New York vs Rangers 1984 Game Five

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/18/2008 03:49:00 PM |

I was at this game sitting a few rows up from where Morrow shot, too bad there is no camera angle from the other side.

Amazing how we NEVER get to see the Sportschannel Version with Jiggs McDonald calling all these great games.

That's right, the other team owns that version.

Oh well, hopefully a good vacation blog to pre-schedule for a Monday.


  1. HI ny islanders fan central, I sent you a letter that has not come up yet could you please look into this . thank you Mark

  2. Mark,

    I'm sorry but I am on vacation and have not been updating the blog much aside from pre-scheduled things I wrote for time release.

    It's possible I could have missed it as yahoo throws the real e-mails into spam and the spam into the real folder far too often but that's what the deal is with a free e-mail service.

    By all means please send your
    e-mail again to and I will answer it promptly as best as I can.

    Thanks again,


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