Uncharted Waters For New York/Notables

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We all know what happened last time NY swept a team, we got a way to go for that, but what happened against Pens was special. That team is outstanding, and despite their ability to win 8/10 or lose 8/10 all season, NY got them out before things turned, and they did it in a way champions did, they gave Pens nothing. Murray had to be good or it would have been worse. Eberle was dominating, so was Nelson, and team defense.
What you aspire to is the team hitting it's best game in the playoffs, that's what happening with no real pressure on one player to carry them, with a defense that got stronger after game one. Anyone who watched this team all season knew what they had in Pulock, Pelech, Mayfield, and now Toews who may have saved last season, these guys are only getting better at this age, everyone bought in.

It's been special, still not sold on Lehner full time because 82 games were played & two goalies were well protected by the system, and won Jennings together. Happy for Lehner off-ice, but this is an on-ice game.

Yes, had shades of Tavares-Capuano when a player grabbed the white board from Gomez, and drew up a play, a red-flag for me. For Lamoriello/Trotz, second round is expected, for older generation same, for many we know recent playoff history.

Not sure what's ahead. Carolina since December has been outstanding & did nothing but find ways to win, and seem to have an extra gear or three, and having fun. They are loaded with offense, and Waddell adding Niederreiter was a great move, & deHaan is playing again which is great news. That win here in January was memorable to me, they answered their questions in goal. I do think they are a tougher out than Washington, who escaped a game with an overtime win, and held on in game one.

Home is home. I want them in NYC for good because that's where the money/people are. Dolan's media wants Belmont for themselves, and will find tons of LI fans to push what they are selling for themselves. Their spin-doctors will come in and make it THE story-line because the hockey is a side-bar for them. They are not here to make our team more popular in NYC where we need to be for financial survival which the poor attendance in Nassau proved did not work.

On the ice this team has needed a break desperately since late February, hopefully it brings them what we saw in game three, 25 shots against, that's how they got here when they were allowing 20-25 shots. It went up fast as they played every other day and lived on road or played six in ten too often.

Like match-up against Caps who will be tired but with home ice, do not like facing Canes, who's early shot disparity finally paid off. And what Columbus did was no fluke at all, they got that break on coast when they were dead, Vancouver started a backup so they had the easiest game, then another break, and earned that spot over Montreal. That 4-0 win against NY is what they are doing now, and Tampa could not throw the switch, and just play at that level in must win games. Yes, want Tavares out with arrogant Leafs regardless, who have given Lamoriello/NY no credit for finishing ahead of them. It's a wonderful story, but they won't touch it up there because it makes Toronto look awful, and he cost NYI talent that may make the difference for years. Gillies was right on that.

Will do a better job here moving forward, the first round format did not work for me, even going dark on twitter did not help much avoiding social media, will come up with something in the middle & not make twitter account private for the rest of the season.

Really want a big playoff run in Bridgeport starting Friday, it's time for them up there, the people deserve the Calder Cup.

The team owes a reason why no Nystrom award after promising one in the first round, unless something up with Bob Nystrom personally, given his son's comments, don't see it that way, he was not happy so team promised award during playoffs, did not happen.

New York Sweep... Part II/Notables

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The better team won, and did it in a way that was stunning, but not unexpected for a team with more points, that did not lose four straight all season.

Put together the twitter comments/left out media items for the most part.

Social media avoidance did not work given it's connected to all professional media, so moving forward will go back to what was done here all season.

New York Sweeps Pittsburgh !!!

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Much more tomorrow, some twitter comments posted.

New York Notables

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Ultimately the better team will likely win, games are won on ice, not social media. Time to sit back & enjoy the playoffs for both NY/Bridgeport. The plan is watch series, then when it's over write about it. If NYI advance will do the same thing for each round.

What I can write is based on both teams seasons. NY again on the same schedule with no breaks, playing every other day has to become the team they were when they were getting days off, allowing 20-25 shots, either that or we have to hope for the Penguins team that goes from first to last, with an ability to struggle badly on defense, and allow bad goals. The other version of Pens that can become unbeatable, could make it very tough on NY to go with Lehner's playoff inexperience/soft goals where they may well need a 1-0, 2-1 win.
The same will be done on twitter, which is now private as in the past.

4/8 Lou Lamoriello Audio

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