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Newsday: Greg Logan has comments from assistant general manager Ryan Jankowski on prospect Jesse Joensuu who had a hat-trick Friday to conclude prospects camp, Blake Comeau who had three assist working with Joensuu on a line also talks about how impressed he was with the young propsect's ability as a power forward with handling the puck.

Mr Logan also reports Garth Snow indicated he expects to begin interviewing candidates for the next head coach sometime next week.

Cape Brenton Post: T.J. Colello has a few words from Aaron Johnson who signed with Chicago last week that he considered last season with the club a wash in the short time he played here.


  1. Joensuu was very highly rated in his draft year and then fell like a rock. RW seems to be pretty cramped for this season. He'd really have to turn some heads at training camp to win a job this year.

    So who do you think gets exposed to waivers this year? I have a hard time believing they would put Walter on waivers. He's been pretty productive at the AHL level. He carried Bridgeport pretty much by himself toward the end of the year when everyone was called up. At the same time, he's not really going to progress if he's the 4th line center or a healthy scratch. I don't think they'd have a problem exposing Colliton to waivers. He played pretty well last season, but at best, he's nothing more than a 3rd line center.

  2. Hi Jim

    Given Joensuu is a left wing with Bergenheim, Comeau and Bergenheim it would take something incredible for one of those players to be moved to clear a spot for him.

    Walter, Colliton both signed their qualfying offers. One was brought in for Nokelaine, the other has been here since 2003 with some upside when healty.

    Needless to say they have a lot of good competiton for spots. Until they hire a coach and get into camp it's just hard to say how things will play out.


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