The 2014-15 Season Begins For New York

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For better or worse it begins 9/18/14.

The first season since 2011-12 that will run on a normal schedule. There will be fewer exhausted teams playing backup goaltenders against the New York Islanders.

And of course our team will have more rest which means less five games in eight day stretches on the road where this team has been above par overall.

The best interviews are always in small town local papers, John Tavares made his thoughts clear on the team/himself.
It's not rocket science for Jack Capuano/coaches, the team gather's Thursday, by Sunday they get on a plane, then start playing games on Monday (twice) Wednesday, Friday.
Some players will stand out, others will not. Decisions will be made quickly. Some changes to accommodate roster limits must happen with players on one-way contracts. 
Feel free to throw it back at me Dolan allowed a live telecast from Barclay's. Of course a partnership that shows one preseason game in about twenty years (and only one) to me is not something anyone should be thankful for. Of course the television schedule by Msg reflects the truth.
Let's see how many games Mike Bossy actually does, who replaced Ken Daneyko.
Ok, now we start getting answers. My preference is we don't have those minor injuries that final week of camp that linger into January.

Minnesota Wild Co-Owner Phil Falcone May Also Purchase Stake in Islanders

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Note-Considering Josh Kosman's pathetic record on our teams business I debated even posting this here but he is a co-owner of an NHL team.  Falcone brings some baggage with his resume, not nearly as much as Craig Leipold as a taxpayer sponsored NHL owner.

Hopefully there are far more credible newspapers out of Minnesota to confirm any of this information. 

New York Islander Informal Skate Updates/Notables

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Regardless of what's announced (Trades/Ownership/Coliseum/Barclay's/Lawsuits/Preseason/Media/Whatever) it's time for a long break and to let the hockey/peripheral subjects play themselves out on/off the ice.

More than enough subjects have been addressed both here/twitter.

Eyes/ears open/keyboard closed.

Thank You.

On Paper At This Time---Another Losing Season For New York

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Anyone who follows a team long enough know the trends of their organization.

For example the trend/tradition here is the top draft picks are signed during camp, so we wait to see if Dal Colle, Ho-Sang sign an ELC very soon.  

As for 2014-15 sure the answers could be here, younger players progress, but not today/not on paper.

Games are not played on paper.

I write this knowing full well the team finished 17-5-2 in it's final 24 road games, with the same 55 points over the final 48 games in 2013 that was good enough to qualify for a playoff spot.

Also that they played without Tavares, Okposo, Visnovsky and many veterans and used every prospect in Bridgeport to fill out a lineup card in April 2014

9/7/13 Anything Can Happen, But Expect New York To Take Step Back Out Of Playoffs

Game Plan Creative/Tom O'Grady On "Tradition Has A New Home Campaign"

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This was first announced back in March with Brett Yormark's comments. A little article/video on 9/2 to show Mr O'Grady. This company has a first class background. Past firms have ranged from Manhattan to Montauk which did win an award under Blumenfeld & Fleming. with better working link to video than twitter link.

NYIFC Comments: So teams relay a lot on their broadcast partners to tell the story for who they are as a franchise? You mean the broadcast partner who hides the New York Islanders product 24/7/365 on television/beyond the legal contract of having to show the games, and then uses it's pay-walled newspaper to spam their own team while giving our fans the bare minimum, then claiming they are mostly irrelevant? The partner who bid even for the Nassau Coliseum to showcase their own brand in their own Msg-Zone? Someone better have a little talk with Mr O'Grady because our partner will not be showing preseason from Barclay's (or anywhere) nor even allowing the people hired by our broadcast partner to mention it during telecasts as our fans discovered a year ago. Even YES Network did a video feature last year.

New York Islanders 2014 Hall Of Fame

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