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Newsday: Greg Logan has an update in the Islanders Newsday blog on how Rick DiPietro played along with comments from the goaltender and head coach Scott Gordon as the beatwriter also looked back to his first start since last March.

Mr Logan also reported Mitch Fritz was returned to Bridgeport with a preview of his Monday article about the teams scoring struggles which will feature comments from Doug Weight and Mark Streit.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Very old and tired for me to keep writing this but if Mr Logan is going to make a point statistically speaking that DiPietro lost seven of his final eight games giving up at least three goals he also has to include that 1-0 game was the tail end of a six game winning streak.

He also has to tell the readers many of those games afterward he held the Islanders in almost single-handed starting with the very next game in New Jersey where he faced more than forty shots and had the game tied in the third before the Islanders defense made some fatal mistakes in front of him.

Often there are more than statistics that indicates what happened in a game. Many times a goalie can allow a lot of goals and play great which is a point Mr Logan never made regarding DiPietro's performance in the second half last year.

Of course Mr Logan is correct yesterday was encourging however not for the goals against but how he reacted as the game wore on.

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  1. Don't worry, you won't have to concern yourself with another blog entry from Mr. Logan, until late Thursday night. I am sure you won't see any stories either, until the Thursday paper, since the Isles are off until Thursday. Can't expect Mr. Logan to actually give Isles' fans any good behind the scenes information. Of course, we'll get a story on Thursday, so Newsday can spin, what great coverage they paper gives the Isles, and is bending over to do so.

  2. Paul,

    To be fair we have to seperate when Mr Logan's editor gives his space for coverage vs what he writes. Also to this point it's obvious he has been blogging more and I expect that to continue right into Thursday.

    I also have to point out he has done a lot of quality updates also in his reporting while others raise fair questions that I'm asking.

    I have to tell the entire story on the coverage or I'm not doing my part as honestly as I can.

    For me that goes day by day.

    Thanks again.

  3. I understand the whole editor space thing, but since training camp started, I would bet there has not been one day without a rag$(evil empire)story. We know that Mr. Zipay blogged all off season. Nothing for Logan since saying Rico (and that is his nickname, not this DP garbage) was solid Saturday night. Nothing about how he felt the day after, nothing about the Powerless Play or anything.

    Great work on the Neil Best column by the way...and I hate to slam him, because at least we know he is a hockey fan (even though we know he roots for that other team).


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