New York Resigns Cal Clutterbuck 5 years

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NYIFC Comments: 
Not going to write he took a discount but this is the market, and this is one of Tavares core players so never a bad thing to keep him happy now that his best friend Okposo is gone. I guess he can be scratched from the list of players who do not like playing at Barclay's center. 

For New York Standings Don't Lie, It's Not 2013-14

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Bottom line, it took seventeen games over five hundred in 2014-15, fifteen over in 2015-16 for the 8th seed. I simply do not see the math working despite a modest winning streak off 30+ save wins with no scoring right wings.

Jon Ledecky's Quoted Comments On Hockey Operations

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Sorry folks, we don't waste folks time here with sourced based gossip from a newspaper that owns another NHL team.

Nor does any astute fan of our team require them.

Mr Ledecky made a handful of appearances during the summer where no video was posted on the Islanders website, same as Devils.  (who both have the same television carrier, and control video content permitted)

Jon Ledecky:
8/5/16 Northwell Health Ice Center: 

I think that on the ice, we have the staff to handle that, so I'm not ever going to be in a position to comment about a trade, but I am going to be in a position to improve the experience for the fans, and to make sure that our players have a world class experience.

There are two things an owner should do:

Spend to the Cap.
Make sure that your legacy player (in this case) John Tavares is an Islander for life.

Those are Mr Ledecky's only public quoted comments on hockey operations beyond his earliest comments they would not meddle in hockey ops because that's what a bad ownership does.

Scott Malkin is this teams primary governor, technically speaking his is the final word.

To expect any owner to comment about his employees in any newspaper would not be appropriate.

Bottom Line: It's Time For Changes

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I expected Mr Ledecky/Malkin to keep their word, and not interfere with the hockey ops, but obviously they cannot like what they see from their President, Alt Gov, General Manager where a decision has to be made about his job status by them.

They spent big money, demanded progress from last season, and clearly are not getting what they paid for with this teams future in New York to be decided by 1/31/18.  

No owner is going to discuss their employees so those demanding comments in part time at best, local newspapers are kidding themselves, this team has no media, and the one full time writer employed by another NHL team's newspaper is a joke who works far less than his counterparts.

Garth Snow considers the local media a joke, I agree with him completely given their low coverage budgets, skipping playoff games, and snark on twitter which happened even during the 101, 100 point seasons.

The UFA market on 7/1 did not have a right wing answer, nor did the very limited trade market last summer, the best RW was Okposo, and playoff teams were not kicking down his door. 

Here's reality:

Without Seidenberg's (+10) puck-luck earlier goals for a defense third in the NHL in scoring, this team may have only two wins.

In their 16/20 games they entered the third period tied or ahead with 8/20 games lost in regulation late or forced to overtime is too much, it has happened for countless years under this coach. 

Capuano when he got his vote of confidence from Snow/players said it's on him for the team not scoring, and has to find the right combinations while the 20 goal/38 million dollar left wing does not play with Tavares, and is even on the 4th line.

In the last seven games they have not scored more than two goals, what he tried failed. 

Fair or not that goes on the coach, and his staff, the system, mindset has to change with the voice, even if it's Weight, Cronin or Thompson for the remainder of this season.  An outside coach getting more term than the gm could put his successor in a bad spot without his coach.

Chimera cannot score at right wing, it's not his position.

Management's admission that Strome should not be a right wing led to him struggling badly back at center, being moved back to right wing, and now he sat against San Jose.

Prince, Quine, cannot be moved around or sit this much and contribute.

Beauvillier who was playing left wing, said he prefers center, is now is getting shifts at right wing which is how you completely ruin a prospect or injure him.

They do not have a single player who can play right wing and produce as a top six player, and with Ladd not on the first line the same can be said for the left side.

Casey Cizikas got an enormous contract for his career production.

They scored a grand total of two goals against Anaheim, one against Peter Budaj in 58 minutes, one against Martin Dell in 59 minutes, those goaltenders did not steal the game. 

Nielsen's lack of even strength offense is not hurting them because he did not score here in his final fifty games.  Okposo was rarely with Tavares last season until the end, and if Parenteau who Toronto let walk after 20 goals hardly cared, his release here should not make this big a difference.

The goaltending has not been the issue when you cannot score, and have this many games close. Berube decided on an NHL salary vs refusing to sign, and risking an AHL paycheck elsewhere last summer.

Bottom line it's time for a change behind the bench for an interim coach, and if necessary Snow to receive his walking papers or he remains in the interim, while the owners look for full time replacements in the summer.

Can't replace a full staff in season nor would one be available who can help.

The schedule will only keep getting worse.

I like Capuano/Snow but it's time for a change in philosophy/perception.

These owners paid for first class, and cannot make the same mistake Charles Wang did with Mike Milbury after his first season where only Butch Goring paid the price because the remaining fans will tune them out permanently.

Garth Snow/Jack Capuano have gotten their chances, a high payroll, a long-tenure, and have tried everything possible, it's time to go interim, and pick a new direction next summer.

Snow Vote Of Confidence In Capuano

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NYIFC Comments: The problems at right wing look insurmountable to me, and the young forwards (Strome, Lee) in their natural position are struggling with the special teams. The 4th line right wing (Clutterbuck) is the best right wing on the roster, moving career veterans like Chimera to an off-wing has not worked. The one right wing prospect in Bridgeport was benched already in Ho-Sang. We all know the math to make the playoffs, and the division is improved. As beaten down as Tavares looks (same as Clutterbuck) they do not see the coach as the problem, so the gm backed them. 

What's next is they keep playing, 68 games is a lot of hockey, the owners made clear their expectations for their payroll and it's on them at the end of the season. No one cleans house after 16 games.

New York Notables: Show Time or No Time

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Jon Ledecky said what his expectation was for his team this season, and that only a bad owner meddles as he promised no interference with the hockey operation.

So far this is working out like his satisfaction on Barclay's efforts to improve the ice and hire a full time manager, if the players are complaining, it's not 1st class or meets expectations.

If their expectations are not met on the ice a decision will be made on the president, general manager, it will not happen after only 14 games, and should not happen for the remainder of this season as they evaluate behind the scenes without involvement.

If the attendance does not meet anyone's expectations an opt-out notice will happen by 1/30/18 with Quebec waiting so fans better decide to stay home means no more team anywhere in NY.

Attendance is up from last season with so many early week games. 

The gm will decide if the coach stays or an interim will be hired or promoted as things progress this season.

What was written in the previous entry on the problem at RW is not going away, and frankly so far has gone from bad to worse, this problem goes beyond coaching.

The special teams go directly on the coaching staff.

Everyone knew the top forward free agent market on 7/1. Okposo, Ladd, Loui Eriksson.

Dumping Parenteau seems a mistake but let's get real, Toronto dumped him without a second thought after finishing 30th as did many of his past teams after leaving here, he was not even a 1st line right wing here last time beyond a few brief stretches.

Strome played most of last season with Tavares, not Okposo who would disappear for long stretches. Nielsen's intangibles vs his 50 games in a row without a single even strength goal are not a big loss beyond shootouts.

The New York Islanders do not have right wings capable of playing on the first two lines in this organization, no coach fixes that, demoted center Barzal, LW/C Beauvillier here to stay, and RW benched in Bridgeport Ho-Sang does not fix this. Quine is a center, he produced as a winger last season, but it's not an easy transition to play full time at this level in a new position, and be a healthy scratch.

And still with Hamonic out, Pulock out in AHL, the awful special teams, three goalies (Halak/'s agent not happy while Alan Walsh's other client Berube with no starts) and only six defenders on active roster they are 5-7-2 with Seidenberg giving them shocking production (with defense) that has kept them close to five hundred with three killer regulation losses in tied games entering final minutes.

Seidenberg, Boychuk are going to level off in the production department, or go ice cold, this roster is packed with players who can go 20 games or more without goals.

Capuano went back to Strome briefly at RW despite management saying he did not belong on wing, then took career LW Chimera and put him with Tavares? Did not work.

Ladd was also moved from his career position to RW, then back to third line on LW, seems no chemistry with Tavares at all.

Beauviller got a game with Tavares at left wing, lineup packed with left wings and centers. 

Bailey got his look at RW, then moved to left wing, then to 4th line RW for now it's Clutterbuck who came here a third liner and was moved to the 4th line off his 15 goals a year ago, it seems the best on-paper alternative.

Capuano seems correctly determined now to keep LW Lee, Center, Nelson & Center Stome in their natural positions. For this team to have any chance they must produce as they have done in the past or the coach will pay with his job because the clock is ticking on this season. So far Lee/Strome have struggled badly, and Nelson after starting good has gone quiet which sometimes last a long time.

Capuano will not survive if that continues, despite legitimate issues on RW. 

Halak is not the reason the team is losing, he's signed for next season so he's going to play until someone takes his contract. Greiss is a pending UFA, Berube is making NHL money with his one-way deal, and will have to prepare like an NHL backup does.

So we sit back and see, no hiding from schedule which will only get worse.
More twitter then expected, coverage on Coliseum total 180 from Dolan's past two plus years going from prosecuting deal daily from business/editorial writers to hyping every single thing announced like deal is done for them to purchase from Prokhorov/Ratner after 1st phase of renovation done or at some future point. 

New York's Problem That's Not Going Away

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Did not expect another entry this soon, but see something different from past years.

They do not have any top six right wings. Management's first choice to replace Parenteau (not a first line right wing) was to use a career bottom six left wing in Chimera.

Then when that did not work it was time to move the player management said should have not have been playing right wing in Ryan Strome, he was back on right wing.

This frankly makes them look like they have no plan or idea what to do.

Lee bounced to right wing last year, and has been moved there early this year, but he's a left wing, and has had his best success with Tavares on the left, the plan has been to make him play like Mark Parrish, despite the fact this kid showed good skating skills when he came here.

Quine is a center, Prince is a left wing or has been used in that spot. Barzal is a center, Beauvillier is a left wing/center, not a right wing. Nelson is a center who's played left wing with Tavares but showed little chemistry, he's not a right wing based on rare looks there. 

Can't use the Grabovski plan with veterans much less kids unless you want to get them hurt.

Nice that Bailey scored a beauty at 4-4 to win an overtime game, but career trends do not lie nor was he management's first choice this year.

Beyond that you have Clutterbuck, a right wing with skating/scoring skills, who's been on the 4th line the past two seasons. 

So Mr Ledecky feels the next step should be beyond the second round, how does this team even play five hundred hockey without two top qualified right wingers with the NHL's worst schedule?

Why unload Parenteau under these circumstances where Tavares had one practice with him on a Friday, went to Washington for one preseason game, and then release someone advertised as a top right wing who at least would have helped this issue on the second line.

Sorry, but this problem is not going away, and don't write Ho-Sang if the plan is to make any serious run at a Stanley Cup right now.

New York Roster Announced

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And now we sit back, give twitter/website a break, and see what happens. The twitter account is now protected, screen caps will work fine here if necessary.

Easy to go back & read past entries/tweets to where things need to be for a playoff spot, as things go up/down with the standings/players.

The plan here has always been to set folks up for the next season at the end of the previous season, and that is now completed both here & prospect site.

Done writing about media coverage & Dolan's for good. It's in the New York Islanders hands to fight for their coverage, you know where I stand on these subjects, folks are free to accept coverage or speak up.

I failed on being silent in the past when this was written here, that will not happen again.

After Bloomberg posted Prokhorov's bond offering statement information the lease details were posted here for everyone, and remain here. Everyone now knows when the lease deadlines are with lease opt/outs, same with Bridgeport, and we have a Coliseum website with a 4/5/17 date for re-opening which will never house an NHL team again.

Parenteau Claimed By New Jersey/Defenders To Bridgeport

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This puts roster at 23 with only 6 defenders, 14 forwards with Quine, Barzal, Beauvillier, Boulton, Grabovski  on IR. Apparently something up with Halak again, while Shane Prince practiced.

Best of luck to P.A Parenteau. 

New York Places Parenteau On Waivers

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Obviously for this to happen management was not happy with what they saw in camp, despite him only having a few practices, and only Sunday's game with Tavares.

No hiding this goes on Garth Snow for signing him, we'll have to see if he clears waivers. (possible)

Folks who followed him last time here know he was rarely a first line player beyond the powerplay, he was a third line right wing. We'll have to see how this plays out, but clearly management advertised signing him as someone who would help off a twenty goal season, and now they have changed direction days before the opener.

Barzal is a center, Beauvillier is a left wing/center, as we have seen with Strome moving a developed center to wing can become a problem which management second guessed their own decision-making moving Strome to right wing.

Quine is a career center, who came up and played wing.

For now we sit back/wait, could be another moving coming from outside.