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Thrasher's blog by Craig Custance today in the 8/6 Atlanta Journal Constitution
here gives us an update on New Islander Jon Sim from the Thrashers side of things.

Here were his Islander-related commnents:

So after Monday’s Falcons practice, I caught up with Sim, who was on his way to the beach in Nova Scotia, for a quick interview. Here’s an excerpt from that interview.

Q: What are your thoughts on your deal with the Islanders?

A: I’m excited. It’s another new team but I’m used to that. I think we’re going the right way. They want to win. They want to make the playoffs, they want to be the last team standing. That’s the same way I feel.

Q: Were the Islanders a team you knew was interested in you?

A: July 1 came and I wasn’t expecting anything right away. My agent called me and said he had a 3-year deal with the Islanders and said ‘How do you feel?’ I said ‘3-year deal? I feel great.’”

Q: You signed a 3-year deal for $3 million. For a guy who has bounced around a little, what does it mean to have that security?

A: It’s just a relief, we’re looking for a house to buy now. We won’t be renting, it’s just exciting. It’s something that every hockey player wants, everybody in their life wants security, We have that now.

Q: Some criticized the Islanders for losing a couple big-time players in free agency, what are your thoughts on their off-season?

A: They lost a couple big fish, but they also signed a couple with Bill Guerin, [Rusian] Fedotenko, [Mike] Comrie, - three really good players. It’s all a circle. They lost Blake then got Comrie — I just think they want to win. The moves that they made are the right ones. Comrie made it to the Finals — Billy’s won Stanley Cups. I’ve been around winning teams too. That has a lot to do with it.

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