New York At Trade Deadline

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Expecting a quiet day but obviously the club has needs, and with McDonald, and Harry Zolnierczyk already in the current lineup there is little depth left to offset more injuries with Grabner/Clutterbuck injured often, and Nielsen/Bailey/anyone possible to get hurt if Okposo, Grabovski, Cizikas, Boulton do not return.

Hopefully this is correct......

For those scoring at home and expecting Garth Snow to go all in again, these are their remaining picks in the next two years he would have to include in any possible trade:
3rd rounder-Unless Boychuk traded in Eastern Conference at some future point before July. 
3rd rounder-Trade with Florida at 2014 draft. 

1st round
3rd round
3rd round-Pedan trade with Vancouver

2015: 1st round-Buffalo/Vanek trade.
2015: 2nd round pick for Andrew MacDonald was sent to Boston for Boychuk from Philadelphia.
2015: 2nd round pick belongs to Buffalo in Vanek trade.
2015: 5th round pick belongs to San Jose for Dan Boyle.
2016: 2nd round pick belongs to Boston in Boychuk trade.

Ct Post Speculates On Sound Tigers Moving To Coliseum, Howard Saffan Says He's Been Told Nothing Regarding Move

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Ct Post 3/1/15: Has a lot of speculation from beatwriter Michael Fornabaio on the Sound Tigers moving, but team President, Howard Saffan, makes clear he's been told nothing and team has a lease until 2021. 

NYIFC Comments:  
So basically Webster Bank Arena per the lease agreement means an AHL team (or better) must play at the arena. 

Nothing like kicking a team with no regulation wins since 1/9/15 when they are down and in 15th place with virtually no road coverage from Ct Post beyond a call to Brent Thompson afterward.

As usual Mr Fornabaio pushing the Rangers failed brand which has been soundly rejected by die-hard Whalers fans since 1997, who only drew 1,100 people there for a playoff game in 2012.

The language here suggests it's not clear if part of Charles Wang's sale of his majority stake in the Islanders includes the Sound Tigers or the operation of Webster Bank Arena at all.

And of course it must be made clear, Charles Wang operates Webster Bank Arena, and Howard Saffan works for him, this is not Mr Saffan's decision at all.

Mr Saffan left operating the Coliseum for the Islanders to go work in Bridgeport. 

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers have a lease until 2021. If a Ratner renovation happens on time, the Coliseum will likely not be available for any team until September 2017 as was made clear on the Islanders website. 

Nick Leddy Signs Seven Year Extension

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Islanders website: Reports Nick Leddy has signed a seven year contract extension with comments from general manager Garth Snow.

NYIFC Comments:  
Another satisfied customer, no bridge contract required as a pending RFA.

For New York Nothing's Changed/Step One Make Playoffs

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Again, as has been the theme here, business as usual, go play the next game regardless of who, where, circumstances.

This team has done great things all season, and has some things it struggles with.  

As I have written often the ups/downs will continue.

The schedule/rest is taking a toll, other teams have it much easier, nothing can be done about that or if the injuries continue.

Garth Snow exhausted most of his trade chips last summer, and Vanek trade. 

The first step is very simple right now, qualify for the 2014-15 NHL playoffs.

Nothing is close to clinched yet in that regard, keep subtracting from the number to eliminate Florida. (giving Florida ROW despite heavily favoring NYI)

Until then, not much to write, keep working/earning points.......qualify.

If they qualify we can then discuss seeding/next step.

Just stick to business, all they can do, and the best way to get there.

The rest is just a lot of useless banter, many need it to market themselves.

I do not need that here, and neither do you, it changes nothing.

Make playoffs. 

Business Continues For New York With One New Challenge/Notables

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Nothing I can really add to the previous entry:  Sticks, pucks, injuries (which make other years look like the team is completely healthy by comparison) the beat goes on.

Win or lose, expect even less here the rest of the way as I wrote back in September.

The ups and downs will continue both ways. 

Twelve points ahead of an excellent 9th seed who have two games in hand, nothing is close to clinched and what Florida did against the Islanders was no fluke, it's a good team that's not going away, and I see another big streak from Columbus even with their goaltending issues.

New York has more regulation losses than the other seven playoff seeds, and Florida. Despite leading in wins, the seeding comes down to those games you can get to overtime and secure that one point many now write up as a loss. 

The New Challenge:
For years the biggest thing keeping this franchise out of the playoffs (even with massive injuries) was the simple fact they could not beat the teams below them in the standings (outside of Philadelphia) while they always had strong winning records for long stretches against the top teams.

Now we are going to see the 2014-15 New York Islanders play a lot of teams who frankly are what they were a year ago at 17-5-2 on the road to close out 2013-14.  Dangerous, with a lot to prove and hard-working.

The kind of teams they needed to beat (especially at home) and never seemingly do over so many years.

It's all the difference along with doing their best against the top teams.

Old news/agenda's/grudges from the worst professional media covering any sports franchise in North America, nice to see the media/fans of other teams show their true colors.

Anders Lee should be in the Calder discussion, considering what newspaper covers our team, not happening, the theme will remain negative, as the Westchester Knicks are seen in HD, while our games are hidden in SD.

Winning never had a thing to do with it........
An amateur blogger deciding on his own to publish a photo of Mr Arbour is frankly pathetic, anyone with a computer knows where Mr Arbour lives based on Jiggs McDonald's comments, a private image not meant for public consumption should be respected.

Another amateur Espn blogger decides Kyle Okposo is not entitled to his medical information be kept private, it's inappropriate beyond words for anyone anywhere.

These people have little respect for anything besides selling themselves.
I have no idea what Johnny Boychuk will do in free agency, but most pending UFA test the market. Right now he's risking huge money if an offer was made to resign him so I think it's reasonable to expect him to sign elsewhere in July.

Or a deal could be announced tomorrow, who really knows?

Pulock, Reinhart agents are watching with Donovan. These players want a spot in the top six with many other prospects.

Lee, Leddy, deHaan, Hickey, some big financial decisions are coming here with Okposo and Grabner by next summer for the three current owners.

If a miracle happens and Ratner's renovation breaks ground on time and Dolan/NHL approve two NHL homes for one NHL team (unprecedented)  the Long Island crew that boycotted the team out of the Coliseum since 1989 and made it very easy for every politician to say no to any plan will have their two or three regular season home games at an arena that will change little and still be called Nassau Coliseum.

Who got Mangano into the Coliseum to claim Islanders preseason games will happen during a renovation?

Sounds to me if this comes off the Islanders will play a home preseason game this September.

89 million for the Coliseum is not a lot of arena renovating.

Updated 1/27/15: Win Or Lose New York Must Stick To Business: The Next Game

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New York cannot get caught up in the wins/losses for long, just enjoy what's positive for that day, not dwell too hard on anything either way.

Then go play the next game as best as possible. 

What clicked off in Edmonton, Vancouver and in New Jersey, clicked back on in Columbus.

There will be many more clicks both ways.

The schedule is only going to get tougher, the Islanders have not caught many teams at the right time to beat them (Columbus was only on equal travel/rest but they were starting to level off)

There are going to be many ups/downs/injuries however things might get interesting after the break if the club is completely healthy. (don't count on it)

So much for that.

Okposo getting hurt is hardly a new concept but the first line has never been weaker in the Tavares era so it bears closer watching.

When Parenteau or Boyes were slotted as first line RW with Moulson/Vanek, Okposo was with Nielsen/Bailey.

There have not been nearly enough games played to care much about the standings, the first goal is to qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

That's still a long way off.

The players have made clear they have won nothing.

Win or lose, enjoy the ride, keep piling up points.

It might be boring, but it's the best formula for success.

Next game.