Was Milbury talking about Charles Wang?

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Interesting stuff here from Mike Milbury on the Leafs board running things, but just before he finished he said he had the same thing in New York which begs the question was he talking about Charles Wang's board which he was a part of last season or does his comments go back to hands on ownership or Howard & Ed Milstein, John Pickett or even John Spano or the group that ran the club for Pickett?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Too bad the host did not ask him to elaborate on his comment about New York so we know which owner the former gm he was talking about. Milbury's done nothing but praise Charles Wang for keeping him around when the popular move would have been to fire him from day one. Not very fair if after all the abuse Mr Wang took for his loyalty this is his payback because it cost him a lot in revenue and credibility in hockey circles for years.

My guess is we will never get an answer.

It should be noted last year's Islander hockey board did produce a playoff spot with reportedly Mike Milbury in the same role Chris Dey is currently in which has nothing to do with the on-ice operation.


  1. Pretty sure he's talking about previous regimes. He seemed very close to Wang and I don't think he'd say something like that about Charles based on how well Charles treated him.

  2. Hi Jkp,

    My guess is we will never know but the theme of the talk was about management by committee and the owner being involved in everything.

    We'll never know how much Milstein, Spano or Pickett were involved but we do know how much Wang is involved.

    Only wish the person at Tsn did his job and asked which Islander owner.

  3. Gino's job isn't to quiz fellow TSN analyst MM, it's to sell the Leaf's (like every other turkey at TSN).

  4. No doubt about that. Too bad here he did not see a story and press Milbury on it because clearly he felt at least one Islander owner was too involved.

    Too bad our media did not call him on it.

    Forgot, what media? The city media is on vacation as usual, Mr Logan is in Canada.


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