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Had a good question about the message board and frankly I have not done a very good job figuring out how things work at bravenet in terms of moderation and forum settings or how folks can find our board and post on it.

Setting the colors and layout was where I spent most of the time and that looks good. That said this is a free low grade message board with the pop ups. If it get's a big response I will explore other options.

If you want to post on the message board, it's relatively easy to sign up and do so.

* You do have to register at Bravenet:

No big deal, do not check boxes for ads, just create a screen name, respond to
the e-mail they send and your activated. Log in and come back to this blog and click on the message board link and you should be able to post.

* Or if you want to find this blog in the search engine that is very well hidden go to: once you join.

* Type in New York Islander Fan Central and that should give you the page the message board is on as well.

* No one can edit posts, myself included. But the price was right for a starter board to attach to a blog which means it did not cost anything.

* If you make a mistake I can only delete the entire message. Once you post you cannot go back and edit it, you can only start another message. Just tell me if you want something deleted.

If you do not want your e-mail address seen do not write it in. For now I'm going to keep all I.P's hidden which is one option I do have.

Any questions please contact me by responding here or via e-mail.

Thanks and sorry for not doing an update on this earlier because I should have.

Boston 3, Islanders 1

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Islanders lost 3-1 to Boston Tuesday. has the game summary up.

Boston out shot the Islanders 38-25.

The Islanders were called for nine minor penalties, compared to four by the Bruins.

Kip Brennan tried to get things going for the Islanders by taking on Zdeno Chara in a fight late in the second period. After throwing a few punches, Brennan eventually took down the big man. It was Brennan's second fight of the game.

Tempers continued to flare in the third period. After Josef Vasicek put Andrew Ference into the boards, the gloves came off. Vasicek squared off in his first fight of the preseason, eventually hauling Ference to the ice. Late in the period, Matthew Spiller also dropped the gloves after scoring two goals in yesterday's game in North Bay.

“I think we were just a little rusty,” said Nolan. “I liked how we competed and held out own against a team with some good guys like Chara and Savard. We were missing a lot of our big pieces. Once we get them in the lineup we should be alright. The intensity is getting there. One guy in particular who stood out was Vasicek. A good thing about this trip is seeing him play the way we think he can. He had a great game.”

35 Joey MacDonald
33 Mike Morrison

44 Freddy Meyer – 24 Radek Martinek
14 Chris Campoli - 2 Aaron Johnson -
49 Drew Fata - 6 Matthew Spiller

15 Jeff Tambellini - 63 Josef Vasicek – 7 Trent Hunter
20 Sean Bergenheim – 11 Andy Hilbert - 64 Olivier Labelle
12 Chris Simon - 29 Ben Walter – 27 Darryl Bootland
54 Gordie Dwyer - 51 Frans Nielsen – 37 Kip Brennan

Newsday did a long interview with Mike Sillinger where he pulled no punches on Ryan Smyth, the Coliseum being a problem for free agentgs, Alexei Yashin, Bill Guerin among a lot of subjects.

Logan had no updated blog or wrote an artcle about the Boston game at this time. Steve Zipay had about five seperate blogs on the Rangers scrimmage today and filed his article. had a brief summary.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I have a feeling Ted Nolan will not be happy with what he saw.

Center ice worked well for a short time in the second period but overall was terrible as if it were overwhelmed with too many users as the connection kept locking up only at that website. Game was advertised as a 7pm start but began
at 5:30pm which is why I missed the start of the game.

Game was already 3-1 when I tuned in. Campoli scored on the pp for the Islanders goal.

From what little I saw it was an Islander team that could not stay out of the box, some players looked tired and were not moving well. Andy Hilbert took what looked like a lazy penalty. Kip Brennan took on Chara in a fight and threw him down, another Bruin went after him late in the game which is about all I saw of the third period. The Islander goaltender seemed to play well and kept it close and I know they were out shot and were congratulating him at the end of the game. Boston could easily have had another three goals.

Nolan did not even pull the goalie as if the club did not play well enough to earn that right from the coach. I don't think I saw one quality chance. Evan Grossman did the call for and said the penalty killing improved as the game went on and talked of the Bruins having more regulars dressed and this being their first game had the better legs.

We'll see what happens against Montreal.

New York Islanders means NEW YORK CITY too.

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This is one rant I have been wanting to do for a while about our organization.

Chris Botta spoke about how badly the team wants and needs the Daily News in his blog last week and made a lot of good points.

My point today is the following:

If you want New York City coverage you have to act like a New York City team and not plaster the Long Island label over every single interview and every comment that comes out of the p.r department. You cannot go out of your way to distance yourself and in the process alienate long time Islander fans in the city, five boroughs and the tri-state area who grew up watching the club on Ch 9. In those days the club received back page coverage for regular season games in another sports era in terms of reporting.

This is not the Giants and Jets where those organizations are plastering New York on everything out of East Rutherford to where the team is not even recognized as being in New Jersey and the media has to fight for spots daily to cover practice.

The Islanders situation is almost the exact opposite where they play in New York but go out of their way to advertise themselves as Long Island and help to limit their own coverage. What's next, the organization is going to start putting Uniondale into every comment?

A lot of media have picked up on that theme and have used it as an excuse to limit or outright stop covering the club and so many fans have it's something many do not look for or stopped noticing it happens so often. It is costing this team fan support which means revenue.

Yes, the city coverage is a disaster and at an all time low. The Times, News and Post, Westchester Ganette or NY Sun not in camp. It deserves every criticism the club and it's fans can throw at their publishers and sports editors. This is why we have fan blog boxes or low grade message boards with Mr Witt and Mr Botta now unofficial daily writers for the club. They see the problem but in truth they have partly created their own problem here too.

It's been out of control for a while now in the Islanders p.r department hiring a Montauk firm last summer to do the teams promotions. They may do a great job behind the scenes, I don't know. All I do know is every quote and comment has Long Island in it these day.

Mr Wang's son in law, Chris Dey reportedly took Mike Milbury's spot in the business department but the policy seems to be the same in terms of the club's basic marketing of the product and that's plaster Long Island over everything. That's been the mantra for several seasons now and goes beyond one any one individual or event.

Mr Wang's people in the front office recognized the strong fan support for Islander games in the Meadowlands or Msg over the years and that the fan base is not just from Nassau and Suffolk County. This club has a large following in the Tri-State Area and inside the city limits. All we were told last Easter Sunday is how Islander fans were out in huge numbers at the CAA on a day's notice.

Last season the club told us they had an Islander window display in Manhattan at an electronics store and displayed it on the teams website. In any topic wanting fan support on you see all the responses from all across the New York area.

I'm sure even with limited/restricted television coverage on Msg-Cablevision Islander marketing people see what the fan demographic numbers are in terms of ratings. No doubt they must look at the season subscriber ticket lists and have an idea of who is interested in the product now and in the past.

I understand the New York Islanders have to get people interested in hockey in Nassau and Suffolk county and that there are a lot of companies they need involved on several levels. I also understand Mr Wang's business interests are on the Island and have been back to his CA days and this hockey team is a local interest.

That all written tone please down the Long Island mantra, your limiting the fan base, the club's media and alienating future fans in the tri-state area.

In other words, your also hurting yourselves.

Greg Logan was interviewed in the Times and Transcript and had this to say about coverage:

"The fact newspapers decided after the lockout they could save on hockey coverage (with the reduced travel costs for reporters) really hurts the sport, especially in the U.S.," he says, while taking in the opening day scrimmage at the team's training camp at the Tim Hortons 4-Ice Centre. "Attention for hockey there was very much already on the back burner, compared to Canada."

There were other New York media at the rink yesterday, but Logan said they're primarily crews for the Islanders' television and Internet broadcasts. He says he misses competing for every scoop with other newspaper reporters.

"Competition is good," he says. "It keeps people on their toes."

Islander Odd and Ends

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Just because Islanders are up in Moncton for camp does not mean there are not other Islander related things going on.

Espn features Alexei Yashin 100 players you love to hate at #53 and #1 among hockey fans in one of those worthless Espn features that basically ignores hockey.

Greg Wyshynski of AOL did a pre-season preview on the Islanders. I'm not sure if he is a professional writer but think he is.

Edmonton Journal reports Islander prospect Robin Figren has a sports hernia at Islander camp but will likely be back with the Oil Kings on Saturday.

Lighthouse Project had another update on what they are planning.

Sporting News Chuck Gormley who usually covers the Flyers released their Islander preview Tuesday morning with Ray Slover providing his commentary.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
When your opening comments about the club's payroll are incorrect while it's around forty million plus and go downhill from there in terms of misinformation it's hard to take anything here seriously here.

Gormley includes Alexei Yashin and a lot of players the club did not make a serious push at resigning as leaving on their own. He did seem to know his stuff on Campoli and Gervais.

Some fair points about the lack of offense, but it misses a lot in it's rush to condemn the club and what happened last season. Gormley sure has more of an open mind about the Flyers, even though the Islanders finished with ninety two points while the Flyers were 30th.

Ray Slover seemed to guess at the club's lines until the teams website told him who the first line would likely be and did a reasonable job until he wrote this:

And there's no way I'm alone in having doubts about Rick DiPietro. Which means, the Islanders are guilty of having the best chance of finishing last in the Atlantic Division. Unless Snow gets luck with this cast of characters, he'll be hoping to get lucky in the draft lottery.

If Mr Slover wants to say he has doubt's about DiPietro's play that's fine but he had one of the highest shots against per game in the league last year and still was sixth in save percentage and played over sixty games. It's fair to say few goaltenders faced the quality shots against nightly that DiPietro did who usually had little margin for error on a team with moderate offensive support.

Come on Mr Slover, you can write the Islanders could be a lottery team but you also have to credit DiPietro for what he did last season or your not telling everyone the entire story.

Islanders vs Boston 9/18: 5:30pm ITV Telecast

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/18/2007 09:14:00 AM | | | Comment Here
Cory Witt's media blog has the lineup for Tuesday's game vs Boston.

Goaltenders: Joey MacDonald, Mike Morrison

Forwards: Sean Bergenheim. Darryl Bootland, Kip Brennan, Gordie Dwyer, Andy Hilbert, Trent Hunter, Olivier Labelle, Frans Nielsen, Chris Simon, Jeff Tambellini, Josef Vasicek, Ben Walter

Defensemen: Chris Campoli, Drew Fata, Aaron Johnson, Radek Martinek, Freddy Meyer, Matthew Spiller

Islanders website has the preview for tonight's game.

NYI Fan Cenrtal Comments:
Subscribe early to center ice for the free trial. They were not ready for so many to sign up yesterday and their server crashed and shut out a lot of fans, myself included.


I just signed up and their forum kicked it out the first time so I should be set for tonights game. Make sure this cancels when the trial expires so they do not try and bill you if you did sign up. I did not give cc information but they wanted a billing address and telephone number.

Center Ice did not archive last nights game.
Islanders tv has the rookie game on their website.

From what I understand the Islanders have no control of Center Ice, just their own Islanders Televsion Content on the club's website.

Thrashers 4, Islanders 3 OT

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Islanders lost 4-3 in overtime Monday to Atlanta. Defenseman Matt Spiller had two goals and Freddy Meyer the other goal while back in Moncton the Islander rookies lost 3-1.

Recaps in the North Bay Nugget did several features and some comments from Chris Simon and Ted Nolan here
Gary Bettman was also in attendance in his first visit to North Bay and spoke with Simon, who was suspended for a record twenty five games last season. Another recap was also printed on the day and events behind it.

"It's just great for the kids and for me that's the most important. It's great seeing the kids smile," a smirking Simon said after the game. "I never got to watch a (live) game growing up. I watched it on TV, but I was never able to experience a hockey game live. For me, this game was special and I was really happy when they told me I was playing."

"It's great to have some places to come back to and have some memories from them," said Nolan, the Islanders' head coach and a resident of Garden Village, east of Sault Ste. Marie.

Atlanta Journal Constitution did a solid game summary while
Newsday did a feature on Justin Bourne and Jordy Hart with comments from both Bob Bourne and Gerry Hart. Logan basically provided an a.p like recap.

Islanders website did a review of the game.

"The biggest thing we're looking for is a level of competitiveness. We can teach the rest," said Ted Nolan after the game. "We were looking for guys to compete. We saw some of that tonight."

Thoughts from Bryan Trottier:

At game's end: "Neither team was very spirited in the third period. But you have to give a lot of credit to the crowd, which had a lot of energy. Spiller is not known for his goal scoring, so it must have been a big thrill for him to put two in. His scoring touch was a pleasant surprise."

After the second period: "Vasicek is looking confident out there. He has a nice easy game about him. He's under control and making a lot of nice plays. A lot of guys are skating real hard, but I would like to see a little more puck control and an offensive game. It's about generating something offensively and making yourself be seen. It's only game one, but I'd like to see more chances from our guys."

35 Joey MacDonald
33 Mike Morrison

8 Bruno Gervais - 14 Chris Campoli
2 Aaron Johnson - 44 Freddy Meyer
56 Dustin Kohn - 6 Matthew Spiller

15 Jeff Tambellini - 63 Josef Vasicek - 16 Jon Sim
20 Sean Bergenheim - 64 Olivier Labelle - 10 Richard Park
12 Chris Simon - 51 Frans Nielsen - 28 Tim Jackman
37 Kip Brennan - 29 Ben Walter - 57 Blake Comeau

Cory Witt's media blog had the recap of the rookie game where the Islander rookies lost 3-1 to the University of New Burnswick Red Devils. Martin Frechette scored the Islanders’ lone goal, which was also the first of the night. Tyler Haskins recorded the assist.

Chris Botta's Point Blank checked in with a few words on "Hockeyville" game against the Thrashers and that Patrick Flatley, Gary Bettman, Jiggs McDonald were in attendance among several subject sujbects he touched on.

NYI Fan Cental Comments:
Have to be honest, was tired and became too busy to watch. Did the NHL center ice sign up process and it did not register. I will try again for tonight.

Would have loved to see Bergenheim make a statement with a goal but there are other ways to impress the coaches and maybe he did and the same can be written about anyone. Interesting he is a left wing but played right wing in scrimmages but for the first game is on left wing. Going to be very interesting to see how he reacts if he does not make the club and how Nolan will react if we see a repeat performance of what happened in 05-06 when he was demoted.

My expectation for preseason games is for the club not to show glaring weaknesses where it's clear whoever they play cannot score or play defense and the group has bad chemistry that goes beyond the games to where you know it will carry into the regular season.

I have seen Islander preseason's where they could not win more than a game and another where they went 7-0 only to get bombed opening night in Steve Stirling's first year.

Islanders vs Atlanta 9/17 7pm ITV Telecast

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/17/2007 03:22:00 AM | | | | | | Comment Here

The video section of Islanders TV has been incorporated into the main page of NYI Fan Central (below for our members here to view the latest video updates the club starting with Billy Jaffe's video preview of tonights game. has a preview of tonights game vs Atlanta. Game will be telecast live on Islanders Television for those interested in watching the game live via the web.

Cory Witt's media blog provides the lineup for Monday's game against Atlanta.

Updated 6pm
Islanders website released the line combinations for tonight's game.

Thrashers defeated St Louis Blues on Sunday.

Updated 1:30pm
Media blog also has the lineup for tonight’s rookie game versus the University of New Brunswick. Tonight’s game is at the Tim Horton’s 4-Ice Centre. Tomorrow there’s another rookie game, that against the University of Moncton and that will be played at the Moncton Coliseum.

Sean Bentivoglio
Justin Bourne
Marc Cavosie
Jeremy Colliton
Derek Damon
Rob Figren
Chris Gaudet
Maxime Gratchev
Tyler Haskins
Tomas Marcinko
Masi Marjamaki
Jason Pitton
Steve Regier
Trevor Smith

Jamie Fraser
Martin Frechette
Jordan Hart
Mark Katic
Simon Lacroix
Andrew MacDonald

Mike Mole
Maxime Ouellet

Greg Logan updated his Newsday blog this morning with the lineups and how to access Islanders TV to watch the pre-season games. did a feature on the Monday night game with Trots and Kenny Morrow flying up early with the Stanley Cup on hand.

"To bring NHL hockey back to a place that hasn't seen hockey since 1968, it's great to be a part of it," said Morrow. "When you see the smiles on their faces as they take a picture with the Stanley Cup, there's no better feeling."

Added Trottier: "It's nice to represent the Islanders up here. The allegiance in this area is split between Toronto, Boston and Montreal, but there are quite a few Islanders fans up here. Hopefully we turned a few more to root for the Islanders. It was a fun day today and there's a lot of enthusiasm for the game tomorrow."

State of NYI Fan Central Address

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/16/2007 10:52:00 PM | | | 8 Comments
With preseason games officially beginning Monday night I have a few things I would like to share with everyone.

Since day one it's been virtually all hockey here and I'm always so busy with the hockey I have too much fun to stop and do very infrequent non-hockey updates.

In this topic I intend to talk about what I intend to do here with this blog, what's ahead and to answer some things I have asked about once and for all.

First of all my thanks to all the folks who have contacted me via e-mail and told me how much they like the new blog. I'm thrilled with the response and how many people have visited and I encourage all visitors to let me know what you think.

Behind the scenes I'm doing all I can to add more feeds from news sources and more features to give you the best Islander blog in cyberspace. I hope you check out the bottom of the blog as every Islander-related feed I can find has been incorporated with a few NHL information sources for outside major news as well as the Sound Tigers and American Hockey League. I'm also going to see if I can get some other outside Islander fans who's contribution I value to come in and blog as guests.

Unlike Holly Gunning of Hockey's Future who ruined that site for the great bunch of writers we used to have, here any guest will have full access with regard to their hockey content whether we agree or not.

With many the best discussions I always find is everyone brings something of value and all angles are covered whether we agree or not.

For the most part I intend to let the site and the hockey speak for itself as I always have with everything I do as Islander or Hockey fans find the page themselves and spread the word. Outside of one e-mail to my former co moderator at HF, Tom Liodice, who does an outstanding job on the Sound Tigers I have only told folks on the old mailing list, Islanders-Sound Tigers which I closed in May of 2006.

As for your questions:

* I closed Islander-Sound Tigers because after seven years it was time for a break and had too many family-related things to do. Everyone who was part of it really liked the product. For a while I was sorry I checked off the permanent disable feature but it's still a good reference source for old articles, commentary and a few laughs on how many things I got wrong in the end. Folks like Kevin reached out as did a few others and it's great to know your here and reading and hope you find the message board.

* My brother is always telling me about the old Islander board at Hockey's Future, even when I was moderator he never joined the site, he likes to read the boards and joined one time to defend me and always tells me what's happening. I have no interest in visiting again, now or ever, but I do intend to set the record straight and clear up a lot of misconceptions.

This is not the readers digest version.

I have received more than my share of thanks for my efforts as moderator over the last year. All I can do is thank everyone for the kind words and tell you I did my best and every member was treated exactly the same regardless of how long they were a member.

I'm also going to tell you the truth because many of you have been asking for close to a year now.

I was the kind of moderator who wanted that one fan who did not know anyone to feel welcomed and find a home where he could make friends with Islander fans. For a lot of years we built a good product that was one of the few places that survived the lockout as did Islanders-Sound Tigers thanks to everyone. I'm told today the new posters are not made to feel welcomed or told of their newbie status often when problems happen. Personally to me it should be the opposite with the veterans helping out the new posters, not calling them newbies or throwing a post count or a join date back at them as leverage.

When things got worse on the ice my final season and people could no longer post without every topic becoming intolerable for hockey discussion some long-time posters contacted me and told me they were leaving. I had to act and become more involved and I felt I had let them down. One person who told me the discussion on the boards was harder to take then the games, for me that was the final straw. Most game threads were ruined before the game began and it was usually the same people but it drew in a lot of frustrated long-time posters as well.

I told everyone several times what I intended to do as moderator for the hockey to win out over the members who were only thinking of what was best for them or had to basically ruin every topic before I acted. Unlike Jerry's (Killer Carlson) way of moderating according to my brother I actually follow through on what I said I would do and held every single person accountable because that's what moderation is.

Of course people like Killer Carlson had to have his hockey say and then wanted to tell his jokes or change the subject because he had nothing else to contribute and never considered the posters who did not discuss a topic yet and posters had to talk over him to get in their perspective on a topic. All I asked was start a new topic if they are done discussing that one so every thread is not the same after two pages.

I'm sure he got the job as moderator because he was friends with Joe or Seph but what he never understood in my time was he's not the only person and it's not just about him and his friends having their own discussions as he and Seph talked about, everyone matters and everyone is entitled have their opportunity to post on a topic, not what what they decided to turn it into.

Moderating is not a popularity contest where folks see me discipline someone in public so I could win support or folks who would see me doing the job by alienating someone and agree with me.

I never made the moderation a subject for discussion because it was against the rules and I wanted the focus strictly on hockey. Just because I had to do something as moderator also meant I did not want that person not to feel welcome at the forum any longer despite what that person may think of me for having to act or have other posters bring up their conduct as leverage in the future.

I pushed the veteran posters hard behind the scenes and my purpose was two-fold.

Get them to see what I saw, the board guidelines and look for my replacements. The politics behind the scenes in the administration was terrible and I was not a member of that club because I don't play those games.

I would ask Seph or Joe C about situations in private messages because I wanted to see how they would react. I did this with a lot of the long-time posters who were there for the longest time with posters who were the biggest problem for the forum.

Unfortunately one of those people was Mark (Trottier) who's arrogant, disrespectful and for all his good hockey points had no respect for the forum or his fellow posters. He told me several times " he would not suffer fools lightly " as I asked him to report the post and let me handle things when he had problems.

For someone older it was easier dealing with people half his age. When disciplined once he actually sent me a ton of private messages quoting his praise from fellow posters like he saved them as proof of his credentials. I'm not going to lie, he was a moderator and after about eight times of causing problems I finally went to the administrator and told him him what was going on, he was removed and held it against me.

He left me no other alternative because he had no respect for the rules or the Islander forum despite me telling him countless times to stop fighting and help set an example.

David (Darth Milbury) was one of the few who understood what I was doing and was a pleasure, even when he would get the same alert as the other person. I asked him for his help with Trottier also because they were friends.

My biggest problem as moderator was basically every one's problem and that was the administrator and staff editor named a few years ago named Buffaloed and Holly Gunning who were hired as staff editor when I was already writing and moderating.

Buffaloed ruined the Hockey Future board on every possible level. Between his lack of people skills, his mind-games with moderators/members and his policies combined with his poor technical skills that always had the board crashing, it was personally embarrassing to me to be a part of that site with him as administrator.

Ken McKenna knew the deal with Holly Gunning and did not like her people skills either or Buffaloed, but everyone was a volunteer.

Even the former administrator started a different Hockey Future and they ripped Buffaloed, Holly Gunning, even the former administrator was banned by Buffaloed.

I joined the old adminstrator's forum briefly and gave my thoughts on Hockey's Future under Buffaloed last summer. When I did it got back to Buffaloed and he banned me from our site as he has done to countless people. I was even told he reads private messages between members according to one person recently. I could care less and would never even click on our old board, but my brother does like to read the board for the hockey.

Buffaloed had no clue about the Islander board and never once reached out to help me or offered any help. He did not even have the courtesy to contact Tom Liodice or myself when he removed him as moderator after I fought to bring him in and Buffaloed resisted claiming a writer does not mean they should be a moderator.

All Tom Liodice did was make the Islander board at Hockey Future better. It's too bad he did not fight to get his spot back after they removed him but that was something he needed to work out with them. I did my part and got him put in and it was not easy.

Meanwhile my brother wrote Seph claimed in a public forum it was my choice to go it alone as moderator even though I got him named co moderator with me. It's amazing some of the garbage some people write without knowing anything about what really happens.

Buffaloed since the day he arrived brought horrible people skills, another new pathetic disciplinary system every year and his inner circle of friends who ruined Hockey Future message boards.

First he personally decided he was going to expose the person who does all those rumors (Eklund?) which is against his own board guidelines, then he backtracked and had his mods cover for him as the policies were changed by the day. After that he released reports as to how many warnings and alerts mods gave out like we were in grade school that we worked for him and it was our privilege to let us moderate his board.

The words please and thank you were two he never learned apparently.

Holly Gunning would show up two or three times a season and moderate our forum/other forums and actually wanted to warn posters about excessive April fools jokes, meanwhile our writer Tom Liodice could not get access to the prospects page for a full year and she was handing out prospect grading systems that read like a game of battleship that changed every year our prospects page could not be updated.

Frans Nielsen-B4, C3, D2, it was beyond sad.

When I was writing I got messages from the Nielsen family. That's when it hits home those grades mean something and you cannot issue grades based on other people's articles and it's very real to someone. No, not Holly Gunning, who has no credentials to be a staff editor and let go half the writers for simply asking her that basic question.

Unfortunately Buffaloed never bothered with the Islander forum because I worked very hard so he did not have to. The prior ownership and administrator were fantastic and they were the folks who put me in place as moderator. When he came in it was like trying to keep a job at a company you loved working for that changed hands to horrible management and knew it was a matter of when before it was time to go.

So when I got tough that last year I knew it might cost me my spot as moderator in the end for trying to win back the forum for the hockey fans but that was the job and the way it was going to be regardless of whether it was popular with the folks who wanted to ruin the forum.

He removed me as moderator in early June even though the forum had gotten quiet and little moderation was necessary after the Islander season was over long ago. He never even contacted me once beforehand to ask what was going on or to offer help and support. He told me he looked and saw too many threads were edited, merged or closed and was making a change and that was it. Even though most of those threads were me editing my own news threads with each day's updates so we did not have ten days of news topics on page one.

There is no discussion with this person once he's made up his mind and told me lets just say it got to be too hard, he had no idea about anything regarding our board.

Trottier knew I was being removed as moderator and sent me a private message a few days beforehand as if the handwriting was on the wall behind the scenes and I was the last to know which shows how bad this administrator is and what Mark is all about.

Of course Buffaloed showing how big a hypocrite he is wanted me to moderate another one of his V bookie boards at the time but what he did not know was I was intending to leave because I had more than enough of being associated with his Hockey's Future. He beat me by about a week before I was going anyway because I was tired and I had done enough.

I had every intention of leaving quietly regardless because that's just my way. Hockey always came first, so did the board and the posters. Not some announcement about a moderator leaving which almost no one cares about anyway.

Buffaloed took my list of people I suggested be named moderator and immediately contacted Joe C, who was my first pick along with Seph, then Blitz, JKP, Crew and finally Darth Milbury as I tried to go with those who's primary board was HF.

Edited 10/30/2007
Someone named BD Gallof-Told me Buffaloed contacted him about the moderators position and also suggested Joe after I left.

Despite anything that transpired I wanted our board left in what I felt were the best possible hands for everyone.

Knowing Buffaloed he likely never told Joe I was the a reason reason he was contacted and named moderator. Buffaloed would not put in at least two people as I suggested and for all the so called editing and deleting I was supposedly removed over my brother told me the board had to be closed down for three days because of all the editing Buffaloed had to do personally when Neil Smith got fired because Joe was overwhelmed.

Some folks told me it's still a good board and has not changed much and I'm glad to hear that because I liked the posters from my time. Others told me it's nothing more than a chat room where Seph and Killer moderate by popularity contest which is not a bad move if you want to stay long-term, make friends and influence administrators.

Of course that is not in the best interest of the members you took the job to help in the first place.

I'm not thrilled with my brother telling me Seph disclosed our private messages to win over people as to his concept of moderation vs my own in a public discussion in my absence. During my time moderation topics were against the rules like talking about other members were against the rules.

I don't want to give the impression I do not like Joe, Jerry or Seph because I do but someone does have to write what happened and what the truth is.

That said I do think it's time the folks at Hockey's Future know what really happened and finally address the numerous e-mails I have received on this.

As for myself, the hockey came first for everyone, that was how I could serve everyone best whether it was popular or not and that's what the moderator's function is and I know in the end we had a good board for a long time that was very popular with quality discussions and information.

I want to thank my brother for looking out for me at HF. He sent me a topic today where Joe defended Seph and Killer for having to do so much moderation and it's a tough job and no one is going to be happy no matter what is done and of course he's correct.

Too bad Joe did not feel that way when I needed his help and support when I was moderator.

That led me to talk about all this now and get it out of the way for good before Islander hockey begins. I will not be revisiting this subject again in my blog.

More importantly feel free to spread the word about New York Islander Fan Central, it would be great to have more of the old gang at Islanders-Sound Tigers and Hockey Future here.

I'm going to do all I can to make this one of the best Islander blogs in cyberspace where the club seems to need all the support it can get in the media community.

My thanks once again to everyone for the kind words about this new blog and my efforts at my previous websites.

Islander News Articles 9/17

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/16/2007 08:48:00 PM | | | Comment Here
Newsday's late Sunday edition for the Monday paper gives Islander fan an article on Jeff Tambellini and how he looks to replace Blake's speed.

Times and Transcript checked in with an update Monday.

Tambellini played left wing on the second line with center Josef Vasicek and right wing Miro Satan. Matched against the top line of Mike Comrie, Bill Guerin and Ruslan Fedotenko in Sunday's scrimmage, the second line produced three goals, two by Tambellini and one by Satan, in a 4-3 win in regulation time.

"This is the year I can step up and show these guys I can play full-time in the league and be an impact guy."

"It takes a great shot to beat Ricky," Tambellini said. "I think I kind of surprised him halfway up with the first one. I think he thought it was going up, and it kind of handcuffed him and went through midway. The second one, I kind of outguessed him."

"Miro is an elite player in this league, and Vasicek is kind of like Kozlov, a big center," Tambellini said. "My goal is to get these guys the puck as much as I can, get open and get in on the forecheck and really use my speed. With the loss of Blakey, that's a role I'm going to look to get into. I want to be a player who can jump into that small, speed role and bring that to our club."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Tambellini is making a strong early statement in the scrimmages he can play as a top six forward on this Islander team. As he said he has to continue to be an impact player in the upcoming games so we'll see what happens.

Commments and suggestions are always welcome here and on our message board.

Highlights and Scrimmage report 9/16

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/16/2007 01:18:00 PM | | | | | | | | Comment Here
Islanders Website reports Team Trottier takes the Lobster Cup with 6-4 win over Team Gillies in Sunday's scrimmage with Jeff Tambellini scoring two goals in the win.

Kimber Auerbach also wrote a Sound Tigers version of the scrimmage.

Yesterday's first star, Mike Comrie, carried his outstanding play over into today's game. One minute into the first 45 minute session, Comrie streaked in over the blue-line, cut across the offensive zone and wristed a shot that found it's way through the legs of Michael Mole. The intensity was high and full of heavy hitting as Kip Brennan and Tim Jackman exchanged big hits. Team Trottier countered later in the period, when Josef Vasicek took a shot from the circles that Team Gillies starter, Mike Morrison stopped. The rebound was pounced on by Miroslav Satan who jammed the puck past Morrison to tie the score 1-1.

In the second session, Blake Comeau intercepted a pass and took off on a breakaway with Ruslan Fedotenko back-checking on Comeau's fore-hand side. Comeau shielded the puck and backhanded a shot over Team Gillies net-minder, Rick DiPietro for the 2-1 Team Trottier lead. About five minutes later, Team Gillies answered when Sean Bentivoglio blocked a point shot and took off on a two-on-one with Jeremy Colliton. Bentivoglio's initial shot was stopped by Team Trottier goalie for the second session, Wade Dubielewicz, but Colliton picked up the rebound and stuffed it in to even the score at 2-2.

Then play opened up as both teams picked up their third goals apiece within the same minute. Trevor Smith, of Team Trottier, threaded a pass through traffic to linemate Jeff Tambellini who snapped a shot over DiPietro's glove for the 3-2 lead. Team Gillies countered when Jason Pitton sent a cross ice pass to Steve Regier who buried a one timer under the cross bar to knot the score at 3-3. Vying for a spot on the Islanders roster this season, Tambellini picked up his second goal of the game from the same spot he scored his first. On a two-on-one with Satan, Tambellini looked to feed Satan but the passing lane was taken away by Team Gillies defenseman, Simon Lacroix. Tambellini turned his attention to shooting and fired a snap-shot over DiPietro's glove to give Team Trottier the one goal lead with 20 minutes remaining in the session. Dubielewicz would close the door the rest of the way, winning the game for Team Gillies 4-3.

In the shootout, Bill Guerin gave Team Gillies the 1-0 lead, shooting the puck through Dubielewicz's legs. Team Trottier countered when Comeau repeated the same move he made in the game, backhanding a shot over DiPietro's glove to tie the score at 1-1 in the shootout. After Chris Campoli's attempt to regain the lead for Team Gillies rung off the crossbar, Satan took the lead for Team Trottier at 2-1. The competition came down to its last shooter, Jeremy Colliton for Team Gillies. In a move that is rarely seen in the shootout, Colliton wound up and fired a slap shot past Dubielewicz's glove but off the cross-bar leaving Team Trottier as the winners of the Lobster Cup, going 2-0 in both the games and shootouts.

Three Stars of the Lobster Cup Series:
1. Mike Comrie – 4 goals in 2 games: In a losing effort in the final game, Comrie still receives the first star of the series. His line with Bill Guerin and Ruslan Fedotenko was the dominating force behind Team Gillies' win yesterday and Comrie was against outstanding today.

2. Jeff Tambellini – 3 goals and an assist in 2 games: Tambellini has proven that hard work in the minors and an intense off-season workout plan could pay off.

3. Josef Vasicek – 2 goals and an assist in 2 games: Vasicek looked dominant on a line with Tambellini and Satan. The big center will be a force on one of the Islanders top two lines this season.

Honorable Mention: Blake Comeau – 3 goals in 2 games: The young prospect is showing Islander coaches that he is right on the cusp and deserves some consideration for a roster spot this season.

Chris Botta updated his Point Blank blog and among those highlights:

* Discusses what some of the players are like off the ice and with the public while noting some players just perfer to stay in the room and spoke a lot of how friendly Guerin, Gervais and some other players are with the public.

* The team is bringing about 30 players for the games in North Bay and Tuesday's game against the Bruins in St. John's, Newfoundland, but could not give out who will be among those players until tomorrow other then to write it will likely be a fairly young lineup Monday and Tuesday and that his hunch is you won't see some of the big names like Guerin, Comrie, Witt and DiPietro until the team plays the Canadiens in Moncton on Wednesday.

* Olivier Labelle continued to show a lot of guts, spunk and snarl. Frans Nielsen, who may play in both games, looks better and better. Also expect to see Aaron Johnson, who played all last season for Columbus, get a long look. A few veteran Islanders mentioned that Johnson is really making a run at a job on the blueline.

NYI Fan Central Commments:
Now that the preseason games are about to begin the emphasis will be on who get's the early opportunities. Site mentioned how well Tambellini has played and now Blake Comeau. Should be interesting what this means for Bergenheim. Would not put much stock into these very early preseason games. Lots of options but very few spots. Vasicek is off to a good start at second line center from the reports. What happens if Aaron Johnson outplays his former Jacket teammate Bryan Berard?

Note-Watched yesterday's scrimmage and did not see Bates even though he was listed in lineup. Could be website error or the forty minute webcast did not show him.

Updated 4pm:

Cory Witt/s media blog had two updates. One on how interviews are done now for preseason preview shows on FSN and how they are incorporated into player features that will appear on Isles TV. The other blog spoke of Ted Nolan and how he will drop the puck at Moncton's home opener.

Witt also told us late Sunday he will have the roster the Islanders will use in the two games Monday and Tuesday.

Islander News Articles 9/16:

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/16/2007 11:14:00 AM | | | Comment Here
Newsday kicks off Sunday coverage with an update on Rick DiPietro and the surgery he had this summer on his hip and how he played injured most of last season.

Vancouver Province did an update on Berard.

Washington Times
does an update on former Islander Viktor Kozlov.

Edmonton Journal checks in with an update on Robert Nilsson.

NYI Fan Central Central Comments:
Times and Transcript does not seem to print a Sunday edition. NY Times, Daily News, Post did not send a writer to Islander camp. Msg employee Deb Kaufman did not go to Moncton or came right back because she was at Msg NY Saturday night to repeat the same interview she did at the Coliseum Thursday before the club left. Billy Jaffe
(also an Msg employee) reported for Isles TV on the first scrimmages. Ct Post never sends Michael Fornabaio out of town to camp.

Former Islander Post beatwriter, Evan Grossman was in Moncton doing the ITV telecast of the scrimmage for on Saturday.

Easy to see why club is reaching out to fan blogs and having Cory Witt and Chris Botta do features with such poor coverage. How can the New York Post pay Mark Everson to cover the Devils in camp, bring in Brian Costello to do some Ranger camp updates while Larry Brooks has to do baseball and then bump Everson to do Rangers today while nothing is written for the Islanders? Why was the Post not at the Coliseum Thursday? The writer for some occasional games last season Dan Martin was doing some other sports updates for the Post today.

Newsday reported DiPietro faced second most shots last season, Islanders website reported earlier this week DiPietro faced highest avg shots per game in the league a year ago.

DiPietro was sixth in save percentage. If he's healthy and the team defense does prove to be better no reason the club will not be in contention all season if it get's any kind of offensive production. Interesting how his groin injuries early last season were in fact hip-related.

I also find it interesting Logan decided to make part of the theme of his story about DiPietro being an unpredictable goaltender which is the opposite of what he has been for the better part of the last two seasons, Logan even noted a fan insulting him in Moncton after giving up a goal and bringing up his contract.

DiPietro has been one of the top five goaltenders in the league starting with the second half of 2006 season. How can someone with that workload and that kind of save percentage be unpredictable to say nothing of what his absence meant to this club last year. There are about twenty five other teams wishing they had had a goaltender that put up that production who was just as unpredictable.

Here is the feature Evan Grossman did for on Hockeyville and the upcoming game Monday against Atlanta with some quotes from Ted Nolan during the weekend scrimmages.

Highlights and Scrimmage Report 9/15

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/15/2007 06:11:00 PM | | | | Comment Here checks in with action from day two where Mike Comrie delivered a hat-trick in his first Islander scrimmage.

It took only one scrimmage to see the potential the Islanders’ number one line has for the 2007-08 season. Mike Comrie scored a hat trick, while linemates Ruslan Fedotenko and Bill Guerin set up all three of his goals for a 4-3 Team Gillies win over Team Bossy, Saturday, on Day 2 of the Lobster Cup.

“We started off a little slow,” said Fedotenko, “but then we picked up our game. Scoring three goals was pretty good for our team. Both of my linemates are great players. They see the ice really well, read the play and get open. It was fun playing with them for the first time.”

“I felt good out there,” said Campoli. “Bruno and I were feeding off each other really well. In the first period he jumped into the play a lot and then I started doing in the second. It was a good balance.”


* Notes and quotes from Ted Nolan:

Today was the first time Nolan had a chance to see captain Bill Guerin in action, and he didn’t disappoint.

“I’m impressed with the leadership of Guerin,” said Nolan. “He doesn’t just float around Camp waiting for the start of the season. He said from day one he wanted to be the go-to guy, and he’s demonstrating that.”

Coach Nolan spoke today about two of the defensemen at camp, Andy Sutton and Bryan Berard.

“Sutton was ok yesterday, but much better today,” said Nolan. “Big guys take a little longer to get their engines wound up. All indications are he is going to get better and better. He has a little feistiness in him, and can move well for a big guy. Berard has a great opportunity here. Look at Park, who came into camp without a contract last year, and now he’s one of our core veterans. Berard has the chance to do be that guy this year.”

* If people are wondering why there hasn’t been any fighting at Camp yet, it’s because a “no fight” policy was implemented for two reasons by Ted Nolan.

“We’re not here to fight with each other,” said Nolan. “We’re all on the same team. Plus, you don’t want to have a 260 pound man crushing a 17 year old kid who is going back to juniors. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Team Gillies

26 Ruslan Fedotenko - 89 Mike Comrie - 13 Bill Guerin
67 Sean Bentivoglio - 29 Ben Walter - 72 Jeremy Colliton
42 Jason Pitton - 65 Chris Gaudet - 48 Steve Regier
37 Kip Brennan - 60 Tomas Marcinko - 8 Masi Marjamaki

14 Chris Campoli - 8 Bruno Gervais
2 Aaron Johnson - 44 Freddy Meyer
61 Martin Frechette - 70 Simon Lacroix

39 Rick DiPietro
33 Mike Morrison

Team Bossy

16 Jon Sim - 18 Mike Sillinger - 7 Trent Hunter
12 Chris Simon - 10 Richard Park - 20 Sean Bergenheim
11 Andy Hilbert - 51 Frans Nielsen - 27 Darryl Bootland
59 Derek Damon - 17 Shawn Bates - 54 Gordie Dwyer

25 Andy Sutton - 24 Radek Martinek
4 Bryan Berard - 49 Drew Fata
6 Matthew Spiller - 62 Jamie Fraser

31 Joey MacDonald
1 Maxime Ouellet

Chris Botta's Point Blank gives his first impressions on Andrew MacDonald, Blake Comeau,Justin Bourne and Olivier Labellle with the qualifier that he is not a scout, does not make hockey decisions and his take is simply a hunch based on what I detect about a player's guts, dedication, hustle and professionalism.

Cory Witt's media blog does an update on prospect Mark Katic, getting advice from Steve Webb on what it takes to make it to the NHL.

Kimber Auerbach does another side game summary and provides the following:

Combo: It looks as if one of the Sound Tigers top lines is taking shape. The combination of Jeremy Colliton and Sean Bentivoglio centered by Ben Walter may become a main-stay in Bridgeport. The three were in the middle of many scoring chances and almost scored when Walter fed Colliton a pass in the slot. Colliton tried to fire the puck over Ouellet but at the last second, Ouellet threw his glove up to snag the shot out of the air. Look for the line to produce points throughout camp and into the season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good start for the new line of Fedotenko-Comrie-Guerin even if it's only a scrimmage. Bergenheim again played with projected fourth liners Park and Simon.

Bates played. Sim took Hilbert's spot with Hunter and Sillinger. Campoli-Gervais were paired as were Johnson and Meyer. Berard played with Drew Fata.

Greg Logan updates his Newsday blog where he addresses a lot of subjects.

Among those highlights:

There was a smile on coach Ted Nolan’s face, and his tongue was planted firmly in his cheek after the scrimmage when he said, “Oh, I don’t know if you noticed that Comrie kid out there, but I said, ‘Boys, we’ve got ourselves a player.’

“The one thing I’m really impressed with is his leadership. Even in practice [on Friday when Comrie’s team didn’t scrimmage], he was taking control, asking questions and skating. He doesn’t go through the motions and wait until the season starts. We talked about it before coming here, and he wanted to be the go-to guy. He wanted to be the man. Early indications are that he’s demonstrating it with his actions.”

When Comrie wasn’t scoring, he was generating opportunities for linemates, Bill Guerin and Ruslan Fedotenko, whose physical play in the corners and in front of the net helped give the diminutive Comrie room to operate. Not that he needs a lot of space to thread a pass or make a move that puts a defenseman on his heels.

“He’s a good passer, but you also have to have players who know how to jump in holes,” Nolan said. “Guerin knows how and Fedotenko knows how. Whoever has the chance to play with Comrie has to have that hockey sense like he does. Like [Miro] Satan has great hockey sense, but he also has to have people playing with him who can get him the puck. Whoever plays with Comrie, there won’t be a lack of getting in the holes, I’m sure.”

CAMP NOTES AND QUOTES: Judging by the first couple of scrimmages, forward Andy Hilbert is in danger of being displaced by free agent Sim as left wing on a line with center Mike Sillinger and right wing Trent Hunter. Sim is strong, plays a physical game and has an underrated scoring touch. It looks to Nolan like a good fit. “I like the way Sim is playing the last couple of days,” Nolan said. “The thing that really impressed me about him is his feistiness. He’s got the skill, and he loves to compete. That was one of the things Garth [GM Snow] and I talked about. Sim plays all aspects of the game. You look at Fedotenko and Guerin, these guys can play both ends of the rink. They’re not just one-dimensional.”

The 6-6, 245-pound Sutton was the Isles’ major free-agent signing on defense. He and partner Radek Martinek did a good job controlling play in their end today. “I thought Sutton was OK yesterday, and he was much better today,” Nolan said. “Those big guys take a little while to get that big engine warmed up. He’s going to get better and better, and he has a little meanness to him. We like what we see for sure. He skates well. I wouldn’t want to be a forward going into the corner with him too often.”

In Friday’s scrimmage, Team Trottier was a 4-0 winner in regulation over Team Bossy. The goals came from free-agent center Josef Vasicek, who also had an assist, and forwards Jeff Tambellini, Blake Comeau and Justin Bourne, son of Islanders great Bob Bourne, who is attending camp along with former Isle Gerry Hart, whose son, Jordan, is playing defense for Team Trottier. Vasicek was impressive working with Tambellini and Satan.

Islander Articles 9/15

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2007 08:56:00 PM | | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday's Greg Logan kicks off Saturday's coverage of Islanders camp with a Friday night report on Bryan Berard where he claims he did not get along with Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock.

But as Berard said Friday, he and Columbus coach and general manager Ken Hitchcock "didn't see eye-to-eye from Day 1."

"I just thank Ted and Garth for the opportunity," Berard said after the first scrimmage of training camp Friday. "To be honest, the last two years have been a little tough trying to come back from two back surgeries that probably could have been solved with one operation. It was frustrating."

"They lost key guys like Sean Hill and Tom Poti," Berard said. "They signed Sutton, but he's more defensive. Bergy plays the right side on the power play, and I like the left side. Things could work out.

"I've got to show them I can play at a top level again. I have no doubts offensively, but as an offensive defenseman, you have the reputation that you struggle defensively. I want to show them that I've grown up."

NYI Fan Central Commments: How long could Ken Hitchcock have coached Berard last season considering the number of games he played and Hitchcock coming over after being fired from the Flyers?

All due respect to Bryan Berard, but for as tough as Hitchcock can be on some players, he's a top flight coach and well respected. Should be interesting to see how he gets along with Ted Nolan when some adversity happens. He's going to have to show not only has he grown up but he's able to play defense to make this team.

Should be very interesting to see if the Islanders do wish to sign him will contract negotiations become a problem? He has no obligation to sign here once camp ends, just because Dunham and Park signed. It's no lock Berard will sign here if another team jumps in with a better offer if he has a great camp.

The Times and Transcript provides us two updates today, one
Isles a hit in Metro also Competition for spots on Islanders roster intense

Among the comments:

"I would think by the time we get on that plane back to Long Island there will be some cuts," says general manager Garth Snow.

"It's like any other training camp, a little bit rusty, you could tell the guys had quite a bit of time off," says Nolan.

While there are only a few openings available, Nolan says training camp is a time where players looking for contracts can steal a job. It's also a time where a veteran player who gets complacent about his status, can lose a job.

"We talked to the team before we left. There will be some jobs won here," says the coach.

"I want to see what they have to offer," says Nolan. "A lot of them I haven't seen play and that's what these scrimmages are for. See how they react, how they anticipate, their demeanor, how they jump on the ice, see their alertness, their hockey sense."

The 60 players in camp are divided into three teams, all named for past Islanders greats: Team Gillies, Team Trottier and Team Bossy. Two teams play a scrimmage each day, while the other team practices in another rink. Yesterday it was Bossy vs. Trottier, with Gillies practising in the next rink.

Snow says the team plans to make good use of the four ice surfaces and had three going simultaneously yesterday.

"We're trying to be efficient in the time we're allowed to have players at the rink," says the GM. "We're only allowed to have them here for three hours the first five days of training camp.

"The luxury of being in the four-plex here is there's plenty of ice and players don't have to sit around and wait for the Zamboni. They can start skating on the other sheet. That's why it's a perfect fit for us. We're happy to be in this community."

And the community seems happy to have the team here. Approximately 80 fans came out to watch yesterday's practice, some even sporting the Islanders' famous blue and orange jersey with the iconic logo. Fans of all ages came out, from toddlers to seniors.

"We're very fortunate we're in a hockey community such as Moncton and we've been welcomed with open arms," says Snow. "Moncton was a perfect fit. We love being in New York also, but it's a chance for us to get the guys together, maybe give them a break from waking up with the little ones and they can sleep in an extra half hour or hour."

Taking the team on the road, away from New York, also helps build team chemistry at the start of camp, especially with so many new faces at camp.

"I think some of the guys are playing paint ball this afternoon, the guys have their golf clubs and will be out golfing at the local courses here," says Snow. "The guys are really looking forward to immersing themselves in the community."

Centre Mike Comrie, who signed a one-year deal with the club in the off-season, says there's a lot to do to get ready for the season.

"We're just starting camp, so there's some work ahead of us," he says, after coming off the ice. "I think everyone expects this team to have a good work ethic and we're excited about our opportunity and know we need to work hard every night to be successful." did another feature on Kevin Colley that had some of the same comments from the article posted here a day or so ago and a few new comments.

Michael Fornabaio's blog provided an update that let us know vet centerman Marc Cavosie is also in camp but not sure if he signed or is in camp on a tryout. Unfortunately he's not in camp as the Ct Post did not send him to Moncton.

NYI Fan Central Comments:In that seventeen minute video of the scrimmage yesterday, Cavosie was very visible on the goal he scored.

Jason Blake tells how he got to be put on a line with Alexei Yashin last year

After four games, Blake approached coach Ted Nolan and requested to be bumped up to the team's top line centred by the enigmatic Alexei Yashin, "(Park and Bates) are great players and great guys but I just needed a little offence,"Blake said. "I just asked if I could play with Yashin and it worked.

"When (Nolan) put me in that role, I knew that this was it. This is the best shot, so you do your best. "I just didn't like my (previous) role."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What was not mentioned by Blake was he played the final month of 2005-06 with Alexei Yashin as his center under Brad Shaw after Yashin looked great with Bergenheim and Robert Nilsson in that short stretch. Seems like Blake wants no part of crediting Alexei Yashin with a good part of the success of his forty goal season because the Toronto media are not fans of Yashin and it would only make problems for him as he also had to hold back at his press conference. Anyone who watched Islander hockey last season knows Blake struggled for a good part of the second half without Yashin.

Highlights and scrimmage report 9/14...

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2007 06:11:00 PM | | | | | | | | Comment Here provides full summary of the first scrimmage with player comments.

Among the Highlights:
Team Trottier defeats Team Bossy in first day of Lobster Cup competition as Vasicek and Dubie shine

If the Islanders had been playing on Long Island, there would have been chants of "Dubie, Dubie!" resonating throughout the Nassau Coliseum. But for today, Wade Dubielewicz had to be content to impress his teammates and coaches, leading Team Trottier to a 6-1 victory over Team Bossy on day one of the 2nd annual Lobster Cup tournament.

Team Trottier jumped out to a 3-0 lead after one period of play behind some acrobatics from Dubie and goals by Jeff Tambellini, Justin Bourne and Blake Comeau.

There wasn't a happier person in the crowd after Bourne's goal than his father Bob, who is up in Moncton along with other Islander alums.

Dubie's strong play could be attributed to his protected spot on the team. However, Dubie isn't taking his new job security lightly.

"Having the spot definitely helps," admitted Dubie, "but I need to keep that edge I've had in the past. It all has to do with the hunger to reach this level. Now I have to find a way to keep that up."

The lead increased to 4-0 in the second period on a goal by Josef Vasicek, who played well with linemates Jeff Tambellini and Miroslav Satan.

"Vasicek played especially well with Satan," said Ted Nolan. "They fed each other well. I was impressed with Josef's hockey skill. For a big man he skates well and sees the ice."

In the shootout session, which replaces power plays, Team Trottier increased their lead to 6-1 on goals by Vasicek and Tim Jackman. Team Bossy finally got on the board when camp invitee Derek Damon roofed a backhand over 2006-07 Bridgeport netminder Mike Mole.

The Lobster Cup is an intra-squad round-robin tournament between Teams Trottier, Bossy and Gillies. You can find the team rosters at the bottom of the article.


* Notes and quotes from Ted Nolan:

Two new players Nolan was impressed with were invitee Gordie Dwyer, who was originally drafted in 1996 by the Montreal Canadiens and Kip Brennan, who has 58 games of NHL experience.

Nolan discussed Jon Sim, Josef Vasicek and Bryan Berard as players who stood out in the first game. He also mentioned how well Bill Guerin led his group's practice.

Even though the exhibition game against the Montreal Canadiens next Friday will contain many of the team's final roster players, Nolan said veterans such as Bill Guerin, Mike Sillinger and Mike Comrie will sit out that game and play later in the preseason.

With a short Camp before the first preseason game, Nolan and his crew have precious time to work with before getting the team ready for game situations.

"We addressed beforehand the importance of camp," said Nolan. "It wasn't just about skating and practicing, we wanted to get right into our systems. We have a short time, so we're utilizing the time as best as we can."

Nolan reflected on his return to Moncton, where he coached the Moncton Wildcats to a league championship only two seasons ago.

"Moncton is a special place," said Nolan. "I owe a lot to the city. They really opened their arms to me. I also owe a lot to Charles Wang and the Islanders for giving me a chance, so if you connect the two, you couldn't pick a better place.

* Sean Bergenheim is one of the most candid individuals at Camp and willing to speak his mind. After day one, he had nothing but positive things to say, while playing on a line with Chris Simon and Richard Park

"I liked playing with Richard and Chris," said Bergenheim. "They talked a lot and really helped me out. We had a lot of chances even though we didn't score at all. It was a good start to the line."

* Jon Sim looked comfortable on a line with Mike Sillinger and Trent Hunter. If this line stays intact, Sim will most likely be matched up against the opposition's top line.

"That's no problem," said Sim. "We're a gritty line. Those are the type of lines people don't like playing against. It's important to be responsible on the ice and take it from there."

* Below are the line combinations for the three teams of the Lobster Cup:


Team Gillies
Ruslan Fedotenko - Mike Comrie - Bill Guerin
Sean Bentivoglio - Ben Walter - Jeremy Colliton
Jason Pitton - Chris Gaudet - Steve Regier
Kip Brennan - Tomas Marcinko - Masi Marjamaki

Chris Campoli - Bruno Gervais
Aaron Johnson - Freddy Meyer
Martin Frechette - Simon Lacroix

Rick DiPietro
Mike Morrison

Team Trottier
Jeff Tambellini - Josef Vasicek - Miroslav Satan
Blake Comeau - Trevor Smith - Tim Jackman
Justin Bourne - Tyler Haskins - Maxim Gratchev
Robin Figren - Marc Cavosie - Olivier Labelle

Brendan Witt - Marc-Andre Bergeron
Dustin Kohn - Andrew MacDonald
Mark Katic - Jordan Hart

Wade Dubielewicz
Michael Mole

Team Bossy
Jon Sim - Mike Sillinger - Trent Hunter
Chris Simon - Richard Park - Sean Bergenheim
Andy Hilbert - Frans Nielsen - Darryl Bootland
Derek Damon - Shawn Bates - Gordie Dwyer

Andy Sutton - Radek Martinek
Bryan Berard - Drew Fata
Matthew Spiller - Jamie Fraser

Joey MacDonald
Maxime Ouellet

Was strange to see that Eric Cairns was at the Islander breakfast today in Moncton, apparently he's announced his rettirement and will be part of the clubs alumni.

Chris Botta in his Point Blank Blog
tells us how this all came about that pulled no punches.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sad to see Cairns career come to a close but he did not play much for Florida or Pittsburgh after leaving the Islanders. He has that rough game in the Tampa series that really was the end for him with the club but he always gave all he had and was clearly a fan favorite for years and in my perspective he should leave the game as an Islander. His fights with Sandy McCarthy and Shane Corson during the playoffs where he planted Corson into the Coliseum ice is a highlight many Islander fans will never forget.

Cory Witt's media blog gave us a short update on Justin Bourne in camp playing his front of his father and contributing a goal and an assist in front of his dad, legendary Islander, Bob Bourne.

Sound Tigers website had a writer named Kimber Auerbach, do an article somewhat similar to the report but had more of a Sound Tigers perspective.

The X’s and O’s: Behind the benches for the scrimmage were Sound Tiger assistant coaches Pat Bingham and Bernie Cassell. Bingham led Team Trottier and Cassell had Team Bossy. Bingham spoke of his choices for the shootout after saying, “I like to let my goalie choose the shooter because they obviously know best facing these guys. ‘Dubie’ did a great job to find the sleeper Jackman to clinch it.”

Frazzle and Coms: It was entertaining to watch good friends Jamie Farser and Blake Comeau battle against each other. Comeau laid the initial hit at the start of the first session and Fraser answered with a few hits of his own. “The great thing about our sport is that I can go out on the ice and deliver hits to him and then after we can eat lunch together and joke about it,” Comeau said.

Fashion Statement of the Day: Newly signed tough-guy, Kip Brennan boarded the airplane yesterday with a slick mo-hawk hair cut. Besides the crazy hair-do, he is skating well and is excited to bring an intimidation factor back to Bridgeport with the hopes of opening up scoring opportunities for the team’s goal scorers.

“Chewing the FatA” Update: Drew Fata is excited to begin work on his new team project. He is looking forward to not only showing the fans the lighter side of hockey from the players end, but meeting and interviewing the people in the stands that cheer for the Sound Tigers every night.

Welcome Walter: Three days after his trade to the Islanders, newly acquired Ben Walter commented on the last few days. “It has been a crazy few days but to that point very exciting. I was in Boston skating with the guys there preparing for the Bruins’ camp when I got the word I was traded. Knowing Sean (Bentivoglio) coming here has been great because he met a lot of these guys at mini-camp and he’s helped me adjust. I’m thrilled to be here and become a part of the Islanders organization.”

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's only day one but it's already clear Tambellini will get the first look at left wing over Bergenheim on the second line and Nolan wants Vasicek to get the first shot at second line center. Not sure how Bergenheim will do as a right wing on a fourth line and if Bates is not healthy it's going to be interesting to see what happens when he finally is ready to play. I guess he had more surgery because he was almost ready to return for the playoffs, but the question has to be asked with two years left on his contract what happens if someone comes in and wins his spot?

It's also great to have Islander Hockey back.

Islander Pre-season games on ITV

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2007 04:24:00 PM | Comment Here

Islanders Website today announced all preseason games will be covered on Islanders television starting Monday with Atlanta.

To get Islanders TV, go to and click on the Islanders TV link.

No television or cable box is required. The Islanders have partnered with Plainview-based NeuLion, who patented a formula for broadcasting the most crisp internet video you will find on the web. Whether in a small window or in full-screen display, Islanders TV broadcasts beautiful DVD quality video.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I just purchased a new computer and added cable internet to it. I can finally check out Islanders tv from home, I have to say it's excellent for those who have not looked at the site yet.

For years we have missed the preseason on television aside from the games Cablevision allows us to see against only the Rangers. This is just fantastic if I can see the preseason games this year for the first time. I cannot tell folks how many times I had to find odd radio links from teams hosting games at neutral sites just to get a buffered, choppy signal or no game on radio or stream at all.

Hopefully it works as advertised and I can see the game live Monday.

Anyone who cannot see it the game on ITV, respond here or in the message board and I will find out if a radio station in Atlanta or Moncton will carry it somewhere for you.

Updated 5:00pm
Watched seventeen minutes of Friday's scrimmage that was archived on the ITV site with Steve Mears and Billy Jaffe doing the commentary. Play was very choppy but picture quality was fantastic as if you were watching on television. Lot's of player blogs from camp for those wanting to learn something about the new players. A must see for all Islander fans.

Islanders Fifteen to Remember Friday 8pm

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2007 01:39:00 PM | | | Comment Here
Tonights Islanders Fifteen to Remember features Islanders-Maple Leafs from April 5th
as the FSN summer programming winds down.

This game should be repeated early Saturday and maybe Saturday afternoon.

Training Camp Articles 9/14:

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2007 12:37:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
Times and Transcript starts off with an article where Nolan wants the players to get out and meet the people.

Greg Logan had updated his Newsday blog Greetings from Moncton and provides the following:

“When you go into a battle, you want competitors,” Nolan said. “Long Island fans are very passionate, and they seem to enjoy a very competitive type of team. The fans are very important to us. We want to bring people in who are going to entertain the fans and make this a place where people want to come and be a part of it and not get cheated [in terms of effort] in coming to one of our games.”

The battles begin today in camp, and Nolan has a pretty good idea of the line combinations he wants to look at first. Starting out, the top line will put center Mike Comrie with right wing Guerin and veteran free agent Ruslan Fedotenko at left wing. Free agent center Josef Vasicek, who previously was known to Nolan as the first European captain of Sault Ste. Marie in the OHL, will be teamed with Miroslav Satan as his right wing. Free agent Jonathan Sim and young Jeff Tambellini both will get a shot at left wing on what Nolan hopes will be a scoring line.

The one line that remains intact from last season is the so-called “third line” with Mike Sillinger centering right wing Trent Hunter and left wing Andy Hilbert. They were the Isles' best two-way line last season, generally matched against the opponents’ top line while still managing a major contribution on offense. Veteran Richard Park, who spent most of his time as a penalty killer last season, will center the fourth line, which will include either Tambellini or Sim on one wing and either Chris Simon or Sean Bergenheim on the other wing. Simon, of course, will miss the first five games of the season to complete his suspension for a stick-swinging incident last season.

Veteran center Shawn Bates is said to be still recovering from the groin injury and hernia surgery that sidelined him at the end of last season. Snow said Bates won’t participate in practices until he’s 100 percent healthy. But two young centers who could get into the mix are Frans Nielsen, who played well in his brief time with the Isles last season, and Ben Walter, who was acquired from Boston after scoring 67 points for AHL Providence last season. So, if there are injuries or if Vasicek fails to live up to expectations, there is some depth at the center position.

One key element to watch throughout training camp and the exhibition season will be the performance of the defense. Nolan and new assistants Gerard Gallant and John Chabot have installed a new system and new goaltender coach Mike Dunham has worked out the communication system between the defense and DiPietro.

“We’re not as big as certain teams, so, we have to rely on our positioning,” Nolan said. “We’re not as fast as certain teams, so, we have to rely on our puck movement. We designed a little bit different defensive scheme to compensate for things we’re lacking.”

Assistant Dan Lacroix also has a new role. Nolan said he will move upstairs to the pressbox to provide a live feed with his observations on how to make corrections during games.

Michael Fornabaio's blog update where he spoke to a few players Wednesday is in this article in today's Ct Post. Among those highlights are the following on Jeremy Colliton recovering from surgery and new Islander Ben Walter:

You've got to take (motion) away to heal it," Colliton said, "then you've got to work through the scar tissue to get the range back, the strength."

Colliton said he started feeling good in the last few weeks of August. "I started doing more competitive stuff. Scrimmages, just doing battle drills," Colliton said. "When I could start doing that, I felt, 'I'm going to be all right.'"

Walter, meanwhile, was ready to join the Boston Bruins for training camp this week. Then, Tuesday, he was off to Long Island in a deal for Petteri Nokelainen. "It was definitely a bit of a surprise, especially this late in the summer," Walter said. "I'm excited. I'm really excited to be here. I hope things work out for the best."
Walter was in a crowded situation in Boston. With the Islanders, there may be room to move up into a center's spot in time; if he plays in Bridgeport this year, he'll be a key player. "The last 24 hours have been a little crazy," Walter said. "They've made me feel really welcome since I got here."

The campers had a team dinner Wednesday night with the team's brass, including owner Charles Wang. After another get-together Thursday, they were off to Moncton, New Brunswick. "I just want to make an impression," Colliton said. "I want to show I'm healthy, obviously, and show what I'm capable of, to show them I'm able to contribute and help the team win. I just want to be effective."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Unfortunately the Ct Post does not pay for Mr Fornabaio to attend camp, first comments from Walter and an update on Colliton combined with telling us Charles Wang had dinner with the club. Post, Daily News and Times did not send a writer to camp or did not post an update today.

Isles alumni got together today in Moncton and included Bryan Trottier, Anders Kallur, Gerry Hart, Ken Morrow, Bob Bourne, Steve Webb, Eric Cairns and general manager Garth Snow.

Islanders first practice has the following combinations:

Team Gillies – one of three Islanders squads at Training Camp – which did not in participate in today's scrimmage has the No. 1 line of Mike Comrie centering Ruslan Fedotenko on the left and captain Bill Guerin on the right.

For Team Trottier, Josef Vasicek effectively was the pivot on a line with Jeff Tambellini on the left and Miroslav Satan on the right. Tambellini scored the first goal of the scrimmage off a pretty feed from Vasicek.

On the other side, Mike Sillinger was reunited with Trent Hunter on the right, with new Islander Jon Sim on the left. Also for Team Bossy, Richard Park centered Chris Simon, who took left wing and Sean Bergenheim.

The defense pairings saw Chris Campoli with Bruno Gervais, Brendan Witt and Marc-Andre Bergeron, Andy Sutton with Radek Martinek and Freddy Meyer with Aaron Johnson.

Langley Times gives us our first interview from Ben Walter.

“A little bit,” Walter said when asked if the trade caught him off guard.

“Just with the way the situation was in Boston, I was kind of wondering if something might happen.

“But is it always a surprise.”

“On the other hand, I am really excited to be an Islander,” Walter said.

“I am going to do my best to make this team.”

The Islanders are holding their training camp in Moncton, N.B. this season.

“I am just excited to be somewhere where they are real excited to have me,” Walter said. “I am going to get a spot to compete for a spot here in camp and that is all I can ask for.”


New York Islander Fan Central | 9/13/2007 07:56:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here provides their first update on day one where team gathered for physicals before boarding a plane for Moncton.

"It's great to see everyone," said Bergenheim. "It doesn't even feel like I've been away for a year. The atmosphere is great here this year. I like the guys they've brought in this year, they're good additions."

"I'm looking forward to this new challenge," said Comrie. "Everyone here has been very welcoming. I can't wait to get things started up in Moncton."

"We already had a solid group of defensemen from last year," noted Tambellini. "But now we've added Sutton and Johnson, who played almost an entire season with Columbus last year. Add the potential of signing (Bryan) Berard and we have eight or nine NHL defensemen. It's going to be a battle."

"We're all anxious to get going," said Guerin. "There are a lot of new guys and we're looking forward to the team bonding up in Moncton.".

Islanders TV had Steve Mears do a four minute interview with Garth Snow, while Miroslav Satan and Justin Bourne did blog video's.

CBS Sportsline's Wes Goldstein does an Atlantic Preview article where he feels New York will face a tough challenge keeping up with some of the other conference bubble teams that improved over the summer.

Brendan Witt in an interesting photo apparently was kidding around with photographer Bruce Bennett for Getty Images.

Back at homeNewsday did an update on the Coliseum and the committee Charles Wang and Scott Rechler have selected for redevelopment of the Coliseum site.

Long Island Business News quotes a statement from Mr Wang.

9/13: Updated 8:30pm: Newsday's Greg Logan provides his first updates Islanders looking at veteran imports to be leaders
Islanders Q & A with Greg Logan several subjects are addressed in both articles.

"If Charles Wang didn't give me a second opportunity to coach, I certainly wouldn't be here," Nolan said with a laugh. "People can do certain things, but they need an opportunity. Vasicek is coming into a great situation and Sutton can be one of our top and one of our leaders. Comrie is going to be a go-to guy and Guerin has the opportunity to be our captain. We feel they are opportunities that were earned and warranted. It's more than possible they'll reach the expectations we assumed they would."

"Did anyone expect Jason Blake to score 40 goals?" Snow said of the team's top scorer. "Viktor Kozlov was in a few different organizations and ended up having a career year under Ted. We feel we got players who will compete on a nightly basis."

"In order for us to win, we're going to rely on the team," Nolan said. "We can't say Player A will lead us and score four goals that night and set up three others. We haven't got a Lecavalier or a Crosby. So we're going to have to play a team game."

Logan's Q & A addresses the following:

*What is Rick DiPietro's condition?

*Did the Islanders lose too much on the free-agent market?

*Is Miroslav Satan on the hot seat?

*Is there room for any kids in the lineup?

*Can the Isles repeat last season's playoff berth?

TSN Islander Preview

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/13/2007 01:27:00 PM | | | Comment Here
TSN released it's preview today on the Islanders for 2007-08. Scott Cullen provides a fantasy preview on projected numbers that even included how new Islander Ben Walter could fit in.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Solid preview all around that was not thrown together the first week in August. Scott Cullen even mentioning Ben Walter was impressive. Worth a read for Islander fans curious.

Training Camp Begins Today

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/13/2007 09:09:00 AM | | Comment Here
Times and Transcript does a page one preview of the Islanders arriving in Moncton at 4pm today and what events will take place during camp.

Petteri Nokelainen told his story today in the Boston Globe said his agent was looking for a fresh start for him with another team.

Michael Fornabaio's blog claims he was in Uniondale for some interviews but his camp preview article will not appear until Friday because of space limitattions in the Ct Post.

9/13: Updated 11:15am
Cory Witt's media blog updates us that the pictures have been taken and the paper work filed. Skating starts tomorrow at the Tim Horton’s 4-Ice Centre in Moncton, NB with the players broken up into three groups aptly named Team Bossy, Team Gillies and Team Trottier.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nothing from Newsday on camp opening yet despite two Ranger articles and two new blogs for them. Nothing other than Mike Fornabaio's update. Meanwhile several articles out of Boston on Nokelainen and now his own comments that his agent was looking for a new start?

No quotes or comments from Ben Walter?

Kevin Colley Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/12/2007 09:36:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here
Update on Kevin Colley that explains how he was hired as an assistant coach in the ECHL and what's been happening with the former Islander-Sound Tiger since his career ending neck injury.

“I’ve lived and breathed hockey my whole life and it feels great to get back in the game, the greatest game on earth,” said Colley, who now lives in Utah. “I am glad it came as quick as it did so I am not missing too much. I am still in the loop here. I’ve learned a lot from the coaches I’ve had in the past and I am looking forward to passing that on to the kids coming up.”

“I think I can relate to the players at this level obviously because I started my career here. I know what it takes to get up to the next level and I know it’s not easy,” he says.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What can I write other than to wish Colley the best of luck. He turned something devastating into a new career as a testament to his character. Credit to Garth Snow for helping him.

As posted in an earlier blog here, Colley will be in Bridgeport to drop the puck opening night for the Sound Tigers.


New York Islander Fan Central | 9/12/2007 07:04:00 PM | Comment Here
Islanders Website released their list of goaltenders who will be in the teams training camp.

The goaltending positions on Long Island are solidified, but that is certainly not the case for Bridgeport as four young netminders vie for two spots.

Rick DiPietro
Born Sep. 19, 1981 -- Winthrop, MA
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190
Catches: Right

The Islanders' franchise goaltender returns to training camp in perfect health following a career year. DiPietro helped lead the Islanders to the postseason, while posting a career-high and tying a franchise record with 32 wins on the season. DiPietro became the first Islander to record 30 wins in two seasons. His .919 SV% ranked sixth in the NHL and his five shutouts tied him for sixth. While stopping a league high 28.4 shots per game, DiPietro made a team record 56 saves against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden on March 5.

Wade Dubielewicz
Born Jan. 30, 1979 -- Kerrobert, SK
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185
Catches: Left

Dubielewicz enters his first Islanders training camp assured of an NHL spot. Dubie earned the job by being the catalyst of the Islanders' miraculous run to the 2007 postseason. Four consecutive wins against the Rangers, Toronto, Philadelphia and New Jersey completed a historic regular season for Dubie and the Islanders. Prior to joining the Islanders late in 2006-07, Dubie was having a memorable season with Bridgeport, posting a record of 22-12-5 with a 2.69 GAA and a .934 SV%.

Joey MacDonald
Born Feb. 7, 1980 -- Pictou, NS
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 198
Catches: Left

MacDonald joins the Islanders after signing a minor league contract earlier this summer. Between 2002 and 2006, MacDonald put up outstanding numbers while playing for Grand Rapids of the AHL, posting a record of 88-57-7. MacDonald made his NHL debut during the 2006-07 season, playing in eight games for Detroit and seven for Boston. In the seven games with the Bruins, MacDonald was 2-2-1 with 2.68 GAA and a .918 SV%.

Mike Mole
Born: Oct. 12, 1982 -- Orleans, ON
Height: 6'
Weight: 183
Catches: Left

After turning heads at the Islanders' Training Camp in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia last September, Mole earned a minor league contract with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, the Islanders' AHL affiliate. During the 2006-07 season, Mole split time between the Sound Tigers and the Islanders' ECHL affiliate, the Pensacola Ice Pilots. In 15 games with Bridgeport, Mole posted a record of 3-8-0 with a 3.23 GAA and .897 SV%. Mole performed well at this summer's Prospect Camp, but will have some competition as he fights for a spot on Bridgeport.

Maxime Ouellet
Born June 17, 1981 -- Beauport, QC
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195
Catches: Left

A former first-round draft pick of the Philadelphia Flyers, Ouellet joins the Islanders at Training Camp on an invite basis. Despite playing on sub-par teams in the AHL the past few seasons, Ouellet has put up good numbers. He went 22-16-7 in 2002-03 with a 2.40 GAA and a .929 SV% for Portland. The next season, despite going 15-29-8, Ouellet had a GAA of 1.99 and a SV% of .930. Ouelett has appeared in 12 NHL games over five seasons between Philadelphia, Washington and Vancouver.

Mike Morrison
Born July 11, 1979 -- Medford, MA
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 203
Catches: Left

As a Training Camp invitee, Morrison brings NHL experience to Moncton after bouncing around the AHL and ECHL for his first four pro seasons. In 2005-06, with both of their top netminders out with injuries, Edmonton called on Morrison to hold down the fort. He did that and more, going 10-4-2, while helping Edmonton clinch the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. Since then, Morrison has seen time in the NHL, AHL and ECHL. Last season he split time between the Phoenix Coyotes, San Antonio (AHL) and the Phoenix Roadrunners (ECHL).