Mangano Announces Another Coliseum Plan

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Newsday: Reports County Executive Ed Mangano is expected to release an Request For Qualifications 7/9 seeking a "master developer" for the Nassau Hub property. The winning developer would be required to "immediately begin negotiations" with the Islanders and the arena's management, Pennsylvania -based SMG.

The goal, Mangano said, is to make up the difference between what Wang is willing to pay as the Coliseum's tenant and the total price tag of a new or renovated arena. The plan does not detail how much Wang would contribute. No county money is involved, Mangano said.
 Nassau Democratic Party chairman Jay Jacobs called Republican Mangano's plan "counterproductive" because it removes the county's ability to deal directly with the Islanders' leadership.

NYIFC Comments:
The usual suspects all comment, the New York Islanders do not, let the politics begin.

What I found interesting is Smg being any part of the long-term picture, their lease to operate the current facility ends in 2015, but long past articles indicate they have some control over what's constructed.

I see no plan that is viable for Charles Wang that does not give him all revenue from a new/renovated facility like many of his counterparts in New York, New Jersey. Asking the tenant to pay is not what other teams in  new facilities are receiving. 

The referendum agreed to last summer kept Wang out of the real estate business on the property or the physical construction of a new building.  He agreed to pay rent/a portion of all revenue while he kept the rest from all events beyond hockey.

That's what he was willing to sign a new lease for.

Bottom line whatever happens has to allow whoever the Islander owner is moving forward a financial structure to sustain an NHL franchise at that site.

Wang owns his hotel permanently so he has incentive to work something out that's sustainable past his tenure as the teams owner for a new/renovated building. 

Addition By Subtraction Defensively On Paper Improvement For New York

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Only time will tell if the 2012-13 New York Islanders are an improved team, however on paper there is no doubt despite losing Parenteau's offense there has been addition by subtraction even if Brad Boyes does not produce, Matt Carkner is injured again or simply cannot keep up.

Of course there are some big question marks already.

That does not even address Visnovsky at home considering his KHL offer/retiring vs reporting for camp.  

So what's addition by subtraction?
For that matter what's subtraction by addition?

There has been a little of both on paper.

Does it matter? Only thing that matters is winning. 

New York Notables/Brett Gallant Returning

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Frankly there is not much out there that screams the New York Islanders should jump in and make an offer regarding most of the remaining UFA, but everyone knew this was a very weak class.

Ray Whitney/Steve Sullivan both received bonus incentive contracts by Dallas/Phoenix, the kind the Islanders are criticized for?
My thoughts on Parise/Suter both signing for close to a hundred million dollars each is it only cost 130m dollars for the area in full which was publicly financed.

It get's even better, Wild officials a year ago wanted more state money/debt forgiven here.
Wild officials will ask the state to forgive the remaining $36.75 million the team owes on interest-free loans issued to help build Xcel Energy Center  in 2000.
Owner Craig Leipold for a second year claimed the team lost money.  & told the Star Tribune the following in April 
 We’re not making money, and that’s one reason we need to fix our system.
We need to fix how much we’re spending right now. [The Wild's] revenues are fine. We’re down a little bit in attendance, but we’re up in sponsorships, we’re up in TV revenue. And so the revenue that we’re generating is not the issue as much as our expenses. And [the Wild's] biggest expense by far is player salaries.”
In 2011 the former Nashville Predators Owner refused to comment on losses in this interview about his team that went from selling out every game since their return to only twenty five games sold out. 
Bottom line: 
I guess Leipold fixed how much he was spending right now by giving out twenty six years/one hundred ninety six million dollars in one day.

His former customers in Nashville must really love him now.

This is not a sustainable business model for the NHL unless it's subsidized by billionaires willing to take huge financial losses. The players should get every penny they can, but these offers are absurd. 

It's bad for the leauge, for the Devil/Predator fans to not see their home grown talent stay even if Parise leaving the Devils helps the Islanders in terms of competition which is not the point. 

The front-loaded club among teams has grown this summer with Minnesota, Pittsburgh joining, who both got taxpayer funded facilities.

These contracts set the market for others. If Carle who's hardly a scoring defender can get over six million a year, with Suter who's not Chara on defense or Streit on offense receives a hundred million where's the limit?

Donald Fehr is a very happy NHLPA director on this day.
Matt Carle got thirty three milllion from one of his former teams in Tampa Bay for a six year contract after a four goal/thirty eight point  season.
 Journal Pioneer: Has Brett Gallant's comments he's resigned with Bridgeport for 2012-13.

Revisiting Two Entries Targeting Poor Islander Fan Support

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In late May/Early June 2011, New York Islander Fan Central wrote two very unpleasant entries, it's time to repeat them.

5/31/11 Why Are We Here Now? Blame Yourselves.
6/3/11: The Only Way To Save New York Islanders? Purchase Tickets

There is little I can add to those entries in the last year, Wang absorbed another season 29th in attendance, our fans are not getting the message.

Ultimately people have to fill the seats/support this team or you make it very easy for politicians who do not want this team to remain here any longer to force them out. 

3/14/2012: Total Support For Charles Wang makes clear where this blog stands/why, he's done his part, and a lot more than his predecessors since 1990.

Bottom line the plan to stay home is not working, it did not work starting in 1989 nor does it work today regardless of who owns this franchise.

Kate Murray will get her sixty percent come election day, Mangano will likely get re-elected.  
Nassau Executive Ed Mangano has sent out  invitations for a campaign fundraiser in the Citi Field hospitality suite of Saul Katz, one of the New York Mets owners, for the Mets-Nationals game on July 24.
“Food, Drinks, Autographs, VIP Parking,” the invite says. “$1,000 for 1 ticket, $1,750 for 2…$2500 for 3 tickets…”Checks are to be made payable to Friends of Ed Mangano.

This would be " Pigs At The Trough ", soon to be Nassau County Executive, Tom Gulotta, who extended Smg's lease to 2015 (without review every six years) before he drove Nassau to near bankruptcy with his infamous comments about Howard Milstein, Steve Gluckstern. 

And of course in June 1999 Mort Certilman/other politicians were playing some of the same games, blaming the owners, Steve Jacobson's article closed with "Don't talk of love, show me".

Charles Wang showed us for a long time whether we liked the players or the contracts from Hamrlik to Tavares he spent his money, even fixing/improving a facility he's a tenant in. 

Tom Gulotta 4/26/2000-Thomas Gulotta has said that whoever purchases the team is expected to build a new arena.

What's changed for Nassau?

Our fans need a new approach. 

New York Islander Fan Central Notables On UFA/Isles

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New York Islander Fan Central Notables On UFA/Isles at

Kind of like the twitter box that used to post here but allows much bigger entries. 

Easier to post comments quickly on recent moves/free agents so folks can read a mix of blog entries, twitter comments on various Islander/NHL subjects that I wish to discuss.

Some things written about today, Parise, Boyes, Salvador, Carkner, Jokinen, Ryan, Hudler, Nielsen.

Dates to be aware of moving forward:
7/1-First day player can accept qualifying offer.
7/5 Last day a player can elect arbitration
7/15 Qualifying Offers Expire, but team retains rights.

Updated 7/4:
Eisbaren has finally announced Mark Katic has signed for our German friends visiting.

7/1 A Mixed Bag After Day One For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2012 01:30:00 AM |
One sure thing that can be written about day one of UFA is Doug Weight does not have some ceremonial title of Senior Advisor to the General Manager, he had a lot to say, and was obviously heavily involved.

On paper after day one of free agency the New York Islanders are moderately improved in one area, but weaker in others.

Games are never played on paper.

The picture is incomplete, that's the way it should be after one day, and it's likely going to stay that way.

It's a long summer, training camp, preseason, then you see what it looks like on opening night. 

The teams highest scoring right wing is gone, with a reclamation project in Brad Boyes getting a chance. No doubt  Kyle Okposo (the likely opening night winger with Tavares) with perhaps Bailey, Niederreiter, Joensuu also getting a chance.

Brad Boyes is quoted about how he was moved around in Buffalo, it sounded like what Josh Bailey will likely say if moving him to wing does not work out, which he has supported. 

Kyle Okposo is absolutely suited to the first line right wing role, it was his spot before his injury, Tavares won player of the month for part of the time he was temporarily placed back on that line.

Brad Boyes may turn out to be an improvement, however not on paper today,  if he replaces Pandolfo in the worst case that would be an improvement.

The defense got tougher with Matt Carkner, but is not faster (or more durable) but a big part of how things play out will come down to Visnovsky coming to camp or talking his offer in Russia.

Dylan Reese signed a two-way contract with Pittsburgh, Snow has a decision to be a little more patient or sign/trade for another middling defender to protect his prospects or increase the scoring. 

Snow made clear one of his defensive prospects should make the team which should be Calvin deHaan.

Eric Boulton could be glued to the bench here or play for Bridgeport.

Long way to go.

New York Signs D Matt Carkner, RW Brad Boyes, LW Eric Boulton

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Islanders website: Reports the club has come to terms with Brad Boyes, Matt Carkner with Garth Snow's comments.

Newark Star Ledger: Reports Left winger Eric Boulton, whose contract was bought out by the Devils, signed a one-year deal with the New York. 

Islanders website: Has comments from Brad Boyes, Garth Snow and some very interesting comments from Doug Weight.

“I watched Brad score 43 and 33 goals in consecutive years,” Weight said. “I don’t care if you played in 1920 or 2012, 43 goals in this league is amazing. He was our best player in those two years in St. Louis.”

“He’s a real good kid – prepared, professional and committed,” Weight said. “And you want to have good character people that are going to have the work ethic and the professionalism that we want to start building within here.”

Niagara Gazette: Boyes discusses what went wrong in Buffalo, and why he signed with New York. 
“(They offer) a position more suitable to my style, a top-six forward, a power-play situation,” Boyes said. “Those are two things that I think are something I’ll be able to put in.”

Islanders website has comments from Matt Carkner on why he signed with New York, along with how Snow, Doug Weight recruited him.

"I kind of knew of teams that were looking for me and I was excited to hear that they were going to be interested," Carkner said of the Isles. "I think I heard that just after 12 (p.m.) today that they were going to be sending an offer. It was good. I had a lot of different teams talking to me, and it took me a while to kind of decide and figure out what was the best fit for me. It was a little hectic, but it all worked out."   
“That’s a big factor,” Carkner said. “I was seeing my ice time kind of diminish in Ottawa, with a different coach coming in and a different style of play. I was coming off an injury as well. It just took me a while to get back to where I was, and that’s just kind of how it fell into place. I was happy to see what my options were and I think that I will fit in real well in New York with the Islanders. I am pretty excited to get a spot here.”
Islanders Senior Advisor to the General Manager and Assistant Coach Doug Weight believes that Carkner’s signing addresses a need for the organization to add some size and toughness to the blue line.
“Obviously, the first thing you think of is his toughness,” Weight said. “It’s certainly something we had to address as a team. We think there’s a big upside for Matt and not just in the toughness category. He’s hard to play against, has a solid defensive game and can win battles in the corner. He’s a good quality person and I think he can bring a lot to our defensive corps and a lot to our team. He can play the game, be a good PK guy and make us harder to play against.”

NYIFC Comments:
There was some demand for Carkner, obviously the Islanders overpaid for a player who on paper was not going to bring any offense to a club that desperately needs it nor has he been very durable.

Bottom  line for now (which can change within the hour) the strategy seems to be Okposo (Tavares wing before the injury) will go back to the spot he was playing. Boyes will be a gamble to see if he can become a scorer again but his floor will be better than Pandolfo. Parenteau got fair market value, Isles leave themselves open to legitimate second guessing if Okposo, Niederreiter, another prospect or Boyes does not produce to same level as Parenteau. 

Snow I guess is stocking up on some toughness adding, Carkner, Boulton his team needed some.

One thing for sure is the Islanders did not give Doug Weight a ceremonial title as assistant to the general manager. 

D Jon Landry has gone from Bridgeport contract to 2-way NHL contract with Islanders
PA Parenteau signed a 16m dollar contract with Colorado, four years.

Denver Post has Parenteau's comments on the signing.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed defenseman Dylan Reese to a one-year contract, two-way deal worth $600,000 at the NHL level. 

Penguins Website: Has Dylan Reese's comments.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabio has Jon Landry's comments on his first NHL contract.

Garth Snow's Comments As Free Agency Begins

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2012 03:22:00 AM |
NY Post: Brett Cyrgalis has again spoken with Islanders general manager, Garth Snow entering free agency about the teams plans.

  “We’ll see what comes to us,” Snow said Saturday. “We will try to get something worked out, but there is plenty of time between now and the start of the season. We’re going to try and address our needs and make our calls.”
“Free agents are concerned with the arena situation,” he said. “It’s hard to persuade a free agent with a 5- or 7- or 10-year deal when our lease is up in three years [2015] and they don’t know where they’ll be playing.”

“I think with Andrew MacDonald, Mark Streit, Travis Hamonic and now Visnovsky, we have solidified our top four,” Snow said. “We expect one of our [prospects] Calvin de Haan, [Matt] Donovan and [Aaron] Ness to make the team. So that’s five defensemen. We still have one hole to fill.”

“We’ll make our calls only July 1,” Snow said, “and try to improve our team then and throughout the week.”

NYIFC Comments:
For those keeping score the New York Islanders, are not given regular game coverage at the laughingstock Post, or even a section, but now four articles, two sessions with the gm, plus Cyrgalis calls out the media on rumors since Snow spoke to him before the draft?

Cyrgalis is getting a lot more than Dolan's beatwriter from Snow. 

Is this the same laughingstock NY Post, that had Larry Brooks writing on 3/21 that the team does not matter while parroting a former Isles media relations coordinator?

Ok, enough on that. Snow put Visnovsky in his mix of defenders, he has to for the moment. 

Why do I get the feeling if Snow offered a seven to ten year contract any player would accept that security if the money was front-loaded, and for some even if it were not. (which to be fair Wang has no business doing after getting nothing from Nassau County for twelve years)

I'm not thrilled with Snow these days since he's now employing the rebuilding often in interviews. I made that clear back in a Feb 2012 Entry. 

Snow can be as crypric as he likes, no problem there. I also made clear he should return as gm, but don't contradict yourself or you are insulting your fans/customers. 

Is the success a sign, though, that your rebuilding strategy may be ahead of schedule?
Snow: "I don't use that word rebuild. We're trying to make the playoffs and win a Stanley Cup like every other team. We don't go in with the mindset that losing is acceptable, and when that word is used, sometimes winning doesn't matter. I don't think I've used that word too much and if I have, it's been very limited. We're trying to win every hockey game we play in. The group that we have in that locker room, it may be young, but that doesn't make it can't have success."

When he uses the rebuilding word now often in interviews he comes off like a man who did not believe in his own words or is now covering himself.