New York Job Openings? No

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/22/2023 07:08:00 AM |

The failed Belmont experiment cannot have enough job fairs, as few stay beyond the seasonal short-term hirings.

On the ice about 50+ odd players showed up for camp, on paper short of waivers almost all the spots are taken already. Engvall, and Fasching have their NHL contracts. Short of a trade/injuries, or a Ross Johnston/someone else going on waivers, expect the following:

13-14-26 (Barzal w/two injuries on wing)



17-53-15/32/10 (Holmstrom)


We can write all the names out of the 50+ players like Durandeau/Iskhakov, Dufour, Maggio, Gauthier but untimately to add/you must subtract while Parise seems to have a spot ready for him if he wants it.

New York Camp Opens Today....

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/21/2023 07:05:00 AM |

The team had it's physicals taken it's player images, Romanov likely is not going to be ready. Now we see a bunch of comments, they skate until Monday with a day, and off, then begin preseason. Bolduc, Salo, that's likely Romanov's replacement. There are few changes, every day without Parise in a uniform is a plus. No real jobs available up front without a trade. Engvall/Fashching have jobs here, if someone goes down it will likely be Holmstrom. They are going to hope Barzal or Horvat can play wing/despite money (they likely can't) and Nelson, Pageau (needs to be moved) Cizikas (needs to be moved) so that'a a problem in the middle, and Barzal had two injuries as a winger.

Good news? Sorkin, best defenders Pelech/Pulock, Horvat, Barzal are all around 28, this is their prime. The defense is mostly young outside of Mayfield, by himself (not with Chara-Greene) his age is not an issue. Nelson should have another good year in him, Lee should be better. Wahlstrom has to be healthy/production. Fair chance someone could surprise out of Bridgeport.

Bad news? Scoring, age on wings, 4th line, powerplay, 3/3 overtime, shootouts, ability to beat teams but NY was only eleven over, usually a non-playoff team. Lamoriello got a new contract, Lambert is likely a lame duch, the owner is AWOL, like his retail village, they won't leave practice rink which is not on teams business directory anymore, just Iceworks. John Collins has his SPAC Lawsuit.

The team barely writes anything, other teams spam their product, and have team writers 24/7. The failed Belmont experiment will announce an opening night sellout, the place will be empty until the holidays.
Lane Lambert spoke 9/18.

Schedule For New York....

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/17/2023 05:38:00 AM |

Prospect Camp Interviews Day One

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/15/2023 10:09:00 AM |
For those who can't find them the team is putting up the video's of prospect/coaches interviews, the sound of the questions being asked is terrible but for those interested here.

New York Rookie Camp Roster/NYIFC Notable

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2023 12:06:00 PM |
Bridgeport's new head coach ran day one at practice & comments on players.
NYIFC Notable
I intend to continue this site under the same minimal format. For the first time we will not have a header with the current players, the historical site has the core of the four. Less is more. It does not look or feel like blogger, it serves it's purpose. The days of the mile long entries are over, but this site will remain here, and be active. No punches are ever pulled.