Colin Campbell's Double-Standards Strike Again/Two For Wisniewski

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/12/2010 06:02:00 PM | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Report James Wisniewski was given a two game suspension by the NHL on Tuesday.

“A lot of actions on the ice are regrettable,” Wisniewski said. “I’ve been given a suspension from the league and I’m going to accept it and move on from here.”

NYIFC Comments:
Frankly about what I expected.

As usual Mr Campbell's outright incompetence see's multiple slashes, a match penalty for chopping down a player with his back turned skating away as a one game suspension for one player/team, while the other player who reacted to Avery's initial gesture receives a two game suspension.

If Wisniewski did what Mike Cammalleri did Monday, he no doubt he would have received more than one game. I don't care about the laundry or what team it's about, all you want as a fan is consistent standards for punishing players.

As for New York, they have defenders who need to play some hockey, there will be no media who see's it the same way.

Bailey, Comeau, DiPietro & PP Very Early Story For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/12/2010 06:24:00 AM | Comment Here

Don't forget folks, this team is having it's regulars finally play games together, they had no full preseason games with a full lineup, they have a lot of injuries.

It's only two games against mediocre competition, but these are games they NEVER would have come back in to force overtime or win in regulation a year ago.

Five powerplay goals? Sure does not hurt the special teams numbers, but pk has been uneven and not good enough. Doug Weight still has his touch to make passes and take shots that deflect off other players for goals, but this is not a long-term answer.

Anyone else now think Josh Bailey should return to his natural position of center after some fantastic games, where he looked more dominating than John Tavares at his best last year? Incredible work in front of the goal to set up plays. His junior career suggest he can be a big scorer at this level.

Blake Comeau is absolutely making me a believer. These are not bad goals that were surrendered down the stretch a year ago, he is just working hard and seems like the game has slowed down for him where he is comfortable. He's only three goals and ten points behind where he was last February.

It's not the numbers, it's the skating, the positioning, driving the net to make plays and the passing.

Saturday night, Butch Goring in his debut hit the nail on the head, when DiPietro stopped a breakaway, and said if the Islanders come back, that's what should be remembered, but of course no one did. I felt DiPietro was hard on himself Saturday, shocked he started again Monday, but he played well enough and made big saves early.

Don't know where Gordon goes from here, but Roloson needs work, DiPietro needs to work his way back, nothing replaces two years without game action, day by day we see if DiPietro has any setbacks.

The defense I'm not that comfortable with but they have had little game time.

The good, bad, and ugly of Wisniewski is his offense, hitting but how he got flat-footed on a Dallas goal where he had space to close gap, block passing lane was a terrible effort.

This was a not a franchise player Anaheim surrendered to sign Andy Sutton, he has upside and downside to his game.

Eaton is not Sutton, he blocks shots a different way, is not physical, he lost his man for a goal Saturday but his game is steady play and it's preseason game mode in terms of NHL season for him on a new team. Milan Jurcina simply does not impress me, and it has nothing to do with same pass I gave Eaton. Mike Mottau is the full package but has to be limited because he can do too much and that get's him in trouble.

Martinek, MacDonald have been excellent.

Still, the group has a much bigger presence on the ice, even among the mistakes, they are not going to be out-muscled like they were in the past, even if on paper it is not big in hitting department. Jack Hillen needs to be in that lineup.

PA Parenteau for what little I have seen is obviously slower than Tambellini, but he seems to know where to be and the puck finds him better. This is not about his goal, but where he got other chances from.

Nielsen's game seems a grade higher, on offense, he has to score. Weight's had an outstanding start, but eventually will not have a place at center.

Watch Niederreiter's shift when the Islanders took the 5-4 lead Monday with less than three minutes left. Overall play like that is more impressive than his offense, and why Scott Gordon will want him to stay.

I guess everything was not written about regarding the media.

The comeback questions for Scott Gordon don't come as quick as the blown leads questions so he correctly walked on Ranger media fans/beatwriters, who had nothing about a team they are quick to ridicule, but not nearly interested in praising.

Sure the Ranger/Cablevision/Newsday media are selling/protecting Avery and the paper's house team, along with the few other Ranger fans out there in local press, but obviously for Avery to compare his need for rehab, that he requested at the time to this means he has learned little.

One other thing, I looked at video, Avery put his hands to his mouth before Wisniewski responded. Cablevision owned Msg did not produce a reverse angle.

The Colin Campbell joke standards are Niederreiter got three pre-meditated shots with a stick and was injured with the final one where he was skating away, while the Montreal player got one game, and an endorsement deal from a stick manufacturer.

If the tiny NY hockey media that complains the longest/loudest influence Campbell to where a suspension is given here, I guess three slashes to Avery while he was skating away would be better served for the game?

Bottom line is there is no consistency for Colin Campbell, if the Habs player got Pock plus two (seven games) for three intentional slashes, I would have no problem with a game for Wisniewski and Avery for initiating here if conduct/standards are enforced consistently.

But they aren't.

No folks, former Ranger Daily News/NHL media salesman Frank Brown, John Dellapina did not get into the NHL media department leadership for fair and balanced coverage of the New York Islanders. Of course, Larry Brooks is very upset his favorite team lost, and the player wearing Ranger laundry at this time was shown up.

All I can add is right or wrong 99.9 percent of the players are likely having a good laugh at Avery's expense, including no doubt, most of the players in his own locker room.

Yes folks, this is the same kind of media killing local hockey to where three teams cannot give tickets away for early season games, they complain about the Isles spending but don't spent on coverage? NY Times has a beautiful building.

12,000 at NJ to see Crosby in a new building with Kovalchuk/Parise? No doubt it would have been 13,000 by-partisan at Msg, announced as a sellout, and it will be in December if it's a weeknight.

Speaking of the Devils, I wonder what would have happened if the Islanders circumvented the CBA, were fined/had first round pick taken away, then did not have enough players under the cap to ice a team Monday?

Ok, now it's a Washington club they took 2/2 to overtime against last season on the road, a real test against a team they accumulated zero points in Pittsburgh, who have Mike Comrie on wing.

Tavares does not appear to be long-term, but what happened has to be monitored very closely.

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New York Islander Fan Central Changes

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/09/2010 11:55:00 AM | Comment Here
The twitter box was pushed back to 2pm.

Some late changes/questions/answers:

New York Islander Fan Central is available for those using mobile devices, the twitter pages should also be viewable via mobile to everyone who accesses both sites.

The RSS to New York Islander Fan Central has been given a better place to access only blog entries from this site/infrequent as they could be.

Some folks again asked for comments to be allowed, despite likely infrequent entries. I will go with it again on a trial basis, in a moderated format.

A scoreboard that fits this page has been added, other one good but not customizable to fit page. Google news/blogs link added to access recent/archived entries to replace Islanders website which is accessible all over NYIFC anyway.

Small things but for those checking this site/twitter page, important so you can read the latest, from anywhere, got some questions on it so wanted to have it ready for opener to all.

Also the way to contact NYIFC has been upgraded with profile information. Our old NYIsles1/Islanders-Sound Tigers user-name has been changed to read New York Islander Fan Central.

Islander Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/08/2010 07:57:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here

The twitter box will be re-posted 12pm Saturday.

Islanders website reported, Rick DiPietro will start against Dallas Saturday.

AP: Has comments from Gordon, most of the players on start of Islanders season.

NYIFC Comments:
When it's written by Ira Podell, you can bank on some negative background commentary from him, the quotes from team are what's relevant, not his viewpoint, even if it's positive.

NYIFC Comments:
Does not seem to be Scott Gordon's style to announce a starter this far in advance, DiPietro's start against Dallas last season has no relevance. From what I could gather in limited bodies of work, Roloson faced more pressure and arguably played better, but DiPietro beat the Devils with their top line.

Two games vs daily practices for weeks. Only the coach/staff know.
Cablevision/Msg/Newsday media spin doctor, Neil Best claims former Ranger/Islander Patrick Flatley will be labeled an Islander as Butch Goring's replacement analyst on MSG's hockey program, who will only work about half their shows.

NYIFC Comments:
So in effect Goring's role in the stands at the Coliseum during home games has been eliminated, his full-time job in Msg studio has been replaced by a former Ranger/Islander and he will only be there part time. This around the time Denis Potvin was reportedly without a job?

To be fair maybe Msg did contact Potvin.

So it's official. Msg will cut costs/content on the New York Islanders in the studio, during games in the stands, and despite being at home for training camp for the first time thirteen years Msg did not even produce a single minute of content.

It says a great deal a game in Quebec can be seen on internet, but not one from the Coliseum or Prudential Arena from our so-called partners.

Goring was not permitted to cover anything from Coliseum on television/radio or internet during pre-season (no internet games were even allowed on tape delay) nor was a show even produced for the club/or the Devils entering the new season for the first time in memory, while the Dolan's teams/games are spammed day and night.

Billy Jaffe's full-time contract was eliminated.

Bottom line hopefully a few folks can still read between the WiFi lines Cablevision is installing at the Coliseum as to how little control the New York Islanders/New Jersey Devils/Buffalo Sabres have as Msg's " partners " in any kind of coverage agreement.
Islanders website: Also reported a radio agreement with WRHU 88.7 FM, Radio Hofstra University, to broadcast games throughout the 2010-11 NHL season. Former color commentator, Chris King will move over to the play-by-play position and various Hofstra broadcast students will have the opportunity to serve as the color analysts and sideline reporters.

NYIFC Comments:
I need professional media confirmation to know if Msg has final approval of the Islanders radio rights, with any station anywhere before I can go further. This may be the only place Msg would allow them to have a radio agreement, or they have no say in any radio agreement at all. Hofstra has college games to air for football and basketball. This contradicts the past when the Islanders appeared on Bloomberg, ESPN 1050, and the recent Islander radio network.

I did not research if Buffalo is going only with simulcast as they did a year ago, or have an expanded radio agreement or whether Msg controls approval rights to this.

Ken Belson of the NY Times, informed me he was told by Islanders and MSG, approval by the Garden is only regarding television broadcasts, not a radio deal.
Do I care whether Rex Ryan, Darryl Strawberry, Michael Strahan, other past Jet QB's or Tom Suozzi drops the opening night puck? No.

The lack of credible print/internet coverage has done a good job driving folks away, regardless.
News Durham Region: Report Calvin deHaan was named captain of the Generals, with coach Chris DePiero's comments who's team also has Islander draft pick, Tony DeHart.
Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio breaks down the Islanders roster.

NYIFC Comments:
The Ct Post staff kindly responded Friday night with a Rss link to Mr Fornabaio's newspaper coverage here which will appear on blog sidebar in media section.

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NYIFC In 2010-11

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/07/2010 09:39:00 PM | Comment Here

NYIFC stepped things up here during camp to set folks up for NHL season as best as possible, the response as usual has been fantastic.

There is no plan on paper at NYIFC for this season, no promise that can be made beyond NYIFC being visible all season (the one promise made) along with the prospect blog.

The new look created here over the summer is fantastic and something that I'm very proud of along with the appearance of NYIFC Prospect Blog, which is a second to none encyclopedia of the teams prospects.

There will be no polls, comments sections was closed since 09, the era of the daily blog entries year-round ended in April of 2009.

NYIFC responds to all-emails, but it takes a little time.

I have decided like last season to work here mostly through twitter, which in effect is one big box filled with updates, just like a blog entry.

Keep checking and you will usually see something new written, and a space to respond via twitter.

On occasion there will be written blog entries at NYIFC, a year ago it ran one or two every week or so which is a lot for most writers, but nowhere near our former high standard.

I may step things up at times and write more entries, I may not.

Occasionally, it's easier to do one entry here instead of ten or twenty twitter updates.

For those who have followed NYIFC, or it's predecessors, for well over a decade you know the scoreboard or standings have no bearing whatsoever on how much is ever written.

Having written this, I will be taking a step back in terms of twitter updates this season.

Last year all eighty two games had twitter updates with game articles, which even included going full-time here for Bridgeport playoffs with NYIFC. I do not wish to go on line and start writing after every game, win or lose.

At this point I'm considering doing twitter updates every few days, or about a group of games at once.

The idea the last few weeks was to set everyone up for the season as best as I could.

NYIFC has never been a media blog, anyone who has that perception would be completely incorrect.

I'm not going to do a lot of updates about the media this season because long-time readers of NYIFC know where we stand on the subject. The same will hold for the Lighthouse/Nassau Coliseum coverage unless a definitive plan is announced.

Since day one doing daily articles here in a digest it has examined the writer viewpoint along with their game update to go with team/player quotes. It has asked fair questions of work, no more, no less. This blog has also given out praise for quality work countless times.

When you see articles from fringe sports writers, who at best write one or two NHL updates a year packed with blind, unreasoning assaults on the team, not based on fact or a solid knowledge of the team (see Jay Greenberg/NY Post), I do not believe it's unreasonable to question that viewpoint, or the outright bias/agenda behind it.

Marc Berman was a season ticket holder, a decades long NY Islander fan, covering the club ten years ago for the NY Post. When he was critical (often) it was knowledge based, not someone showing up twice a year just to throw cheap-shots for page views, who could not name five players.

Bottom line there are countless archives on all these subjects, there is virtually nothing further I can add beyond the fact that many of these writers (especially in NYC) surface to take shots at the Islanders and an owner who had not been given the same taxpayer handouts/exemptions as others to fund arena/stadium, and won't take the club seriously unless they spend (just not on Yashin or DiPietro) yet all those newspapers are guilty of not spending their resources to cover the New York Islanders.

These publications seem to have no problem, however spending their resources on the laughingstock Knicks.

Very hypocritical. Many markets have their teams struggle far longer and don't see the coverage cut or outright dropped. The Panthers have outstanding coverage, compared to all three local hockey teams, and have gone the longest without playoffs.
On the ice I see a team that has as good a chance as any to make the playoffs and compete for a Stanley Cup as any in this conference. They could finish anywhere from 1-15 depending on what falls into place vs what does not.

Some things will work, others will not.

If the 09-10 New York Islanders w/250 man games lost can take 3/4 to overtime against Washington, defeat Chicago, Vancouver, Detroit, Colorado, Phoenix, play even with division winner Buffalo, take 3/3 at home to overtime against Pittsburgh, they can win the Stanley Cup this season.

There were four one goal losses to Philadelphia, some badly blown leads from beating out several teams for playoff spots, and they were in contention in March/April.

09-10 is now over.

Welcome to NYIFC for the 2010-11 season. I hope it ends with a Stanley Cup for the New York Islanders.

My Thanks To Everyone.

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Looking Back A Decade

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/07/2010 01:24:00 AM | Comment Here

One nice thing about doing a mailing list called Islanders-Sound Tigers that dates back a decade is I can look back and check past articles/very old postings, where we can laugh at all the things myself and everyone got wrong over the years, and view full articles.

A few things turned out correct as well.

Ten years ago Butch Goring was ripping his 0-5-1 club off the ice in preseason, the locker room was renovated then also. Cablevison back then did not make him to go Msg to do the post-game or interview himself to save money on announcers.

Charles Wang and Sajay Kumar were beginning their first season as owners. Bryan McCabe was already being traded again for Alexander Karpovtsev. I was complaining about poor city coverage and Rick DiPietro was making his debut for the Chicago Wolves of the IHL, getting a shutout and an ejection all in the same 5-1 win.

Many were calling for an improved Islander team based on a stronger defense with Gary Galley/Kevin Haller to go with Roman Hamrlik, Kenny Jonsson and Chara, who with Brad Isbister almost negotiated their way out of the season. Taylor (not Nelson) Pyatt was impressing in camp, Tim Connolly was on his way to a roster spot. Eric Cairns was out four weeks, Aris Brimanis and Yevgeny Korolev made up the final two spots with....Matthieu Biron.

John Vanbiesbrouck, Wade Flaherty were between the pipes. Alexei Yashin was returning from his holdout in Ottawa.

Newsday was providing a twelve page pullout for the start of the Islanders season.

I predicted a 38-32 record with a bunch of ties and a playoff spot/run. Goring was complaining about his lack of right-handed centers.

Cablevision was actually playing preseason games against the Islanders again for a short time. Pavel (Bossy) Brendl & Jamie (Trottier) Lundmark were being sent down, Stephan Qunital was doing his Redden to waivers dance for Hobey Baker Winner........MIKE MOTTAU.

Marc Savard was being called out by writer Eric Francis in Calgary, who roasted the Islanders over Chara-Isbister, then a week later wrote an open letter demanding Savard take $700,000 after Brad Isbister signed for $ 385,000.

The more things change......better not happen this decade. Tons of articles on Sound Tigers ten years ago.

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New York Releases 23 Man Roster-Niederreiter In/deHaan/Martin Out

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/06/2010 04:51:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Well before the 3pm deadline announced it's 23-man roster for opening night, which included Calvin deHaan going to back to juniors, Matt Martin to Bridgeport, while Nate Lawson was placed on injured list with Rob Schremp, Kyle Okposo and Mark Streit.

Nino Niederreiter got the call from Garth Snow he will receive his opportunity, along with Michael Grabner and PA Parenteau. Jon Sim & Trevor Gillies are among the thirteen forwards, the club has nine games to make a final determination because beyond that it's New York or juniors.

"It's a great feeling," said Niederreiter, who skated on a line with Doug Weight and Josh Bailey on Wednesday morning. "I was waiting for a call to (Isles GM) Garth (Snow), and I got to know that I'm on the team. I'm really happy about it." Brian Compton had Michael Grabner's first NY comments where he agreed with his Florida's general manager's assessman of his play and discussed his opportunity here. Head coach, Scott Gordon commented on the plan for Grabner with New York.

These were the line combination's at practice before final cut:
91 John Tavares - 57 Blake Comeau - 15 PA Parenteau
26 Matt Moulson - 51 Frans Nielsen - 7 Trent Hunter
12 Josh Bailey - 93 Doug Weight - 25 Nino Niederreiter
17 Matt Martin - 28 Zenon Konopka - 16 Jon Sim
14 Trevor Gillies & 40 Michael Grabner

3 Calvin de Haan
4 Mark Eaton
38 Jack Hillen
8 Bruno Gervais
47 Andrew MacDonald
27 Milan Jurcina
24 Radek Martinek
10 Mike Mottau
20 James Wisniewski

39 Rick DiPietro
30 Dwayne Roloson

Long Term Injured Reserve:
21 Kyle Okposo
2 Mark Streit
44 Rob Schremp
52 Nathan Lawson

Tavares-Comeau was most likely a misprint.

NYIFC Comments:
Shocked Niederreiter was kept for now? No, because we have seen this trend before but again this player is almost a full year young than Tavares-Bailey when they secured spots at this level, he did not have a dominating camp offensively. Parenteau did not have a good statistical preseason in few games.

Doug Weight for now will see an elevated role apparently.

Again it must be noted waiver claims, trades could happen at any time. Today was a deadline to reach twenty three players or less by 3pm. Disappointing Calvin deHaan was not retained, but the defensive depth is in Bridgeport to fill possible injuries, next summer they have to work in both deHaan and Hamonic along with others.

Matt Martin could be back sooner than later, but did not require waivers. For now Bridgeport has an answer to it's three man goaltender problem with Nate Lawson here on what is listed as long-term injured reserve, however he did skate.

NHL Notables:
Oddly, Edmonton received permission to send Sheldon Souray to the Washington Capitals AHL affiliate which is the Hershey Bears here but is not seen as the precursor to a trade.

Souray's best chance at being claimed would come in a recall waiver which will likely happen when injuries start piling up around league.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has the latest on what these moves mean for Bridgeport,

Nate Lawson is out two weeks with a knee injury here.

To the best of my knowledge, Ryan Parent/Jeff Tambellini and all players placed on waivers have cleared. Cablevision's AHL payroll has three players making around ten million dollars including their summer signings.

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Decision Day For New York At 3PM

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/06/2010 03:11:00 AM | Comment Here

Today is the day New York Islander fans will know who likely is going to start the season here on Saturday.

This is the roster deadline, however in some ways today feels like March deadline, with so many players on waivers combined with clubs needing to cut players/salary, this day has taken on far more significance with the new cap restrictions.

No folks, you can't stand pat with twenty six players and keep quiet, twenty three by 3pm.

Players signed in summer, hyped for their ability are on waivers or could be heading to the AHL or another club, based only on practices and a handful of exhibition games. Dave Andrews may be wondering if AHL needs a hard cap by the end of tomorrow.

On paper New York needs to cut three player, or place them on an IR list that already includes Schremp, Streit and Kyle Okposo.

Current Lineup:
Bailey- -Grabner

Matt Martin


Matt Martin, Calvin deHaan, Nino Neiderreiter would not have to clear waivers, Gervais, Jurcina, Gillies, Hillen, Parenteau would have to clear waivers along with Jon Sim.

On paper, twenty three reads nice and meets the requirement, however it also means three players sit in the stands every game.

Of course, the injuries pile up here, that's a given. A few years ago Berard, Bergeron, Aaron Johnson (cut by Nashville) sat and waited their turn, in a short time all three were playing or hurt, more defenders were signed.

Miroslav Satan signed a game by game contract in KHL, Bill Guerin with his twenty goals at age thirty nine wants to continue his career. One of his best friends is on this team as captain, you can bet he is lobbying all parties to bring back the former captain.

A player could be claimed off waivers, trades/signings could still happen after 3pm tomorrow. On paper, I did not see games/practices, however one thing for sure is Parenteau did not have Matt Moulson's statistical preseason from a year ago.

Every move this team made from sending Niederreiter to Quebec/acquiring Michael Grabner suggests Niederreiter or Parenteau will not be here.

Niederreiter is almost a year younger than Tavares/Bailey were as rookies, while Okposo started his draft year in school, it's not the same thing.

Unless a game is set up to be about fights, Jon Sim is a better alternative than Trevor Gillies. Matt Martin demonstrates potential that suggest he could be the best fit, however Sim outscored Hunter and Nielsen a year ago, plus he stands out with his hard work/physical game.

It also means Joensuu/several prospects could not take his spot which is not a good sign.

On defense, Garth Snow is faced with what I believe is the toughest decisions of his managerial career to date.

Unless the plan is to work in Hamonic and deHaan next fall, one or both will still be on the outside in two years.

How do you sign Jurcina in summer and then not use him for the final preseason contest on a club that only had three days of games using Anders Eriksson? Is this the end for Bruno Gervais? The decision to sign Mike Mottau changed the playing field, he was a Devil regular and will be in this lineup with his two year contract.

Where does Jack Hillen fit this defense given the progress he has shown?

I know I want Ryan Parent claimed by the Islanders. If it means both Gervais or Jurcina demoted so be it. Nashville got him back and moved him, he spoke to the teams website on 10/1 about returning to Nashville before being traded again Tuesday.

I cannot envision any scenario short of a franchise offensive talent being imported via trade where Andrew MacDonald is not on this team. Even with James Wisniewski here for one season, MacDonald is the player who best emulates Streit's overall game on offense and defense.

Everything I read in this camp once again suggests Radek Martinek (even with his injury history) is a player who has demonstrated his defensive game cannot be replaced. This is the day I believe we will get an answer to that question as he enters the final year of his contract.

Today may be anti-climatic, however it could very well go the other way.

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No Excuses, Time for New York To Start Winning

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/04/2010 08:51:00 AM | Comment Here

Garth Snow/several members of the organization made it clear over the summer, it's time for this franchise to start winning, that there cannot be any excuses to be back in the top tier of the entry draft next June.

They will not be given a pass in this entry.

The injuries to Kyle Okposo and Mark Streit do not change that. Eight defenders are here with one way contracts, Okposo has been out before and had a twenty goal scoring drought last season, at this stage of his career he is not a franchise offensive star.

The very brief preseason schedule cannot change anything. Every team has a few days off to prepare, the Islanders have five days to finalize their lineup before Saturday.

Garth Snow made his inquiry on Kovalchuk over the summer, this indicates he did not add what he felt his roster needed. At this time he still has not traded for or signed a scoring winger. Instead a player with six goals and fourteen points as late as 2/10 is on one wing (Blake Comeau) with twenty year old John Tavares, the other features a current choice of a player with a one-way contract, who has cleared waivers before in PA Parenteau, or Nino Niederreiter, who was not even kept in New York for the final preseason game, and is trying to make the NHL almost a year earlier than John Tavares did.

Seems like there is a big hole here that has gotten bigger since the summer.

The recent past indicates Trent Hunter is not the player to fill that spot. Another season with Jon Sim in the top six, or even a healthy Doug Weight is not any kind of answer and indicates a failure in development.

Management has spoken, Joensuu, Figren, DiBenedetto, Marcinko and Rhett Rakhshani are in Bridgeport. Matt Martin is injured/still here, but does not seem to possess top six ability based on last season in Bridgeport.

Asking for one player to break into a top line role in Comeau, who did not have a good 82 game season is asking a lot. Asking for Parenteau to step into a first line role out of the AHL seems to be asking for too much.

Can it work? Anything can work.
Is this the progress that management said must happen this summer? I don't see it based on those changes. PA Parenteau is not the NHL's best kept secret, even if he turns into the next Matt Moulson. Comeau was being benched so Trevor Gillies could play three minutes deep into last season.

Bottom line this is not the middle of the season, where it's tougher to replace players. Garth Snow has had time to plan his roster. The loss of Okposo and Streit are huge, but they cannot be the excuse that ends this season.

The general manager should be smart and patient, but the time will likely come where he has to act, he cannot be given any excuses.

Quick Hits:
New York has the worst hockey media in North America.

The little professional coverage from outside markets will be brutal for the most part, with a lot of bias based on ignorance/or other items, from people who do not follow the team on a regular basis or stuck in the late 90's.

Seems more than a few are still a little bitter about the 80's as well.

It's not going to get much worse beyond non-coverage or articles out of nowhere bashing the club. We all know the deal with Cablevision in terms of television/newspaper coverage which is nothing less than an insult because they have to sell Cablevision's hockey team which has only hurt hockey and their own product.

Islander management's LI campaign is also giving many a reason to not cover the club, practically spamming it into every release.

Only thing that is relevant are the quotes of the players/management, hopefully the club utilizes it's one true resource and stays ahead of the limited media by breaking their own news.

Sadly, some of that media coverage also comes from those with a vested interesting in selling the teams they cover to the public via their editors. Hence those who would blame Nino Niederreiter for being sticked to the face, then slashed from behind by Michael Cammalleri of the Canadians need to take off the Canadians jersey or go find a seat in the stands and stop pretending to be professional about anything.

I cannot waste my effort's speculating on the Colin Campbell double-standard of punishment.
For those who are scoring the salary cap at home, Garth Snow did not have to sign Mike Mottau and give him a two-year contract to reach the cap floor, he has a lot of defenders who could have filled this spot. This was a club where Dylan Reese saw a month of NHL action a year ago.

Many contracts in this league have bonus money in deals for incentives. John Tavares, Okposo, Bailey, and other prospects signed here were given max entry-level contracts, and had to be given bonus incentives.

The NHL is not about what corporation can lose the most money as teams buy out or demote their mistakes or place them on waivers to eliminate the salary cap hit, as they approach seventy million plus in money invested on total payroll. The NHL is also not about what franchise can front-load the most contracts.

Chicago was bleeding red ink last season, their owner is on record for how he had to use his corporations money to offset the losses/front-loaded contracts.

Items like this are what drove the league into a lockout, many teams well below forty million pre-lockout are over fifty million now.

Granted in hockey's smallest big media market, competing with hundred million dollar baseball teams/two NJ football teams called New York, it only makes things more impossible for New York hockey to be reported accurately.

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New York Makes Several Roster Cuts Sunday

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/03/2010 12:39:00 PM | Comment Here

Islanders website: Reported Sunday morning Forwards Justin DiBenedetto, Micheal Haley, Rob Hisey, Jesse Joensuu, Mark Katic, Tomas Marcinko, Rhett Rakhshani, David Ullstrom, and Jeremy Yablonski, along with defensemen Dylan Reese, Travis Hamonic and goaltender Mikko Koskinen have all been assigned to the Sound Tigers.

Dean McAmmond, Jed Ortmeyer, Anders Eriksson, Manny Legace and Krys Kolanos, were all released from their tryout agreements.

On Saturday, Dustin Kohn was placed on waivers, Robin Figren, Kevin Poulin, Anton Klementyev and Tony Romano were assigned to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers and Joel Martin was released from his professional tryout.

The current roster now consists of 28 players, with the league requirement of getting to 23 by Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 3 p.m.

NYIFC Comments:
Five players have to go, a cut to twenty three means some players will require waivers to be reassigned, some will not. Also many teams do not carry three healthy scratches. This does not account for trades the Islanders may make to acquire additional players.

This leaves, John Sim, Andy Hilbert, Nino Niederreiter, Trevor Gillies, PA Parenteau, & Matt Martin at forward to be decided.

On defense, Calvin deHaan, Bruno Gervais, Milan Jurcina, Jack Hillen are likely on the bubble for a defense that had Wisniewski-MacDonald, Martinek-Eaton and Mike Mottau dress together Saturday.

deHaan got the Coliseum game Saturday.

A three day body of work for a preseason is tough to make decisions off of and I see some transactions coming. Jesse Joensuu scored two goals and was sent to Bridgeport so game results are not going to be the only determining factor here.

I would suspect as long as Matt Martin is out, that's one player off the roster, Gillies, Parenteau require waivers to be sent down, the Islander targeted him in July as a scorer, so I don't see three games enough of a body of work to demote him.

Andy Hilbert I don't see here, but Sim may be the better fourth line alternative over Gillies in many select games.

Bruno Gervais going to Quebec may have been about his roots there, but he spot in top six seems very tenuous.

With Lawson, Poulin hurt for a good part of camp, Koskinen for the moment will likely be Bridgeport's starter.

A lot of teams with as many players and decisions on who they can trade not only to trim roster to twenty three, but under the NHL cap.

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Looks like New York Made It's Unofficial Cuts

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/02/2010 01:01:00 AM | Comment Here

The Islanders website released it's rosters for the groups traveling to Quebec City to play the Canadians, and the group that will face the Devils on Saturday at the Nassau Coliseum.

Saturday is the final preseason games for New York, the last chance to put it's regulars together to fine tune a lineup that has only three days to play together in NHL action.

Rob Schremp is out for Saturday, Weight will now play Saturday.

Having written this there are a few shockers beyond Milan Jurcina not dressing for either team at this time. Matt Martin and Robin Figren are also apparently still injured and not scheduled Saturday.

Hillen, Hamonic, Gervais, McAmmond, Joensuu, Niederreiter, Kolanos, Ortmeyer and Manny Legace all will be taking a plane ride to Quebec for what looks like an AHL lineup, players invitations ending or returning to juniors.

Here are the rosters for tomorrow night's split squad games:
New Jersey at New York Saturday:
Blake Comeau
John Tavares
Rhett Rahkshani
Josh Bailey
Rob Schremp-replaced by Weight.
PA Parenteau
Matt Moulson
Frans Nielsen
Trent Hunter
Trevor Gillies
Zenon Konopka
Andy Hilbert
Mike Mottau
James Wisniewski
Mark Eaton
Radek Martinek
Calvin deHaan
Andrew MacDonald
Rick Dipietro
Dwayne Roloson

Parenteau, Rahkshaki, Hilbert and Gillies will play Saturday in New York. Doug Weight apparently will play but perhaps the idea was Hilbert replace him, but now he replaces Schremp.

Projected lines:
Gillies-Konopka-Hilbert (for Schremp)



Quebec City at Canadians:
Jon Sim
Rob Hisey
Nino Niederreiter
Justin DiBenedetto
David Ulstrom
Krys Kolanos
Jesse Joensuu
Dean McAmmond
Jed Ortmeyer
Jeremy Yablonski
Tomas Marcinko
Micheal Haley
Jack Hillen
Travis Hamonic
Mark Katic
Bruno Gervais
Anders Eriksson
Dylan Reese
Manny Legace
Mikko Koskinen

NYIFC Comments:
My take (which could be wrong) is if Nino Niederreiter is not with the top offensive players in the NHL lineup at the Coliseum Saturday, he is being returned to juniors.

Based on what I listened to Rhett Rahkshani has been a little more involved, however this is a very small body of work, but is a graduated college player in his twenties.

Niederreiter is also a player who only turned eighteen on September 8th, by comparison John Tavares turned twenty on Sept 20th.

Hilbert is in the Coliseum lineup likely so Weight (now playing because of Schremp) would not have had to go back to back for now. Jurcina apparently is not scheduled to play anywhere, with Anders Eriksson on tryout that does not add up unless he is injured or he sits while deHaan's look is extended.

Kevin Poulin is not apparently going to Quebec, New York or Bridgeport. Nate Lawson has not dressed anywhere. Kohn was placed on waivers Saturday, he needed to so he could go to Bridgeport, Klementyev/Romano also assigned Bridgeport.

It also seems by lines Hillen and Gervais are on the bubble/outside or a pair Scott Gordon does not want to separate, this bears watching. Gervais ties to Quebec may come into play.

Some speculation but it seems for now Rahkshani has taken Niederreiter's spot, deHaan has again forced coaching staff to give him a longer look. I'm not sure if Parenteau is a lock to make the club or not, but he has the one-way contract he had a year ago.

In a few days all these questions are answered. A trade/transaction can always happen at any time and change everything. Tomorrow is a very big day for some of these players, I'm not sure how many spots are won during scrimmages after this.

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What's Next For New York? Decisions/More Changes

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/30/2010 02:11:00 PM | Comment Here

Appears Islanders made a subtle tweak to their helmet design. The pics from Saskatoon/Philadelphia both show the Islanders in home blue uniform, wearing helmets with the team logo, the scripted word Islanders replaced.

AK Bars website
: Report Islander prospect Kirill Petrov has been traded to
Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk for a draft pick.

NYIFC Comments:
Will make appropriate changes to prospect blog, means nothing in terms of coming to North America at this time, but perhaps will give him a better opportunity to play.

Former draft pick Dmitry Altaryev is with this team.
All summer long I have been writing about a possible trade/transaction coming from Garth Snow, I do believe the Mike Mottau acquisition will force a trade on the backline, just as it would have done before Mark Streit was injured.

I put virtually no stock in preseason game results. Even if the club traveled to China it would have been playing NHL teams four games ahead of the Islanders Wednesday, fine tuning their starting lineups, while the games for this team would be their first against NHL competition.

The Steve Stirling Islanders had a 7-0 preseason one year, they were blown out opening night. Play competitive, show you can score or create quality chances, and display some defensive chemistry. If that works it will be developed as the season progresses.

Having written this we have to see which changes are made for the New Jersey game on Friday because there is little opportunity for what is considered the opening night lineup to work together in NHL game situations. With Weight-Nielsen not playing there is a big disadvantage because chemistry only comes from playing hockey games. The Saturday split-squad contests again forces veterans that should be together to go play on a secondary team.

After Saturday, changes will be coming. Could be some dramatic ones. Most of the tryout players will be departing quietly. I do not see an NHL roster spot for Jed Ortmeyer or Dean McAmmond.

If a scoring winger is not brought in it would not shock me to see someone make the club over Nino Niederreiter among Rhett Rakhshani, Jesse Joensuu or another player.

I have little doubt David Ullstrom is making a future run at Frans Nielsen's roster spot, that could keep him around into the season if Nielsen cannot play.

Calvin deHaan in two camps, simply stands out offensively. It's not just the goals/skating the last two years but his level of offensive ability. Even a Jack Hillen's spot may not be guaranteed long-term if this continues.

I know size/toughness is a good thing, and Eaton is not a Sutton-type of hitter, but where does Mike Mottau fit this roster because he is inconsistent, but always dressed for New Jersey. Almost seems like this is Jurcina's spot being upgraded which was not guaranteed.

Personally, I would treat Radek Martinek as if he is at his best and not do a thing but play in him in the top four, they need his defensive game.

If I'm coaching Wisniewski, MacDonald, deHaan are three of my four powerplay points. The days of Doug Weight back there should be over, Okposo will not be there for a long time and not be in that role if it were my call.

I do believe by next Saturday there is a fair chance another veteran scoring forward will be brought in, with teams unloading players. I do expect Garth Snow and Scott Gordon will have some very hard choices to make.

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Two Games In One Day? Likely All Time First For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/28/2010 11:42:00 PM | | Comment Here

Updated 12:30pm Wednesday:
Twitter box will be reposted at 7pm, for articles/game recaps/ect.

Nielsen and Doug Weight will not be making the trip to Philadelphia, Jon Sim will replace Nielsen on the top line, centering Matt Moulson and Krys Kolanos.

I know the New York Islanders have played regular season games in neutral sites long ago, obviously they have played pre-season all over North America. In the past there have been early rookie games followed by NHL teams going head to head afterward.

Cannot recall any instance of this team ever playing two games on the same day as we will not see (Cablevsion partners spamming every preseason game of house team only) Wednesday against Calgary/Philadelphia, or Saturday's double-header vs New Jersey/Montreal.

Not sure what (if any) game we can follow from Philadelphia/Saskatoon across the web. The Islanders website is reporting, the NHL Network will carry the game vs. the Flyers live at 7 p.m. and will also broadcast the game from Saskatoon vs. the Flames at 4 a.m here.

In the past some preseason games have been live on ITV, other instances, Cablevision has only permitted the games be shown days later. If you think Cablevision is lifting any blackouts to show out of town games on NHL Network, don't count on it.

Some of these players on tryouts (Manny Legace) could be making a pre-cameo for signing with Philadelphia tomorrow, while playing for the Islanders. Given eight veterans that must dress as a minimum hard to read much into lines but it seems Niederreiter, Parenteau have their chance with regulars.

It will be interesting. I'm not sure what I'm going to do besides follow the scoreboard and hope for no more injuries. It is preseason, but you can bet with New Jersey losing games (they finally beat Flyers Tuesday) with a new coach they will be pressing hard for some wins, and are ahead of the Islanders in games played as is every NHL team.

At this point getting through games healthy is becoming a factor. Hunter, Schremp, DiPietro, Martinek and other players are all coming off injuries from a year ago.

This is the group that will likely traveled to Philadelphia:
26 Moulson – 51 Nielsen – 29 Kolanos
58 Joensuu – 18 Ortmeyer – 37 McAmmond
81 DiBenedetto – 50 Marcinko – 59 Haley
54 Romano – 33 Yablonski

38 Hillen – 6 Eriksson
42 Reese – 36 Hamonic
71 Katic – 48 Klementyev

30 Roloson
34 Legace
53 Martin

Defensemen Dustin Kohn and Bruno Gervais are both expected to make the trip to Philadelphia per teams website.

Saskatoon Group:
57 Blake Comeau, 91 John Tavares, 15 PA Parenteau
12 Josh Bailey, 44 Rob Schremp, 25 Nino Niederreiter
17 Matt Martin, 45 David Ullstrom, 7 Trent Hunter
14 Trevor Gillies, 28 Zenon Konopka, 49 Rhett Rakhshani

4 Mark Eaton, 20 James Wisniewski
47 Andrew MacDonald, 24 Radek Martinek
3 Calvid de Haan, 27 Milan Jurcina

39 Rick DiPietro
1 Mikko Koskinen

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Okposo Out Indefinately Facing Shoulder Surgery, Mike Mottau Signed

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/28/2010 03:37:00 PM | | Comment Here Reports the Islanders announced Tuesday that forward Kyle Okposo's ailing right shoulder will require surgery that will keep him out indefinitely. Defenseman Mike Mottau was signed to a two-year contract, with general manager Garth Snow's comments.

Islanders website: Announced lineups traveling to Saskatoon/Philadelphia subject to change.

NYIFC Comments:
Don't know what's going on but feels like 08-09 all over again with 582 man games lost. To lose Streit, now Okposo long-term frankly are two of the biggest losses this roster can absorb.

Unless there is a trade coming or more pending injuries on the backline it's very curious Mottau got a two year deal, which may not be a one-way contract.

Mottau was a seventy game player for New Jersey last year, he's obviously not any kind of fit to replace Mark Streit's offense.

Okposo out opens the door for Niederreiter's stay being extended, it may open the door for another winger in Bridgeport or necessitate a lateral move for a veteran off another team now. As written yesterday the players brought in on tryouts are to fill out rosters to ice minimum eight veterans for split squad games so for Ortmeyer, McAmmond, Legace ect it will likely end by Sunday.

So far Weight, Nielsen, Poulin, Lawson, Streit, Okposo, Figren and likely others are out, have lingering injuries/soreness/illness.

The loss of Okposo is huge, but the Islanders had to deal with some extended scoring slumps from Okposo last season when he was healthy, this is a chance for someone else to step in. After Moulson a year ago, anyone can step up.

Garth Snow has his hands full, but again this calls for a patient approach to find the right fits which could come from within, and a test of his management. Matt Martin, Jesse Joensuu, others have an opportunity now. Other teams have plenty of alternatives which they would be happy to unload, but for the next few days that does not seem the way to go.

I'm not sure a two year contract to a defender who can struggle at times is a patient approach. Mottau brings a physical game this backline lacks in Eaton vs Sutton, but I see this as the prelude to some kind of trade/transaction.

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First Cut Made By New York is Kabanov/Ortmeyer on PTO/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/27/2010 11:01:00 AM | Comment Here

Islanders website: Report Jed Ortmeyer has accepted an invitation to Training Camp on a Professional Tryout (PTO).

Islanders website: Report Kirill Kabanov was returned to the Moncton Wildcasts of the QMJHL.

Note the following roster changes with players on tryouts:
Anders Erikkson - 6
Dean McAmmond – Will select between 10 and 18 when he arrives tomorrow
Krys Kolanos - 29
Manny Legace - 34
Joel Martin - 53

The line combination's for Monday were also changed to reflect the groups traveling to Saskatoon and Philadelphia for Wednesday games. Okposo, Nielsen, Weight are not part of these lines.

It must be noted per NHL rules, eight NHL veteran players must dress for these games, so New York will require sixteen of their NHL roster players be in action for both split squad game. How that word is defined, leaves some interpretation.

NYIFC Comments:
Not going to read a lot into Kabanov being sent back now, only the organization knows what went into the decision at this time.

All we do know is three groups of players will be required, one which will fly Tuesday to Saskatoon for a Wednesday game vs Calgary, and likely go to Quebec after that game, another which will travel to Philadelphia Wednesday while a third will train in Bridgeport and have it's exhibition schedule.

In short, well over sixty players. A lot of bodies/games, in a short period of time.

Changes will be coming very fast. Obviously the Islanders have concerns bringing in Ortmeyer, McAmmond about Nielsen, when they could shift Bailey to the middle or it is simply about having veterans for this weeks games.

My take on losing Mark Streit is if the NJ Devils can build the bulk of their Atlantic Division winning season with a defense of Andy Greene, Mark Fraser, Mike Mottau, Cory Murphy, Bryce Salvador, Matt Halischuk, if the Pens could survive large parts of seasons without Sergei Gonchar, then the New York Islanders should be able to do exactly the same thing, and win hockey games.

Devils even employed former Islander Rob Davison last season for one game, they had
Martin Skoula, Matthew Corrente on their backline, Paul Martin played only 22 games.

New York and New Jersey scored 222 goals last season. Reports Joel Martin was to have attended Bridgeport's camp which opens Monday, but for now will be at Islanders camp. Mike Morreale's season preview included the loss of Mark Streit in analysis, and former Flames gm, Craig Button's breakdown. Brian Compton had a feature on John Tavares.

NY Post: Phil Mushnick reports the the Islanders still are without a radio station, noting last season their TV feed was simulcast on two Long Island stations.

NYIFC Comments:
Don't know, and fair question but Mr Mushnick failed to ask where was NY Post hockey staff, who still have yet to report on Streit's injury?

Bridgeport Sound Tigers: Have agreed to terms on a one-year, AHL deal with defenseman Brett Motherwell, who played seventeen games with the team last season.

Montreal Gazette: Reported Mike Bossy's brother Pat, passed away last Wednesday at age 60.

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Streit Out Indefinitely...Tryout Agreements For Several Players

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/26/2010 05:59:00 PM | Comment Here

Islanders website: Report Islander defender Mark Streit is out indefinitely with a shoulder injury. Reports Cablevision owned Newsday is reporting " via sources ", that the All-Star defenceman will be out six months with a torn labrum and torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder, the Islanders told TSN that Streit is out indefinitely until he can see a specialist.

Islanders website: Also announced Dean McAmmond, Manny Legace, Anders Eriksson, Krys Kolanos and Joel Martin have all accepted invitations to Training Camp on Professional Tryouts.

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously the worst case scenario for Streit, to speculate how long would be pointless now because the source game writers do that as quickly as they did for Pat Burns. He may never return the same player at his age, and a loss for the entire NHL to lose a player of his ability regardless of club.

With three opportunities to play the opening night lineup together over the five games, these PTO agreements may have been in the works with split-squad games, or this is an opportunity to replace some of the players in these games who were out with general soreness, or Okposo who also has a shoulder issue.

The fact only three goaltenders dressed for a team scrimmage, with no Lawson, Poulin or that Roloson did not finish Saturday's game where he was scheduled to go the entire game, and DiPietro working his way back may have necessitated these moves in goal.

Four goaltenders must dress for those split squad games plus there is Bridgeport's camp which is opening.

Kolanos, McAmmond indicate there could be concern over Doug Weight/Frans Nielsen or the club sees this as an AHL alternative or they don't want to rush Ullstrom into a checking center role. Legace could be an option for a goalie who did not dress Saturday. Ericksson could be temporary depth but hardly a replacement for Streit, with deHaan, Hamonic, Katic, Reese, Kohn all waiting for an opportunity, that even can include DeHart and signed Anton Klementyev.

This also means Garth Snow will likely be working the phones with several clubs needing to drop salary. I would not want Souray/Bergeron or any of these short term failures to replace Streit, MacDonald, Hillen, deHaan, Hamonic are far better alternatives.

Souray had four goals, played thirty seven games and was deep in red for an injured Oilers club, he cleared waivers for obvious reasons, and the Oilers did not even allow him in their camp. Unless Taylor Hall is coming with Souray, Andrew MacDonald was doing quite well over twenty five minutes last season to step into this spot.

This calls for some patience from the general manager and is a test of his ability to find the right fit and somewhat offset the loss, not make a panic move and add a player with more downside that complicates the situation.

Bottom line we have to see how this plays out, but the loss of Mark Streit for any length of time is devastating. PTO does not mean anyone is signed, it could be to buy players time, but this does not help a team fine tune to open a season, it turns an already limited exhibition schedule into surviving games.

Can you imagine if Cablevision owned Newsday contradicted a release regarding one of the teams they own? It's so bad the Islanders actually had to contact TSN to issue what are being called conflicting reports.

Someone needs to give me some help on this, Buffalo's 12th overall selection in the 2008 draft was defenseman, Tyler Myers. New York's 12th overall selection in the 2009 draft was Calvin deHaan.

Folks want to say his injury sets him back, fair enough. Seems if Myers can make the jump, no reason deHaan cannot if he is anywhere near the fluid-skater he was a year ago in camp after time off.

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New York Injuries Piling Up Early Again: Mark Streit Could Join List

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/25/2010 02:29:00 PM | Comment Here

New York-New York, had it's Orange (White) vs Blue scrimmage Saturday which ended in a 4-4 tie game, it appeared Mark Streit took a hit from Matt Moulson and went off holding his arm, and it did not look good.

Not big on speculating about anything much less something injury-related, but usually when you see a player holding arm into body like he did, it's a separated shoulder and the usual 4-6 weeks. I hope I'm dead wrong.

Par for the course, they went into this scrimmage with only three goalies, two coming off injuries, the other forty years old. The list of general soreness is very long right now and this team does not begin playing split-squad games until Wednesday.

It cannot continue.

Choppy connection but some random thoughts from Saturday which was a no-hitter in terms of physical play, but a few moments where players got into it. Sim hit Comeau, DiPietro knocked over Sim a few minutes later.

DiPietro started quiet for a period and a half, but began wandering too far out and got stranded once, you could see emotion in his game. He was unsure of a few pucks but solid enough.

We'll see how he feels tomorrow.

Blake Comeau's two goals were NHL regular season efforts, one-timer from high slot, where he looked like Okposo on knee, the other where he drove around Dylan Reese and beat Roloson cutting to middle, excellent efforts.

PA Parenteau also looked very good, knows where to be on ice. Tavares scored from behind the net on a wrap-around with a lightning-fast move, saw a pk shift.

Moulson found his spot and beat DiPietro for a second period goal, Schremp-Moulson looked very good together. Hunter had two third period goals where he just bombed pucks coming down middle past DiPietro.

Niederreiter made a few heady plays, one shorthanded where he intercepted a breakout pass at offensive blueline and could have shot, but passed puck back to defense to kill time.

Wisniewski looked solid, Martinek healthy, and usual solid self. Koskinen came in for Roloson and after few pucks early was fantastic. deHaan intercepted a pass that led to goal, but not credited with assist. Hamonic two penalties, not very visible in non-hitting game.

Konopka was credited with a goal, quiet, but stead game for Josh Bailey.

Kirill Kabanov was not visible, Rob Hisey was involved. Matt Martin, not too visible in non-physical game.

Hillen-MacDonald-Gervais-Jurcina-Eaton all steady. Andy Hilbert back wearing number eleven.

Still, a very bad day if they lose Mark Streit, who is not replaceable.

For this to work, the man games lost have to be cut down significantly. 402, 582, 250 are far too many.

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Niederreiter Signed by NY/Media Press Conference/Notables

Playing catchup, sorry but not available Tuesday, or a good part of Wednesday.

Islanders website: Reports Nino Niederreiter signed a three year entry level contract, with comments from GM, Garth Snow. Brian Compton had a feature on Niederreiter signing.

NYIFC Comments:
Congratulations to Nino Niederreiter, this is a player who just turned eighteen.

We have seen this with Bailey, Tavares and both played immediately in the NHL, in Niederreiter's case that may not happen beyond the nine games. I believe the available depth here now gives the Islanders time based on what they will see from Neiderreiter/prospects in camp or what players may become available to Garth Snow from clubs desperate to get under the summer cap in possible trades.

Islanders website: Tuesday has it's media day/or lack thereof given few questions from same people, with Owner Charles Wang, GM, Garth Snow, Head Coach, Scott Gordon with Cablevision/Newsday employees.

NYIFC Comments:
Charles Wang said the team will be here through it's 2015 lease, that's another five years. Mr Wang did it in a way where it seems whatever happens off the ice will not be a distraction for hockey, and to me that is the perfect way because he left media sitting there with nothing to add or speculate on.

Given the outbursts in Edmonton from Mr Katz, subsequent owners, this man who years ago said this is a church that will not be open forever, seems to love owning this team enough to stick with it for the time being.

He has more patience than even I would frankly, a lot of other owners in markets with far more financial resources/media to sell product have been far more critical.

Scott Gordon after a while got some hockey questions, while Snow gave stock answers on many subjects which is fair enough and what we have heard before for the most part. The approach with DiPietro in terms of working himself back was a big part of early questions, the gm will decide if the coach will remain beyond the final year of his contract, as it should be.

Gordon on players/rebuilding comment being over was his best moment. All in all a good media conference, whatever it's spun into by our laughingstock of a hockey media, is another matter entirely, and reflect on them more than the club. Also had a very brief article on Mr Wang's statement.

Islanders website: Released television schedule in Cablevision-Msg stock release. At least seventeen games will be on Msg+2 where access is limited/ratings will be lower. It appears Stan Fischler Msg's contract will again have him attending more Islander games as what is being called an " NHL correspondent", which in effect means no Islander personality will be hired to replace Butch Goring's Msg contract in their studio.

That means this scam with Jaffe/Goring absolutlely saved Msg money on a contract above all.

Did not see the New York-New Jersey preseason games scheduled to be televised from the Coliseum on 10/2 on that pdf. Msg is of course spamming the house team on television.

Not sure what IMG is and what they will be doing with club in terms of some kind of future television show. Hopefully they can keep it entirely out of Cablevsion/Msg access.
Kirill Kabanov, was late for warm-up and was again disciplined by club, it's his NHL career and frankly he's pushing his luck.

Tom Poti, received a two year extension of over five million from Washington.

QMI Agency: Steve MacFarlane has Flames coach, Brent Sutter on, Tim Jackman, on both winning the Bob Nystrom award with the Islanders.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio, had an interview with Tomas Marcinko, and a few other items.

Hopefully that catches us up.

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