Do Ledecky-Malkin really want to be a 41-day tenant in Dolan arena via Cuomo taxpayer ponzi scheme?

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/07/2017 06:11:00 PM |
485 million to be a 41-day tenant in the Rangers owners Barclay's/Coliseum-revenge building back in invisible Nassau, next to one congested highway, and a bunch of trees vs a city with millions of potential new fans, 12 subway lines, and a local walk-up that includes many Nets fans, and corporations.

In a building that already produced higher attendance than most Coliseum seasons.

The answer to the title of this post is I have no idea what, Scott Malkin, who seems to be mostly in Europe knows about his first sports franchise or it's attendance-revenue history in Nassau County?

A lot of these owners usually come from Gary Bettman & NHL, after Barroway threatened his lawsuit, the league moved fast to work a viable solution.

John Pickett saw what was happening, and after paying to save team lost interest. Howard Milstein put up with this for a few months before refusing to spend.

Charles Wang told you his story of why he bought the team after seeing two games vs Rangers, and leaving early. County executive, Tom Gulotta, made clear even then whoever buys the Islanders must pay for a new Coliseum themselves which is crazy considering a tenant does not do that. 

Wang (with Scott Rechler/then Mangano) kept trying for 12 years, and was vilified for not giving the fans a max payroll & 1973 ticket prices, as he paid to renovate Nassau's building, and Smg played slumlord, no lease was condemned. 

Scott Malkin spoke once in 2014 at the Coliseum, I did not understand much of what he said.

Only Charles Wang knows if he talked to them about this at all or they sat down with the teams books, who made clear he would have moved to Barclay's by 2013-14 if allowed.

Jon Ledecky between his tenure in Washington & his two year listening tour hiding among the fans had to have some notion of the many, many years of empty seats/poor revenue in Nassau, and not just the second half of 2013-14.

Or did he?

Perhaps Mr Ledecky/Scott Malkin, fell victim to the drumbeat of Long Island fans at Northwell telling him move the team back to 7,000 fans in Nassau or the Dolan media spin in his media knocking Barclay's to get them out of NYC before it's clear they belong in NYC, with more fans, and a far better revenue stream. 

Or it's been the Dolan's plan via Cuomo since last summer when the push began in the family newspaper to get them out to Belmont, with Flushing always getting some negative push-back from their media because it's still too close to NYC.

Obviously everyone had a good laugh at the six game Coliseum plan, or the owners asked for Ratner/Prokhorov and Bettman/Dolan correctly told them no because the rule is one home to a customer per territory. 

Who knows? Scott Malkin & Jon Ledecky had to approve the Buffalo Sabres playing a home game inside the NYI territorial rights in Queens so Dolan does not lose his yearly tax exemption on the Chase Garden by hosting a game outside his building or was this approval baked into Cuomo-Dolan RFP?

16/25 years the two years at 13,000 + fans at  Barclay's with few Saturday games/Sun football game days, early season Mon-Wed. produced better attendance then Nassau Coliseum. Six Coliseum years were on par with 13,000 number, three had better numbers than Barclay's with one being 2001-02 with Milstein rock-bottom ticket prices, another being the final season packed with Sat, Alumni giveaway nights. Did Malkin/Ledecky even look at these horrible numbers in Nassau County?

The Dolan's media (who cannot even mention his name) are bragging about arena plans being done, and the worlds fastest RFP process seems all set to trot out Scott Malkin & John Ledecky in late September as winners of Cuomo/ Dolan revenge arena for 2013, likely with a new Tavares contract as part of the celebration of returning to obscurity.

Why would our owners want to be a willing part of this or Tavares?

Mr Malkin, Mr Ledecky, stay in NYC at Barclay's or ask for a NYC site without any Dolan involvement. It's working far better than Nassau has most years.

Who cares about some obstructed seats that rarely were filled in Nassau? Yormark promised new pipes for the ice, ask for a little remodeling downstairs and stay at Barclay's. It's working now, and in a decade you'll sell enough tickets (and critical corporate money) to where Barclay's will want to renovate themselves whether it be Prokhorov or someone else.

Either that of by game 2 on a Tuesday in Dolan's Belmont arena in front of 7,000 fans (or less) reality is going to hit home you made a fatal mistake as big as John Pickett made to give Smg all the teams revenue for some Coliseum luxury boxes in a building that looks like a SD telecast on Dolan's +2 filled with Knicks and Ranger ads.

And if Dolan does eventually renovate Key Arena in Seattle, and operates this Belmont white elephant via Cuomo/taxpayers, he will funnel them to Seattle & his other arena.