New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/15/2019 12:43:00 PM | Comments

Not the best of starts (nor was last season) with one regulation win, and clearly players struggling or hurt. Far from the team that worked the opposition into the ice so far, and no secondary scoring. Looks like goaltending split, with Varlamov finally giving them a solid start vs Florida.

Nice they held Blues to 23 shots, but Bennington does let up soft goals, and Boychuk's play was a miracle to keep the puck in.

Disappointed Ho Sang did not go to AHL, it's reasons like this why he cleared waivers, and perhaps cost himself a job with Eberle out. Says a lot when Wahlstrom takes his NHL number.

Lee has to be more than Mark Parrish, he was for years who scored with his skating, not parked in front of goal.

Dal Colle has never played RW, that kind of move is going to take time with Bailey on left wing, and Ladd practicing/Bellows in AHL.

Wrote a ton on twitter about pathetic attendance in Nassau, do see going to Dolan's Belmont as end of the franchise in this market when they go there to the same attendance. They needed to stay in NYC. These owners are spending 76 million, we got our answer, it was never winning, who owned the team or the payroll, just a market the NHL should want gone because they can's sellout 41 games under any circumstances or spend what many losing markets do for tickets.

Dolan's getting his Belmont gift from Cuomo, he wants the NHL map set back to 1971, he lost that chance in 2013, he'll likely get it with his AHL team at Belmont in the future.

Trotz seems a bit detached, this man has coached more than Al Arbour, his press conferences shorter, but his message solid. (the ones Msg does not heavily edit)
Like the powerplay, not the pk, but it's early. Clock should be ticking louder on Brassard if Koivula is his competition.

Loved Nassau video on ice, but building was not retrenched during renovation, and players are falling.

Two games until 10/24, time to get healthy, beat the team they won against in regulation.

As for attendance, really think NHL should move all weeknight Nassau games to Quebec, unless they get 13,000 full season tickets sold by 1/1/20. Keeping all Barclay's games. These owners are doing everything to keep this going, if MLB can do this, so can NHL. If our fans won't show up for these owners, why throw 76 million out the window to play in front of crowds of kids, with true attendance around 7-8,000.

Been writing about Nassau's failed attendance here since 2011, and nothing's changed since 1989.

NHL is a revenue generating business, it's time this fan base pulls it's weight, or other people should have the priviledge of a team.

You love these owners so much, they are doing everything possible, they are not being thanked for their efforts, and they are going to lose in my estimation about 40 million dollars playing in Nassau in front of empty sections. Why bother?

Ok, for now they keep playing hockey.

Northwell Health has Msg ads all over practice facility, and a prime Msg/Ranger sponsor. Naming rights?
Dolan's media gets very quiet when things venture near Msg involvement or all arena partners having to sign a lease, Newsday will never show the public. Don't count on any 2021 opening at this pace either.

New York Preview

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Ok, time for short/honest version.
The most you can write about an NHL team entering a season is they are good enough to be in playoff contention, that's where the 2019-2020 New York Islanders start.

There will be ups/downs/likely more injuries, we'll know about Varlamov when we know. Some players will produce more, others less. Last year was the perfect ascent to a playoff spot, textbook. Having written that an expansion team made one final, another dead last in NHL on 1/2/19 won the cup.
There are times where it's reasonable to take the teams temperature, many do it daily/hourly for their resume. Not necessary.
Team did a video showing Coliseum ice plants, never imaged before. Great job.

New York Final Roster-All Waivers Clear..

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Welcome to NHL Noah Dobson.

Lamoriello: Hickey...Ho-Sang...Fritz..Waivers

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/30/2019 11:58:00 AM | Comments

Answer comes noon on 10/1/19. Hickey slight surprise, but carries a contract with term. Fritz likely clears, and don't see a massive demand for Ho-Sang for the same reason little has changed about why he dropped on draft-day, besides his offense at NHL spotty at best. For 70k in AHL would not shock me if someone claims him.

Final Roster Cuts Coming

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/30/2019 06:39:00 AM | Comments
How I see things entering 10/1/19 deadline by 5pm.

Subject to change both home/road headers ready. Between patches/Lamoriello number changes, not that easy. Sebastian Aho did not make the cut because he wears Dal Colle's number which changed three different times. Holmstrom replaces Bode Wilde this year. Ladd goes on IR for Eberle, who makes his header debut. Dobson will be on both headers. Otta Koivula's camp NHL number, not the same as Bridgeport, but has a spot waiting. Walhstrom has a place on at least one header. Last years change of Torrey-Arbour in one spot is permanent, sadly the time to honor Mr Torrey's passing moves to the historical site.