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Quiet day on the notables front in terms of the Isles but hopefully a big crowd for Okposo's home debut tonight. For all the criticism I put at Newsday I'm impressed they assigned a writer to cover his early games and made the trip to Binghampton.

Of course what they need long-term is to make a deal with the Ct Post to feature Michael Fornabaio's work as they do with the Hartford Courant.

Newsday:Evan Drellich who is covering Kyle Okposo for the paper had a blog this afternoon on Kyle Okposo were his debut was discussed with Jeff Tambellini's comments.

Sound Tigers website: Previews Bridgeport's home game tonight vs Falcons in Kyle Okposo's home debut.

National Post/several sources: Report Carolina again recalled Brandon Nolan so Ted Nolan may coach against his son in a few weeks when the Isles have a home and home with Carolina.

Media blog: Cory Witt reported the Islanders got to their hotel at 6am after leaving the Saddledome at 10:20pm.


  1. I don't want to hear Cory Witt's whining about that flight. I took a flight from Calgary to Halifax last night. It left Cal at 11:30pm and landed at 7am with a 3 hour time difference. And I wasn't in a charter!!!

    The worst part was I couldn't convince any of my co-workers to go catch a couple periods of the game before our flight. :(

  2. Jkp,

    You made that trip to see the club play?

    Well done.

    I'm tired just blogging about all the

  3. Nah, I was out there to kick off a new customer. It's the third time in a year I've been in a city (Tor and Boston the other two) when the Isles were in town and couldn't get to the game because of work. :(


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