Jyri Niemi on Television Sunday

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Tsn.ca: Reports Islander Prospect Jyri Niemi will be on Tsn2 Sunday at 7pm when Finland faces Canada in a WJC tuneup. .

Note-I had no box score for Canada-Sweden to see if David Ullstrom played in the hyped Tavares-Hedman contest Friday, his name was not in the game summary.

Only question for the moment seems to be if Kirill Petrov is a go for team Russia.

I have seen some things that he is on the roster but not sure he will play.

Team Russia plays against Kazakhstan Sunday night at GM Center in Oshawa
here in their first camp game.

I will see if Oshawa papers have something on the game Monday.

Team USA with Blake Kessel has it's first game Sunday against Latvia at K-Rock Centre

I have been adding WJC pages and blogs from NHL.com to the WJC section.

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