Expect a Dolan media blackout on Cuomo/Dolan-owned Belmont taxpayer ponzi scheme arena

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/03/2017 11:56:00 AM |
Sure Dolan is only a minority investor/adviser, and it's the Islanders arena. LOL

Expect a ton of silence now from Dolan's paid media.

Their narrative has been set, the fans have bought in as usual.

Some fans even told me Ledecky is building an arena,  and paying for it? Who was the last sports owner who did that anywhere? LOL

They must be the people who think Katz built that Light house Project in Edmonton out of pocket, & Illitch-town in Detroit came entirely from his pockets before he passed away?

It's really been this way since last summer when Dolan's media push began for a Belmont arena, with Flushing being sold as something far less viable despite our owners buying a NYC team for 485 million dollars.

Cuomo can wave his campaign contribution magic wand tomorrow, and make the Shea site open for an Islanders arena without Dolan.

Now that Dolan/Cuomo got their RFP, and it's been marketed by them as the NYI bid, complete with Dolan's media discussing his (NYI) arena renderings, you will read very little on this RFP at all.

Front page articles against a Belmont RFP,  George Marlin opinion pieces, Other bidders. Financial experts....sorry gang, it's not 2011 & this is to get Dolan his arena, and the Islanders out of NYC for openers, it's revenge for losing the Coliseum in 2013.

It's not 2011 where the Dolan's wanted to defeat a referendum so they could bid in 2013, and pounded home the $58.00 narrative daily until it stuck.

This will be the 2011 referendum without the Dolan media push to stop it, what Charles Wang/Ed Mangano intended for a quiet referendum vote in August for a new Islanders arena.

Everyone is officially on vacation from this subject unless it's to sell Dolan/Cuomo/Percoco,  Penn Station taxpayer funded project in their media. Maybe a few bring the Islanders home to the Rangers new arena pom pom waiving articles from them, with some shots at Barclay's, but that's it. 

You will read absolutely nothing about financing, costs, leases, Cuomo campaign contributions from Dolan, Msg taxpayer exemptions,  Joe Percoco or anything from the 2011 playbook before that tepid late endorsement after it was clear the vote would not pass.

Whenever it goes near Dolan you will simply see their shell Oak View company mentioned in passing with, Irving Azoff, Tim Leiweke, who have no money as some peripheral investor/advisers when it fact this will be Dolan's arena from Cuomo's Empire State Development Corp & taxpayers. 

Newsday/News12 are not even allowed to tell the public the Dolan family (now under Pat Dolan) still have a controlling interest in Newsday/News12, they do what they are told or find new jobs.

Dolan's media is not going to say/write anything, same as Chase Garden's taxpayer exemption for their renovation is hidden, and you never see any paperwork PFD files on deals made by Dolan or the Garden because it's off-limits unlike everything involving the NYI or Prokhorov/Ratner Coliseum must be made a circus.

No, not even Dolan can be blamed for that circus two weeks ago at the Coliseum, but their media can get anyone voted out of office. 

This is the same Dolan-controlled paper that prosecuted the Islanders deal with Cantiague Park on the front-page for a practice facility a few years ago, and is still playing Coliseum watchdog because they lost the bid. 

The Islanders owners will be trotted out as the RFP winners when it reality it will be Dolan's arena, and the NYI will be tenants for 41 days if they are a willing part of it.

I have little doubt the announcement will also happen amid a Tavares extension in late September so fans even concentrate less on the financing and who really won the bid. 

I also have little doubt this super fast less than 2 months RFP process was decided a year ago for Cuomo to give Dolan a revenge arena against Mangano/Ratner Coliseum.

Down the road if this scheme happens, and an arena is built you will not see one word on Dolan owing the new arena filled with his events, it will look like an Msg+2 SD Islander telecast filled with Knicks and Ranger ads or what Dolan's plan was for the Coliseum in 2013 with their MSG-zone.

By then you will read between the lines, and figure out it's Dolan's arena unless 7,000 are there by game two & Dolan funnels them to the Seattle arena, the media there does not seem shy to jump on every change to that deal.

My advice, go read up on Dolan's bid in Seattle and the financing, from their media, who are not in Dolan's pocket.

I'm planning some words on Scott Malkin & Jon Ledecky next week.