Why did Isles fail to make playoffs?

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/14/2008 06:40:00 PM |
The latest NYI Fan Central Poll is up, and for this one it's your call on why you think the Isles did not make the playoffs.

If you select other please respond here and tell us why and I will add it to the final votes.

With this poll you can select more than one option.

Simply not good enough
Early schedule a factor
Not enough scoring depth
Poor decisons by coach
Poor decisions by gm
Over three hundred man games lost to injury
Isles worked in kids so they have quietly progressed
Second half schedule too much


  1. there's no doubt in my mind if they'd stayed healthy (Campoli, Sutton, Witt) they'd have been able to hand in and make it.

  2. Hang in longer? Perhaps.

    But this season should have been over when they scored two goals or less in fourteen games going into December. Even when they were healthy they were the lowest scoring club in the league with only eleven first period goals around mid December.

    Teams like that sooner or later fail when they have that kind of weakness. So many players simply did not pull their offensive weight on every level.


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