Islander News Articles 2/10:

Newsday: Greg Logan recaps the loss with Jeff Tambellini's comments on his missed breakaway, Ted Nolan who thought they could not play much better but was not happy how his club did not come back on the winning goal.

Newsday: Greg Logan had more from Sean Hill on his suspension.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The Daily News has a full Ranger article and a three part Sunday feature but did not cover the Islander game. The Devils game was covered by a reporter.

Jay Greenberg was permitted to travel to Philadelphia for an extra Ranger article from Philadelphia with Larry Brooks and of course Mr Brooks had his usual Ranger centric Sunday feature. Mark Everson had a full Devils article.

At Newsday Ranger beat writer Steve Zipay controls the Sunday hockey agenda where it's usually more Ranger centric but about the NHL in general.

It's not the Islanders folks, it's the people in the offices making the decisions and it seems to come down to who is a fan of what team. This is why we need more Islander fans in the decision making process at these publications and that starts with Islander fans covering the team who will push the editors hard for print space and blogs.

Anyone think Greg Logan should have picked up on this and maybe just let the blog on Sean Hill be enough and used the space for his second article on the Islanders? Instead all we got in his second article is Aaron Johnson's scratch. He did not even report Colliton was sent back to Bridgeport, despite Mr Fornabaio telling us he could not get back in time to play against Portland and was sent down.

Star-Tribine: Michael Russo recaps Minnesota's win with Mark Parrish's comments on how he tried to convince the refs Blake Comeau knocked out his teeth, even though they were missing already which is very funny.

Pioneer Press: John Shipley recaps the game with Bill Guerin's comments that it was not a good point because his team did not finish the job.

The News: Has more on Jon Sim and Hockey weekend in Canada where Sim and Devin Smith of the NHL Association donated ninety sets of hockey gear through the NHL Dreams and Goals program and was praised by mayor New Glasgow Mayor Ann MacLean who presented Sim with a hand-tinted photograph of the Westside rink Sim skated on as a youth.

Chronicle Herald: Tom Mccoag has more on Jon Sim.

Sports Illustrated/AP: Has Brian Burke's and Chris Botta's comments on what happened with Pat Lafontaine and the Ducks gm Tuesday night and points out Lafontaine has been to several Islander games this season.

Sound Tigers website: Recaps the Sound Tigers loss to Portland.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports on the Sound Tigers 5-2 loss to Portland in a very physical game in front of the biggest crowd of the year at Harbor Yard. Kyle Okposo got a favorable bounce for his goal. Jeremy Colliton was sent back to Bridgeport but did not arrive in time to play. Kip Brennan was given a match penalty for sticking up for a teammate. Pat Bingham was behind the bench for Jack Capuano who had the flu.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game recap also includes Kyle Okposo suffering from the flu and the Sound Tigers race to qualify for the playoffs with only thirty games left and Bridgeport on the outside.

Islanders website: Had a late Saturday feature on Kyle Okposo's two goals and assist which included his comments after the Portland Pirates loss.

Portland Press-Telegram: Has the Pirates coverage.


  1. Holy cow! The picture from the Herald has a kid with an Isles jersey. I figured my 5-yr old was the only kid in the province with one. ;)

    Seriously, it was great to see all that. I can only imagine old New Glasgow was buzzing all weekend. It certainly is a hockey-mad place (but what part of Canada isn't, I suppose).

    And hopefully I'll get ridiculed a bit less in these parts for being an Islander fan with more positive PR like this. ;)

  2. Sorry JKP,

    Your second message got hit by something at blogger and was deleted or did not appear after approval. I just don't know.

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog.

    I really could care less about HF anymore. I still get e-mails with complaints about the board now which is sad but I guess it is what it is? I got two about people who said I was brought up which is kind of silly since I have been gone for almost two years and the rules are supposedly not to talk of other people?

    I feel bad for anyone stuck with that job during a losing season because the tantrums by so many made it impossible for those who wanted a good discussion that last year so I decided to clean up the board regardless if it did not sit well because that's what moderators are supposed to do, even when it's tough.

    My guess is no one wants to get involved like I did and hold everyone accountable exactly the same so it stops because it's too much work. I never did the job to win a popularity contest or get a pat on the back from friends because to me everyone counted the same anyway.

    Being a nice person and letting things go only made things worse and when a few good posters contacted me and told me they were leaving because the board was worse than the losses, that was the final straw so after asking for folks to obey the rules about five seperate times, I just started warning everyone because it's the only language that get's through.

    It worked too.

    I also did my moderating behind the scenes for everyone's benefit so everyone could talk hockey which is how you respect the posters and their privacy but not how you win points with the majority for what you do.

    I got more than enough praise when I was moderator there for five years and countless folks telling me it was the best Islander board in cyberspace during my time.

    I'm very proud of my work at that site as a writer and a moderator and was lucky they let us have Tom for a while to help out.

    My condolences to whoever is stuck with it now.

    I'm just very happy to be here doing my own thing now.


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