Bailey should stay in the NHL

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Point Blank: Mr Botta wrote on Thursday the Islanders have made a big mistake not providing Josh Bailey the opportunity to play for Team Canada for the next three weeks and that the youth movement is on hold with Frans Nielsen and Kyle Okposo out of the lineup.

" One big fail? A big mistake? Three weeks of development he'll never get back "

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Seems somewhat over the top on Mr Botta's part and ironic he is calling for the Islanders to be unconventional given other clubs are not following suit and this is something they are constantly criticized for.

He knew Garth Snow said two weeks earlier if Josh Bailey was going to stay past his nine game trial he would remain an Islander and not play for team Canada at the WJC and was even surprised the gm said this at the time. That's exactly what has happened with the gm reaffirming this on Wednesday that Bailey is an Islander.

Josh Bailey will get those three weeks of development in the National Hockey League at the highest level. Whether Kyle Okposo, Frans Nielsen or any other prospect is injured should be completely inconsequential, youth never goes on hold because other prospects on a team are injured.

If anything Josh Bailey needs to play here now more than ever with the club struggling and Jon Sim placed on waivers. The WJC is a great tournament and experience but this is no longer a player in junior hockey or in the AHL.

Late Thursday afternoon Canadian Press reported what we knew earlier that team Canada would not have a lot of prospects drafted still on their NHL teams for the WJC with Steven Stamkos who did not attend summer camp (Tampa Bay), Colton Gillies (Minnesota), Kyle Turris (Phoenix), Brandon Sutter (Carolina), Drew Doughty (Los Angeles), Luke Schenn (Toronto), Sam Gagner (Edmonton) along with Bailey not playing for their respective country.

Did all of these organizations make the same big fail or mistake?

Josh Bailey needs to be a New York Islander now, the decision has been made for him to stay and the Islanders need to stick with their plan, he had assist in two straight games against Philadelphia & Pittsburgh.

There is always the World Championships for Josh Bailey later on if the Islanders are not in the playoffs.

THN: Ken Campbell reports Nikita Filatov who has played only four games with Columbus along with Maxim Mayorov who are both playing in the AHL were given permission to play for team Russia at the WJC who will open camp 12/18 in Kingston Ontario by gm Scott Howson.

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  1. The WJC is a fantastic tournament and very pressure packed, especially for Canadians playing on home ice. I attended several of the games when the tournament was in Halifax in '03 and it's a crazy environment. Not to mention the press coverage here is off the charts. It's one of the most watched things (sports or otherwise) in Canada.

    All that said, I think the experience of playing in that pressure environment against the best players in the world under 20 would have been a better experience for Bailey than three weeks in the NHL on a team that is going nowhere fast. If the team was playing better and contending, I'd agree the NHL made more sense.

    But given the Isles state and the experience of the WJC, I think he would have been better served playing in the WJC.

    Oh well...

  2. Hi JKP,

    Sorry but we disagree on this.

    The Islanders current record should never have anything to do with such a decision.

    It's about Bailey and developing him to play in the NHL.

    No NHL club is taking a player off their roster and sending him to the WJC.

    If he were in Bridgeport or Windsor that would be another matter.


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