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Newsday: Greg Logan went all out to make DiPietro not playing in relief of Joey MacDonald the story of the day while Scott Gordon explained his philosophy on pulling goaltenders while the beatwriter accused the coach of only answering questions he wanted to. Joey MacDonald gave his comments with the beatwriter again cornering him on the subject of DiPietro's availability.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann barely stopped short of writing DiPietro was injured and could not play but dressed anyway while Nate Thompson defended his goaltender. Joey MacDonald also talked about the game along with more from Bill Guerin.

Newsday: Greg Logan has comments from Nate Thompson about the fights and Bill Guerin on the penalties.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's over the top Newsday is attempting to play doctor and second guess the coach to this degree. MacDonald had a shaky couple of costly goals, others were just breakdowns no goalie could stop with open nets. Islanders had Campoli, Martinek, Sillinger from the playoff with Buffalo injured today but as usual Mr Herrmann needed to kick a little extra dirt on them and stir the pot asking what's changed since the playoff series with Buffalo?

It's three games and they could have won two, tone it down Mr Herrmann. One thing that has not changed is how vindictive Newsday is running down this club every chance the get and targeting DiPietro.

If Gordon wanted DiPietro to sit out regardless, Danis would have been recalled.

Sure seems many Newsday staff writers have some major issues with Rick DiPietro for just about anything and are not going to make it easy for the club with the injury policy but who can blame the team given how poor they have been treated by the local media for so long?

Daily News: Peter Botte was permitted by Daily News Sports editor Leon Carter to make his first appearance at Nassau Coliseum since last season and jumped right on the DiPietro bandwagon wondering why the goaltender was was not used in the third period with Scott Gordon's comments who felt his club did not play a very good game with Mr Botte writing that his answer was to deflect from discussing his goaltender.

NY Post: Dan Martin's coverage included Bill Guerin's comments about how much work this team has to do along with Scott Gordon.

Newsday: Jim Baumbach had a few words about DiPietro as he had selective amnesia about what goalie won the season series between Lundqvist-Brodeur and Rick DiPietro a year ago along with what goalie faced the least shots per game in the Eastern Conference and for three months still could not get his save percentage above nine in Henrik Lundqvist.

Lundqvist is seeing even less shots than he did a year ago to date so credit his early play but any goaltender should win with less shots and a trap, an argument the media uses often against Martin Brodeur which seems a double-standard by Mr Baumbach.

Buffalo News: Mike Harrington has the Sabre coverage.

Updated Tuesday Morning:
Newsday: Mr Logan blogs Tuesday morning with captain Bill Guerin's comments who did not excuse fatigue for his teams play and pointed to his time under former Devils coach Jacques LeMaire's system taking a long time for the club to learn. Mr Logan then gave early impressions of the lines and young players while forgetting Nielsen's first period chance where he got to the perfect spot and was robbed shorthanded on a great feed from Hunter.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Curiously Mr Logan felt despite Guerin's comments on the future things look grim for a team right now that is only 1-2 that has yet to play close to it's full lineup that easily could have been 2-1 if not for interference against MacDonald.

Newsday: Anthony Rieber in the latest Newsday disgrace claims the Islanders since trading for Ryan Smyth have been timid and cheap in the decision making process despite what the Islanders paid Mark Streit or Mr Logan's claims of the offers Drury or Scott Gomez being virtually the same (not front-loaded) as the Ranger contracts were.

Sarina Observer: Dave Borody has comments from Islander prospect Justin DiBenedetto along with Sarnia head coach Dave MacQueen on his five goal, seven point game on Sunday.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has a blog update with his early Sound Tiger impressions along with the lineup among other items.

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  1. 1) Herrmann, Logan, Botte all have an agenda here? It is a valid question in our opinion to ask why Ricky, the franchise player hasn't played in the first 3 games, and didn't get into the game to mop things up last afternoon.
    2) If Ricky needs to get into game shape after his off season injuries shouldn't he be in Bridgeport stopping pucks? Or at least give him a period of work in relief yesterday?
    3) The Canucks did the same yesterday when they lifted Luongo for Sanford in the 3rd period yesterday in DC. Not to change the momentum, but to give Sanford a few minutes work, and rest his #1 goalie
    4) We understand if Gordon doesn't lift goalies to change momentum, (He never did in Providence last year?) but yesterday it would have been a good idea to give his rusty #1 some work in what was essentially a preseason game (out of hand)?
    5) Singularly these issues can be explained away, but taken together they are very curious indeed, and lends one to speculate about these series of 'interesting' moves.
    6) At what point/what would need to happen for you to believe that the isles are hiding a health issue?

  2. Hi Faux,

    I will answer as best as I can, some things you will agree with while others I guess you will feel skeptical about.

    1. Logan & Herrmann work for the same paper current owned by the Rangers but both of these writers long before cablevision ownership
    (Mr Logan is a former Ranger Newsday beatwriter, Mr Herrmann virtually never goes negative on the Rangers) both always seem to be working something negative with DiPietro with the goaltenders all-star appearance (and injury during the skills contest) completely ignored.

    Mr Logan outright called him hardheaded on 3/20 of last year which seems out of line because Ted Nolan was not quoted as saying this.

    Peter Botte had not covered a single Islander event at the Daily News going back to March so I do not know where he stands, he did not even cover the draft, coach hiring.

    In an attempt to answer your question after the first two goals maybe Gordon did not think MacDonald was at fault or wanted to put DiPietro in cold with five defenders left after Witt's ejection. He did take pucks in the warmup and my guess is would not have done that if there was any question.

    Last year Dubielewicz was left in to take an eight goal pounding because the Isles opened with five games in seven says, DiPietro was not injured then.

    Butch Goring left Roberto Luongo in for nine goals in one game against Pittsburgh as a rookie.

    No goalie alive was going to win yesterday's game and maybe the coach felt it was best to play it conservative. Not the first time goalies have been left in to mop up.

    2. I supose game in Bridgeport would have happened if it were considered necessary, DiPietro has done that before coming off injury so stands to reason Danis could have been recalled to sit on the bench.

    3. Every coach is different, Mike Keenan is infamous for using the goalie switch at strange times, yesterday's game was gone and the way the club was playing in front of MacDonald maybe Gordon did not want DiPietro thrown in cold under those circumstances?

    4. The record in Providence does lie, Gordon changes goalies and does it often and did it on a very succssful team.

    5-6. It gets interesting and beyond a curiosity when DiPietro starts to play hockey games or if he is not ready to play from here or reinjures himself.

    MacDonald played two very good games and it was clear the Isles were working back DiPietro slowly.

    On the other side of the Newsday coverage fence, Jim Bambach today ignored DiPietro's success last season against both local goaltenders (and DiPietro's all-star appearance) and declared Henrik Lunqvist who faced the least shots in the Eastern Conference last season as piling up the saves with a team that plays the same trap the Devils are criticized for.,0,3328872.column

    DiPietro rallied his team after the ASG last winter to a six game winning streak capped by a 1-0 win and what did Newsday write about his play?


    All I see is both sides, if it were not so I would not bother and went right to Gordon's Providence record to check comments vs actions.

    Thanks again.


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