New York Cuts To 43

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Nothing earth shattering.

Ok, so twenty cuts needed to 23. Gibson, Smith & Soderstrom (injured) Dal Colle, Fritz, Kovar, Johnston, Sislo, Ho-Sang, Ladd (IR), Bernier, Gionta PTO, Bellows, St Denis. Toews, Dobson, Burroughs, Aho, Helgeson, Seidenberg. (PTO) All the players Lamoriello brought in besides Martin were on playoff teams, they are not going to the AHL.
If Lee, Eberle, Nelson cannot be signed, they risk losing them for nothing later, if the team is in a playoff spot, they are not being traded, all teams have this issue. I'm of the school it's Martin or Johnston. That #53/15 are being showcased to anyone who would take their contracts which is unlikely. Siedenberg's value to Barzal could be a factor, but not going to give him a spot over Sbisa. Toews is showing signs, but his lack of playing for months likely means he starts in Bridgeport. I don't think Lamoriello would hesitate to put Mayfield/Pelech's long-term deals in a trade or on waivers.

9/14: Lamoriello/Trotz

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A few players also commented after practice.

New York Full Camp Roster

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Trotz, fifteen minutes with media from Thursday.

New York Opens Camp/PTO's

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 "This team has to be hard to play against," Trotz said. "We're going to look for guys who are willing to put the work boots on, go to work and get better every day. If you don't, we'll weed you out and get someone who wants that position. Our goal, it's a process, it won't happen overnight, but we want to build a consistent contender."
Teams website confirmed PTO's to Seidenberg, Sbisa, Gionta. Expect video's to load on teams website in bulk as day progresses.
NYIFC Comments:  
Not much to write about Robin Lehner, not insensitive, but focus has to be on hockey for him/team. He will do his best as will everyone & no doubt some veterans here likely are not going to win jobs, as Lamoriello/Trotz will be true to their word about building the culture, and a team tough to beat.

Could care less about Tavares or comments, the current management never worked with him, time to work with what they have & players who want to re-sign here.

Beyond that play some games, best players play.

New York Rookie Camp Roster

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