Islander/Sound Tiger Notables for Tuesday.

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Islanders website: Announced on Tuesday Andy Sutton will make his season debut on Thursday against the Philadelphia Flyers and Jack Hillen has been sent to Bridgeport.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A bit odd Skinner stays in the lineup who played limited minutes Monday unless another change is coming on defense. Either way Hillen seems the better choice to stay over Skinner.

Seems a question of when before the next injury happens.

Newsday: Katie Strang covered Tuesday's practice which included DiPietro watching from the stands and that Meyer is unlikely to play against the Flyers.

Islanders website: Has the latest prospects watch update which will be posted on the prospect blog as all have been archived back to last season.

Newsday: Arthur Staple's turn to help out Greg Logan as former Ranger beatwriters stick together and lob softballs at the house team in comparing both Newsday hockey teams. Mr Staple also questions if playing Jack Hillen, Nate Thompson and Tomas Pock are part of a youth movement or a trivia answer?

In comparing both local teams Mr Staple admits Newsday is making too much of this injury-disclosure stuff but then adds at 2-6 with a bleak future, what else is there to talk about besides DiPietro? He then goes on to blast the Islanders injury policy and completely contradicts himself by writing the injury policy would still be an issue if the Islanders were 6-2.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As expected the entire Newsday staff is going to take their shots here at the club.

How dare the New York Islanders act like other sports teams and restrict information (per NHL rules) from a paper that has treated the club poorly for years and now is owned by another NHL team with a beatwriter who has been anything but professional giving us retracted headlines Yashin could return.

Funny but the Islanders are getting more coverage now from Newsday then they have since 2002. I thought Greg Logan told us last Jaunary when he could not be bothered blogging about DiPietro getting hurt in Atlanta when he had full disclosure from the club on injuries that coverage would be reduced in the future when he did his interview with Chris Botta who had to go to Atlanta to do Newsday's job for them?

Last I looked isn't Jack Hillen just a year out of college and a player Garth Snow said was like having another number one pick?

Newsday: Anthony Rieber's turn to dump on the Islanders for their media/injury policy in ranking local clubs and writess the Islanders are doing their best to create drama and tension and says how many other pro teams who are covered by one newspaper on the road have a media policy?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
All the drama and tension is on Newsday's side who are acting very unprofessional when Greg Logan writes himself a lot of clubs have the same policy.

Mr Rieber comes off like a man who sounds like Newsday is doing the Islanders a favor providing road coverage. That's the same Cablevision-Newsday who cannot even approve live internet coverage for preseason games or send a writer to Atlanta to cover the goaltender at the All-Star weekend. Has a report on the NHL rookies as the ten game mark hits and in some cases decisions must be made on whether they stay or go back to juniors/AHL. Bridgeport recalled goaltender Nathan Lawson with Yann Danis up with the Islanders.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Considering Bridgeport does not play until Friday draw your own conclusions as to how long DiPietro could be on the shelf for.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio blogs on who Mark Parrish skated with at practice on Tuesday along with a lot of items on the Sound Tigers.

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  1. 1) Its easy to take shots (especially the Isles) when a team is down. Did any of these writers project the team to be doing better? Its not like they are underachieving, and they do have some legit injury issues
    2) As far as the 'injury' issue is concerned. Correct us if we're wrong but the 'new NHL rules' as they pertain to injuries just made it official that teams can hide (fail to disclose) the nature of an injury if they choose?
    3) They aren't mandated to do this, but the NHL says its OK if they want. Therefore the Isles could have been more forthcoming with respect to Ricky's health issues if they wanted.
    4) We disagree that knowing the extent/type of injury would help their opposition. As has been written, after 2 hip, knee and several concussions, what part of Dipietro's body would an opponent zero in on?
    5) We understand that the isles organization might feel (appropriately at times) that the media is being unfair, so they don't owe them anything. However we believe that reducing media (and there by fan) interaction/openness is not a good way to go when you're trying to increase interest/good will in the community. They also are feeding right into the hands of writers who are already predisposed to be negative

  2. Hi Faux,

    I will do what I can as always to answer your questions.

    1. The fact you even included especially the Isles when it comes to cheap-shots from the media suggests what's the difference regardless what they report?

    Now we have a beatwriter claiming a player could be faking an injury. Don't you consider that over the top?

    I felt the club could finish sixth so I do feel they have underachieved but these injuries would be too much for any club so we have to wait until we see the group healthy before we know anything.

    2-3) Teams do not have to disclose injuries according to the new NHL rules.

    Here is the thing, this is all about DiPietro from one beatwriter who did not get this upset when Guerin fell under the same policy when the club announced both of them had surgery in June.

    Mr Logan got so upset the same night he released a story with misleading headlines on Yashin returning that had to be retracted by Newsday?

    That's not professional.

    Where was Greg Logan when he got hurt in Alanta because he sure was not blogging or writing for four days or could even write once last years Islanders had more man games lost to injury than any other NHL team but never did.

    He was too busy stiring the pot on Nolan vs Snow.

    4) If the media is going to be fair here it cannot be about any one specific player. You see the same complaining over all the other players with injuries over this policy to this degree?

    5. Faux, the goodwill for a newspaper that owns another NHL team that will not even let it's competition have live internet games in preseason for days and who's beatwriter went AWOL for Scott Gordon's press conference?

    There is nothing the New York Islanders could do to avoid this negative coverage regardless of what did, not in the past year from Newsday and not now.

    It also centers around this beatwriters relationship with DiPietro from where I looking.

    Same thing happened with Alan Hahn and Alexei Yashin.

    Thanks again


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