Could Snow-Gordon be fired at end of season?

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I know Scott Gordon's dismissal is highly unlikely because he has to be paid on his multi-year contract and this is Garth Snow's coaching choice so he has to support him or his own decision would be criticized and raise very fair questions of his status as general manager, but aside from this being addressed months ago when the competitive part of the season ended (with Snow giving Gordon full support) the question has not been asked for a long while.

I suspect Garth Snow's decision will come down to his working relationship with the younger players, their progression and Mark Streit-Brendan Witt.

Impossible to get a read on the Gordon-Snow working relationship and if it has become what Buffalo-Nashville have had in their front offices, I suspect a tough year on the ice is a tough year everywhere.

Only upper management knows how long general manager Garth Snow's contract runs, it's not impossible Charles Wang makes a change in that department if he has questions of Snow's direction or it's a contract question but that is a financial burden.

The owner has said virtually nothing about the hockey team on the ice, last year he made his comments on the hockey team around this time and made a mistake telling the public the prospects proved then-coach Ted Nolan wrong when that needed to be kept as in-house as management contracts.

Not writing anything will happen but nothing would shock me on that front.

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  1. What? are you kidding me?
    We finally have a direction that everyone is agreeing on and you want to throw a monkey wrench in the gears? No-f-ing-way!

  2. Dee,

    I did not claim anything, I simply wrote it's possible the gm or the owner may want to make a change at coach or general manager.

    When you finish 30th nothing is going in the right direction until it actually happens on the ice.

  3. I suspect Charles was briefed that this would be a possibility as part of a rebuild before he signed off on it.

    The almost 600 man-games lost has to buy a GM at least another year.

    The progress of the young players (and the team overall) the last couple of months shows things moving in the right direction.

    I think Garth is safe for a little while.


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