Tampa permits NY to speak with Tortorella

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/19/2008 01:47:00 AM | |
Tampa Tribune: Erik Erlendsson reports the Tribune has learned the Islanders have contacted Tampa Bay seeking permission to speak to former Stanley Cup winning coach John Tortorella and have granted their request along with that of Mike Sullivan, an assistant with Tortorella last year although it was unclear whether that was for a head coaching or assistant's job.

Tortorella and Sullivan both have a year remaining on their contracts with Tampa Bay which is why the Isles needed permission, the former coach reportedly was making 1.3 million.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mike Sullivan was the former Bruins coach for those who recall. Larry Brooks will not be a happy man if the Isles come to terms with Tortorella.

Let the games begin.

Anyone else have a flashback to summer 1995 after that video when the Isles last hired a relatively successful coach. Of course Tortorella comes with a Stanley Cup ring.


  1. I thought Mike Sullivan did a pretty good job when he was in Boston. He seems to have the same demeanor as Laviolette. I think he'd be a solid choice for both a head coaching or assistant coaching position.

  2. I remember Sullivan was the coach before Chiarelli came in and hired Dave Lewis. Tortorealla praised him recently and said he should be given another chance to coach.

    One of the prolbmes with this coaching search is a person like Tortorella is going to want his own people, not Ted Nolan's or Garth Snow's.


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