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Cheer up Islander fans. The Canucks just released their new uniform and logo in a huge ceremony and to me looks like a Hartford Whaler/Orca Bay merger and a disaster.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This almost is on par with the PJ's the Canucks wore in the 80's. Is the club mandated or contracted to advertise Orca Bay as their official logo?

In something that's hardly a shock the new Superseries between Canada-Russia is not drawing much interest in Russia.

"We know in Canada it is a much bigger deal," Strizhevsky said. "They will sell out 20,000-seat arenas there. But that’s just not the case in Russia. That’s why they didn’t have the games in Moscow because the arenas would have been half-full.

"There’s just not much interest in the national junior team."

Along with the cable channel, there are just two major newspapers and one news agency covering the games.

After Game 1, Strizhevsky was hoping his story would make it on the front page of Sport Extra. It was on page 10.

"It would be a much different story if this was the national team against NHL players, now that would have been huge," Strizhevsky said.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Cannot market an eight game prospect series in 2007-08 as any reincarnation of the 72 Summit Series. The article is correct if this were a national team vs NHL players it would be huge, but to this point the Russian fans and media do not see it as such.

The Hockey News makes a good discussion why the cap will not keep progressing up each summer to the degree it has the last two seasons and why the teams that have been spending will not longer be able to.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
So much is kept in the dark from the fans it's impossible to know where the cap is heading next summer. One article will claim it's going down while another will make a case for it going up. What I do know is the avg player contract is back near
pre-lockout levels as are many clubs payolls. For many the cap does seem to act as a magnate as some predicted. As for individual clubs, as long as some corporate owners can front-load contacts they will have an edge but some seem to have spent their money this summer and cannot do this again for a while until other contracts expire.

Islander prospect Nick Tuzzolino who was selected in the Seventh Round 196 overall in the 2005 NHL Draft signed today in the IHL with the Flint Generals.

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