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New York Islander Fan Central | 3/02/2021 10:43:00 PM |

Not much to write. Happy they are winning enough to be tied for first (with several games in hand for many teams) but I'm far from finished with my back up the truck post earlier until they can win the 4-3, 5-4 games they will need to, and not blowing leads with so many players capable of a ten-plus game slide.

This is not the real NHL with games against only eight teams, double-headers (soon a triple header vs Buffalo) it's just a 56 game tournament so everyone makes some money. (not NYI owners)

Career trends are just that, and I'll eat some crow on Pageau for now, but his one goal in eleven games to start is his career trend, along with many others. They have not had to change defense once due to injury, and Varlamov is continuing his run. Overall winning ugly and being outplayed is not the way to win long-term.

I'm thrilled about Dobson, Wahlstrom, Dal Colle, and what they did against Boston. The 4th line is pitching in with some goals after looking finished before the Devils-Sabres pandemic cancellations, they must score for their money. Trotz had a very quick hook on Bellows. Sorokin looks like a top goalie when he plays, that glove and movement is very fast.

Belmont is what it is, I understand many get along to go along, they don't care. It's not NYI home, it's Msg2, as Dolan's tenant, run by his cronies, more of Malkin's retail got kicked across Hempstead Turnpike, too bad Cuomo did not kill his career before Belmont because it's there because Dolan called Cuomo, and demanded an arena to wipe the Coliseum off the map, and drive NYI out of Barclay's which would have worked long term, which many never wanted to give a chance, despite the strong attendance trends.
No one moves back to the middle of nowhere for a proven failed suburb, and my guess is Belmont is behind schedule with those 1,000 daily workers nowhere to be seen that were promised last Oct, when our owners signed a beam the first day of UFA, and the place mostly all welding/cranes work but no fit out even close to starting, and that absurd standing tail gate for $25.00 when they can fill in that section of grandstand, this is not old Winnipeg arena with images of the Queen.

Will keep doing what's always been done here, and on twitter.

Sorokin's First Win Is A Franchise Level Goalie Shutout

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/16/2021 10:52:00 PM |

Compact moves, swooping glove, he really played like an elite franchise-level goalie, despite only 20 shots against. Sure Varlamov's been outstanding (since summer) but Sorokin's ceiling needs to be a 60 game #1 goalie.

Mindful of my earlier post to back up the truck, not going to take the out, they got a break to practice before Buffalo got sick. Yes 3/4 nights, but Buffalo for it's twenty shots owned the puck tonight.

Hope they prove me wrong, and standings don't lie, but a lot of hockey to be played. Really need to find a spot for Bellows with Wahlstrom/Dal Colle, who's been excellent.

Lamoriello Comments On 1300, Still Working

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Barry Trotz had a few words as well.

Robin Salo signed/Komarov to Waivers

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New York Notables: Back Up The Truck

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/30/2021 04:33:00 PM |

Folks know I'm very measured with my posts/hockey views/whatever. Despite my lack of enthusiam for having any games at this time, my twitter feed expressed my thoughts on this team. What we saw last march is who they are. What they did in the second game is who they are, the slop fest against Bruins they squeaked out of is who they got away with for one day. What Devils did was no fluke in Newark, and Caps with 1/2 team sick/hurt got 72 shot attempts one game, and came back down 3-0, in a game Varlamov was looking at his glove/angles, with only 22 shots allowed.

This is a bad team, we know the look, they find ways to lose, can't score when they need it. Is that harsh? No, just a contination of what we saw last March. No, they are doing their best, and a good character group of people.

Too old, slow, inconsistent scoring, with a record high payroll, it's a formula for being bad over many years. Varlamov's goaltending has several weak stetches which also catches up with him which it finally did vs Caps. Sorokin after a year off, and seeing no NHL work ever is not ready, and Greene is a big downgrade from Toews. (like Dobson) Pageau is not a scorer, he's even less of one with Komarov/Johnston on his wings.

What you saw at Covid Cup was Martin score five goals, Brassard score huge goals, Greene pinch in with big goals, as Beauviller has his hot streak, this is not how you survive long-term, this group is loaded with players who go 10 games or more without producing, it's powerplay has been terrible for years.

The answer is backup the truck. Bailey, Eberle, Varlamov, absolutely Cizikas, Clutterbuck (no value) & go all in with Wahlstrom, Dal Colle, Bellows, & call back Ho-Sang, if you can unload Pageau, do that immediately, he's never been a goal-scorer beyond 10-15 or thirty points. Aho should not sit for Greene, it's time to look at moving Leddy.

These owners are taking it on the chin financially, but Lamoriello makes player call. I'm sure the end game has been just to get to UBS/Msg2 as Dolan's tenant, this cashgrab was a throw-away for 56 games our owners did not want.

Long story short, they are clearly not good enough. (and were in big trouble last March as a tired team)
There is no more hiding, it's not working, the 4th line gave them a ton of good years, this team needs to get younger, faster & take their lumps with the best coach in the NHL. Holmstrom, Timashov, Bolduc, Koivula, let's see what they can do because the speed, skill, scoring has to improve here.