Lamoriello on Trotz/Other Subjects

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Time to see our new gm finally.

New York Losses Barclay's Likely Forever on 2/28/19 Via Cuomo/Dolan

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NYI season schedule was released late Thursday. Cuomo added 8 more Nassau games for 2018-19 out of nowhere & Barclay's Schedule concludes for the season on 2/28/19. They won't be back for playoffs or likely ever again.

Yormark made clear he wants every game he can get in Nassau also, that will get interesting if Dolan does get an arena, and leaves in a few years.

You can bet with a schedule crafted like this they will never play another game at Barclay's ever again if Cuomo can alter their schedule on a whim like this. Who knows how fast he can kick them out of NY entirely? There will be no even split in years ahead, it will be all games at 13,000 seat no revenue NYCB on Cuomo's orders.

Nassau will not be ready for games until 12/1/18 which is likely the only reason they are playing any games at Barclay's next season.

As great as the day began, that's how bad this ends. To go back to a failed location where Dolan's puppet Cuomo tells them when/where they play as Dolan become our landlord is a joke, but to put them in a 13,000 seat building that failed in the past will put them out of business.

Usual False Narrative To Deceive Gullible Fans:
It's A LI fan base, it's where they belong.

Not LI fan base, Barclays outdrew Nassau 16/25 years, tied 6 others. Barclays's won draw despite all Dolan's media negativity, lies, and no Sat games. 

Bled red ink in 16,000 seat Coliseum forever win or lose with a cap floor payroll.
Will go bankrupt in NYCB at 13,000 and no luxury boxes with new spending.

Reality Check:
Every excuse was removed by ownership not to sellout, and you are now expected to pay NYC corporate prices for your cap-max Nassau team and sellout every single game. If not, how can these owners stay here in business?

You stay home now & do the old dance can't afford games/prices, not your problem, then owners can't afford the world class experience they gave you. So it's time to be that legit LI fan base & walk the walk you hated me writing for years, or these owners have every right to remind you of years of telling them we need to be in Nassau.

Pressure is all on you, better get ready to pony up because you are on the clock to sellout every game in Nassau, can't do that you can't have a team at those prices.

Can't pay NYC prices for NYC payroll, can't have Nassau team, and Cuomo will pull his arena for NYI & let Dolan be his own landlord at Belmont with his teams.

As for NYC Barclay's fans Cuomo/Dolan yanked the rug out from under them, you get vested in a season, and they take it from you on 2/28/19, of course they will put playoff games in Nassau, and once it's ready for hockey they will never play there in the future.

President and General Manager Lou Lamoriello announced today that the team has hired Barry Trotz as Head Coach !!

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Trotz conference call

Islanders website release & comments. "Barry brings to the New York Islanders franchise a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and success," said Islanders President and General Manager Lou Lamoriello. "He is and has been one of the top coaches in the National Hockey League. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with him."

NYIFC Comments: Thrilled........absolutely thrilled !!

This is someone you let run with this job for 20 years, and move him into management when Lamoriello is done, people like them can do any job successfully.

I would have made him the highest paid coach if that's what it took, made no difference, it pays for itself.

No words can express the joy this brings me. Wanted this more than Tavares resigned. He'll make everyone better on this roster. So happy for our fans, they really deserve this.

Stay tuned, not sure if any kind of press conference with management in Dallas or next week when they get to New York.

They got Barry Trotz.

Feels like Mr Torrey was watching over this one with Al.

Barzal Wins Calder

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New York Notables: Status Quo/Updated

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Updated: Barry Trotz resigned from Caps, and is available to speak with NYI now. Dave Tippett signed as an advisor with one of Dolan's shell companies in Seattle.
No idea what Lamoriello will do about anything or what Tavares will do besides this year long saga ending in thirteen days.

Either the team will have Tavares or the cap space to build around some good players, either direction is a long-term risk.

I put zero stock in gossip/rumors/negotiations being anything one way or another.

Something good will come out of this either way.

My guess is if there was an available coach Lamoriello wanted to hire,  it would have happened by now. 

I'm hoping Lamoriello is holding out for Barry Trotz, given gm, Brian MacLellan's very luke warm support. Clearly the Caps winning the cup put the gm in a tough spot, and it would be a pr nightmare for him to go, but clearly that was MacLellan's plan A or he would have been re-signed long ago.

For myself, I want a veteran coach for the first time since Al Arbour. It's time the players see a veteran coach behind the bench who knows how to win at this level, get the most out of his roster, and can create a culture where this team is not playing to hang on in the third period.

Maybe it's a mistake, and some young coach is the next great coach, but it's time to change the look behind that bench with some veteran experience. Before some of these young players leave I want them to work with an experienced NHL head coach, who can maybe take their game where an AHL coach can't because they are not experienced either, and I'm not talking Ted Nolan.

Don't want the former Rangers coach and not just because he answered to the goalie, and lost his job because he finally called him out. Did not like how he finished in Vancouver or Montreal. Flip flopping on Tippett because of recent winning/being a west-coast coach like Quenneville. Would not mind Sutter from Kings, not Brent.

Want zero part of  Scott Stevens as a head coach with no experience, we just saw that with Weight.

I watched Weight press conference after season again, feel bad have been so tough on him, he was really beaten/broken, and owner saying they failed hurt. Like Weight, good hockey man, just not the right job for him given career experience.

I want Halak back, don't see a better goalie available, put zero stock in outsiders blaming the goaltending, they just looked at numbers, not the shots against or all the 40 plus shot games he won or held them in. With 14 days left it would hardly be a shock to see Halak land elsewhere, and help a team win.

Without Halak this team could be drafting first Friday, they gave up shots against that go back over 20 years. 

Devon Toews is 24, and where Pulock was last summer, he needs to be in the NHL, and too good to let go without a strong return.

RFA will answer some questions when we see who's qualified in seven days.

The upcoming schedule with two home arena's will produce some new very unpleasant challenges.  Knowing how Nassau operates surprised they are not complaining about only one preseason game given that old six game agreement called for two preseason games, all the extra regular season games does not resonate with them.

And don't expect a friendly Coliseum landlord knowing the re-branded BSE is just a temporary home.

Prospect camp begins with what could be a lot of lame-duck coaches next week. 

Ok, so a very full couple of weeks coming.

On a positive note (not 100 percent) but expect to be available for NHL draft both days. 

7/1 will likely not be available until the early afternoon, but does not start until noon, it's not a deep UFA class with many Islanders at top of defense in Hickey/deHaan right now.