Video of Chris Simon-Ruutu

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Best view I have seen so far, about fifty seven seconds in the clip shows Simon's skate come chopping down.


  1. I was surprised the way the Islanders took him back after the Hollweg incident (and I LOATHE Hollweg), but I chose to trust Nolan and see what happens. But this has got to be the final straw. I do not want someone like this wearing an Islander jersey. Chris Simon does not belong in the NHL.

  2. Hi bsja,

    Chris Simon says he needs help and will go for counseling. Maybe that's the way it has to be treated and it could be an illness that forces this behavior out of him.

    Personally if it were me I would have retired but we can only speak for ourselves.

    It's not an Islander issue, it's a Chris Simon issue. Players like Dale Hunter are praised today in Washington for similar actions.

  3. He needs to go. Ruins the game for everyone. Plays like that should have no place in modern hockey. They need to ban him from the league.

  4. anonymous,

    Not happening, he got thirty games and it becomes the Islanders decision when it's over to play him and pay him.

    Nolan already thought the suspension was excessive so my guess is he plays if management is satisfied.


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