New York 3, Washington 2 ot

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Islanders website: Has the recap of the Islanders 3-2 overtime win Saturday against Washington with comments from Ted Nolan and Bill Guerin.

"Tonight Billy found a way and got us a big goal," said head coach Ted Nolan. Billy is a big addition to this team. You look at Richard, who has been one of our best forwards the last two years. He wins faceoffs, plays on the power play and penalty kill. He adds great value to this team."

Added Guerin: "Faceoffs are so important in this game," said Guerin, who scored following a faceoff win by Mike Comrie. "When you win those draws you have the puck more and create more opportunities. Those were two key faceoff wins."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Last two days have been huge. not classic wins but games the Islanders had to have two points. Two games over five hundred vs two games under five hundred is a lot of ground to make up in this league.

Hopefully the wins gives this team the confidence they will need moving forward.

A lot like the first Coliseum game against Washington, except this time Guerin found the net late.

Seemed like the earlier season formula to stay in games kept the Islanders in this one and it paid off. Washington had very little pressure or quality chances thanks to solid team defense across the board in this one. DiPietro was solid, but did not have to be great and steal the game, but as always he has virtually no margin for error.

The setup to Satan and his rush to the net was perfect, twice he dropped the shoulder this season and both times the goaltenders were beaten.

Hard to blame anyone for Ovechin's goal because he's a star player and knew where the screen was.

Park was a one man wrecking crew on his goal but one Cap did hit another with the stick and Kolzig for some reason had five hole wide open.

Islanders need to build on this Wednesday.


  1. The key to me is they're shooting again. I was getting pretty tired of watching them skate over the blue, curl at the half boards then try some lame pass that would either get picked off or lead to more passing because everyone's on the outside while the opposing team has gotten back to protect their net.

    This team lacks the talent to try to be fancy. They need to shoot and go to the net. I think they're doing that better now.

  2. Hi Jkp,

    Were going to find out soon if they have improved because there is no hiding from the amount of goals Toronto, Ottawa and Carolina who can put up a very big number if the Islanders cannot create some goals early.

    That 8-1 game should still have some players on this team very angry.


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