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Newsday: Greg Logan reports in the Islanders Newsday blog Sean Bergenheim fired both his agents
(Mark Gandler/Todd Diamond) this week and that General manager Garth Snow just began negotiations toward a contract with his new agent that could make an arbitration hearing unnecessary.

Mr Logan also reports Jeff Tambellini, Frans Nielsen, Jeremy Colliton, Ben Walter and Bruno Gervais have until 5 p.m. Tuesday 7/15 to accept their qualifying offers or negotiate a deal before those offers expire, also Garth Snow said he has deals beyond those initial offers for Tambellini/Gervais, expects to hold talks with Nielsen’s agent and that it’s expected Colliton and Walter will accept their initial offers.

After July 15th if an RFA is unsuccessful negotiating a contract or does not accept his qualifying offer the final option is a holdout.

Mr Logan also asked the Garth Snow if he has any interest in Ladislav Nagy or other unrestricted free agents but the gm did not rule out anything while the beatwriter does some speculating that Radulov's situation may open the door for the Isles to bring in Kirll Petrov.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Fantastic update across the board from Mr Logan and a lot of information the fans want to know about.

I do not know what to take of Bergenheim firing his agents a few days after we had quotes from both of them. Apparently if they were fired earlier this week it had to be right after their comments appeared in Newsday.

Bottom line Bergenheim wants a better contract than he's offered and until it's settled, anything is possible regardless who his agent is.

As for the rest of the players we'll see how this pans out. If they do not come to terms it could open the door for pending trades and there will be players all over the league in the same spot.


  1. Kudos to Bergie for finally getting rid of them. He should have done it when they botched things up the first time around, two years ago. I think he may have realized that Gandler had an axe to grind with Snow for buying out Yashin. At least we know Bergie wants to be here.

    Great blog by Logan. I didn't realize there was a hard date the RFAs had to accept their offers.

  2. Jim,

    Obviously when both agents are quoted in the paper and then we read earlier this week Bergenheim fired both agents it's fair to speculate he may not have liked them talking the to press or where things were going and that article may have been the last straw.

    I'm not sure if Diamond was his agent when he went to Europe but Gandler was because he took not only Bergenheim out of the NHL but Grebeshkov and Evgeny Artyukhin who finally just this week resigned with Tampa Bay after a second year.

    As for Bergenheim signing he has a career to look after and a new agent to negotiate a deal. Just because those agents were fired does not mean it will be an easy deal.

    Bergemheim should be looking to get every dollar he can and secure his future. After Jason Blake and Kevin Colley they own it to themselves.

    Hopefully he gets a contract just like Hunter.

  3. I agree for the most part. If I'm Bergenheim, I recognize that the fans have taken a liking to me, despite the fiasco two seasons ago. After the rumor that he might be willing to go to Europe if he lost the arbitration case, he probably had enough. It's not good for his image to have things like that out there. I've thought all along that he has always wanted to play for the Islanders, and two years ago, he trusted Gandler who told him that the Islanders wouldn't enforce their rule about contracts before training camp. That obviously didn't work out for him, and when he saw the comments about losing the arbitration case, he had enough and fired them.

    I think a deal will be made this weekend.

    I'm a little worried about Snow's comments that they have a deal on the table beyond the qualifying offer for Tambellini. I don't think he has done enough to merit anything but a one year deal. For whatever Snow seems to be really high on him, and I don't see it.

  4. I do not think Bergenheim will do anything based on the fans liking or not liking him or image. Like anyone with a job they want security and a chance to prove themselves.

    Bergenheim wanted back in two years ago, fair to say he got some bad advice from an agent who took three players right out of the league to Russia and trying to do the same with the player the Rangers just traded for.

    I guess we'll see how things go with all these players. A longer term deal for Tambellini can work both ways because if he does great Isles could have him at a lower price and if not they have a player they can still move.

    Tambellini is still a first round pick who dominated the AHL last year. He's at a higher level than Papineau or Krog just by his draft status alone.

    It took Jokinen some time and Florida almost gave up on him, maybe a chance to know he will get his full shots will be the difference.


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