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New York Islander Fan Central | 7/24/2008 12:10:00 PM |
The Islanders may not have a coach yet but at some point whoever is hired has a very tough decision coming.

Going under the presumption Witt, Streit, Martinek, Sutton and Campoli all with the kind of contracts that can only be traded I though it would be a good poll if you decide who should be the sixth defender vs who should sit and wait for a chance?

If we all remember last season began with nine defenders after Berard signed, but that group included Meyer, Johnson with Bergeron/Berard juggled depending on who was playing better or injured.

No Bridgeport option for any of these players without waivers.

Needless to write this is a different group than a year ago with a signed Freddy Meyer who had a very strong second half, Bruno Gervais who when healthy has rarely sat a game.

It also has to be noted Garth Snow was in the mix for Dan Boyle so obviously he may be looking for a front line defender or someone who complements Mark Streit on the powerplay.

Jack Hillen/Dustin Kohn have an AHL option so they will not be included in this poll.


  1. My gut feeling - or, at least, my hope - is that Gervais gets the sixth spot and a real chance to make a name for himself in the NHL. I love Meyer, but he might have his maximum trade value right now; it's best to move him while he's considered a valuable commodity.

  2. Welcome Bryan,

    Freddy Meyer may have helped his trade value but this is a player Garth Snow traded for, put on waivers, then reclaimed.

    He even went on re-entry waivers when he left Phoenix.

    For Islander fans who watched him play very solid defense in the second half we know he can help a club but overall my guess is he's about as vaulable a commodity as was going into last season.

    We'll see.

    A new coach changes everything too.

    Thanks again.


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