A Few Words From Trotz

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New York Prospect Status Updated

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Decided to update prospect site through 2020-21, and correct an error on Robin Salo. For those interested in the historical site, all banners updated through Tonelli, Goring cermonies, with Barclay's one game have all the retired banners in rafters. Jared Coreau is an UFA who was not included below but on the prospect site. Both Lamoriello's have a lot of work to do this summer with many RFA on defense in Bridgeport.

During this time, player headers will not appear.

Answers From Lamoriello:

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Everyone back if NHL returns, besides Pelech, who's out until camp. Will match any Barzal offer sheet. Sorokin expected next season.

NHL Pauses Season

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We'll see what happens.

As for New York all season this was a team that was on empty for a long time, where the lack of rest, schedule made them hit a wall they have not recovered from. They always chase the game, teams come after them.
Trades, where they play, how much they play, plus some injuries, they were struggling, and deserved to be where they are in the standings, and worse. Something always was breaking down, offense, to poor powerplay, goaltending. It's been a fragile team all season (even during their streak) that never overwhelmed teams like a year ago despite a few minor changes.

Don't know how long this pause lasts, or if this is the end of the NHL season, players who live in other countries have to go home so don't expect players sequestered in Nassau for a very long period of time because other countries are going to close borders. Apparently for now Pageau staying is the teams call whether he can return to Ottawa.

Boychuk/Injury/Updates From Lamoriello

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Lamoriello made his comments, either this team starts bouncing back to win games or there will be little to talk about moving forward.