New York younger in 08-09? I do not see it

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/11/2008 05:24:00 PM |
For all the things I have been reading about the Islanders getting younger next season or those who claim they are rebuilding I'm having a hard time seeing it in terms of 2008-09.

I can do the mix any way I like here and write Fedotenko will be replaced by Tambellini and Satan could be replaced by Okposo, but with Weight and Sim re-entering the mix for next season for Vasieck with room for maybe one player out of Colliton, Nielsen, Walter making it on the fourth line (unless a trade goes down) right now this forward group will be about the same collective age entering next season with Comeau on the club from day one.

On defense, Davison is gone with Berard and Johnson likely to follow. Mark Streit in his thirties was added. Only young defenders on the backline are Gervais and Campoli and both will be twenty four when the season starts.

If anything a few of the clubs in the division will feature younger lineups and be competitive with Pittsburgh heading the list with Crosby, Malkin and Staal.

A year from now we may see a lot more kids enter the mix for our team and sure there are a lot of good prospects in the system and Bridgeport with Hillen and Kohn but in terms of this coming season I think it's time to recognize this will still for the most part be an older club with an avgerage age close to thirty.

Of course it all comes down to can they score enough and skate well enough to compete.


  1. I don't know why, but I have a feeling Neilsen is going to go play in Europe. It seems odd to me that none of the RFAs have resigned. With the exception of Bergenheim and Gervais, none of the others were really regular players. You would think they would have just taken the qualifying offer and resigned.

    Tambellini's qualifying offer would be in the $900k+, which is ridiculously high for him. Colliton's would have been $770k. Unless they are looking for long-term deals or want to know what the Islanders plan on doing with them, I don't see why it would take this long to get Walter, Neilsen, Colliton and Tambellini resigned. I can understand it taking longer for Bergie and Gervais.

  2. Jim,

    I would not be shocked to see Nielsen go to Europe but he was qualified which means he will get a contract and a raise but we'll see if he decides to take it or leave.

    He put in a lot of years here too so that would be a disappointment but if it comes to Milbury's pick vs Snow's traded player in Walter?

    Having written that it's still early when it comes to resigning restricted free agents. For reference Campoli resigned 7/16 so it also may come down to when the club does it's resigning business each year.

    The history of this is some players would rather play in Europe than the AHL and have left Bridgeport when they do not think there is a spot.

    Given the current roster some players will be on the outside until the injuries start piling up.

    Good stuff Jim.


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