New York: 8th Seed Or No Playoffs/Notables

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Nothing really new to write since the last update. Will not be repetitive for the sake of posting an update.

Sorry, but wrote, will not be using this website to take the teams temperature, we know the math, and the best possible outcome is an 8th vs 1 playoff series (a 20+ point disparity) with likely quick elimination in that unlikely event.

This team is in the wrong division. 

Given the road schedule, the lack of days off, just do not see a playoff spot but hope I'm wrong. Someone is again going to win ten straight or better to close out the 8th seed.

As for the trade deadline, they need a top six scoring natural right wing, as great as Bailey has been. There is no solution to this problem, not now (or last summer) and again not in UFA this July.

Can't be a rental who's available to go UFA in two years, plus whatever money this ownership has left to be available for Tavares.

Between Barzal, Beauvillier (who said he prefers center) Tavares, Nelson, Strome, Quine, Cizikas why would they need another center like Duchense who's numbers are very close to Nelson? (who's a year younger at 6'3 vs a player 5'11 on a losing team for years)

Tavares is not playing on a line with Duchense, two career centers, ownership can't pay both with stub-hub tickets from October/November Monday games. 

Dal Colle is a left wing, same as Bellows.

Ho-Sang is the signed ring wing prospect menu in the organization.

I know folks want Pulock in the lineup, but Seidenberg has been the best defensive signing by a mile for this organization. For a decade they wanted a steady depth defender, not that he gets any media coverage for his efforts, but this is a player they should resign.

If Halak can't play in New York, and no team wants his contract, no issue here with him giving the fans of Bridgeport a playoff spot & a serious run at a Calder Cup. 16-2-1 just to get fringe third seed, but a lot of hockey to be played. Bridgeport all season has been unstoppable or a team that cannot win for a month.

Of course Halak should be called up and Berube should start in Bridgeport with an NHL contract. If he fails to clear waivers so be it.  Berube knew what he signed up for last summer if Halak was healthy, and decided NHL money is better than AHL money.

McAdam won seven straight in Bridgeport too before he became unplayable, and was sent back to the ECHL before his recent recall. Gibson's been hurt most of the year. 

John Tavares wants Weight  to be head coach, it's going to be a big lift to fire Snow, and then force his replacement to accept someone else as head coach.

You want hockey ops changes, they are paid for their judgement, to hire their own choices, not keep the ones hired by someone else or who the star player likes. 

The one thing for sure Barclay's on weekends works, it did last year and does now. Give this ten years inside NYC it will produce a larger local weeknight crowd.

Nothing will ever work in Nassau 41 times or on weeknights there, fans proved their lack of support for generations which is why politicians did not treat the team like a public trust, the same politicians who refused to close the door & make a deal for a new arena are the same ones comically calling for the team to return to no fans/no revenue streams.

As in 2011, the majority of season tickets come from inside NYC, this is home & has been since team was on free television in 1970's.

It took a decade in DC with the Caps moving from Landover, despite going to the finals year one, without a flawed arena/very hostile media, who did not force a Landover brand on them while they pretend NJ is NYC on football Sunday's to sell newspapers. 
Worcester announced it will not name it's ECHL affiliate until end of the season, expecting it's the Islanders given media reports the team were there, and likely St Louis will join with Mavericks.
Aside from keeping Dolan and the Islanders out of the Coliseum, could care less.

Ratner got that site Sloan Kettering (additional 140 million) which brought  money for parking garages (another 100 million) & likely more privately funded medical buildings worth millions, plus 130 million for Coliseum + another 130 million for plaza or now real estate on Coliseum footprint.

Who cares? Mangano won huge.

Whats Mangano going to do, void Prokhorov-Ratner lease over an AHL team clause or some stores after 500 million dollars in private investment was created without a dime from taxpayers? 

Dolan better buy another candidate to go with Sheldon Silver & Joe Percoco to run in November.  

Sure Dolan's media reach in Newsday will do what he did with Charles Oakley, and do a big smear campaign (court documents, health records, social security) unless Prokhorov just flat out sells him the agreement, maybe his Barclay's stake.

No doubt the Gov Milloy gave Dolan a call who's AHL team has been at the XL center since 1997 before he wrote the Islanders any letter.

Long story short, XL center is like Coliseum under Ed Snider's Smg, they manage building the Rangers were thrilled to grab another teams fan base in 1997, but unlike Long Island, the Ranger brand has been rejected since day one, it's Whalers country.

Dolan is a tenant but there year to year waiting on Coliseum.

Marshall, Brodsky, Baumbach seem to be shifting to attack the project mode again. 

Time To Move-Back To NY Islander Hockey

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Again my recent entries do not change how I feel about things.

Having written this the only thing that can be done, are what the players, management are clearly doing as they are making a push for the one likely playoff seed available to them.

Problem is for them to enter real contention they have to enter the Caps, Columbus, Pens, Rangers mix, they can't make the playoffs as an Atlantic seed so all they have is the one spot, and an Atlantic team (or another Metro team) will at some point make a big push, and win nine of ten.

Or do what Ottawa did a few years ago. 

When whatever push happens this team will be playing 22/34 on the road, likely with more injuries (to go with the significant current ones) and after the trade deadline, where at best they likely stand pat unless this team goes on the kind of streak it's merited to add.

Beyond that, unless the owners have something to say (they can't about another parties buildings because it's not their decision, and they have a contractual agreement) there is nothing to write. The media clowns who don't cover the team, and need page-views will write anything, parts of the Long Island crowd are doing what they have done best since 1989, and that's not support the team unless it's opening night or a playoff game.

Final Word: Bloomberg Scott Soshnick Did Shoddy/Misleading Work

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Does not change how I feel about what was written yesterday, not at all.

Still this writer did an awful, shoddy job that contradicts Bloomberg's other writer who released Mikhail Prokhorov's offering statement 8/8/2016 with his financial simulations for the Islanders at Barclay's through 2020-21, his audio interviews left more questions than answers.

And this same writer who contradicted his own article on 12/1 that had Prokhorov's quotes he's not selling Barclay's and only a stake in Nets. 

Scott Soshnick 12/1/16:
Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov said he’s hired Allen & Co. to find a local minority investor for the National Basketball Association’s Brooklyn Nets.

Prokhorov in a statement didn’t say how much of the team he’s looking to sell.
“My goal in seeking a local minority partner is to further strengthen the team’s New York presence in order to expand upon our business and community relationships,” he said. “I’m committed to the Nets and will remain the majority owner of the team.”

 Scott Soshnick 1/30/17:
And now he contracted his own words on Prokhorov selling Barclay's from November.
The arena, which is already home to the NBA’s Nets and one of the world’s top-grossing concert venues, would make more money without the National Hockey League team, according to people familiar with the facility’s financials.

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, who owns the building and the Nets, has since November been seeking an investor to take a stake in both.

So how come Soshnick left out Prokhorov selling a Barclay's stake in November until January, that would be a far bigger story then the Nets. 

As for Prokhorov's financial offering statement reported by Martin Braun of Bloomberg 8/8/16 he included simulations with and without the Islanders, including without a hockey variable in 2016-17, and through 2020-21 from CSL. (Convention Sports & Leisure)

NYIFC Comments: 
Let's just write Prokhorov's simulations and models through 2020-21 with/without hockey leave Mr Soshnick with a lot more to explaining to do, and raises questions about his work. 

Now could Prokhorov drop an opt-out notice 1/30/18? Absolutely, and I expected it since day one he bought full control of Barclay's. But for now the sloppy reporting by Soshnick raises questions to his credibility unless he wants to update his counterpart at Bloomberg from August with new documentation from Mr Prokhorov.

Let's just be kind and write Jim Baumbach is the Bart Crashley of Newsday financial reporting, and Soshnick is someone else from the financial pool who would have been moved in 1972 before the team left Canada.

The simulations submitted by Prokhorov in August gave three projections of the Islanders attendance this season, they are outperforming all three, including the best expectation with far too many early season weeknight games, even vs last season.

It's Time For The New York Islanders To Leave New York/Greiss Signed

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So Prokhorov or one of his people or AIG got the 1/30/18 official opt out date wrong, and decided to drop this 1/30/17.......a year earlier than paperwork due date on the agreement bypassing the "good faith" negotiations that do not begin until this season ends.

Martin Braun on 8/8/16 of Bloomberg wrote about Prokhorov's offering statement which included the lease opt out dates. Sure this other writer does more shock-jock material, and I have dismisses his gossip before,  but it's more likely someone at Barclay's or AIG connected to Prokhorov floated it. 

Does it matter? They are still selling tickets for next season, who wants to be part of a lame duck franchise for two years that desperately needed to be in New York City to survive?

And given existing lease through 2018-19 if Barclay's opts out officially at the deadline 1/30/18 how does it help them sell tickets for the next 2 1/2 half seasons, this article cost Prokhorov money. 

Bottom line.
Wang was right, it's Barclay's or out of town, now it's time for out of town.

It's time for our players to play in front of a full house 41 times in regular season, with a real television/newspaper partner, that considers it's team a public trust, not one that bid for the Coliseum, to put in their own AHL team, and bring the Rangers to the Coliseum for home preseason games. They did all they could to get them out of New York for the territorial rights, to get back hundreds of millions in cable television money through 2031 with their media outlets who worked hard to dry up the fan-base for over a generation by hiding them or knocking them. 

More outside media (and a lot of fans) should have reported or discussed the conflict of interest or understood what was happening, they did not care or were busy selling themselves since 2008 when Dolan got Newsday or need the Garden to improve their amateur resumes.

NYC sports editors want them out too, coverage cost money, they cannot afford writers to cover games any longer, just negative features designed to drive them out of business like this one with a misleading title. 

Now we know why the Dolan's Coliseum coverage went from 100 percent negative watchdog, fudging details in Coliseum agreement vs their losing bid, for three years to completely positive overnight. 

The situation will never stabilize here to make owning a franchise financially viable for anyone.

It's not going to work in New York for this franchise any longer, the arena follies must end forever.

Since 1989 this has gone on. I don't blame Prokhorov, Ratner, Malkin, Ledecky or Wang.

Many of our fans were not knowledgeable. I tried as hard as possible for everyone.

Hopefully Malkin-Prokhorov can work out a lease buyout quickly, and get this team to a real market for next season, and not drag this out for the next year or two of rumors & gossip.

I want no part of that, we all have had enough.

Ledecky/Malkin/Wang/Shay are owed 107 million for two more years now that Prokhorov wants the team out of Barclay's, and must pay them this money.

No one's building another arena here, not in two years, not ever. It's time for people to stop the denial. I thought it was working at Barclay's based on 14,200 avg after 12/2/15 and in a decade would have for sure, and it was not bad this year considering all the extra early season weeknight games.

Dolan's media pushed the negatives hard.

Mayor deBlasio thought it was working too.

It will never work outside New York City, and there will be no arena built in an over-saturated arena market, for a fan base that's proven it will not support this team 41 times under any circumstances.

Mangano's path back, is that a joke?  Prokhorov owns the Coliseum per their lease, only they decide who plays at Nassau Coliseum which is not a viable alternative with poor fan support, no revenue, not inside a city. 

Playoffs? Stanley Cup? Who cares? Tavares contract? Everyone who can pick where they can play should get that chance.

It's time for the entitlement many fans thought they deserved to finally end. Quebec will make an excellent new home for our players under contract, and sellout every game.

Reality came home a year early, hopefully this will be the final season before a relocation out of New York for this summer, we don't need this dragged out until 1/30/18 before it all ends forever in 2019. 

Greiss will have some financial security, he earned this contract.

New York Not In Realistic Playoff Contention With Horrible Schedule Unless 95+ Points

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Sorry folks, we all want this team to get in playoffs, and win the Stanley Cup. 

Sure, they are winning some games, the third period issues/giving up too many shots are still there, and they are essentially playing for the 8th seed unless this team can make the kind of run where they finish with 95 points with the longest road trip in team history/least rest of any NHL team.  The powerplay issues continue for the most part, even with Lee giving them what they need to stay on the 1st line.

And please, let's be clear, aside from the Tampa three times this team could have won  every game in third period this season which is unusual. I did not see it as an issue of players tuning out any coach.

This team plays in the Metro, not the Atlantic where a lot of teams would be catch able or the west with less teams/more playoff spots. Fast teams continue to press the Islanders, tired Philadelphia came in off a 4-1 loss and took almost 50 shots, and the Islanders lost another two goal lead, then the skills competition.

Plus this time they have to do it with a 31 year old career backup leading, and Berube, who's hardly played for two years, with no 1st line RW capable of putting up the 20+ goals needed, despite Bailey having a career season, with Nelson's spotty production, and Strome simply not giving them enough numbers while Ladd if hurt, could linger for an entire season.

Kulemin is one goal off his last season number after 44 games, Clutterbuck, Cizikas are not giving them the goals their salary mandates, and not going anywhere with those contracts. 

I don't see Halak in Bridgeport through next season, he's done a good job there, and was not the issue here on the ice, only management knows what took place off the ice, if anything. 

On defense Hamonic has had a tough go before his injury, for years this team went through struggling defenders to go to Seidenberg, who's giving them 20 quality minutes Zidlicky, Visnovsky, Strait, and others could not give them for years.

No rush for Pulock here, if it means an extension for Seidenberg, they should do it. Defenseman are hard to find in this league who can play at his level, considering Mayfield cleared waivers, and Pelech could be lost to expansion. Toews has been a nice surprise for those watching the system.

I like the job Weight has done, only Malkin-Ledecky know what they will do with Snow, and his job titles which decides the head coaching position. My thoughts are the best people are the ones working in January with NHL jobs.  

Again the fans have fairly made clear nothing but Snow's dismissal will be accepted after eleven years, who will give them Nassau Coliseum-like support at Barclay's with the usual ton of outside media playing their selective branding card. 

A while back I wrote this is essentially a 50 game preseason, we have seen plenty of them, only way to change that is to have a mentality to catch the 7th seed, and reverse a lot of trends that go back years to many past Islander teams.

As for the outside distractions like media creating a circus over Tavares who could leave with team after 2017-18, and decide issue for him, or those who only come around to stir pot but not cover games, our fans are going to have to be smart enough to see through the non-sense for a team with one media person who works for another NHL teams newspaper, and is good as doing his least vs his Newsday counterpart.

Maybe our fans have not noticed, management barely speaks to Newsday beyond the bare minimum they get in print/on television.

New York New ECHL Affiliate Possible In Worcester Railers

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/18/2017 11:11:00 PM | | on Worcester Railers joining ECHL, and NYI possible involvement sending officials, with agreement possible in three weeks with team leaving Missouri.

 The team hopes to have an NHL affiliation in place well before it can sign free agents and that could happen as soon as three weeks from now, according to Rucker. Signs point to the Railers having a tentative agreement in place with the New York Islanders, whose AHL affiliate is a relatively short drive away in Bridgeport.

"We have no comment," Rucker said, "other than to say that the Railers are interested in doing business with people who want to do business with us and nothing has been signed yet."

The Islanders have shown substantial interest, going as far as sending a contingent of executives from their player development department up to Worcester to talk with Railers officials and look at the DCU Center last autumn.

The Islanders are affiliated with Missouri of the ECHL, but that's not a good geographical mix and Missouri has also gotten some St. Louis Blues prospects this year. However, the Islanders just fired head coach Jack Capuano and the franchise could be on the verge of a reorganization.

NYIFC Comments:
This is a new franchise that wants to get up and running quickly, the Blues being a part of the Missouri Mavericks affiliation with Islanders is only natural for them, the Islanders agreement expires there at the end of this season.

This would remove any chance of the Islanders putting an ECHL team in Nassau Coliseum or Webster Bank Arena doing Prokhorov-Ratner no favors with Ratner's agreement to supply an AHL team.

1/18/17 Garth Snow Interview

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/18/2017 05:01:00 PM | Comment Here
Islanders website: Doug Weight, players made their first comments on the coaching change, and what's ahead.

Snow Might Have To Stay Regardless

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/18/2017 12:55:00 AM | Comment Here
The man who put together the team has to go if he said he's a hundred percent accountable,  he fired the coach. Ok. Weight is interim, Snow should not get another full-time hire (regardless of who) and should be sent packing ASAP.

He's had his chance.

Our fans will accept nothing less, to write otherwise is folly.

But someone has to write it. Who's coming here to replace Snow as Alt-Gov, President, GM? Who's signing up to come here for maybe one or two years? How can Ledecky-Malkin hire anyone (President/gm) without a lease agreement long-term first? Same for Tavares resigning on 7/1/17?

It's promises Ledecky-Malkin cannot make to anyone unless they sign up knowing a relocation could be part of it, along with another sale. 

Lease negotiations begin at the end of this season, not now. They conclude 12/31/17, opt out notice deadline is 1/30/18.

If Prokhorov delivers a lease opt-out notice on 1/30/18 or the Islander owners decide the lease does not work for them, and the team has to relocate to Quebec by the end of next season or the one after, why would anyone want to waste two years on a lame-duck franchise as coach or gm?

I get you want your changes tomorrow or day season concludes, but without a lease agreement, and a home to play in long-term that's not happening unless it's an interim hire who knows the job may be temporary.

And it's not as easy as blaming  Ledecky-Malkin for keeping Snow. It's Prokhorov's building, his call for an owner with the lowest NBA payroll, who may well not want any part of giving a 41 day tenant any money.

Snow might be here in the caretaker role until a lease is decided or an opt-out is delivered, or until they relocate. Another sale could happen if owning this team elsewhere does not work for Malkin-Ledecky.

Sure they could replace Snow in-house with an interim like Kenny Morrow, Chris Lamoriello or Snow's assistant Kerry Gwydir you are talking three jobs, but already you have the assistant gm as interim head coach.

Jack Capuano has been relieved of his duties as Head Coach. Assistant GM Doug Weight will serve as interim Head Coach.

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/17/2017 03:12:00 PM | | Comment Here
Islanders website:
 "The New York Islanders would like to thank Jack for his tireless work throughout his seven seasons with the organization as Head Coach," Snow said. "His leadership guided the team to the playoffs in three of the past four years, which included two straight 100-point seasons. He is a great coach and an even better person. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward." 

 "It's an honor to have served this historic franchise and its passionate fans," Capuano said. "I'd like to thank Garth and our ownership group for the opportunity to be the Head Coach of the Islanders. I'd also like to recognize our coaching staff, training staff and players for all of their hard work."
NYIFC Comments: 
Despite writing it had to happen often back to last season (likely before) the man was part of this orgnization since 2005 so it's not happy news, I have no doubt he was well-likely among his players past & present.

Not the first time a team has won a game, and dismissed a coach, the man had a big smile on his face in the post-game vs Boston which seemed kind of odd.

We'll see if Snow follows which would be around 11 year anniversary of Milbury's resignation. Weight stepping in as interim gives him a look as a head coach.

Problem With NY Game Discovered

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/15/2017 01:32:00 PM | Comment Here
With the exception of the three Tampa games, they have had a chance to win every game in the third period, and sure 14-1-1 at home red-hot Carolina with Mayfield/Pelech struggling is a heavy lift.

But watching that game seemed a pattern.

I do not see these problems as fixable, and it's why teams like Montreal and many others when they are on their game, take over in third period when points are on the table, and why the Islanders are allowing so many shots every game which is more a fact now then a trend which we saw in Dec 2015.

Sure this team has some goal scorers, and work hard which keeps them in practically every game, and many nights we see them  beat teams not at their best, struggling to put two passes together which slows them down or have shaky goaltending, but an easy night is extremely rare for this team.

Physically they have never been a big team in that department, and the Matt Martin inflated hit totals read well but did not tell the story of the games they did win because they created chances based on hitting which also seem down but asking a Jason Chimera (despite the two goals) to change positions and score when as a left wing his production was spotty is also another very heavy lift.

The answer long-term is more speed, Beauvillier, Prince, Strome, get the other team on the defensive/running around in their end, even if not on Tavares line who's doing great with Lee (who they should let skate more and not just plant himself in front of goal like Mark Parrish), but has a RW with five goals (one ot/one powerplay) despite playing his best hockey on pace for over 50 points.

This plan went bust fast under Brad Shaw, and Ted Nolan sent Nilsson away from day one of 2006 camp forever, but for a few games in late 2005-06 Jeff Tambellini & Robert Nilsson were flying around Alexei Yashin as their wingers, and had teams backing up.

That's the kind of balance these lines need in the speed department to push back and take over games in third periods.