Scott Eansor Two-Year/Two Way Contract

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New York Giving Fans No Hope

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Simply put, nothing has changed, they seem to need 50 saves or better to win any games, and we know the other team is going to score late if the game is close. That's a formula to nowhere which reflects how badly Doug Weight is over his head coaching this team.

Nothing to build on from that, no development, no reason to think a playoff run is coming. Thirty other teams are not closing in on records for shots against that go back two decades. (with a pk 31st)

Now Or Never

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New York Trades Chimera for Wagner

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NYIFC Comments: Best of luck to Jason Chimera, was not happening for him this season. Wagner's played every game for Ducks, he's second in NHL in hits, and has a few points, they needed a depth forward so hardly a bad deal.

New York Trades Third Rd Pick For Brandon Davidson

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Edmonton Journal 2/3/18: Has high praise for Davidson, but this paper also tried to sell Strome as better than Eberle last summer. Of course anything is better than Dolan's paper which is no credible coverage at all.
NYIFC Comments: Another defender who may or may not help, does not seem a big improvement on what they have dressed now on the backline but a third round pick is significant. If he's a left defenseman, it's bad new for Hickey, deHaan or Toews moving forward because he is a RFA. If he's a right defender, it means Aho, Seidenberg move down the depth chart or #4 is traded. Edmonton drafted him, kept him for years, traded hum, then claimed him back on waivers, so they must have liked him a little to reacquire him?