Bridgeport Playoff games at Coliseum Unfair

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/29/2009 01:08:00 PM |
Given the great support those fans at Harbor Yard have given that team this season to take away their first home playoff games in two years is about as bad a decision as Islander management has made in a long time to play the opening two home games at Nassau Coliseum here.

It was bad enough to play two home games in Canada during the season, the die-hard fans who attend three games in three days during homestands deserve a lot better than this.

I don't see this as very fair to the work team President Howard Saffan has done to get people to the games either.

Bridgeport's Islander-playoff roster for the two games will include Jon Sim, Blake Comeau, Joe Callahan, Jesse Joensuu, Mike Iggulden, Jack Hillen.

You can bet the games will not be televised by Cablevision or even a live webcast permitted.

This only makes it easier to decide whether I want to provide Bridgeport playoff coverage here.
Sound Tigers took a double-hit Saturday with Michael Fornabaio stuck at Harbor Yard covering the NCAA not permitted to travel to Hershey to cover for the Ct Post what could arguably be their biggest road game in two years for first place.

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  1. Last time they brought the Bridgeport boys to the barn during the work stoppage, the Tigers STHs were given some extra special perks for their troubles. I'm sure they are trying to make it paletable for the CT fans.

    But details haven't been announced yet.

    PS: My husband shares your feelings on this one.

  2. The Arena at Harbor Yard has a "Sesame Street Live" event ("When Elmo Grows Up") booked that weekend. I suppose they could have looked for another venue in Connecticut, but the Sound Tigers can't play those game in Bridgeport.

  3. Outsider,

    At this point several articles have indicated the Islanders did not even inform the people at Harbor Yard or the Sound Tigers.

    The Sound Tigers are the primary team in that facility, not what was booked and no doubt something could have been worked out.

    Those games should be in that building, IMHO, not the Coliseum even if it means Sesame Street is canceled.



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