Nov 2010 New York Islanders Are Not Going To Win

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Not that tough to go back and watch tapes from second half of 2010-11, even in losses this team could skate, and forced the opposition to work.

What we have seen so far are the November 2010 New York Islanders.

Nothing new to really add beyond recent entries on signing Steve Staios, or the teams overall lack of speed, plus using players out of position, and a slower veteran supporting cast.

Jack Capuano, even in wins, knows something is not right with his team, he reactions during games, his comments (win or lose) make clear he does not like how his team is playing.

All due respect to Tampa Bay, they did not have a very good game themselves, it's not about one game, just as it was not when I wrote about it after the second game.

Wait until the New York Islanders start playing teams that know how to win, or have top offensive talent, that can move the puck.

The November 2010 team is going to get beaten badly.

Is this blog the only one that understands that Blake Comeau needs to play left wing every single game, does the team even follow his history?

No folks, John Tavares individual effort is not an overall team offensive improvement, all it means is the team is too slow to set up a player, is forced to carry the puck and more along in his development to do so. Most goals are coming off point shots by a defense too slow/predictable.

I do not see this working with Pandolfo, Rolston in a different position than where he was productive (LW) in the second half for the Devils, or with Mottau, Eaton or Staios dressed together.

Sure, Staios made as great a play as a defender can make diving to stop a breakaway and getting all puck. His penalty led to the opening goal, his lack of speed created several other chances for Tampa Bay.

That's not how this team had it's success in the second half of last season, nor with Eaton (even when it works) or Mottau diving all over the defensive zone.

MacDonald lost a puck that led to a goal, where the defense backed off, seems he's only able to play games working back from his injury?

So others are finally figuring out Kyle Okposo had five goals in the second half last year, skating with Frans Nielsen, who cannot score at five on five, and has never produced with Nielsen has his center?

Nielsen scored his first five on five goal a year ago in December, his second in February, he's ahead of his pace. I guess without penalty shot goals, shootout goals, shorthanded goals, folks are finally seeing the big picture?

Capuano never had to juggle lines last year, now he feels he has to, the head coach can see this is not the same team he had in the second half.

Again, repetitive from previous entries.

The Nov 2010 plan is simply not going to work.

10/14 Mangano's Latest Coliseum Plan Announced/NY Notables

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Ed Mangano announced his latest plan for the Nassau Coliseum site on 10/14, it could mean a new Coliseum on the Northern part of the Hub constructed, or a renovation of the current facility.

The study, which needs state funding/private investment, was from something called Accelerate-Nassau-Now which had images in rough sketches.

NYIFC Comments:
Page eight, nine, ten, fourteen are the sections on the Coliseum. Twenty, twenty one relied on some Lighthouse background information.

Means nothing unless Charles Wang agrees to a lease extension.

Staios Signing Garth Snow's Worst Player Decision As GM

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Garth Snow's worst personnel decision as General Manager was signing Steve Staios to play in this role. I amended title from worst moment, because this is specifically about signing a player.

Steve Staios, two years ago had trade value equal to former Islander, Aaron Johnson and a third round pick.

Instead, not only is tryout player Steve Staios here, he's an assistant captain, playing top line minutes with Mark Streit?

That's almost the equivalent of Doug Weight centering the first line, it makes no sense given the slow, veteran defenders returning or Staios age/resume.

Staios and Mottau right now are two players who at best get two-way contracts, come up as seventh defenders. I would absolutely even use Dylan Reese over both.

Snow tried to get a top four defender this summer, but I absolutely expected to see him to do what twenty nine other clubs looking for that kind of defender would have done, go with what they have, exercise patience using the defenders he had success with in the second half that brought the speed out of his forwards.

Instead Garth Snow signed Steve Staios, knowing his returning core was older, slower.

Wishart played twenty games here and posted a plus five rating, perhaps they were counting on Katic to replace Martinek or Hillen, but his injury changed things.

deHaan cannot be called up quickly enough. Ness, Donovan also have to get serious consideration. Why did Snow sign Klementyev so quickly for him to barely be used in the AHL the last two years?

Add to that moving Comeau off his natural spot, plugging in older/slower Rolston, Pandolfo, Reasoner is hardly known for speed with a mix of Staios, Mottau, Eaton and eventually Jurcina is it any surprise the team is pinned in their own end, forcing the forwards back, scrambling for large portions of games?

Snow's worst management decision by a mile. All the posts saying no to McCabe, Kaberle and other players make this even worse because you don't sign Staios for the same reasons. Campoli's worst game is miles ahead of Staios, and under no circumstances would I want Campoli back.

Even Souray would have been a better choice, but a terrible one.

Perhaps Garth Snow is so concerned with injuries, he overstocked on the backline. I can understand that reasoning given his experience/man games lost since he took the job as general manager, but you don't improve a weakness, by adding the same kind of player.

Snow had a fantastic summer locking up the core players, even if he did make the call to not retain Martinek, Hillen or Gervais, he should have been patient enough to see things through with his prospects on defense or identifying the right player.

Steve Staios on a team without Eaton, Mottau, Jurcia is at best someone to be used as a sixth defender with a two-way contract.

I also believe Snow's decision on Panfolfo is also a significant mistake but he is not playing first line right wing.

Again, this is not about the first two games. I never expected Staios to be employed in this manner on a team bringing back Mottau, Eaton that already had Jurcina.

Bottom line, Steve Staios, is not going to get younger or faster, same as Doug Weight was never going to start scoring at five on five on a top line. Eaton, Mottau are all limited even without rust and not going to become faster defenders who can spring a rush, by winning a race to the boards, to chip pucks to Grabner/Nielsen or anyone else.

This extends to the offensive forecheck as well, slower point defenders need more time to get into position, they are not going to be able to move in traffic as well and will be easier to read on the perimeter when they make passes or put low percentage shots on goal.

Most of this corrects itself next offseason, but for now, this team is going to be scrambling in it's own end of the ice, forcing the forwards back to play the game in their own end of the ice.

The kind of game they played in November of 2010, the kind they did not play in the second half of last season as other clubs had problems with the Islanders speed and aggressive play.

This is a step back.

Quickly and quietly, Garth Snow, just made his worst personnel decision as General Manager. Jack Capuano has him playing with Streit, so no hiding his decision here to make this combination.

Slow Defense Big Early Notable on 11-12 New York Season

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Well aware it's only two games, this is not about the record but what alarming trends have been seen.

Simply put this team is living down to the worst of our expectations, token win stolen by Montoya aside against Minnesota.

Martinek, Hillen, Gervais or anyone's ability to skate the puck out or chip it to spring a rush from the boards is desperately missing.

Two poor/mediocre teams have badly out-skated and outworked the New York Islanders, in a way rarely seen during the second half of last year.

It looks like Jack Capuano got back Scott Gordon's November 2010 club again with Eaton, Mottau on the backline, which now includes Staios.

Eaton needing to dive early to break up a play, Staios watching players take the puck at the net? Mottau/Eaton/Staios struggles moving the puck all over the defensive zone, forcing the forwards back, Pandolfo's lack of speed with Reasoner?

Anyone watch the play against Florida in the third by Staios, a Panther saw him not have his angle, and he went right to the net, slow to read and react.

I liked Eaton's game a year ago and pointed out his plus rating, even through the losing streak, however you can only carry one defender who plays that kind of game.

Comeau looks completely lost as a right wing, who took some big hits against Florida drifting to the middle, while Rolston hardly looks ready as a left wing, which does Bailey no favors.

Has management learned yet, you turn Comeau into nothing but an inconsistent player, by moving him off left wing? We saw this for years with other coaches, and last season.

One offensive zone setup against Minnesota with Tavares (all individual efforts) to find Moulson in the first period for sixty minutes? Six shots after the first period?

And the New York Islanders are taking some big hits, slow plays developing are easier to defend and target forwards for legal hits.

I understand two games is just that, but the speed, jump, quick plays to spring the rush along the boards, are not there with this slower, older defense, nor does it look like it has anything to do with two games, but current resume/calendar.

It's not what we saw with virtually no healthy defenders in the second half of last season, as the Islander forwards were flying and forcing teams on the defensive.

The 2011-12 team are getting pinned in their own end scrambling to get the puck out, in a way that does not create any odd man rushes or offense because of a lack of speed to get to pucks.

It holds back the faster forwards from breaking out, and easier to defend.

The two teams the Islanders have played, stepped it up and took over the game, they saw they could play the game forcing the Isles defense. Minnesota could barely get out of their own way for a good part of the game on Monday.

The idea of Steve Staios being used as a top paring defender, is frankly alarming, and begs the question why did Garth Snow go in this direction?

deHaan, Katic, Wishart, anyone would have been a better alternative in terms of puck moving in the corners/walls to spring the forwards for rushes.

I guess the good news is Montoya has started fast, Nielsen's even strength goal puts him a month and a half ahead of last year's pace. Streit is not in game-shape, however his talent carries him to a large degree, with that brilliant shot-pass to Nielsen.

Tavares individual efforts to create chances, looks great, but far from what's expected.

Perhaps more rust comes off Staios, Mottau, Eaton, Panfolfo, Reasoner, Rolston, even MacDonald, who are hardly in game shape, but that collective defense is not getting younger or faster.

This entry is not about two games, more about something that is seemingly not fixed with the current group. It's something we did not see in the second half.

This team looked fast in Bridgeport against Boston, they looked fast against the Devils at home for the one preseason game.

Tampa, Rangers (pick a team) are going to eat this defense alive, no goaltending is going to hide this for long, if these trends continue. Wishart should be here over Mottau, deHaan over Staios.

Even a risk of calling up Donovan/Ness may have to be considered.

Jurcina is no answer.

Katic's speed would have been a huge help.

Radek Martinek's ability to move the puck in traffic, is missed....badly.

Even the defender coming in Wednesday from Tampa (Bruno Gervais) is a big improvement moving the puck vs what has been seen so far.

Florida at New York OPENING NIGHT or Opening Night

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Welcome to OPENING NIGHT or Opening Night for the 2011-12 New York Islanders, depending on how you view the first game.

NYIFC goes with Opening Night.

Last season's 4-1-2, first place start became 5-18-3, so those putting huge stock in how a season begins, or media who were hyping the club early last season after Tavares beat Toronto in overtime, simply got selective amnesia a year later, as no one wrote about that this summer.

Just as few wrote about the injuries in previews, no one touched on the subject of man games lost to injury three of the last four years, however folks who follow the team here understand this.

As for New York Islander Fan Central, we will be sticking to the game plan released recently for the 2011-12 season here but felt an obligation to set everyone up as best as possible to begin the 2011-12 season, so a great deal was put into preseason for our readers.

Now we go into periodic updates, some by blog entries, others via twitter. Game by game updates for all eight two games (including a reduced eighty for Bridgeport) are a thing of the past, even in twitter format.

Our thoughts have been expressed endlessly on several subjects, now we will see how things play out on/off the ice.

Thank You and enjoy the 2011-12 hockey season for the New York Islanders, Bridgeport Sound Tigers, and our teams prospects.

NYIFC prospect blog is an excellent resource to follow the upcoming players.

New York Notables: Assistant Captains/Comeau Moving To RW

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ITV: Released interviews with Head Coach, Jack Capuano, and several of the players. The big news of the day is once again, Blake Comeau, changes postion to open the season as a right wing, despite the fact changing his position in the past has hurt his progression.

NYIFC Comments:
I saw Comeau in the video feed from Bridgeport playing right wing.

That likely means Rolston slides to left wing where he had his forty points in his final forty games a year ago vs a twenty four goal player, who's production has been very streaky at best over six months. History says, this hurts Comeau, who has struggled with this exact move made by several past coaches.

NYIFC twitter feed has notable moves on Thursday, which include assistant captains named, plus Jeremy Colliton being named Sound Tigers captain, with another menu of goal songs. Has a recap of many of the ITV interviews Thursday.

Ct Post/Greenwich Times: Has Colliton's comments along with several players named as assistant captains.

Fort Erie Times: Includes a footnote that Jordan Bailey (brother of Josh Bailey) is the teams early leading scorer.

Here's NYIFC Official Vote for the permanent goal song---NOTHING BUT THE CLASSIC SIREN:

Prediction In 2011-12 For New York? From Stanley Cup To 15th

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/06/2011 03:28:00 PM | Comment Here

In many past years I would put the New York Islanders in the final playoff seed or last year, the pick was anywhere from second to fifteenth.

Other years:
2007-2008: Sixth Place
2008-2009: Sixth Place

This year we are going to go with a novel idea, and it's not based on doing a lazy preview, however one based on not only the New York Islanders, but the Eastern Conference/entire NHL.

The New York Islanders in 2011-12 could finish anywhere from first to fifteenth.

New York Announces 23 Man Roster: Strome Staying For Now

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/05/2011 03:20:00 PM | Comment Here

Islanders website: Announced it's twenty three man roster. Trevor Frischmon and Dylan Reese have been assigned to Bridgeport, Kirill Kabanov has been returned to Blainville-Boisbriand Armada of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Forwards (13)
Josh Bailey, Blake Comeau, Michael Grabner, Matt Martin, Matt Moulson, Frans Nielsen, Kyle Okposo, Jay Pandolfo, PA Parenteau, Marty Reasoner, Brian Rolston, Ryan Strome and John Tavares

Defensemen (7)
Mark Eaton, Travis Hamonic, Milan Jurcina, Andrew MacDonald, Mike Mottau, Steve Staios and Mark Streit

Goalies (3)
Rick DiPietro, Al Montoya and Evgeni Nabokov

Jeremy Colliton, Trevor Gillies, Mark Katic, Nino Niederreiter and Rhett Rakhshani are all listed on the team’s injured reserve list.

NYIFC Comments:
Strome and Niederreiter are likely tied together, however given practice lines, Parenteau, Okposo and Rolston are the right wingers with Pandolfo. After nine games off IR for Niederreiter, nine games for Strome, we will get our answers.

Notable is Jurcina is on active roster. As players come off injured reserve, expect some players to go to Bridgeport, but Katic is likely season, Rakhshani longer term.

Gillies, if injured, will likely be spotted, teams are not permitted to falsely list specific injuries per NHL rules beyond lower/upper body.

Ct Post: Going back to an earlier article from Michael Fornabaio, Tomas Marcinko could play in Bridgeport, if he wanted, so his contract is not NHL or Europe only.

Teams generally do not carry twenty three skaters for long.

Blair Betts is a center for those who wanted him claimed to play right wing.
Hofstra Chronicle: Reports the teams radio contract is expected to continue for 2011-12, with an announcement Friday.

NYIFC Comments:
Hofstra University President Stuart Rabinowitz treats the New York Islanders like the enemy, and seems very willing to let any mixed use development go next to his university per his lukewarm referendum comments back in May here and virtually no university support for their neighbor of forty years.

New York Signs Ryan Strome, Jay Pandolfo

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/04/2011 10:09:00 PM | | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Reports Ryan Strome has signed an entry level contract with his comments. General manager, Garth Snow, also is quoted on the signing here.

Islanders website: Announced the signing of Jay Pandolfo with his comments, to a one year deal.

NYIFC Comments:
Strome was an inevitable signing, I would be shocked if he is not sent back to his junior team on Wednesday, given he has not been practicing with the top lines at his natural position of center. The club has it's four centers, with Niederreiter and Rolston the right wings for the top three lines.

Not a big fan of the Pandolfo signing, I would be mildly disappointed if he was given a one-way contract, given he was a former AHL signing. Bottom line when you get past everything the question is can a fourth line of Gillies/Martin-Reasoner-Pandolfo, be a plus line?

Winning fights by appointment, sending messages are fine/necessary at times, but a team needs to outscore it's opposition along with playing quality defense.

A fourth line that has to be hidden after a goal, who's tone-setting ceiling, is to come out of a shift even, is not going to produce enough to help an offense.

Ultimately all it does is eat minutes.

New York Notables: Update on Willets Point

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/03/2011 02:52:00 PM | Comment Here

Nino Niederreiter and Trevor Gillies have been placed on injured reserve retroactive to September 30th, while Jack Capuano addresses remaining cuts here before decision day on Wednesday. Jay Pandolfo, Trevor Frischmon both comment.

Islanders website: Earlier twitter feed/NYIFC had the lines at practice.

Niederreiter did not participate, Rolston did on right wing, with Bailey/Comeau while Parenteau was on the first line right wing spot with Moulson/Tavares.

Ct Post: Reports center, Chris Langkow is in on a tryout contract. Mark Katic, Rhett Rakhshani and Jeremy Colliton, all on NHL injured reserve, are in Bridgeport.

NYIFC Comments:
Kabanov has to go to the Montreal Junior/re-branded team (Blainville-Boisbriand Armada)or stay with the Islanders, he is not eligible to play in Bridgeport, same for Ryan Strome. (who is not signed)

A few players with the Islanders are likely headed down to make the final cut which will likely include Trevor Frischmon/Dylan Reese, who have already cleared waivers.

As out twitter feed wrote earlier, if Jay Pandolfo is practicing on a fourth line with Reasoner/Martin, expect a signing of Pandolfo or some other kind of transaction/trade/signing.
Crains New York: Reported among the early bidders for Willets Point, there was speculation, Charles Wang, was asked to partner with a developer, however at this time is nothing can be confirmed based on lack of direct comments.
Winnipeg Free Press: Assigned Jason Gregiore to the AHL.

Staios, Eaton, Mottau, Jurcina And Injuries A Concern

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/03/2011 03:53:00 AM | Comment Here

I would have taken Bryan McCabe over Steve Staios. Of course, my choice would have been Calvin deHaan, Ty Wishart over both with Mark Katic. This could also put Matt Donovan or Aaron Ness in the picture earlier.

Steve Staios is not a good payoff for a summer of waiting to wind up with a very limited, injury prone veteran.

Radek Martinek is clearly an excellent player to skate the puck out of the defensive zone, even without the new rules on hits to the head/boarding, Martinek would have been the better choice over Staios. Arguably, you could make the point Jack Hillen and Bruno Gervais also better.

Simply put you put all those veterans (Mottau/Eaton) off long injuries with Streit, coming off a year without playing, who looked perfect in all three preseason games, Hamonic and a returning from a six month injury, Andrew MacDonald, there is something to be very concerned about beyond all three goaltenders injury concerns.

Big, slow, injury prone (or coming off injury) and no big hitters, in general, is not good way to start an offensive rush or clear the defensive zone.

Mottau, Eaton were not injury prone prior to last season, neither was Streit, so this could work, however nothing a substitute for games, so rust had to be expected.

You could see some standing around or slow reactions from Eaton/Mottau in preseason.

Jurcina is always a concern in these departments.

Still, on paper, it's not very impressive at the moment.

New York Makes It's First Cuts

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/02/2011 07:50:00 PM | Comment Here

Islanders website: Announced Sunday, Michael Haley, Sean Backman, Casey Cizikas, Justin DiBenedetto, Brett Gallant, Tomas Marcinko, Tyler McNeely, Tony Romano, David Ullstrom and Tim Wallace, along with defensemen Calvin de Haan, Matt Donovan, Anton Klementyev, Aaron Ness, Benn Olson and Ty Wishart, Mikko Koskinen, Anders Nilsson and Kevin Poulin, have all been assigned to Bridgeport.

Islanders website: With changes are still carrying extra forwards, defenders that for now include Niederreiter, Strome, Pandolfo, Frischmon, Kabanov, with Dylan Reese as the eighth defender, but give out the complete depth chart for now, including injured reserve.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports the group sent to Bridgeport will begin practice at Webster Bank Arena Monday, under new head coach, Brent Thompson.

NYIFC Comments:
We have to see how this plays out but twenty eight is likely already less Trevor Frischmon, Reese already having cleared waivers, Kabanov and Strome likely ticketed for juniors.

Given rule changes for hitting from behind vs age/durability, Steve Staios is a downgrade from Radek Martinek by a lot.

Haley is a mild surprise which could mean well mean Pandolfo receives a contract, or some other transaction is coming. Obviously still a lot to work out to get down to twenty three players. Report on several players on waivers, including former Islander, Ryan O'Marra.

Boston 3 New York 2 (Bridgeport)

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/01/2011 03:40:00 PM | Comment Here

Cut downs and possible Niederreiter news expected on Sunday.

New York lost 3-2. See twitter feed for what little there was in a game where video feed did not work for one period, with no sound until 13:00 minutes left.

Montoya was said to play very well. Tavares scored at five on three, Comeau made a great circle around offensive zone, before putting it in front to Reasoner who scored.

Islanders website: Released the Islanders lineup vs Boston tonight at Webster Bank Arena, which will be an ITV webcasted game.

Some twitter updates, but not a lot tonight unless something significant happens, obviouly Niederreiter out (also Rolston) places Parenteau back with Tavares-Moulson and no true right wing alternative.

A lot of veteran defenders. Streit plays back to back.

MacDonald finally gets a game. Seems the goaltending will play out as the two veteran goaltenders (DiPietro-Nabokov) will get most work vs one who was in the AHL last season, and finished out the year playing well, and was rewarded.

Sorry, but reports of Nabokov starting in Bridgeport were incorrect, Montoya started.

As an older fan, I'm used to the regulars getting a lot of games together at the end of preseason, however perhaps in today's NHL the standard (especially here) is to come out of it healthy which will not happen.

In the end, regardless of my thought process or what's transpired in the past, practically every team will not be playing games for close to a week before opening the season.

Florida comes here in a week, who finished their preseason earlier than the Islanders, not like there is a carryover effect.

If last season taught us anything, 4-1-2 and what happened afterward had nothing to do with preseason beyond Streit-Okposo injuries.

Devils 1, New York 0, Niederreiter Injury

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/30/2011 09:27:00 PM | Comment Here

The latest version of the New York Islander Fan Central header features Captain, Mark Streit, in the classic white jersey, along with many players wearing their updated 2011-12 uniform numbers. The Dynasty Section was also given a slight new look with updated images of our legendary champions.

Biggest takeaway from this game is Niederreiter's groin injury, no replay of what happened exists so no point speculating. Also if Niederreiter, Rolston, and Rakhshani out that leaves the right wing short a forward with only Okposo and Parenteau in terms of what qualifies as top three lines, with some experience or potential.

Given the left wings are Moulson, Grabner, Comeau, the centers, Tavares, Bailey, Nielsen and Reasoner, what else can Rolston be considered but a right wing?

DiPietro played entire game and was sharp, aside from two poor turnovers. Streit, Comeau looked best for Islanders. Haley, Staios took a few un-necessary penalties.

Strome's penalty was a five minute, and the kind that could be reviewed.

Islanders with a more veteran lineup were largely outworked, while the Devils team rested most of it's regulars. New York was outnumbered and generated little, a bit more than game against Calgary, but not much. Streit had some outside point shots which Hedberg handled with no rebound.

Nabokov expected to start vs Boston.

Not the kind of game that's going to impress the coaching staff, largely outworked, outnumbered and outskated, in a contest with little intensity.

See twitter feed for the rest.

Islanders website: Cost cutting Msg/Dolan hires someone named, Peter Ruttgaizer, as Msg's only Islanders in game host at this time, while Msg provides the Devils a full staff of game employees that as of last season included Christine Simpson here.

NYIFC Comments:
Cue the silence from Dolan's paid salesman or those who need his credential to make a living in fear of maintaining employment for once again going dirt cheap on New York Islander coverage, while claiming themselves as media reporters?

You know the drill.

Staios Signed By New York/Weekend Games Live Webcast

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/30/2011 11:44:00 AM | Comment Here

Rhett Rakhshani is out 6-8 weeks with a knee injury sustained in Calgary.
Trent Hunter signed a one year deal with the Los Angeles Kings.

Islanders website: Report the New York Islanders have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with defenseman Steve Staios updated to include his comments.

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously not my first choice, however we'll see how things play out. The loss of Katic, Jurcina for now and the six month injury time frame for MacDonald, do not make this the worst signing.

Islanders twitter feed has tonight's lineup in Newark vs the Devils, which will be live streamed on the Islanders website, and again keeps out many of the clubs tops players.

Here's Friday's 20-man roster headed to New Jersey:

Rick DiPietro starts in goal.

Forwards: Comeau, Reasoner, Niederreiter, Pandolfo, Bailey, Parenteau, Martin, Strome, Wallace, Gillies, Frischmon, Haley

Defensemen: Streit, Staios, Ness, Eaton, Donovan, Mottau
Goaltenders: DiPietro, Poulin

Devils website: Reports Johan Hedberg starts again, which will again be leaving out many of their top players.

Islander Forwards Clear Waivers, Will Play This Weekend?

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/29/2011 02:31:00 PM | Comment Here

Islanders website: Report Trevor Frischmon, Tomas Marcinko, Dylan Reese, Tim Wallace and Ty Wishart are eligible to play for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers this season, but does not eliminate them from making the Islanders roster.

Andrew MacDonald will play against the Devils, per the Islanders twitter feed.

"I think it's wide open," said Islanders Head Coach Jack Capuano. "We have to win hockey games. Just because those guys were sent down on waivers doesn't necessarily mean that (they can't make the Islanders roster). Those guys are going to play this weekend, they're going to be in the lineup."

NYIFC Comments:
Very surprised by Capuano's comments that those players are going to be in the lineup this weekend because that means someone has to sit. At some point the players on the depth chart expected to play opening night, have to get a few games.

I guess not.

Goaltender Work and Lack Of AHL Preseason A Problem

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/28/2011 12:00:00 PM | Comment Here

Trevor Frischmon, Tomas Marcinko, Tim Wallace, Dylan Reese and Ty Wishart have been placed on waivers. Many had to be placed on waivers to play for Bridgeport, Marcinko is likely headed back to Europe per his contract agreement.

Wishart is a bit of a surprise.
Unconventional for the New York Islanders not to have preseason games scheduled for players, who need to be at Webster Bank Arena or returned to their junior teams.

Hate to write it, and it's not just the Islanders based on the released AHL composite schedule, but to not have any preseason games scheduled for Bridgeport, leaves too many players here when veterans needs to get ready, and the prospects need to get ready in Bridgeport, where the Islanders will host a game before the Sound Tigers.

For what it's worth Calgary plays it's final preseason game on Thursday (one more total than New York) so many teams will be sitting around for a good week practicing.

Six more periods Friday and Saturday are not going to be enough for myself to make judgments, I guess a big part of it will be practices.
Canadian Press: Has Islander assistant coach, Dean Chynoweth's comments on the game, giving Nabokov blanket praise.

Nabokov for his part was positive, but this did not make it onto the Islanders website:

"My goal is to be in the net, to get the call and go in and do my job. But sometimes it's out of your control," Nabokov said. "In a perfect world, I would want to play more exhibition games but it's such a short pre-season and they were six goalies here. It's not my call, I'm just going out there and doing my best."

NYIFC Comments:
Nabokov's correct. Is this his look before the season opens or do three goalies go into opening night with only partial preseason games, to say nothing of the very small body of work Koskinen, Poulin and Nilsson will receive on a weekly basis?

Garth Snow is a former goaltender, he knows the need for work better than anyone, but left himself fifteen periods to accommodate six goaltenders. If I'm the coach DiPietro and Montoya need to play full games this weekend.

Even that's not nearly enough, it's a fair point for Nabokov or anyone to raise.

Calgary Herald: Former Flame, Steve Staios talks about camp with the Islanders so far.

Who's In/Out?
Barring injury in the next few days............

I see no real surprises after preseason. Maybe Jurcina's injury means Staios is signed but I would pass, go with Wishart (updated was placed on waivers) or deHaan or explore the market, I suspect Staios will be signed or gone by Friday so he can hook on elsewhere, even if MacDonald sits to open the season.

I would not take a chance on Ness or Donovan this early.

I expect Niederreiter sticks around at least until Rolston is ready. I do not see Pandolfo making the cut with Reasoner, Haley, Gillies. If McNeely dresses and does well it would not shock me if he earned a spot.

Frankly it's time for Kabanov, Strome to return to juniors, Strome with his first professional contract.

Calgary 2, New York 0

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Islanders twitter feed posted Jurcina - strained left groin, Rakhshani, left knee injury. The biggest takeaway from this night.

Beyond that was not a good effort on either side, Calgary appeared to dress more regulars. Islanders seemed reluctant to shoot a few times.

Only thing that was disappointing was Comeau being used out of position, where he fell asleep on Flames shorthanded goal. Staios gambling and losing at the point for the second goal, not a big deal. Dehaan fell once, hit a post.

He also broke up Jokinen's chance, then tried to throw a hit and bounced off him, he was not checked by Jokinen, announcers need to watch plays better.

Nabokov's goaltending solid, his stick-handling was poor. Best moment were watching Donovan's steady play, Strome setting up. DiBenedetto was in on some scrums, Gillies threw a perfect hit early.

Looks like announcing crew used old cue cards with notes on the Islanders.

Where was Theo Fleury to take the penalty shot?

New York At Calgary/Notables:

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Tonight's game will shockingly be televised by Msg from Calgary, which likely means NHL Network feed. More below on this subject.
The Islanders have their lineup out for Calgary game. Nabokov is expected to make his debut. Reasoner/Rahkshani/Kabanov are expected to play. Staios is listed to get his third game in a row against his former team. Gillies has dressed for every game as has Pandolfo.


Donovan-de Haan

Islanders website: released their internet feed preseason schedule.