One Change Needed for Third Jersey

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/02/2008 06:42:00 AM |

To me it's not a big deal the strap on the back of the pants but the decal on the helmet that says Islanders would be look much better with a picture of the logo.

Less is more, get that decal off the helmet and put the logo back on. It did not even read well looking at the helmet.

Islanders in script on the helmet looked a little too much like that fisherman uniform.

Next up, a full time return of the uniform along with the 1980 white version of the uniform that was worn at the Core of the Four.

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  1. I love the uniforms, I'm actually considering buying one, but I don't know what player I'd get.

    What are the odds that NJ's beat writer blasts Brodeur and NJ for their vague injury policy? I happened to be watching when he was injured. I don't see how he possibly could be bruised, I don't think that arm was ever hit by anything, at least on that play.

  2. Hi Jim,

    I do not see the Star Ledger or the former Bergen Record writers blasting the Devils regardless what they announce with Brodeur.

    Terrible loss for the Devils and the league with Brodeur if he is out for an extended period.

    I do not see the writers in Pittsburgh blistering the Pens management over the same releases on Crosby the Islanders have given on DiPietro.

    I did not see any paper rip their club like Newsday.

    Thanks again


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