Eberle Five Year Extension 5.5

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Eberle interview on audio.

5.5 is a good number, it's likely front-loaded/lockout protected, would not have gone much higher than six, another satisfied customer. They needed a right wing.

Want Lee signed.

Arnaud Durandeau ELC, Fritz Two Year Extension

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This would leave 2015 7th pk, D Petter Hansson, unsigned past deadline.

New York: Off The Ice....

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This entry will be very short. Featured entries with dates back to 2016-17 remain on the sidebar, what's been written here & on twitter, is still the way I see things.

If Malkin-Ledecky want to tell the public it's Belmont or Quebec, as Dolan's Newsday propaganda people for two years love to claim, please tell us......along with how you are walking away from all the cable money through 2032, which is still around 300 million dollars?

Let's hope we have a nice October-November Coliseum weeknight schedule to convince everyone who had any doubt (if 25 years of empty seats in Nassau from 1989-2015 were not enough) by the announced 11-12,000 crowds last season Nassau/Belmont is not where you put an arena for an NHL team, when thirty teams need or are screaming for a city-based arena.

We know the New York Islanders are pawns here, and this is NOT being built for them, the 41-day tenant. This is only to get a shovel in the ground as revenge for 2013, eight miles from an arena Dolan lost, along with the HUB he wanted to develop.

The player header is getting a break until the roster is decided, the historical site has the classic header/tons of images. I expect to update on draft day/prior as always.

Lehner? No, too many soft goals/outbursts/talking/injuries. Need a true #1, system made both goalies, a few similar goalies more durable out there. Sure, he'll get the Masterson/not Vezina.

Lee? Pay the man, give him the years, see no skating issues, great leader/character player, will get 20-40 if he's healthy for years.

Eberle? He's not getting more than six anywhere, who's replacing him as RW on top lines if Wahlstrom/Ho-Sang are not ready? Finished great in first round, he'll be fine, he wants a raise, has to be a small one but would give it to him, was clutch against west all season, he wants seven, no thanks.

Filppula? You are spending all this money (above) you are going to need some bargains, who better? Sorry Trotz, you want more scoring but players here need raises who bought into the system.

Nelson Re-Signed Six Years

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Nelson comments:

New York On The Ice: Best Season In Generations

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The title says it all, they were that good at their best.

To go from the most goals/shots/penalty kill against a year ago to this almost understates how well this team, with a schedule since late Feb that was terrible played, it was the singular reason they did not hold first place.

Everyone bought in from day one, the character targeted so often in the past drafts lived up to their expectations. Someone found a way every game, it did not matter who.

Mayfield, Pelech contracts are downright steals. Toews was exactly as advertised which anyone who followed Bridgeport knew. Pulock's offense dropped, but his speed/skill moving puck carried team. Boychuk, until the end looked reborn/the system protected him, Leddy's speed/skill moving puck carried team also.

Forwards brought in/helped layer defense, stabilized penalty kill, and system gave goalies many 20-25 shot against games. The fourth line that used to be at best an even shift, got twenty out of Cizikas, Martin got his share, and Clutterbuck struggled but got a few. That line set the tempo, and won a lot of games outright.

For me the 2018-19 New York Islanders checked every box you have seen me write about here since 2007/earlier, almost to perfection.

Avoid regulation losing streaks...check...Build up record, get to eight over, then ten, twelve, fifteen, eighteen, twenty..check..check..check. Keep shots against down..massive check. Eighty two games, and no regulation losing streaks longer than two games...Unreal, and all 82 games were high pressure games/so many must keep pace games as Carolina, Montreal, Columbus, even Flyers until late just would not go away. 

Expected improvement, as soon as Trotz was hired, and playoff contention. Nothing like least goals/shots allowed.

They got two goalies coming off terrible years, and protected them very well. Lehner/Greiss deserve every accolade plus Jennings, and Vezina consideration.

We know the powerplay struggled badly, but on paper it was not far off from many other teams.

Had no doubt they could beat Pens if they caught them at the right time, they did. Game three was textbook, as NY got stronger, Pens were chasing them the entire third period.

The calls against Carolina spoke for themselves. I'm still bitter, and feel NY could easily be playing. NHL has had a poor playoff, with many horrendous calls, three calls played a big part in ending NYI season. Full marks to Carolina.

Lou Lamoriello can blame himself for the deadline, but it's not fair. Tavares lack of a return is a big factor, he finished higher than Toronto, who kicked him upstairs, and took two players/Pierre Greco from them.

Barry Trotz lived up to all my expectations, and more. He deserves Jack Adams by a mile, his press conferences were must see television, we all learned things, so did players.

It was the best season in generations (despite 101,100 point seasons recently), they deserved better, but all eight teams in this conference could have won the cup that qualified with Montreal.

I'm very proud, but this is a fan who still expects Stanley Cups every year.