What's next on NYI Fan Central?

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/29/2007 04:06:00 PM |
A little behind the scenes work going on at NYI Fan Central lately.

This is still a very new blog/message board and I thank everyone again for the kind words and your suggestions/comments are always welcome.

The work to improve things will always be on-going as some things are added and some subtracted depending on how they look and function.

As for what's ahead first off some good news. NYI Fan Central will be going
wire-less and will be switching to a new computer so I can provide even more updates.

Starting Thursday I will begin our preview of the Islanders defense, then the focus will turn to the goal tending. Of course any/all Islander and NHL items I find interesting will be posted here as the day's progress until training camp.

When camp starts I intend to link up with the local Moncton Papers for their perspective and all updates from both Islander-Sound Tiger camp. Hopefully the local coverage will pick up.

I also will be working very hard behind the scenes to provide daily prospect scoring updates for every North America Prospect in the Islander organization and will try to include Europe.

I also have some other things I'm working on that I think our members will enjoy.

Once again my thanks to everyone for visiting and for their comments.

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