Nothing New For New York....

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/13/2019 07:31:00 AM | Comments

Not a lot to be written since last entry. The hope is this team finds the game they played for long stretches of last season, where the other team could not match the NYI hard-working effort. Feels like most of this season they have largely been outworked, despite the improved record.

Love record despite mostly holding pace in this division. Last Dec NY went to Toronto, and at the time felt Leafs had their spot locked up at fifteen over, and would play out the string easily, it did not work out that way as they slid back.

For New York we need that team from last season that won 2/3, 3/4 which just kept methodically pushing up toward 12-15-20 over mark that should be good enough, but winning ugly can't be an 82 game formula. We have to see the team that went to Toronto, and just had an easy night, which this year's version has rarely shown.
The good news is despite the record maybe we see this team finally start clicking, as in Eberle, Lee, Bailey, hitting their numbers, Cizikas getting on a run to another twenty goals. Dal Colle finally producing, those are not unrealistic expectations. This year has been a different kind of winning, one where the coach has largely not been satisfied.

I do think they can be better, but it's not there yet.

Notables, we'll know when we know with Sorokin, my guess is he stays in KHL, if not Greiss likely is finished here. Don't expect to see Martin back if Johnston produces with two more years on his deal.

Don't see the mix working in Bridgeport, or a lot of statistical development, along with a ton of goals against for a team injured, but with plenty of depth.

As for Dolan's Belmont Arena, when things are going their way, their media will keep things dead quiet. It's not 2011, 2013 where they created a circus to get their way. Cuomo gave Dolan his Msg2, with/without NYI it's happening, we have always been the pawns to only get the shovel in ground, when 8,000 show by the second game, it will be a matter of when before these owners put the team up for sale, the financial losses with such awful Nassau support speaks for itself, along with the usual crew that just don't go to games.

Cross Roads For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/30/2019 02:44:00 PM | Comments

Long story short, forgetting the record, we have not seen the NYI of 2018-19 other NHL franchises were outworked by, sometimes handily to the point everyone was astonished how easy some games were.

It's a simple question, but how many games win or lose does Washington, Carolina, Florida, Boston not show up, and work hard? Very few if any. That's not happening with 2019-20 New York Islanders, and it's where they need to be to win head to head, or an 82 game race for playoff spots vs those franchises.

Expect a lot of teams to break their slumps (Toronto will blame everything on Babcock) with Tampa, and others will go on big winning streaks. There is no hiding the lack of offense from Lee, Eberle, Dal Colle, and a few others, the players sitting are not the offensive answer in 2019-20.

The days of sitting home at Northwell for days is also over, they have to start, traveling/playing 3/4-4/6, and not lose in regulation. Both goalies have to continue their mostly strong play.

For New York It's Game By Game

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/20/2019 08:57:00 PM | Comments

Long story short, getting 29/30 points is incredible, historic. 1982 was a different time/league. A regulation streak without overtime, a standing record to this day. That team was under zero pressure in a twenty one team league, where sixteen qualified, their playoff spot was secured.
Bottom line coach has hardly been thrilled, but it's a game by game process, which is the path I'm taking. No one makes playoffs before thanksgiving.

We know the math, what it takes to qualify, how tough it was last season never losing more than two in a row in regulation, so the enthusiasm has to be tempered, this is not a team doing this in March, it's how you give yourself a chance to make the playoffs. For now, that's the goal, it's not being a downer, or writing people should not be thrilled.

Lesson was learned the hard way in 2017-18 at eight over around this time, they have the right system, coaching, culture, and character to avoid what happened then. This team also has a defense that can skate, all at the right age, and improving. Toews is a special talent, as is Pulock, and many of them are just hitting their prime. Even Leddy for his mileage is young, and can fly.
So far still working on, Noah Dobson, in the home blue wearing #8, so with team going on the road will stick with that for the time being.

Ladd On Waivers

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/14/2019 12:30:00 PM | Comments

With his cap hit, zero doubt he will clear or a trade would have been worked out. After sitting vs Leafs, it makes more sense to run with Dal Colle. Ladd could have gone on another conditioning assignment, those are all voluntary but have six game max before recall.

Still too early for New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/13/2019 05:21:00 AM | Comments

Obviously I'm very happy with the teams record, but we all learned in 2017-18, how you get to 8/9 over shows us an indication if you can stay there/keep working toward games over required for a playoff spot which fair to write is usually 17-20 games above five hundred.

The days of sitting around Northwell for 3-4 days is ending after Flyers game, with Ladd ready someone's going to sit or go on waiver.