Boston 2, New York 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/15/2009 09:45:00 PM |
Associated Press: Recaps Boston's 2-1 win against New York on Thursday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

A lot of folks will only look at the 2-1 final score, some will just call this another loss in a long season that will not be memorable but despite the score it does not do the Islanders any justice for how hard they worked and played in this game, this was a sixty minute effort without reward.

The Islanders took more shots at Boston than any team has this season and for large parts of this game controlled play. In my estimation that was one of their best overall games this season.

The 5-1 loss to Atlanta was not a good effort, this is.

Problem was they could not get a bounce (beyond Guerin's goal) or a rebound/second shot where they could get Tim Thomas moving in his net who made some very good saves.

In terms of physical play, board word, generating odd-man rushed and passing the Islanders did a good job with strong individual efforts from all of their forwards at even strength.

Jackman was hitting, Hunter had some hits and was visible, Tampbellini was getting to the net, came close to scoring a few times and had an excellent game capped by five hits. Comeau did an excellent job on the boards, driving the net and almost finished a few. Okposo had a strong game and put Chara down in the third and broke through for a chance. Bailey created some setups and Nielsen had strong shifts and looked confident with the puck as he did before his injury. Comrie got a pass and just chipped it wide.

Jon Sim had the two best chances of the night who broke in alone twice with Thomas beating him.

On defense Witt had an excellent game diving to block a two on one with big hit early that brought back visions of Malkin a few years ago and he pinched a few times and got the puck on goal. Martinek did a good job, Streit was solid beyond not getting the red-line in the final minute unless that was by design, Boston read that easily and got the icing.

Only downsides I saw was the powerplay (which was keeping this this team in games) has gone cold, did not look sharp with the man advantage and Bruno Gervais did not do a good job on Savard's goal.

That opening minute the Islanders left a Bruin wide open which was the only major breakdown I saw in this one. Danis made his saves but Scott Gordon did not seem thrilled with how his goalie played Savard's goal and seemed to get a little upset during the press conference with the media pressing on the goaltending. The second goal a bounce off the board and a rolling puck to a player with a stick longer than him?

No such thing as luck these days for this team.

Boston is the top team in the Eastern Conference, despite the injuries they played this game with a composure that they could raise their game when needed and let the goalie and team defense earn them their points. Islanders to their credit carried play and should feel good with the effort but not satisfied.

Another game I would like to see a year from now with these kids a year older.

Overall it's a loss that some will not feel is memorable but to me this was an excellent team effort.

I'm going to remember this game.

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  1. What exactly is their to remember about this game ? Just another game that showcased something that this team has had for years, a totally inept offense.

  2. 1) Watched most of the game and was impressed with the young Isles, especially the Comeau kid. He was hitting everything.
    2) Your former GM, Mike Milbury was there of course on Boston's feed and took several shots. Saying at one point that the Bruins shouldn't allow the 'lack of a croud' to bother them. Found it ironic that Boston's (The NHL-?) best defender Chara, is not wearing an Isles sweater due to Milbury.

  3. Hi Greg from Wantagh,

    I really like the way the young players looked last night, the fact you are comparing them with what you say are inept teams of the past that did make four playoffs in six years recently does not include how many young players dressed or how they took the play at a team that has dominated hockey this season.

    The finish is not there yet but the hard work was, they played this game with Boston backing up.

    Okposo putting down Chara with a hit and then bulling in front stood out for me, Tambellini was hitting and I think played his best game of the season.

    Poor night for Boston? Maybe.
    Good night for these kids? Absolutely.

  4. Hi Faux,

    Comeau plays most of his games like this and gets involved, I think it was his best hitting game of the season.

    Cannot do anything about Milbury but the Post would never write the seats were mostly full last night if it were not true with a crowd of 15,000 plus on a very cold day.

    The Post would be fair quicker to point out the empty seats.

    Thanks as always.


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