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Boston Globe notes Berard will be attending Islander training camp. No comment from Berard, the Islanders or Newsday at this point.

NY Fan Central Comments:
Given Newsday had three blog updates and two articles on Michael Peca only negotiating with the Rangers and this is the third or fourth paper to report on Berard's training camp invite, isn't it time Greg Logan or his editor at Newsday provide our fans an update with some comments from Berard or Garth Snow?

Some interesting NHL Notables:
Teams have been granted permission by the league to relocate the two goal judges' positions, opening up some prime seat locations in the loge.

But the displaced judges won't be out of work. Most of them will move, plungers in hand, to the press box. If that takes them too far from the action, they'll be positioned elsewhere in the building, perhaps at the Zamboni entrance. Otherwise, the job will fall to referees and replays, and sometimes the scrutiny of the Toronto-based "war room" that pipes in telecasts of the games.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The role of the NHL goal judge has been obsolete for a long time with the introduction of video replay. Relocating them further away makes no sense at all, the position should be terminated and the area used for more prime seating.

Unlike referee's, who once they make a call on a goal/no goal have to be overturned with conclusive evidence from Toronto, when the goal judge turns on the light or keeps it off, it does not factor into any final decision on a goal one way or another. Video replay can also tell if a puck enters the goal before a peirod ends.

On Scott Niedermayer filing retirement papers:
If he files his retirement papers, he is effectively done for the season, because the 29 other NHL teams would all have to "sign off" on his return to Anaheim if he wanted back sometime during 2007-08.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No reported situatations of player filing retirement papers, then returning the same season. This is the first time I have read there is a rule where the other clubs can determine if someone is allowed to play. Hopefully Niedermayer, Selanne or any player who retires under contract understands the ramifications. Brian Burke as usual is a little upset, would be a lot of fun if Kevin Lowe had to make a decision like this.

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