Unless It's 2013-14 Related For New York...Not Interested

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/08/2013 05:16:00 AM |
New York Islander Fan Central is only setting up the 2013-14 season.

Beyond that the lockout here continues, there will be no game coverage here at all, no Islander-centric twitter updates from this point forward. 

I'm sorry. I would respectfully suggest folks who feel otherwise please visit another New York Islander content related website until the forty/whatever games conclude.

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers play Tuesday night at home against Hershey, prospects world-wide have games to play.

These are the games/twitter updates for 2012-13 at NYIFC.

I'm well aware players in Bridgeport who have done their part will be leaving for New York, and have earned the opportunity to be in the NHL.

Unless it has something to do (there are subjects which will overlap ) with 2013-14 there will be no interest in writing about it here even if the Islanders are undefeated, win the Stanley Cup, and go down the Canyon Of Hero's.

If the Islanders add to their Hall Of Fame that is something which will be written about here, not the game which will follow it.

Yes, it's time for Jiggs McDonald, John Tonelli, Butch Goring, and a large majority of the Core Of The Four to be inducted before the club relocates. 

If the Islanders sign, trade, invite a player for only this season, it will not be written about at all here, the same will apply to injuries unless they impact 2013-14.

No trade deadline coverage unless an acquired player is signed for 2013-14. 

GM/coaching/staff interviews/hiring/firing are an overlapping subject to be determined as we go, the plan is to concentrate on 2013-14.

I have no interest in Charles Wang, Garth Snow, Doug Weight, Brent Thompson, or any staff/player interviews about the product related to the forty/whatever games.

Only 2013-14.
What division (or conference playoff format) will be the new model in 2013-14?  (remember that approved  playoff format last year the players wanted with only four available playoff spots)

At usual the professional media cannot even figure out what day players/owners will be ratifying this brutal CBA agreement so expect nothing but the usual poor work full of worthless sourced based contradictions.

The NHL.com version of the final ratified CBA will be posted on the sidebar here when official. 
I'm done writing about media until 2013-14.

My advice is it's your turn to see things for what they are, and speak out when you know things are unfair regardless of a teams record.

This blog has done more than anyone on criticizing poor, lazy, selective, sourced based, biased reporting with an agenda for their own market/whatever.

If you are so upset with the NYI product that you accept anything reported via sources or people who do not even cover the team (ex: Katie Strang) which is factually incorrect that's your choice.

My respectful advice has always been to be educated on such matters or lower your standards to accept anything written. (even treating fan blogs as professional which they are not starting with this one)

Be positive or critical based on what's factually fair. 

If Dolan's laughingstock Knicks can be treated like gold by NYC media salesman (who need Msg ad dollars) with one playoff win in a decade (less than the NYI) it's your choice to contact media, editors, and demand the double-standards stop or rally fellow fans not to accept such reporting bias.

My take is you are entitled to a fair balance, nothing more. 

Or remain silent, and expect things to stay the same/get worse. (is that possible?)
Again, your decision.
Unless there is something to write regarding Lubomir Visnovsky for 2013-14.....not interested.

He's the perfect example of why it's best to ignore this forty plus game cash grab, who's wasted more of our important time since June of last year than any player in New York recorded memory. 

Beyond that please educate yourselves about Rick DiPietro's contract.

Unless Charles Wang in 2006 could not get insurance on his contract for his later years, and RDP is injured entering 2013-14 there is no reason at all for a buyout.......NONE. 

Beyond that If RDP cannot play entering 2013-14 insurance would pay the remainder of his contract, his cap hit removed without a buyout.

I hope he's healthy, and productive so this discussion for 2013-14 ends. 

Thank You Very Much

Bridgeport home Tuesday.

Pending Approval NHL, NHLPA Reach Framework For New CBA

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/06/2013 06:59:00 AM |
NHL, NHLPA Reach Framework For New CBA

"Don Fehr and I are here to tell you that we have reached an agreement on the framework of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the details of which need to be put to paper," NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said. "We have to dot a lot of I's and cross a lot of T's. There is still a lot of work to be done, but the basic framework has been agreed upon. We have to go through a ratification process and the Board of Governors has to approve it from the League side and, obviously, the players have to approve it as well."

NYIFC Comments: 
Again in terms of 2012-13, NYIFC will not be covering games because this is not a legitimate season regardless of the New York Islanders performance on ice. This blog will examine moves that will impact 2013-14.

My hope is Charles Wang, and seven other owners (updated-perhaps only majority needed) turn down any agreement where a CBA begins with huge permanent spending disparities between corporate teams willing to use their personal business to write off red ink for advantages, vs other owners without large corporations who need their NHL investment to be a sustainable business. Most franchises as stand alone businesses cannot spend fifty million dollars much less sixty or seventy million, massively front-loading, with a cap ceiling that will at some point approach one hundred million dollars.

Do I expect eight (perhaps only majority) of owners to reject what Mr Bettman agreed to? No.

This is why the league needed to be shut down last September? 

A system that will now likely include buyouts to correct mistakes which will lead to more overspending?

It's a terrible business model, one designed where there will be a lack of financial competitive balance for many/most franchises that were losing money spending fifty million much less a system now that likely will begin near seventy million.

When the 2004-05 lockout ended there was no front-loading, a system that previously saw 28 million dollars payrolls vs 80m dollar payrolls (with UFA beginning at age 31) become a balanced system with a ceiling at 39m.

This system will begin with a 26 million dollar disparity that will only get worse, with UFA for players in their prime, with front-loading continuing on a large scale, and now buyouts for mistakes to increase the disparity even more. 

It appears Mr Fehr won handily on every issue, giving NHL a permanently broken system like MLB. 

2012-13 NHL Season Cancelled At New York Islander Fan Central

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/02/2013 02:59:00 PM |
It's not 1994-1995. This writer saw one of those seasons long ago at a time a lockout was something new/different at a time before there was social media.

In retrospect that NHL season was nothing short of an insult to NHL fans. I do not consider any possible 2012-13 season as legitimate or wish to participate. 

Of course everyone wants their money, the hockey media wants their paychecks/pageviews. 

This is not a New York Islander issue directly related to  the management/team beyond being an NHL franchise or about any individual member of the NHLPA who would wear a New York Islander uniform.

If it's the final Nassau Coliseum season that would be a disappointment, however it's beyond our control or the correct reason to write about games here.  

Having written this New York Islander Fan Central will not be writing or doing twitter updates about the 2012-13 New York Islander on-ice games under any circumstances whether they win a Stanley Cup Championship or finish 30th if games eventually take place at all. 

The content presented here will be related to setting up the 2013-14 season (if one takes place) along with what's happening in Bridgeport, and teams prospects with the NHL draft.

That will include trades/personnel changes, signings that need to be made (Anders Lee) when terms of a cba are established with regard to prospects or departing players.
CBA terms will be published when an agreement is eventually made because that will setup the 2013-14 season.

The on-ice 2012-13 New York Islander/NHL season has been cancelled in terms of New York Islander Fan Central regardless of what is eventually decided in CBA negotiations. 

My apologies to our great, loyal readers, everyone has their own decision to make on this subject.

New York Islander Fan Central as promised will remain viewable until October 2013.

No decision regarding the future of this site or it's predecessors back to 2000 has or will ever be made based on team performance, off-ice issues or CBA negotiations.

If New York Lease Iron-Clad/No Opt-Out It's Most Successful Year In Generation

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/30/2012 05:25:00 PM |
The title is the bottom line.

The New York Islanders needed to secure a future home that goes beyond Charles Wang's tenure as owner.

In 2012 that's exactly what happened. A twenty five year lease starting in 2015 takes us into 2040. 

That makes this the most successful year the New York Islanders have had in over a generation.

This problem has gone on since John Tavares was an infant here.  You can play for the Stanley Cup in 1991, but if you don't have a future home secured there is no team as Minnesota North Star fans could tell everyone.

The discussion about this problem is finally over. 

We can all discuss the upside/downside, true financial gains (if any) made here to make the New York Islanders product sustainable at Barclay's Center as a tenant.

What matters is Wang (hopefully Michael Picker) believe they will have a more sustainable product now, and for future New York Islander owners so that's why this decision was made.

New York Islander tradition continues.

Happy New Year. 

Media-wise the New York Islanders will have less/worse professional media than they had in 1972 to rebuild their brand........it's the biggest problem moving forward by a mile.

No pro sports team anywhere will have less.

Msg's latest president, Hank Ratner, can spare us the great relationship comments, and make sure the New York Islanders receive their three hundred plus million to be hidden on their network until 2030 hopefully with a pregame.

NYC taxpayers have been giving Msg hunderds of millions since 1982 in what was supposed to be a ten year deal. That agreement also included low-cost electricity.
The good news is for now, Scott Pellerin, found a way to get his team on track with a lot of injuries. It's been more than a good sampling 5-1-2 to credit the rookie AHL coach.

Will Pellerin likely match the stretch 29th place coach, Brent Thompson, started a year ago at this time? No. 

Ness, Donovan, Wishart the only likely NHL alternatives on defense. No Hamonic, deHaan, Kabanov.

For the next 2-3 weeks no Brock Nelson.

At the moment, Ullstrom, Cizikas have stayed healthy,  Ullstrom despite a four point game has not been very productive.

Obviously the headline is Niederreiter, with Persson/Sundstrom/Nelson very impressive.
Most of the summer here was spent going through the motions of putting together the 2012-13 New York Islander roster. There is no point discussing it further at this time.

Player Garth Snow's Comments On Lockout Sept 2004

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/26/2012 08:58:00 PM | | |
On 9/28/04: Locked Out NHL player Garth Snow gave the Toronto Star an interview on playing in Russia.  

USA Today's Kevin Allen on 9/27/04 had a more positive article.

Tsn.ca reported Snow left St Petersberg on 12/21/2004 in an era before there was a KHL.

On 7/29/2005 Snow was resigned by the Isles to a three year extension as an UFA.
NYIFC Comments:  
This entry has nothing to do with the previous post about the general manager.

I felt it would be interesting to take a quick look back at how NHL locked out player, Garth Snow, saw the 2004-05 lockout.

I always remembered this interview because of his honest, candid comments at the time.

Snow before 2010 was the only recent former player who had become a general manager since the 04-05 lockout beyond brief co-gm Brett Hull with Dallas who retired in October 2005.

This has nothing to do with players immediately named gm.

Bob Clarke was hired as gm by Ed Snider of the Flyers upon his retirement after 83-84, who was fired by Jay Snider before becoming gm in Minnesota, Florida before returning to Philadelphia as senior vp, then gm, which he held until 2006 when after being fired, he again was named senior vp in Dec 2006. 

Ray Shero was a long-time assistant in Ottawa/Nashville before behind hired by Pittsburgh in 2006.
Dave Nonis was gm in Vanvouver from 2004-2008. 

Among the current general managers:
Steve Yzerman was named Tampa's gm in 2010, his final NHL season was 2005-06.
Former Islander/new Montreal gm, Marc Bergervin's final NHL season was 2003-04.
Fun Story Of The Day: 
So in September 2001 Vancouver gm Brian Burke wanted to claim Garth Snow off waivers? 

Funny on 1/6/2001 the all-knowing Vancouver media has Burke's comments on Garth Snow's goaltending vs Felix Potvin after Snow left. 

Sorry gang, Snow's 2000-01 stats in Pittsburgh did not scream he had improved. Chris Osgood was  claimed off waivers with DiPietro being left in Bridgeport. 
Bridgeport Win/Loss:
Nino Niederreiter scored two goals in first period, took a stick in the face, returned but only took one brief pp shift in second period on Wednesday in Sound Tigers 5-2 win. David Ullstrom has three assist, one ENG. 

Nothing on Travis Hamonic or Brock Nelson close to returning.

Garth Snow Interview Again Contradicts His Past Comments

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/18/2012 05:56:00 PM |
NHL.com: Did an interview with Garth Snow on 12/18 where he discussed several subjects.

NYIFC Comments:
Snow again employeed his 2012 favorite word---------rebuilding.

This was something he made clear was a word he did not like and rarely used back in 2009.  There have been several entries here critical of him for this change which began when the 2011-12 season fell apart  here.

If Garth Snow does not believe his own past statements, he's not being honest with the public or himself.

That's very disappointing because the outside talent his staff has identified, the excellent contract negotiations with many players re-signing here (Tavares, Okposo, Grabner, MacDonald, Nielsen x 2) speak to his skills that he absolutely is a capable NHL general manager who's had some very poor luck with man games lost to injury with players signed to very astute contracts at the time (Witt, Hunter, Sillinger, Sim,  Reasoner, Comrie, Eaton) where most simply broke down.

I asked Snow flat out about front-loaded contracts in one of his past Islander website ask the gm segments. I did not get a real answer or was expecting one.

Charles Wang in his XM 10/25/12 interview referred to front-loaded contracts as " One of those fancy, funny deals with big money up front----signing bonus, " when discussing the straight yearly contract DiPietro signed.

I have absolutely no problem with that stance by Wang if that's his view on front-loading.

Brian Burke refused to do it in Toronto. Montreal would not either and when the time came to sign top free agents the building made no difference. Those franchises (like all others with the same policy IE San Jose) all never landed one top free agent. 

Reality here is Garth Snow can discuss free agency all he likes. He can redo the dance in the past about the building being a factor to help Wang get a new/renovated arena in Nassau which is exactly what he should have been doing. 

But now we move forward when the day comes when there will be NHL unrestricted free agency again on 7/1.  There may be front-loading, or not.  If there is front-loading Wang/Snow will have to do it whether the Isles play at the Barclay's Center, Nassau Coliseum or in Montreal if they wish to land a top player.

If not, the building again will not matter. 

If front-loading is out of the next CBA it levels the playing field more, but whatever loophole is found to exploit the system as we saw when front-loading really got started with the Drury, Gomez, Briere, Smyth UFA class, this time Garth Snow will have to do the same if he's serious about landing any top free agents.
John Spano joined twitter-I asked him on 12/18 if an apology to NYI fans, Mr Pickett for your actions is a respectfully appropriate request to ask of you.

He responded with the following: here.

Rick DiPietro Returns To US/New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/13/2012 12:29:00 AM |
SC Riessersee:  Reports Rick DiPietro flew home on Dec 11th. Two American teammates have also returned to the US with only one of the players (not DiPietro) perhaps returning to Germany if there is no end to the NHL lockout.

The article does not definitively state if DiPietro is finished in Germany or could return in the future but the images posted gives the appearance he will not be returning. Other NHL players are returning home for the holidays.

NYIFC Comments: 
The NY Post claimed Rick DiPietro told them he is not injured, he has only played one game in Germany. It would seem there are many teams/places in North America where he can work out. Bottom line if he is healthy he is doing nothing in terms of getting into game shape by playing actual games which there is no substitute for.

Of course many New York Islander/NHL players are in the same circumstances which includes Evgeny Nabokov.
In terms of goaltending it's been mildly noticeable Kevin Poulin has not started in any of the last five games for Bridgeport. Perhaps Nilsson's illness earlier means things are being evened up, however this is a long time for Poulin to sit on what is obviously a struggling team, despite it's recent win/overtime loss.

Bridgeport's struggles are to a point a stretch like this can define a season. 

Former head coach Brent Thompson played Poulin down the stretch, through the first round during last years playofffs while Nilsson was injured in March. 
Final New York Islander televised game days in calendar year 2012? Twenty two if you count being hidden on +2 televised after games pulled for TWC subscribers. 
As for the NHL lockout, as written previously there will be no further entries pending an agreement of a new CBA or the cancellation of the NHL season.

This writer has given it's views many times along with the media coverage.

On 9/21 an entry was written here on Jim Devellano's comments, it was the one article you should still be reading now here.