New York Playoff Update/Quick Comment

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Not on board with this, but not my decision. For whatever my thoughts about Nassau County, and it's failings for decades due to apathetic fans, you don't take a team out of a building for almost 70 days, then expect them to just pick things up, and call it home ice advantage. Same reason if team was playing all it's game at Barclay's, you don't move them back to Nassau, and stop your own momentum.

Ok, now we know, if they qualify, the NHL spoke loud & clear. Nassau is not suitable. They never should have set such a schedule to vacate Barclay's for this duration. Laura Curran, should have knocked off her cyber-bully act with Bettman & paid up the difference, who no doubt is very unhappy with Nassau having tickets available on gamedays & Cuomo should have had his check book out like he does for Dolan if he wanted playoffs to pay the difference in revenue.

Just makes me think more & more Belmont is only about what Azoff/Dolan want for the 110 days Oakview will have it's acts & NYI will be the 41-day hidden tenant once we are done being used as pawns to get a shovel in the ground.

Quick Comment: If Marc Berner at the Horse Racing Journal wants to do his act on me, could care less. But there are these things called facts/research. All Coliseum bids were for a massively downsized renovation, including Dolan's, who's bid was for his AHL team playing there for good. As for his concrete in the toilet stories, produce some images or stick to the horses.

And there is that inconvient thing called the lease which called for 10 luxury boxes or combined suites & specific language who pays for plumbing.

Lamoriello's History/Looking Ahead Pt II

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Not much to write since last update, beyond Flyers/Panthers not much changed, NY playing numbers, even doing above expectations but east owns west. Still driven by Trotz comments earlier team was year or two away from being top of conference team yearly & likely would not win in playoffs. Sorry, don't expect chemistry changes unless things dramatically change, this group gave up their offense & bought in, an outsider facing UFA likely will not. The magic number is 43 to qualify vs Carolina, still too much hockey to play, and you leave that defense alone for a good three years.
How Lamoriello worked with Leafs in a playoff run. Don't expect much.

Looking Ahead For NY

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Trades/big moves? Many more quality UFA than in past years, franchise set on defense with prospects coming & players signed to 3-4 year deals. Not much playoff depth in Bridgeport that can step into top six and produce. Lamoriello will do what Snow did, wait on his UFA & take his chances with 7/1, and the same will happen with the other playoff teams with UFA. Ladd/Hickey & his other NHL depth, with so many games ahead they may need everyone to take some games off.

If they qualify home rink? As much as they need to be in NYC, they set this schedule, and took Barclay's out of the mix, and made it a lame duck since 2017. Can't have a team go from 2/16 into April & change rinks again, but for now it does seem a league decision & a bad one because this fan base needs months to buy tickets. Anyone thinking 14-16k people are going to purchase tickets last minute on no notice don't understand how this tiny fan base works, some of them will never go to Barclay's, and Dolan's media has AP in on the act selling failed Nassau & their Belmont Arena scheme with Azoff, despite past games in NYC outperforming announced Nassau attendance on the same days.

1/21/19 Lamoriello Spot On...Nothing's Been Accomplished

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I don't care what some shock jock who knows nothing about being part of any team, but their own, and is so insecure, has to write his name in big print before his article to market himself. You kind of laugh at that but it is notable Lamorielo ignored NY Post (who ignored covering a first place team Sunday) & the Dolan's newspaper, and called Toronto. Tons more competition among few media ego's left, fighting for few jobs left, than on the ice.

The Calm Continues vs Ducks.

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Every team in a playoff spot got a big fat regulation loss since Sat, Washington lost in Chicago Sunday. Ducks had two wins after losing 12 straight, and were in a playoff spot. They beat NYI earlier this year.