Anders Lee Four Year Contract Extension

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Islanders website: Announced Anders Lee has signed a four year contract extension.

“Anders has proven to be an effective goal scorer over his two seasons with the club,” Islanders General Manager Garth Snow said. “We’re thrilled to have another home-grown talent signed long term.”

“I’m extremely excited to finalize this deal and ensure that I’m a New York Islander for the next four seasons,” Lee said. “The organization has been nothing but first class to me from the moment I was drafted. I look forward to competing for the Stanley Cup in each year while playing in front of the best fans in the NHL."

NYIFC Comments: 
Thrilled with this signing, wish it could have been even longer. Perfect combination of hands, size, skill and he's just getting started. This is what Garth Snow does often on his best days.

Garth Snow's Worst Day Of The Season? 7/1

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Here it is the worst day in the calendar year for Garth Snow..........July 1st.

The days of Parenteau, Moulson, Streit are long gone where Snow signed the right players at exactly the right time.

Sure the UFA classes have not been very good for several years, this one is no different. 

Too many Pierre Marc Bouchard, Peter Regin summers since.

I know Snow tried for the top free agents last July 1st, without front-loaded money it was not going to happen, and the over-35 players were not interested.

He could not get a Mike Cammalleri to put with Tavares.

Anders Lee looks like his best alternative for now.

I do not see anyone touching Grabner's five million dollar contract for anything.

Just take a look back at last July 1st-2nd if you have any doubts about Snow's recent struggles in UFA.

Also the failure in Bridgeport goes on Garth Snow. The Sound Tigers have had one first place year since their inaugural season, and far too many well out of contention.

Snow needs to develop at the AHL level but he also needs some players who can win games, those fans have endured some horrible seasons, and it's not improving with Johan Sundstrom, John Persson gone from the AHL for good. 

Folks forget how bad this team was going to be based on last July, it was obvious in preseason they were a 29th place team with no defense until other teams had to unload players to clear cap space.

Without those trades Garth Snow/Jack Capuano are out of a job today. 

I wrote about it long before that final preseason game in Bridgeport, where the Bruins barely let the Islanders register a quality chance, and dismantled them with physical play.

John Tavares is two summers from UFA, you can bet he wants some proven scorers who will get their twenty goals, and give him space on the ice. 

Twenty million for Grabovski, a career center, who came here, not to be a center until the final playoff games, struggling to produce far too often between concussions.

Seventeen million for Kulemin, who played to his career trends, which was not bad, but hardly the answer at first line left wing  or should have been there in game seven, regardless what he did in game six. 

Cory Conacher, who got far too long a look, and did not produce with Tavares or in the AHL until he went to another organization.

Jack Skille claimed off waivers.

T.J Brennan, who was placed on waivers when he got to Chicago, with even Snow passing on reclaiming the player he signed. 

Two years for Chad Johnson, who outplayed Halak in camp, only to regress to the point he could not be trusted in goal, it was a miracle to unload the second year.

Snow does not need home runs this July, and has a lot of his lineup set, but he does need players with a resume or true potential who can really help.

Donovan at his age is a loss, we never got to know if he could help here. Expect the Colin McDonald, Eric Boulton, Tyler Kennedy, Lubomir Visnovsky, Matt Carkner era to end. 

The one on my list with be Jiri Tlusty, who struggled on some injured Canes teams, but has hands/skills and ability lacking among the veterans here, he was traded to Winnipeg at the deadline.

I'm sure some remember how many games he dominated against the Islanders?

No, he's not the answer for Tavares on paper, and I don't see Kirill Petrov the answer either. 

New York Announces Mini Camp Roster/Player Bios/Wang Lighthouse Money Returned

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Mini Camp Bios
The entire 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 draft class are scheduled to participate with the exception of unsigned Lukas Sutter, and traded players. (Pokka, Reinhart)

Scott Mayfield, Kevin Czuczman (qualified 6/29/15 age 24) are not on the list.
Many invites.
Charles Wang got his Lighthouse money back on 6/29/15.

Process was comical as Nassau all afternoon passed everything with virtually no debate on anything.

Wang's resolution came up, cleared room, needed to go executive session, long delay. Finally someone had a letter from the county attorney, and an empty legislature room unanimously approved giving him his money back in less than fifteen seconds without a single word beyond voting. No appearance by Wang, Scott Rechler or Mangano.

New York/Bridgeport Qualifying Offers

Islanders website: Has released the list of players who received a qualifying offer to retain their NHL rights
Kevin Czuczman
Mike Halmo
Anders Lee
Brock Nelson
Kevin Poulin
Johan Sundstrom

Again the players receiving an offer have until 7/15/15 to accept, if they do not the team retains NHL rights as those players are still free to negotiate a deal with the Islanders or sign with another team outside of the NHL. 

Johan Sundstrom's NHL rights still belong to the Islanders despite signing in Europe, same as David Ullstrom, Mikko Koskinen, and some other players.

Kent Simpson, Alexandre Mallet, Jason Clark, John Persson did not receive an offer meaning they are NHL free agents.

New York Notables/Griffin Reinhart's Comments

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The Oil Kings gm, Bob Green, who was quoted here often on Reinhart, felt he struggled in Bridgeport also, but has great faith/praise for Reinhart, and little doubt he will become an excellent NHL player. 

Green had no criticism of the Islanders or Sound Tigers.

All due respect to Johnny Boychuk's brother, he is not a prospect expect despite being the relative of an NHL player on our team, as he says opinions are his own, no problem here.

Ct Post: Micheal Fornabaio gave his thoughts on Reinhart being traded, he covered more than half the games as teams beatwriter and was at daily practices since day one of the franchise.

NYIFC Comments: Has been fully updated to include all drafted prospects from the class of 2015, and through the organization.  

Folks know where I stand on this trade. Everyone should be rooting for Griffin Reinhart regardless, and for the Islanders two selections to become excellent NHL players. The Edmonton media will do what they did for Eric Brewer long ago if Reinhart shows anything, and there will be no Roman Hamrlik on this side as our return will likely be in juniors.

Notre Dame had it's graduation in May Robbie Russo is an UFA. 
As for the defense:
This is a lot of signed defenders, not counting the UFA, and many more who need to be signed in two years.

Math 101:
New York Signed:

Bridgeport Signed
Kyle Burroughs
Jesse Graham
Loic Leduc
Scott Mayfield
Adam Pelech
Ryan Pulock
Kevin Czuczman
Aaron Ness
Marc Nemec
Scooter Vaughn

Jake Bischoff-Junior 2015-16
Petter Hansson-Must be signed by 5/31/19
Ryan Pilon-Must be signed by 5/31/17
Doyle Somerby-Junior 2015-16
Andong Misha Song-Freshman
Devon Toews-Junior
Mitchell Vande Sompel-Must be signed by 5/31/17
Parker Wotherspoon-Must be signed 5/31/17

Andong Misha Song:
My comments on the Andong Misha Song signing is it was in the Chinese papers on 6/20/15 which no one in North America seemed to notice besides myself, and made clear the Islanders had great interest in being the first to sign a Chinese player and make history.

The drafting of this player got world-wide attention (not in NYC) and publicity for the team they could not buy at any price so if he creates more interest, advertisers, and makes the club more money they absolutely should have done it as he develops.

Tons of teams sign family legacy players, you can bet a few late round picks have been for publicity purposes, Song's drafting had millions of people paying attention in another country.

The Islanders and Bruins swapped draft picks over dinner reservations when the draft was in Boston, and it was nine rounds in the late 90's. 

Charles Wang was not at the draft table for the first time (perhaps ever) and is a minority owner in a year, he is not going to see revenue from this pick next season, with Trent Klatt's departure, he will not be part of this moving forward either.

Given the rankings of the players Klatt drafted where he got them he had a very good weekend, and Snow got him the picks.

What does that mean right now? Nothing. Go check 2008,09,10 draft classes for best answers. 

Andong Song Game Highlights With Lawrenceville In 2014-15

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Lawrenceville Game Highlights
Video of Andong Song playing hockey in 2014-15 for Lawrenceville

New York Selects: Andong Song 6th Rd & Petter Hansson 7th Round

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Andong Song Some will note I posted the article on 6/21 about the Islanders drafting the first Chinese players ever. 

The same media outlet  in China reported he was drafted an hour before the pick? profile


Petter Hansson
Draft Profile CSB: profile

New York Trades 2016 5th Rd Pick To Florida Selects Ryan Pilon

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Ryan Pilon profile

New York Selects: Mitchell Vande Sompel (3rd rd) & Parker Wotherspoon (4th rd)

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Mitchell Vande Sompel Profile:
TSN Profile

Parker Wotherspoon

 Parker Wotherspoon Profile article/player comments 6/25/15

Trent Klatt, Mathew Barzal & Anthony Beauvillier Comments

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Islanders website: Has comments from Trent Klatt, Matthew Barzal and Anthony Beauvillier

“It’s much better for the organization to walk out of the draft with the players they want,” Islanders Head Amateur Scout Trent Klatt said. “If you identify somebody you like, why not make the move to get him.”

"We weren't going to do the deal unless Barzal was there," Klatt said. "It was only because he was available that we did the deal. I wouldn't have thought he was even an option at 10 o clock this morning."

“I’m so excited to be an Islander today,” Barzal said. “To go to a team that’s already a Cup contender is pretty crazy. I’ll drop a few spots in the draft any day to go to a team that’s a Cup contender.”

On Anthony Beauvillier: 

“Could he have been there at 33? I don’t know, but why not get a guy you like and walk out with two guys you really wanted,” Klatt said.

“He’s another kid that has skill and hockey sense up the waz-zoo,” Klatt said. “He’s a terrific kid, a terrific character player.”

“I’m very excited. The feelings are incredible,” Beauvillier said with a smile.

NYIFC Comments:  
My comments last night and on twitter make clear what I think. 

The Islanders never interviewed or spoke to Barzal before drafting him here.

Nothing personal against these kids, no doubt they are good prospects, but you do not trade a 4th overall pick after playing only eight NHL games, then replace him with someone you never have a conversation with.

You give Reinhart a roster spot like the five defenders taken after him, and let him grow into a good NHL player, they put a lot of time, effort, and money into Reinhart.

I get Boychuk/Leddy changes things, and they have Pullock but depth goes fast, and this did nothing to improve the current NHL roster.

These kids will take years and be fighting with Dal Colle/Ho-Sang, and others for jobs here.

Another top five pick gone, it took a miserable season to get that fourth overall pick.

Ok. we move on, let the people claiming the Islanders are winners do their thing, to me this is a big loss.