New York loses two games they should have won

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/23/2024 01:25:00 AM |

They had to win game one, they outplay Carolina, and failed to do so with some help from the refs for Carolina, and were the better team. Game two they took only 12 shots, with none for the first sixteen minutes. Carolina had 110 shot attempts and outshot New York 19-1 in the third, and still New York had the lead with Carolina's goalie pulled. Tying goal/winning goal nine seconds later. ENG. 2-0 and all the excuses in place as to why they could have won the series but lost. Unreal, but hardly unexpected. First time in the teams history they lost a playoff game up 3-0. Ping pong Pageau returned, -3, no surprise.

Ultimately if they don't win this series these two games are where you have to look, they deserved one win, and despite being dominated were in position to win again, but failed. Roy's press conference was little more then two minutes. He failed to take his timeout, a goal was scored. We know what happenes when they win a bunch of games in a row, they lose a bunch of games in a row. Whether it be 4-5-6-7 this will be where they lost the series. It's bitterly disappointing but was expected because that's what this odd season has been since day one. Varlamov outplayed Andersen in game two, he had little help. Dobson got roasted like Stadium series in overtime on GWG. A high stick goal was disallowed for New York. For their 12 shots, Horvat also missed a breakaway.

Go prove everyone wrong. Only winning the series does that. Now they have plenty of excuses why they did not win.

Dobson: Expected to return Game One/Tikkanen-Jefferies ELC 2 year

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/19/2024 12:01:00 PM |

Lee has returned to the team.

Cizikas-Horvat-Barzal Fasching-Nelson-Palmieri Lee-MacLean-Engvall Martin-Clutterbuck-Holmstrom (Extras: Wahlstrom, Iskhakov) Romanov-Dobson Pelech-Pulock Reilly-Bortuzzo (Extras: Aho, Bolduc) Varlamov (starter’s net) Sorokin

Series Projection: Carolina In Five

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/18/2024 02:02:00 PM |

Sorry, add to it no rest, maybe Lee/Pageau unavailable, what happens when unbeaten streak ends because we see big winning steaks followed by big losing streaks with Varlamov inploding.

Saturday 5pm Game One: Reg Season Ends 5-4 win vs Pens

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/17/2024 10:03:00 PM |

A lot of long-term scratches played very well. 17-1 outshot after fast start, but Pens faded. Pitch and putt with nine iron for 15 goals/23 games made me look bad. Keep doing it. Ping pong left injured early. Wahlstrom looked very good, Holmstrom scoring hands goal. Too much pressure when Pens put Crosby/Malkin out there, but their team had breakdowns. Hardly a soft game 82 a lot of wear/tear. Now they get least rest in NHL and play Saturday at 5pm. Sorokin was much better then score, and faced many prime chances.

Have not been optimistic wrote go win 10/12 and they did, but name of the game is win the Stanley Cup, and they must do that regardless of who or where. Not like they did not beat top teams this season or down the stretch to qualify. They need Dobson (he's skating) but we'll see. Failed experiment looked half empty, and was a morgue. Goodbye Arizona, felt like Long Island politicians out there.

New York Signs Marshall Warren Two Year ELC

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/16/2024 11:37:00 AM |

The prospect is updated to reflect all changes/RFA.