Isles need to extend Snow & Nolan

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Bottom line here folks is that if the Islanders are committed to developing their prospects and taking pains to do so the general manager brining in these players and the coach have to have some security to make decisions that may mean short-term losing.

Otherwise both of these men will feel the pressure to win now and go with a player who will give them the best chance to win now which is usually a veteran.

It seems from my viewpoint Mr Wang is not sure whether this gm or coach are the right ones to develop prospects.

No doubt New York also brings pressure to win now so the fans will support the product which is going to put developing prospects to the test.

This is where all the talk of the Islanders plan will face it's toughest test and whether the general manager and coach will stick with that plan with no long-term security.


  1. Garth is here for the long haul, and he's better prepared this year than last. It'll all work out in the end.

  2. Hello,

    I'm not sure Snow is here for the long-haul. He signed a three year contract as a player, it's unlikely he got an extension or a longer contract than three years to be gm.

    I thought Snow was well prepared last year. He knew who he did not want back, basically all of those players did not have good years on other teams.

    Smyth could not stay healthy in Colorado.

    Bottom line it's only going to work out if Mr Wang is patient and allows the gm/coach to work in these prospects, even if it means losing to do so.

    You cannot give have both on one year contracts and expect prospect development and winning all at once.


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