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As long as Joey MacDonald is playing well and making a difference with game changing saves you keep running him out and let DiPietro have his own training camp at his own pace.

After Monday this team has two games in ten days in Florida before playing Dallas a week from this coming Thursday 10/23, plenty of time to get DiPietro sharp and even start a game in Bridgeport.

I think the biggest clue was Scott Gordon talking about the Florida trip, if I was forced to guess I think that is where he will make his first start.

If I'm coaching and MacDonald plays like this against Buffalo he keeps starting until he stops doing it regardless who the other goalie is and whether he is healthy.

Having written all of this of course DiPietro will start Monday.

Will be interesting to see how this defense adjust from MacDonald who is not a mobile puck-handling goaltender back to DiPietro. Aside from the Panther game some of these defenders have not worked with DiPietro.
I guess Skinner gets the call to sit in the stands if Martinek is out Monday and beyond but unless Skinner gets a break on Sunday he will be at a game four days in a row.

I expect Hillen will be back in the lineup.
Nothing so far about Nate Thompson's game that impresses me, not a great skater and seemed weak on the puck. There was a reason Boston put him on waivers and could not find a deal where they got something. I'm not seeing it so far unless he goes out and gets in a fight or two or throws some big hits.

But it is early.
I'm waiting for that first big chance from Nielsen or Tambellini to get them some confidence, still a little too tentative when the puck comes to them.
Hunter looked good beyond his goal as always, does so many things to win a game in the corners and shorthanded.
Jon Sim got through his second game and it sure seems an article on much he was missed last season is appropriate because he was a pest all night and had his quickness driving to the net. That was badly needed last season.
I thought that was Meyer who threw the big early hit?
Highest marks to Mr Dey and the Islanders for getting that building full last night and the fan response given the over the top negative media attention doing seemingly everything possible to keep people away. I have been in that building for an opening night that had only 11,000 and no television coverage a decade ago.
If Martinek is out for a long stretch does this mean Garth Snow call up Berard's agent before he heads for Russia? No answer in terms of defense but someone who does know the organzation.
Too bad Garth Snow was not a former broadcaster so the media would have gone easier on him like John Davidson who's club finished behind New York last season.

I like Andy Murray but can folks tone down the mantra about how great a coach he is because he's lost for a long time now going back to Los Angeles.
Do I really care what the Islanders play after they score a goal? Not anymore.

I may be the only one but I sure miss our classic siren, this is the only thing after a goal that works for me.

Colmubus Dispatch: Aaron Portzline has the latest on former Islander Michael Peca who will face disciplinary action for physical abuse of any official which carries an automatic suspension of ten games.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I did not see this but that seems completely out of Peca's character and if he says he hit the glass with his stick I tend to accept that. Of course if he was still playing for Toronto the Leafs media can claim Greg Kimmerly jumped into Peca and that's why there was contact with the offical being at fault.

No doubt a few folks get where I'm going.

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  1. 1) The DiPietro situation is a real head scratcher. Especially for a non Islander fan/an outsider. It just doesn't seem to add up.
    2) IF Ricky is healthy you would think he would start the home opener, despite a good game from their backup in the opening night loss
    3) However IF Ricky isn't 100% healthy it would be extremely risky to have him even dressed. As you wrote, he may still be getting into shape,. We respect your opinion here. However, wouldn't you agree that the organization/DiPietro would be best served to play some games (even if its in the AHL) to get into game shape?
    4) The bottom line is as long as the NHL insists on allowing teams to hide the extent/real degree of injury to players, the media/bloggers will write speculative articles like TSN did this weekend) and fans won't know why their favourite player isn't playing.

  2. Hi Faux,

    I'm not seeing much of a situation at all here. A goalie had his summer surgeries and just started taking live shots and played one preseason games. He will work his way back into game shape and there will be conditioning and physical tweaks along the way.

    If it were worse than that the club would not have let him take any practices and simply recalled Yann Danis.

    We could be coming to a point where he plays an AHL game, after tomorrow Isles only have two games in about ten days.

    Tsn reported a broken back for McCabe that was not as advertised and now this with no quotes or even a writer listed.

    As for the Islanders my guess is being upfront with the media sure has not helped some of the over the top negative reporting so why tell them anything.

    We have general managers in this league that almost never speak, Snow seems to go out of his way to speak to everyone and it does not help so why not keep things in house.


    Thanks again.


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