Greg Logan had more about Kyle Okposo who could be named to team with his comments which is essentially a repeat of his earlier blog.

Newsday: Editorial this time singles out David Denenberg (D-Merrick) and claims he has ambitions for higher office, is using his current one to circulate a pretentious petition in support of a project that must still get a lease from the county.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Did you folks really think Cablevision is on any side other than their own which is to save hundreds of millions and expand their own brand? Tom Suozzi reportedly is working on a lease to save time with the developers from Newsday's own coverage. Chip Alexander confirms Cam Ward will start against New York on Tuesday with head coach Paul Maurice's comments.

Matt Cullen is out tomorrow. Jussi Jokinen continued to center the line with Chad LaRose and Ray Whitney in Cullen's absence. Patrick Eaves, who was a scratch for the Pittsburgh game, was at practice and working on the fourth line with Dwight Helminen and Ryan Bayda. Rod Brind'Amour's line had Scott Walker and Sergei Samsonov on the wings.

The Adam Richardson shares a very funny April fools joke played on Jon Sim when he was a Los Angeles King years ago in an article that praised him for his excellent play in Bridgeport with the Sound Tigers in a tough situation for him. Chuck Gormley has comments from Bill Guerin on his trade from the Islanders.

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Msg Bully Tactics with Isles Coverage Continue

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/06/2009 07:59:00 PM | Comment Here
Times Herald-Record: Ken Mcmillan reports the Cablevision-owned Knicks/Rangers have decided they don't want lower ratings/exposure so Islander games Tuesday and Sunday's season finale against Boston will be shifted to Msg+2 bumping both Islander telecasts in most broadcast areas.

The first place Devils are also getting the shaft being shifted to Msg2.

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Quick Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/06/2009 12:51:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Mr Logan reports in the Islanders Newsday blog on Kyle Okposo maybe being selected to play for team USA at the World Championships and upcoming Olympic team with general manager Brian Burke and new head coach Ron Wilson who was recently names commenting along with Okposo.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I see no way Okposo will not be on team USA at the World Championships if he is healthy. The Islanders kept him off Bridgeport's clear-day playoff roster for this purpose so he has no other place to play.

Media blog: Corey Witt reports as usual Howie Rose will be missing more Islander hockey games with Jiggs McDonald filling it.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I love Jiggs McDonald calling our games and if it were up to me he could call eighty two games or pick any amount of games he wants. Having written that Howie Rose is this teams broadcaster and does absolutely nothing for this franchise but put them second for baseball at the beginning and now the end of season with him even taking time off during our season.

I would venture to guess he would never miss one inning of Met baseball because a lot of people would like his job.

I know Mr Rose and everyone connected to the telecast is Msg property, but it's time for the New York Islanders to request someone be hired who will be the eighty two game voice of this team and represent their brand on and off the ice. He's never going to pick the Islanders over the Mets.

Point Blank: Mr Botta reports from Islander practice with more players likely needed for Tuesday's game with new injuries, some players maybe returning and Dean McAmmond still unable to play with an illness that is approaching a week.

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Could Snow-Gordon be fired at end of season?

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/06/2009 10:00:00 AM | | | | 3 Comments
I know Scott Gordon's dismissal is highly unlikely because he has to be paid on his multi-year contract and this is Garth Snow's coaching choice so he has to support him or his own decision would be criticized and raise very fair questions of his status as general manager, but aside from this being addressed months ago when the competitive part of the season ended (with Snow giving Gordon full support) the question has not been asked for a long while.

I suspect Garth Snow's decision will come down to his working relationship with the younger players, their progression and Mark Streit-Brendan Witt.

Impossible to get a read on the Gordon-Snow working relationship and if it has become what Buffalo-Nashville have had in their front offices, I suspect a tough year on the ice is a tough year everywhere.

Only upper management knows how long general manager Garth Snow's contract runs, it's not impossible Charles Wang makes a change in that department if he has questions of Snow's direction or it's a contract question but that is a financial burden.

The owner has said virtually nothing about the hockey team on the ice, last year he made his comments on the hockey team around this time and made a mistake telling the public the prospects proved then-coach Ted Nolan wrong when that needed to be kept as in-house as management contracts.

Not writing anything will happen but nothing would shock me on that front.

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Colorado wins Sunday Night, Lottery Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/06/2009 01:40:00 AM | | Comment Here Reports Colorado finally won a game Sunday night beating Vancouver with Roberto Lunongo on the road 4-1.

Tragic or magic number depending on your viewpoint for those scoring at home now is as follows:

28 Colorado Avalanche 78 32 44 2 66
29 Tampa Bay Lightning 79 24 37 18 66
30 New York Islanders 78 26 43 9 61

Colorado-Any combination of three points gained by Avs or lost by Isles because Colorado controls first tie-breaker with more wins.

Tampa Bay-Any combination of four points gained by Lightning or lost by Islanders because Isles at this time control first tie-breaker with more wins and the second tie-breaker which would be head to head games.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

For me, I would like to see Tampa and Colorado win some more games now if for any other reason all of our fans can root for the club to have a great last weekend at home.

As we learned in 2002 the ping pong balls can give the top pick to another team which is why Ilya Kovalchuk went to Atlanta and Mike Milbury who was reportedly very upset and would have selected Kovalchuk decided Alexei Yashin was worth more than Steven Weiss or Jason Spezza who were the consensus 2-3 picks at that time.

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Islander News Articles 4/6

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/05/2009 09:37:00 PM | | | 1 Comments
Newsday: Greg Logan's article has head coach Scott Gordon's comments praising Jesse Joensuu for not only his points on Saturday but for his overall physical play as the 6-4, 207lb forward comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I don't know if Joensuu makes the 2009-10 team out of camp, how he performs will determine that but this roster needs his size, physical play and a spot to develop his scoring potential at this level.

On paper if you go all prospects-young players (never the best idea) there is Bill Guerin's spot and little else given all the left wings signed (Tambellini-Comeau-Bergenheim) and Hunter-Okposo-Jackman on the right with Nielsen-Bailey-Park down the middle.

Our Sports Reports Islander Prospect Matt Donovan who plays for the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders has been named to the USHL League First Team. Donovan, 18, led all USHL defensemen in goals (19) and points (51) this season and also set single season records for Rough Rider blue liners in both categories.

Donovan finished fourth among defensemen in assists (32) and matched the team record for defensemen in that category. In addition, he finished tied for ninth among all players in power play goals (10).

Selection to the all-league team is just the latest in a string of honors for Donovan, who will play college hockey at Denver.

Washington Is encouraging fans to participate in one of hockey’s most visible traditions -- the playoff beard which they credit the roots of this back to the 1980 New York Islanders for their charities.

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Bridgeport 6 , Albany 3

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/05/2009 01:56:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here Recaps Bridgeport's huge win at home against Albany Sunday afternoon led by Jon Sim's hat-trick.

Albany's assistant coach was ejected in the third period with all the powerplays awarded to Bridgeport.

1. ALB Quirk, (3) (Samson, McGinnis), 6:11
1. ALB Weston, (8) (Sutter, Pospisil), 18:34
2. BRI Smith, (30) (Sim), 1:05 (PP)
2. ALB Quirk, (4) (Samson, Tifu), 5:25 (PP)
2. BRI Sim, (10) (Smith, MacDonald), 6:57 (PP)
2. BRI Sim, (11) (Smith, Lee), 19:28 (PP)
2. BRI Walter, (19) (Joensuu, Lessard), 19:49 (PP)
3. BRI Sim, (12) (Iggulden, Fraser), 5:45 (PP)
3. BRI Hennigar, (4) (Callahan, Iggulden), 14:07

Max Gratchev made his professional debut with Sarnia prospect Kevin Poulin who dressed as Bridgeport's backup goaltender, Robin Figren also played.

Jesse Joensuu, Jamie Fraser, Mike Iggulden returned from Bridgeport and played.

Joensuu even had a fight.

Peter Mannino started in goal.

Rank East Division GP W L OTL SOL PTS
1 x Hershey Bears 77 48 21 2 6 104
2 x Bridgeport 78 47 23 3 5 102
3 x WBS Penguins 76 47 24 2 3 99

Eighty game AHL season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Hershey winning in overtime Saturday against WBS was the worst case situation for Bridgeport and for the most part eliminated them from first place unless the Bears lose two games in regulation and gain no more than one point in the other. Second place should come down to next weekend where again WBS controls the tie-breaker which is wins because of games in hand.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game coverage and blog entries here recaps Bridgeport's big win with comments from head coach Jack Capuano, Jon Sim in the print article and Peter Mannino, Andrew MacDonald in the blog entry with tie-breaker senarios and the likely end of the calls from Sarnia with only two games next weekend remaining.

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Islander Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/05/2009 01:38:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
Watertown Daily Times: Reported senior forward Shea Guthrie was named the Most Valuable Player at the Clarkson University men's hockey team's annual awards banquet Saturday night in the paper Sunday afternoon.

Guthrie, a New York Islanders draft pick, finished second on the team in scoring this year with 13 goals and 14 assists in 30 games. Guthrie also had the game-winning goal in 40 percent of Clarkson's wins this season.

Senior co-captain Tyrell Mason won the Paul J. Pilon Award, which goes to the player who excels both academically and athletically.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Islanders have decisions to make with regard to signing both prospects. Pierre LeBrun seemed to feel Saturday Scott Gordon could be joining Ron Wilson's Team USA staff as an assistant coach and represent the US at the World Championships.

Bruce Garroich in his Ottawa Sun Sunday space here where he throws a few hundred things against the wall hoping it sticks claims sources say John Tavares does not want to play for the Islanders but the writer says the Isles are bound for KC despite the binding lease until 2014-15 and Tavares recent comments praising the Isles young players and saying he absolutely will play where he's drafted.

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Do I want Doug Weight, Andy Hilbert Back? No

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/05/2009 11:42:00 AM | | Comment Here
I know a lot of folks respect Doug Weight's career and what he did earlier this season, so do I.

Weight is a winner and will do anything to help a club advance.

Having written that he is not the right player at even strength and he is not the right player to hold a spot for when a twenty goal scorer who can produce at even strength is what this team needs more.

He is also not the right player to take Kyle Okposo's spot on the first powerplay point anymore if Scott Gordon wants Okopso's in that spot which I disagree with.

Weight proved he can still obviously play in this league, but he's not the right player for a team that needs even strength scoring.

Sure Bailey could be sent down to start next season if he has a poor start but right now on paper Nielsen, Bailey and if it's Tavares or Matt Duchene (a center) should be the three centers here unless he goes back to Brampton.

Even if the Isles draft Hedman on defense I would absolutely move on from Weight, who at best is a third line center who only produces on the powerplay point.

I'm well aware you need veterans on the roster but the depth chart says the opening is at right wing, if you want to pull in a prospects minutes and go veteran with a center he has to be a first line franchise scoring center.

For Andy Hilbert what can I write that I have not written all season? He's an excellent player in every area but finishing. Islanders have too many of that kind of player locked up (Park-Jackman) or needing to play someone who will struggle with numbers but has more offensive potential.

This is why Tomas Marcinko, Jesse Joensuu, Robin Figren and a lot of other talented prospects were signed with many more getting close to leaving or finishing college.

It goes without writing it this also applies to Mike Sillinger who's time here should be over regardless of his health.

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Islander News Articles 4/5

Newsday: Greg Logan's game recap of the Islanders 3-1 over Tampa Bay Saturday has comments from head coach Scott Gordon who is interested in his lineup and building something for next season, not the current standings while Josh Bailey talks about the set play with Blake Comeau that led to his third period goal.

Newsday: Mr Logan's second article was on Mark Streit, whether he will return this season where he also discusses playing for Switzerland at the World Championships.

NY Post: Mark Hale covered last nights game with comments from Jesse Joensuu and Scott Gordon.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
At this point unless a writer is dispatched to the Nassau Coliseum from Editor Leon Carter's Daily News sports department I will not be posting their sportsticker updates. I suspect the Daily News New York Islander budget is spent for this year unless there are more articles on former owners.

Tampa Tribune: Erik Erlendsson's game coverage and blog entries here.

St Pete Times: Damian Cristodero's game coverage of Tampa's loss to New York on Saturday.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's article is on Pascal Morency and Mitch Fritz with a preview of Sunday's 1pm home game against River Rats who Bridgeport won against earlier this week in Albany.

Mr Fornabaio is not sure who will be returned to Bridgeport among the Islander callups at this time.

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New York 3, Tampa Bay 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/04/2009 09:50:00 PM | Comment Here
Associated Press: Recaps New York's 3-1 win over Tampa Bay Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The surprise of the day for me in this one was Scott Gordon breaking his goaltender rotation and starting Danis who had been struggling badly at home recently with MacDonald needing a home game of his own to start.

Maybe the coach wanted to put him back in and see how he responds? I'm not sure what to read into that.

The rest of this was a lot of callups on both sides and kind of an ugly choppy game with not many great chances on either side. The Islanders were a little more rested and got a nice break in the opening minute on good hustle by Park. Tampa only generated seven shots at Martin Broduer last night but scored three times, tonight Danis had to make a few very good close in saves but nothing sustained.

For the Islanders what caught my attention was Tambellini going shoulder to shoulder with a 6'4 220lb defender on the Lightning and sending him flying, that's how he's going to win the pucks and find space to use his excellent shot which McKenna had no chance on when Tambellini hit the post in the third.

Joensuu had some very visible shifts, two more points and Iggulden flattened someone on the Lightning. The play to set up Bailey for a breakaway goal on the powerplay was as good as you can ask for. Gervais and Comeau very visible and effective games.

Radek Martinek seems to like scoring against Tampa Bay in 3-1 wins at the Coliseum which is his fourth goal since that game on 2/3.

Just have to let the games play out folks and let the lottery take it's course.

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Tim Jackman wins Nystrom Award

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/04/2009 09:40:00 PM | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Announced Tim Jackman won the Bob Nystrom award Saturday with his comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sorry everyone, thought that selection would be announced the final weekend so I extended the poll, now that Jackman has won we will close to poll with the final results as follows:

Kyle Okposo 8 (20%)
Frans Nielsen 3 (7%)
Sean Bergenheim 3 (7%)
Richard Park 2 (5%)
Mark Streit 7 (17%)
Andy Hilbert 1 (2%)
Brendan Witt 1 (2%)
Bruno Gervais 1 (2%)
Josh Bailey 1 (2%)
Tim Jackman 11 (27%)
Other 2 (5%)

Thanks to everyone for participating, Jackman won our poll with eleven votes but everyone listed was selected by someone and this was a poll where everyone only had one option.

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Tampa Bay at New York 7pm Msg+

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/04/2009 12:00:00 PM | Comment Here
I readjusted the man games lost to injury on the sidebar, everyone has their own number but the Islanders release today is what we will go by for the next week.

This is not a precise thing charted by the league with NYIFC, Fox, Newsday and the Islanders all having different figures at some point between illness-injury.

The final number is going to come in very close to six hundred which says enough.

Tampa Tribune & St Pete Times: Preview's tonight's game.

Updated Player Pos Injury Expected Return
Marek Malik D Lower body Out until at least early April
Vincent Lecavalier C Wrist Out for the season
Cory Murphy D Foot Out until at least mid-April
Mike Smith G Concussion IR. Likely out for the season
Andrej Meszaros D Arm IR. Out for the season
Paul Ranger D Undisclosed IR. Out for the season

Tampa Tribune: Erik Erlendsson reports Defenseman Josef Melichar left the game with a lower body injury in the second period and did not return. He’s likely out for Saturday’s game. Melichar was limping around the locker room after the game and looked to be favoring his left leg.

Also, Ryan Craig left the game at some point in the third period with an upper body injury and looks like he might miss the remaining four games. Craig had his left arm in a sling after the game so more callups are coming with Mike McKenna likely to be in goal.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I have watched enough of Tampa to know that they come to play and work hard every game, even with their injuries (LeCavalier) they have far more offense than the Islanders without Okposo-Bergenheim-Streit.

Now we see if they need even another callup for Andy Hilbert.

Last night Tampa had the the Devils down 2-0 and even with Kevin Weekes getting injured, Broduer coming in who made several big saves, a thrown stick penalty shot goal finally got the Devils (who looked terrible) who turned a 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 lead, Tampa still rallied to tie the game and then down 4-3 scored again to force overtime.

Stamkos, St Louis, Malone and a lot of the forwards were all over the Devils at times last night, not in terms of shots but generating quality chances when they did shoot.

Both teams obviously need some callups. For Scott Gordon Joey MacDonald has not played at home for a while and Danis has struggled at home. I would guess unless Hilbert can go the Isles need at least three recalls depending on McAmmond.

Sean Bentivoglio and Trevor Smith played Thursday and Friday, Bridgeport is off Saturday but has a big game Sunday.

Because Isles lead Tampa in wins (first tie-breaker) the tragic number to turn the lottery race into a two team contest with Colorado is four with tonight being a four point game.

I guess no coaches post-game press conference tonight because we have to watch Cablevision Hockey Night Live canned coverage. Should be interesting to see how Isles find enough programming to fill twenty minutes of pregame.

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Season went so quick, Summer will be quicker

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/04/2009 10:00:00 AM | Comment Here
It's really hard to believe a full hockey season is over in a week.

Seemed like yesterday we were reading about Overspeed and the Islanders were getting together in Moncton.

I remember Chris Lee scoring against the Devils in preseason to win a game in overtime like it was last month.

Unlike last summers off-season where the news never really stopped but was two weeks longer, this one will go even faster with the Olympics pushing up the schedule and the build-up to the draft.

Five months from 4/12, New York Islander Hockey will be back already with camp opening.

Can't wait, even with NYIFC faded well into history by then.

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Thirty One games one goal/open net losses

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/04/2009 08:14:00 AM | Comment Here
You take that number, add in the five hundred plus man games lost to injury and that's the 2008-09 New York Islanders story.

Islanders win fifteen of those thirty one games on one of the lowest scoring teams in the NHL they are tied for eighth place with eighty nine points.

All about survival skills in games to avoid regulation losses and gain points. Colorado for their season has only two overtime losses all season which may be the worst survival skills to force overtime and lose since this format was adopted.

Of course Colorado won more in regulation.

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Islander News Articles 4/4

Newsday: Greg Logan previews tonight's game against Tampa (mostly about the lottery) with Jeff Tambellini's comments.

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islander Newsday blog writes contrary to certain contrarians, the sidebar that accompanied the Islanders game story in today's Newsday did not say that injured Kyle Okposo and Mark Streit would definitely miss the rest of the season with their groin strains. It simply suggested that it would not be surprising if that happened as he went on to clarify what happened in the press conference with head coach Scott Gordon's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Of course where Mr Logan fails here is to simply not do a blog entry right after the game on Thursday and cover all angles. This is what Steve Zipay does after almost every game with his blanket coverage so why can't he do that in the only full-time paper that covers this team?

Couldn't the question to Scott Gordon on Okposo and the World Championships wait for another week or an off-day where the winger himself comments?

NY Post: Dan Martin takes his shots at the Isles being well rested because of the lack of playoff series wins while Richard Park feels next year will be different and he will see his first playoff action since he was with the Minnesota Wild that went to the conference finals in 2003.

Sault-Star: Reporter Bill Montague has comments from former Islander head coach Ted Nolan about being a general manager and a return to coaching as he dismissed owning a team. Also reported in this article was former Islander assistant Dany Flynn was named coach of the year in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League earlier this week. Recaps Bridgeport's 4-3 overtime win against Hershey Friday night on Sean Bentivoglio's overtime goal to clinch the first one hundred point season in franchise history in the post-shootout era.

Joe Callahan and Joel Rechlicz did not play, nor did Robin Figren or any of the CHL players on tryout contracts.

Peter Mannino had twenty nine saves in goal.

1. BRI Fraser, (7) (Joensuu, Wotton), 3:36
1. HER McNeill, (3) (Brennan, Joudrey), 17:46
1. HER Perreault, (11) (Giroux, Lepisto), 18:23 (PP)
2. HER Reid, (2) (Gordon), 2:47
2. BRI Joensuu, (19) (Fraser, Kohn), 11:14 (PP)
3. BRI Haskins, (10) (Bentivoglio, Sim), 5:43
OT. BRI Bentivoglio, (13) (Haskins, Kohn), 0:25

1 x Hershey Bears 76 47 21 2 6 102
2 x Bridgeport Sound Tigers 77 46 23 3 5 100
3 x WBScranton Penguins 75 47 24 2 2 98

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Never say never but Bridgeport needed a regulation win Friday. Hershey plays WBS Saturday. With an eighty game schedule is almost up.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio recaps Friday's big win with comments from head coach Jack Capuano, Sean Bentivoglio and goaltender Peter Mannino, who credited defenseman Jon Gleed for a game saving blocked shot in the third period.

Ct Post: Has the following statement from the Bridgeport Sound Tigers Team President Howard Saffan not written by beatwriter Michael Fornabaio:

Howard Saffan, president of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, issued the following statement Friday:

I want to take this time to apologize to Lynn Carlotto, General Manager of the Arena at Harbor Yard, for my recent criticism of her management of the facility. I have turned what should have been a private business disagreement into a public matter. My comments were emotionally charged due to the fact that we are fighting for the number one seed in the AHL playoffs and because of the Arena's schedule we will not be able to begin our quest for the AHL championship on home ice. We are working to resolve a difference of interpretation regarding the way playoff dates are established at the Arena.

Patriot-News: Covers the Hershey Bears.

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Islander Notables/Quick Hits

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/03/2009 01:31:00 PM | | | | | | | | Comment Here
Paper transaction or otherwise Callahan, Bentivoglio, Smith and Rechlicz were returned to Bridgeport Friday who have a huge game against Hershey tonight but a very rare Saturday off with the Isles-Tampa game Saturday.

If Andy Hilbert cannot go and the same players are recalled with a Bridgeport game Sunday someone could potentially play four days in a row (it's happened before) unless Jack Capuano gives Robin Figren and now perhaps Matt Martin-Max Gratchev a chance to play with first or second place on the line or some ECHL players come up.

Anything can happen with this.

Newsday: Had a short token editorial blasting Kate Murray's petition for stimulus money to renovate the Coliseum.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Reads nice, no doubt it makes a few Islander fans happy but make no mistake Cablevsion owned Newsday has a huge financial gain in the New York Islanders leaving and if you don't understand this feel free to look at what happened in Hartford when the Whalers left combined now with hundreds of millions of cable revenue forfeit.

Lets see Newsday do an editorial on the front page the New York Islanders should never move anywhere and cover it like a major market team.

Their coverage over the years has contributed to the damage in the stands, that was not on Cablevision's watch.

Do those things, then I will change my thoughts, not before.

Point Blank: Mr Botta has comments from head coach Scott Gordon from last night that if Kyle Okposo and Mark Streit are healthy they will play with some other items on the playoff chase.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
We'll see, that obviously did not apply to Andy Sutton. Nine days are left, the five games are important but not at the expense of anyone's health.

Telegraph Journal: Kevin Barrett reports former Islander assistant coach Gerard Gallant is interested in a job with the Saint John Sea Dogs in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League as he discussed not coaching this year after his late reassignment by the Islanders after Scott Gordon was hired.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Were we not told Gallant was re-assigned as a special consultant to GM Garth Snow
here? Ryan Kennedy has a feature on Columbus Bluejacker goaltender Wade Dubielewicz on mostly his run to the playoffs with the Islanders two years ago.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Why is is so hard to do an article with an interview and make such painfully obvious mistakes? The Islanders were not swamped by Buffalo with almost every game (aside from the opener Dubielewicz lost 4-1) decided by a goal, a video review or Ryan Miller's save on Satan in the final ten seconds.

The writer could not even get correct the Isles did not lose four games in a row.

Quick Hits:
* Funny how Scott Gordon could not survive a day earlier this season (even after wins) where the Isles had problems in the third period where he was not assaulted with questions about it. Now the Rangers have blown a ton of third period games under John Tortorella at the most critical time of the season and the Ranger media (aka fans) don't even bring up the subject or barely touch on it?

* Sure seems like the same local media is putting a lot more time covering the Devils free fall than Brodeur setting an all-tme the record, seems hypocritical but typical.

* So what's the deal with our pregame (not complaining about Tennis last night) do the Islanders have no video of our team recently so they have to used canned features from other teams now to fill the thirty minutes? Why not have Billy Jaffe or Howie Rose do some more interviews/round tables on the players/team if the Msg crew can go to Bayside.

* Any law going around the lockeroom after games for more comments after Gordon's presser? Isn't that why Stan Fischler, Butch Goring and C.J Papa are there?

* I cannot recall the NHL jumping on a team like they did Toronto with a whopping 500k fine and forfeited draft pick for a signing bonus to a player recently.

* If I'm going to use this space to blast Blues President John Davidson when his team was terrible, I have to also give him his due when his team turns things around because they have done an excellent job with a lot of injuries and adversity. My criticism of him always was more that he got a pass for the Blues losing and their mistakes while Garth Snow did not.

* So when they award the Masterson will it be for the player who had the best season on the ice or off of it? To nominate Mark Streit for this to me is a door prize for a player who deserved nothing less than a Norris Nomination knowing he should not win because a few other defenders had better years. Streit did not persevere to become an even better hockey player within the last year, he was a very good player already.

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Vote for Bob Nystrom Award

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/03/2009 10:00:00 AM | Comment Here

Our final poll which has been up for a while and will go until the final weekend home games ask you to select among a bunch of players for the Bob Nystrom award.

Anyone selecting other please let me know who and I will add that name to the results.

In 1991, the Islanders began presenting the Bob Nystrom Award to the player on the team "who best exemplifies leadership, hustle and dedication." Past winners:

* 1991 - Brent Sutter
* 1992 - Ray Ferraro
* 1993 - Benoit Hogue
* 1994 - Steve Thomas
* 1996 - Dan Plante
* 1997 - Claude Lapointe
* 1998 - Rich Pilon
* 1999 - Claude Lapointe
* 2000 - Claude Lapointe
* 2001 - Dave Scatchard
* 2002 - Steve Webb
* 2003 - Jason Blake, Garth Snow
* 2004 - Adrian Aucoin
* 2005 - No winner due to NHL lockout
* 2006 - Kevin Colley
* 2007 - Trent Hunter
* 2008 - Richard Park

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Islander News Articles 4/3

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/02/2009 10:37:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's game recap and a second article on the loss of Streit and Okposo perhaps being for the season with more lottery speculation here.

Montreal Gazette: Pat Hickey recaps New York's loss against Montreal Thursday night.

Daily News & NY Post.

Northeastern University: Reports Thursday Men's hockey coach Greg Cronin (former Sound Tigers coach) has been named New England Hockey Writers Coach of the Year and a finalist for the Spencer Penrose Award as NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Coach of the Year. Cronin led Northeastern to 25 wins and its first NCAA Tournament appearance since 1994 this season. Cronin was already named Hockey East Coach of the Year.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Congratulations to Greg Cronin who not only coached in Bridgeport but was with the Isles for years.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio previews Friday's win in regulation or else game if the Sound Tigers have any hope of catching the Hershey Bears for first place trailing by three points with Hershey and WBS having a game in hand. Jesse Joensuu's recent struggles are the focus of the article with prospect Maxim Gratchev the latest who could see action in the final games with Kevin Poulin.

1 x Hershey Bears 75 47 21 1 6 101
2 x WBS Penguins 75 47 24 2 2 98
3 x Bridgeport 76 45 23 3 5 98

Like the NHL, AHL first tie-breaker are determined by wins as here so with Bridgeport having only four games remaining in an eighty game schedule for now the Bears and Pens have on paper an extra point to go with game in hand.

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Montreal 5, New York 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/02/2009 10:06:00 PM | Comment Here
Associated Press: Has the recap of the Montreal Canadians 5-1 win against New York on Thursday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Not much to say on this one, tough night.

Sure seems like calls on being made on standings or reputation these days, Isles had not given up that many shorthanded in a game this year and all due respect to the Habs skill they got some bounces or deflections off Islanders for two of the goals.

Montreal was more impressive on the plays they did not finish.

Canadians scored a few nice goals in the second but without Halak being on his game early Isles have a few goals themselves. Thompson got a few chances, Nielsen one or two and Tambellini had an excellent game bouncing off players and creating chances beyond his nice shot for the only Islander goal.

You see Bailey feed Bentivoglio and out of the camera Jackman is getting called, then another at the start of the second for what looked marginal, that is not the Canadians talent taking over, that's the officiating.

Still, Isles only generated one goal in a game that was over basically by the half-way point.

Sure faceoffs did not help but they did not create some of the calls or bounces off Islanders that led to them. Danis had little help and Thompson for a second night was beaten down low for a goal against.

Would not be an Islander game without an injury, with Hilbert likely going out for the season.

Scott Gordon was furious behind the bench around the time Weight fought, loved the bench reaction to both Islander fights with the players supporting them.

Msg sure did spam that out of town scoreboard tonight, if Howie Rose wants to talk Rangers so much go cover their games, he seemed to lay it on a little thick tonight about the Canadian fans in the building.

No doubt the fans wanting one of those two picks got what likely had to happen.

I wanted a good Islanders effort and did not see much of it after the first ten minutes which was when they should have been most vulnerable.

Five games left, unless Colorado has a win or some points in them, Isles cannot gain more than five points.

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