Dolan's use their media against gullible NYI fans to sell Cuomo/Dolan taxpayer ponzi-scheme arena

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/19/2017 10:56:00 AM |
Not a fan of these entries, my preference would be to only write about hockey.
Are NYI fans still really this gullible?

Some sure are...............

Imagine if our teams games got all this print/tv coverage, instead of one beat-writer who always does the bare minimum?

Sure would not have hurt the attendance.

Dolan state of the art journalism which in this case is a non-stop machine to create their own narrative.

It's not my agenda.
Our fans are entitled to some honesty.

I will let them prove my point with their own words. 

130+ other sports team don't have their rival run their primary newspaper behind a paywall since 2008 with biased print coverage, a television contract through 2031 (costing Dolan hundreds of millions) that hides almost 1/4 games on a channel no one can find, bid for the Coliseum in 2013 to put a Ranger AHL team there in 2013 with preseason games & now want to be our teams new landlord in his Belmont arena, among what has gone on back to 1998 when games were pulled off television without explanation.

What's next the Dolan's who could not fork over 50k for the Islanders beating the Rangers over the Metro Ice Challenge a decade ago now want to give our team an arena in the middle of nowhere just to get them out of NYC because they are the teams friends?

Why can't some people simply be honest & admit a company that lives off taxpayers/politicians like Andew Cuomo & Shelly Silver have an agenda to drive their competition out of NY entirely to regain territorial rights, and put hundreds of millions in cable television money back in their bank. 

Someone has to present an honest narrative about our team & what's going on so I write what need's to be written.

The word Dolan is off limits for Randi Marshall, Robert Brodsky, Jim Baumbach, Hank Winnicki.

Staple, no doubt got an e-mail from sports editor Winnicki for this one:
What metric does this fall under again?

Factual evidence is very good.

I have written about Islanders poor attendance in Nassau for years, and again will write if the fan support was there I would submit an NHL team can succeed there. Clearly it cannot as every NHL team needs to play inside in a major city to make enough revenue to survive, with the real estate projects like Edmonton, Detroit got with huge taxpayer money.

Dolan wanted both in 2013 which is one reason why he lost the Coliseum bid.

Has Dolan ever paid for anything without taxpayer money? Wang in 2011 got zero development rights to HUB.

We saw this game from Dolan's paid media in 2011 with the $58.00 tax hammered home to defeat a referendum so Dolan could bid for the Coliseum in 2013 with Newsday writers not even allowed to mention his name.

Randi Marshall hates being challenged, she runs from her past articles.

I could have produced a dozen more like this. 

In 2017 she's on Pat Dolan's editorial board & selling the Dolan/Cuomo narrative at Belmont & Penn Station, the same day.

Marshall was on the Empire State Development list to visit Belmont site with potential bidders.
Marshall has no clue how this is being financed, but can't wait to move it forward, unlike 2011.
Peter Luukko (correct spelling) who worked for Flyers, Panthers.
We have seen it from Dolan's employees since he lost his bid to Ratner in 2013 to prosecute the NEC lease while Dolan's pocket's are filled by Andrew Cuomo refusing to revoke Dolan's tax exemption in Manhattan on the Chase Garden, as Cuomo works to renovate Penn Station (via taxpayers) & keep Dolan's operating permit extended in perpetuity with his tax exemption.

And we see it almost daily from Dolan's media spin-machine to influence gullible Islander fans or those who want to go back to failed Long Island with lower attendance than Barclay's. (without Sat games)

We saw this scam in 2011, 2013, we see it again, it's not honest. This is to get Dolan his revenge arena or force out NEC/Prokhorov or run out the clock at Barclay's.

The NYI have never received a dime from the taxpayers. Msg has received one since 1982 that now comes to about fifty million dollars a year straight from the taxpayers.

But here they go again:
As usual they leave out Dolan/NHL approval would have been necessary from 2013 because they can't mention Dolan in the family newspaper.

And now it's time to sell a joke narrative one preseason game on a Sunday afternoon in September erases decades of fans staying home win or lose to get Dolan his Belmont arena to be the Islanders landlord via Cuomo/taxpayers.

All hands on deck, including Brian Compton, who's Ranger media bosses at (John Dellapina, Frank Brown) can replace him with many out of work hockey writers.
Baumbach of Arbour's 740th win should not count fame, and Rangers commute to Greenberg is in the other direction is not as bad,  rewarding loyalty for Dolan taking him back after quitting Newsday in April 2010 for the Journal.
 Baumbach did not last one article in 2010 at Journal.

The part where Tavares talked about making it work at Barclay's did not make Dolan's paper or Compton's article, but was in the NY Post of all places.

Meanwhile Dolan may sue the Clippers owner for putting a new arena next to the one the taxpayers helped renovate for him in 2013, and blame the mayor. Things like this are off-limits for Marshall, Brodsky, Baumbach, Winnicki which is the only arena Dolan renovated (without Albany) as we wait and see what happens with his RFP win in Seattle where taxpayer money is needed. 

For now this game will continue, perhaps Dolan can get Nassau to revoke NEC lease which means this Belmont RFP goes away. 

Meanwhile they continue to prosecute their 2013 loss.

Mangano not picking Dolan's Hub vision in 2013 leads to articles like this, and there are plenty of people who like to build their resumes seeing their work in a newspaper.

The question is why are our fans so gullible to believe these people & not call them out on their agenda?

Are these bloggers & pod-casters interested in the truth or their resume?

It's not because our fans sold out 35 games every year at the Coliseum at big boy prices, no one moves to a proven failed location in the middle of nowhere to be a tenant of their rival. 

Newsday went through 4 publishers in six years since the 2008 paywall went up, they stopped employing one.

As LI Press wrote in 2012, 2010, not much has changed besides going from James Dolan to Pat Dolan, Altice looked at the losses and sold back a majority stake in Newsday/News12 within 2 weeks after Cablevision was sold to Altice in 2016.

Patrick Dolan still goes with James Dolan's team.

Newsday Media day-to-day operations would continue to be led by Ed Bushey.
Senior vice president/general manager, and Debby Krenek, senior vice president/digital and editorial director.

These are the people who get their marching orders from the Dolan's, and tell Marshall, Baumbach, Brodsky, Winnicki, Staple what to write/not to write.

Deborah Henley is still an editor for the Dolan's as of 2017.

Andrea Greenberg has been at Msg hiding Islander games on +2 for a few years as general manager, cutting post-games down to one interview. Plenty of disposable people like Botta, Cerney who were quietly sent out the door who know it's hard finding work without a reference from Dolan.

And as always plenty of biased Ranger media who want no part of the NYI in NYC, like Rick Carpinello who found a job working for Dolan after Journal News dumped his column. 

Newspapers have been biased back to the founding fathers last I checked.

Having written that I have never seen a sports teams fans, and bloggers be this gullible about what's going on.