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New York Islander Fan Central | 6/21/2012 07:02:00 AM
As anyone who has followed New York Islander Fan Central from day one (like it's Islander-Sound Tiger predecessor from 2000-2006) it has always been about the New York Islanders hockey team, never it's owner, page-views, profit or any kind of hockey/media career.

This is the only place I wish to write, it's been a non-profit site, and will remain that way until it's final day. 

I'm very proud of New York Islander Fan Central, it's content, and honored by the incredible support it has received since July 2007. 

It's purpose has been to tell our teams story to the best of my ability, it's been positive/critical of media members, teams, ownerships, never personal.

NYIFC has also been about doing the right thing. 

Having written this a former member of the Islander blog box (I was an on-paper only blog box member for it's first two years which is well documented here) an individual named Brian Daniel Gallof, who humiliated himself in January 2009 with a pathetic alias known as the NHL Masked Avenger, who's conduct unprintable has decided to make my private identity public along with where I live for alerting readers to his past transgressions.

WFAN/CBS gave him writing privileges, I used my twitter account to repeatedly make my point on their disqus page such an individual has no business writing there, encouraging others to Google his NHL Masked Avenger alias, requesting ownership of that site to assign another writer to represent our hockey team.

I made clear this was not a personal issue. 

I have also used my twitter account to alert subsequent sites linking to any of his work. 

When Gallof was quietly removed from all sites that had anything to do with him in 2009 (including Chris Botta) I never wrote one single one word about it, many others were vindictive, his explanations insulting.

James Myrtle of the Toronto Globe & Mail  exposed his disgraceful conduct. 

Shortly afterward, Gallof decided to visit my old HF site to explain himself, Myrtle called Gallof  explanations " a ton of nonsense that's just flat out not true."

Mr Gallof in disclosing my personal information seems to think New York Islander Fan Central is about me hiding anonymously.

Never mind I gave my name/where I reside to the Islanders on the gm show previously (first question) & did many radio interviews with my name/location.

Unlike Gallof's countless alias's, NYIFC will always be about our hockey team's best interest. I guess you can write it's about the front of the jersey for me, not the name on the back. 

I formally recommend you contact the webmaster of WFAN/CBS, requesting Gallof not represent the New York Islanders as any kind of writer for their site because of his conduct.

If you are an aspiring writer interested in covering our team request the opportunity to write for them because that is in your best interest.

My name is Bill Barrett from Queens, & New York City, the Islander-Sound Tiger archives would tell you more of my personal story which was re-opened by yahoo groups this summer.

You can wake up now. 

New York is on the clock Friday night at the 2012 NHL draft. 
Time to get back to work.

Thank You Very Much

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